Hall Of Fame Part One.

And the world's gonna know your name.

Lost - The 120th Hunger Games.

Head of Communications Chandelier Sussan.

"You're late," Lenore berates as I come out of the elevator. She stands there, hands on her hips. "I get that you're still new to all of this, Chandelier, but that doesn't excuse tardiness."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just getting ready," I say, flipping my hair. "It takes a while to look good."

Lenore just grimaces as she walks ahead towards Fiyero's office where the Inner Circle has their meetings through the year, working out the arena. I follow, keeping the papers locked under one arm whilst I sip at some coffee in my cup. Lenore doesn't bother to hold the door open for me and it comes slamming into my face. I catch it last minute, sacrificing the papers. They fly towards the floor and I curse underneath my breath.

"Where is she?" I hear Fiyero's muffled voice.

"Lenore just let the door slam into her face," that's Hugo, snickering like the pre-teen female that he is. "I can't wait to see what has happened with her hair and that coffee. Bleached or what."

I growl under my breath as I fall to my knees. I push the door open harshly, catching sight of Liole closest to the door. "Help me then." I hiss.

Liole, being the good little submissive he is, quickly throws himself out of his chair and crawls towards me, scooping up some of the papers that I've lost. Great, they were all in a certain order and that spiteful bitch has ruined it for me. I get that she doesn't like me because of how I got the job - daddy being a good contact and name to use - but that doesn't give her an excuse to do this to me. Liole grabs whatever is leftover as I stand up.

"You should put a muzzle on her, Emulet," I glance at Fiyero's twin brother, pretty much the Peacekeeper between us. "She's becoming more and more spiteful," I don't bother to look at Lenore as I take Liole's seat. He gets up, adjusting his glasses as he looks at me. "I refuse to sit near her. You can, though."

Liole places the papers on the desk and quickly scurries to the opposite side of the room, next to Lenore. I quickly begin to sort the paperwork out as Hugo sniggers from my side.

"What do you want, pixie?" I hiss, staring at him with fury contained in my eyes.

He dramatically gasps, before smiling wickedly. "Pixie, well that's new," he smirks. "Your hair isn't stained brown from the coffee, I'm just shocked, that's all."

"Why would it? I can handle more than two things that don't include male genitalia, Hugo." I shoot back and his eyes quickly narrow. I smirk triumphantly.

"Children, please behave," Fiyero, the Head Gamemaker, cuts. "I have a headache as it is. I just want updates before I have to see Esmeralda tomorrow, then you can all go back to swinging your clubs at each other like district peasants," no-one argues against Fiyero. The only one to get that priveledge is Emulet, his younger twin brother. His golden-brown eyes snap to Liole and the little geek shrinks. "Details on the Mutts, Liole."

"I-I-I mananged to c-complete the r-requests. I r-ran into some problems, t-though," he stutters, a cute, stereotypical quirk that he's developed from the years of pressure, according to my father. "Y-You didn't give me m-m-much room to go into detail."

"You're not as needed this year Liole, you know that," Emulet confirms for him. Being the second-in-command, Emulet is the only one who really dabbles the arena idea with the Head Gamemaker. Our jobs as the Heads of divisions is to complete the requests. Liole, for example, is the Head of Muttations. "This arena doesn't require Mutts. It's more... psychological, this time around."

"Indeed brother," Fiyero confirms. I stare at the two and smirk. They're identical; only those close to them know the different. I barely do - it's only because Fiyero is sat in the larger chair whilst Emulet's is notably smaller. "What about you Lenore? You had a larger task than most."

"I managed to complete everything on request." she states smugly.

"Brown-noser," Hugo sing-songs. "Being a good little Head isn't going to get you promoted, Lenore."

Lenore snaps her eye in his direction. One eye is covered by her long, teal-coloured hair that just looks plain hideous. "Shut it, you little leech. At least I can do my job."

"I can do mine perfectly thank you, as well as balancing an active lifestyle," he says confidently. "I'm not a recluse like most, Lenore. So what was on the agenda yesterday? Petting and licking your twenty-or-so cats clean?" he flips a strand of bleach blonde hair from his eyes. "Or did you finally buy the pills to kill yourself?"

"Oh, I bought the pills with money I earned from this job, not working on the street corner like some." she bites back.

"Ahem to that." I add.

Hugo glares at me. "And you think you're better, bimbo? We all got here from talent, not spending our hours on our knees."

"And our backs. And on top of people." Lenore adds.

"G-Guys, p-p-"

"Shut it, Liole," Lenore snaps her hand in front of his face. "I mean, can you actually do your job properly, Chandelier?"

I glare at her. "I can, thank you very much. I'm as talented as you and then some."

"Wanna bet?" she calls me out.

"Bitch fight quite literally!" Hugo sing-songs again.

"Shut up!" me and Lenore shout in unison. "Grow a pair of balls rather than sucking them, Hugo." I add nastily.

"Be quiet!" Fiyero shouts and everyone quickly quiets. I hold my glare on Hugo, my nostrils flared. He leans back in his seat smugly, embracing his attitude through and through. "Chandelier, since Lenore thinks you can't do your job, can you please update us on your task?"

"Most certainly," I almost growl, sliding the papers across the table towards Fiyero and Emulet. "I have all the details there."

"Oh please, you're the Head of Communications. All you have to do is announce their deaths and send in the pretty little parachutes," Lenore rolls her eyes. "It's not exactly rocket science. Almost a fitting job for you considering."

"I'll have you know, Lenore," Emulet looks up. "It's a tougher job than most, or have you forgotten that I was Head of Communications before Chandelier?"

"Sorry Emulet." she shrinks back.

"Actually, Chandelier's job is the most important this year," Fiyero corrects them and I smile. He looks over the paperwork and grins. "You've outdone yourself. When I asked for it, I never expected you to go above and beyond. You've really incorporated it into the arena this year," he pauses. "This is just perfect."

"I have to do good in my first year as Head of Communications to make my mark," I smile triumphantly. "My identity is at stake here, after all."

"I'm sure Daddy can find you another job if you fail this." Lenore seethes.

I brush the comment off my shoulder, unable to think badly when I've just been complimented. This will be super awesome, I just know it. I flip my hair and fold my hands. Chandelier Sussan is going to stamp her mark with this year's arena.

Fiyero's idea was ingenious really. Esmeralda always told Fiyero that him and Emulet were identical, but their personalities weren't. He always mentioned that he shared his identity with Emulet from looking the same. Fiyero wanted to create the perfect place to break their sanities and destroy their identities. Each tribute will lose themselves within this arena, and my task will be one that causes all of Panem's inhabitants to quake in their boots.

This is the fourth instalment to the EsmeraldaVerse. If you are unfamiliar as to why we are at this stage, please look on my profile at the EsmeraldaVerse prologue to understand. If you want, there's a blog for the EsmeraldaVerse Victors called Collection of the Damned, also on my profile.

All deaths will be based on realism, story arcs and whether or not the submitter is reading the story. Obviously, reviews let me know this, and if said submitter chooses to not review, I have no idea if they're reading the story, and therefore, am more inclined to keep other tributes over said submitter's tribute. Each decision is painstakingly hard but must be done. Everyone knew the odds when they created a character. I would hope you stick around, but if not, I understand.

I would love for you to answer a specific question I have for each chapter!

Your favourite "Head" as seen just here, and maybe why?

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Basically, the Inner Circle consists of six people, Gamemakers in their own rights. Each is in charge of a smaller team that creates the entire cast of Gamemakers (I'm going by the movie, considering there was loads!):

Head Gamemaker (Fiyero Arkham): you know their job already.

Second-in-Command (Emulet Arkham): they work alongside the Head Gamemaker, designing the arena and thus. When the Head Gamemaker no longer has the job, the Second-in-Command steps up for the position. Basically like a deputy. All the perks of Head Gamemaker without the expectations.

Head of Muttations (Liole Merwin): designs the Mutts to fit the arena. In charge of distribution, creation, quirks, control etc.

Head of Traps (Lenore Crook): designs the traps to fit the arena's style. In charge of distribution, creation, style etc.

Head of Weaponry (Hugo Valentine): chooses the weapons for the Cornucopia and around. Watches the private sessions for unique weapons i.e. tasers, coils etc. (for example, the year of Spiked Maces).

Head of Communications (Chandelier Sussan): sorts out parachutes, cannons, family interviews, what segments go to the final television cut, projections of the dead, arena notifications etc.

The second instalment and blog will be next, once all tributes have been collected. This chapter was nothing more than a cheesy, filler way of introducing more Capitol-esque ways. Again, all spots have gone, sadly.