I knelt on the stage, hands bound behind my back as the blonde man before me talked to a small crowd in the open auditorium.

"That's why, I have decided…"


The cry rang out in the theater, halting all movement. The blonde man froze, looking around the theater. My head had jerked up and my eyes focused on the man who had shouted exactly what I had been thinking. He was tall and robust, with short brown hair, a brown goatee and piercing blue eyes that glared at my captor with pure hatred. His gaze was not only hateful, it was challenging and the others who watched the spectacle that was I and this man on the stage, waited with baited breath for what would happen now. There was a pregnant silence, and though my eyes were locked on the only one who spoke up in my defense, I could feel that the blond man than held me prisoner was looking around, gauging the reaction of his audience.

"If Mister Rodriguez would let me finish…" he said, carefully. "I have decided to spare her." Those fierce blue eyes fell from my captor and met mine. I wanted to run and embrace him, let him know how much I appreciated that he was the only person in a room full of people to try and help me. Let him know how grateful I was for his bravery and defiance, but the ropes cut into my wrists and the heavy hand on my shoulder stayed me, so I only mouthed the words; 'Thank you,' and tried to convey with my eyes what I couldn't with my voice. Those hard eyes softened on me and the corner of his mouth lifted in a slight smile.