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Chapter 1: Newest addition

Spending a few years as a Pokémon trainer can really let you meet a wide range of Pokémon, let you discover all kinds of behaviour, instincts and happiness they have and how to find a connection with it. A trainer can if treat them right bring the best out of their Pokémon or even earn the respect of the wild Pokémon they try to catch. That is what shapes the world into the friend place it can be.

In the Unova region a trainer named Ash and his Pokémon have just done that and succeeded in gaining a new member to the team: Snivy. She was hard to catch as she defeated Tepig, Oshawott and even Pikachu. However Pidove proved too much of a challenge but it wasn't that that took Ash to catch Snivy, It was gaining her respect which eventually he succeeded in doing that and being allowed to be captured.

Ash had just finished celebrating his capture at last with Pikachu and threw the poke ball in the air "Snivy come on out". The poke ball opened and Snivy appeared on the ground close to Ash. Snivy looked at Ash as he said to her in excitement "Glad you're on board, now Together lets you and I will win the Unova League". Snivy closed her eyes for a second and then reopened them and smiled "Snivy"

Iris and Cilan looked at each other and smiled at Ash's victory believing he is going to become stronger with another Pokémon in the team. Pikachu smiled and moved to Snivy "Welcome to the team, I'm Pikachu Ash's partner, I am sure you will be great with the team".

Snivy smiled at him and said "You as well, I am curious about this trainer". Pikachu looked at her with curiosity "Why is that". Snivy looked to him as he was talking to the others "He is different from other trainers who have tried to catch me, I will say that". Pikachu nodded "Well I am sure you will like him, he is that why with Pokémon". Snivy looked back to Pikachu "Well we will find out". Ash looked to the pair and said "What do you think they are talking about".

Iris happily said "Pikachu is probably welcoming her into the group for everyone else". Ash then got an idea "At dinner time we can introduce her to everyone". Iris sighed and said "Why is eating all you ever think about". Ash frowned "No it isn't but that's beside the point".

Ash walked over to the pair talking and said "Well let's get going, do you want to go in your poke ball Snivy or walk with us since it is your first time with us". Pikachu jumped on Ash's shoulder and said to Snivy "Come on Snivy" Snivy thought about it and made a small smile and jumped on Ash's other shoulder and said to Pikachu "You know I think Ash here is different in many ways". Pikachu said "Like what". Snivy spoke to him again as said "My former trainer didn't give his Pokémon the option to walk he always kept them in his poke ball, I don't like them too much".

Pikachu nodded in agreement "Yeah I have only been in my poke ball once since being with Ash and that is when I met him". Snivy looked to the road ahead and sat down on Ash's shoulder wondering. Pikachu looked to her and thought "She is sure a new character, I have heard of trainers abandoning Pokémon but none of Pokémon abandoning their trainer".

Ash looked at Pikachu and said "You okay Pikachu". Pikachu smiled and nodded at him as the group pressed on down onto the road heading towards their next destination. Axew who was sitting out of Iris's hair jumped out and looked to Pikachu "So what were you and the new member talking about".

Pikachu looked to him "Oh, welcoming her into the group and telling her how much fun she will have with us". Axew smiled and said "Yeah the group is getting bigger bit by bit". Pikachu smiled "Yep, I wonder what other friends we will make on this adventure". Axew and Pikachu made a friendly laugh with each other. Unknown to them Snivy was discreetly listening on their conversation; she thought to herself "Are all the Pokémon in this group as cheerful as these two". Snivy smiled "Well better that then all of them being immature and or irritating".

A couple of hours later after travelling Cilan spoke up "Shall we have a nice dinner now". Ash and Iris agreed in response and they moved to the closest tree to their right and stood there as Pikachu and Snivy jumped off of Ash's shoulders and Axew jumped off to stand beside them.

Cilan brought all of his cooking equipment out as Ash and Iris brought out all the Pokémon and threw their poke balls. They all appeared out of their poke balls and Ash said "Okay who's hungry". All the Pokémon immediately cheered on for food and Ash smiled "That is the spirit". Iris sighed again and thought "Food is like his second priority, what a child".

Ash remembered something and said "Oh yeah everyone, now meet the new addition to the gang. Snivy". Tepig, Oshawott and Pidove all looked to her as Pikachu stood next to her and said "Yeah I should warn you about Oshawott, he may be nice but he can get touchy about things, don't be surprised if he says something about using attract earlier". Snivy huffed and said "Well I was protecting myself so he can't blame me".

Pikachu smiled and said "Like I said don't be surprised". Snivy smiled at Pikachu and said "I will keep that in mind". Tepig walked up to her and smiled "I have to admit you were pretty good, I'm a fire type and you still managed to win, nice to have you with us". Snivy smiled back at him and said "I can say I am looking forward to what is going to happen". Tepig nodded and saw Ash kneel down to open his bag which caught his interest and walked off".

Pidove was next to land and said "Nice to meet you Snivy sure is nice to have another girl in the group". Snivy smirked at the comment "Well the group does look like it is in need of more girl power here". Pidove nodded and smiled happily "Yep and you picked a good timing to show up". Oshawott approached and said to the new arrival "I am sure you will do well with us just keep attract and those other moves away from me please".

Snivy stopped smiling as Pikachu sighed "who didn't see this coming". Snivy spoke to him "I will just make sure you do the same". Oshawott made a very small glare at her and walked away. Snivy watched him walk away with a slight disgust at him "Yeah I told you he would be a little touchy, but you'll get used to him, he actually can be a cheerful guy".

Snivy looked to Pikachu who smiled at her and she looked back at Oshawott "Maybe". Cilan spoke up "Can you gather me a few apples as we have run out". Ash looked above them to see some apples on the tree. "Well we don't need to look far". Ash turned to Snivy "Snivy can you use vine whip to get the apples off the tree". Snivy complied and used vine whip brought them up the tree and snapped the apples off one by one. Ash, Pikachu, Iris, Axew and Cilan all grabbed the falling apples off the tree.

Once enough were caught Snivy stopped using vine whip and looked to see Cilan accepting the apples off everyone and set them on the cooking table he had done up "Thank you, I will have some nice peeled apple's in perfect shape in no time". Cilan began his work on the apples and begun peeling them all one by one.

Iris and Ash sat down on the unfolded chairs they had and begun talking in their own conversation while the Pokémon all sat together around the tree while dinner was being prepared. Oshawott and Tepig were in their usual conversation of deciding what to do first after eating. Pikachu, Axew, Pansage and Pidove would all sit together and chat about anything in general, Snivy however wasn't sure of what to do as she still felt a little of an outsider of the group even after spending a couple of hours with them.

She sat down and stared into the view and was thinking to herself again "What will become of me now, spending a bit of time with this trainer is actually proving to be alright but what will the future hold for me, I am curious, this trainer has proven to be more determined and willing to protect his friends as he did with Pikachu earlier. I have never seen such a thing in a human before".

Axew was laughing with Pansage saying "So do you think the next city will be good Pansage". Pansage smiled "I hope it will be interesting, the last one was boring as there was nothing to do". Axew smirked "You're just saying that because you missed Ash beat the gym". Pansage chuckled "Err hello I was part of the gym remember before I joined up with you guys".

Axew smiled embarrassingly and placed one of his hands over his back "Right, forgot that". Pikachu and Pidove couldn't help but laugh at Axew's predicament, Pikachu spoke to him "You haven't got the best memory have you Axew". Axew looked down and back to Pikachu "Not the best but it is good". Pidove said sarcastically "Sure, I am positive it is". Pikachu nodded in agreement with her "Yeah I wonder how Axew will make it through our adventure through Unova".

Axew glared at Pikachu "Hey". Pikachu smiled at him "I'm kidding of course". Pidove looked to Pikachu "So I wonder what the next gym will be like, I hope I get to fight in that one". Pikachu smiled at her and said "Yeah it can be difficult but I enjoy earning the badges and getting to enjoy the moment".

Before they could go any further Cilan walked over to the Pokémon and placed two bowls of peeled apples in front "Here you go, one for each of you". Everyone smiled happily and everyone grabbed an apple and started eating, before Pikachu did he noticed Snivy hadn't noticed dinner was served. Pikachu picked up another apple and walked over to her. Axew noticed this and nudged to Pidove "Hey look, Snivy never noticed". Pidove noticed too and smiled "That is nice of Pikachu to bring her one".

Pikachu stood behind Snivy and spoke "Snivy I brought you this". Snivy turned around to see Pikachu offering her an apple. She smiled and accepted the apple saying "Thank you". Snivy took a bite from the apple and made another smile "It is good". Pikachu took a bite and said "Why don't you come sit with us". Snivy nodded and said "Okay". Pikachu lead Snivy over and saved her a spot as he sat next to her and Axew.

Snivy looked at everyone who were all enjoying their apples and then took another bite on the apple she had and savoured the good taste and thought "Wow this does taste pretty good" She looked at everyone and then at Ash "Maybe traveling with this trainer will be good, it has proven to be interesting with the few hours I have spent with them".

She looked to Pikachu as he enjoyed his apple "And Pikachu he is being very kind as well, all of them are really well except for Oshawott, who seems stubborn". Snivy continued to eat her apple. Pikachu noticed she was enjoying it and smiled and turned back to the finishing his apple with one more bite. Once he gulped it down he smiled and said "That was delicious".

Everyone nodded in agreement with him as they were finishing theirs except for Snivy who was half way through hers. Pikachu looked to Snivy again who was focused on eating her apple and thought to himself "She does seem to be a little distant at the moment. Maybe she needs time to adjust to us, that won't be a problem".

Ash finished eating his dinner "Ahhh that was good". Iris smiled at Cilan "That was great food again Cilan". Cilan smiled and said "I am glad you liked it, the recipe of peeled Apple really does prevail against hunger". Iris made an awkward laugh as Cilan made his speech,

Ash looked up to see it was starting to go dark a little and looked to them "We should get some sleep now as it is starting to become night". Everyone agreed and they started to sort themselves around the tree and prepare themselves to sleep. Pikachu went up next to Ash and lied down as Ash made a yawn before saying "Goodnight Pikachu". Pikachu smiled and said back to Ash "Pika-Pikachu".

Ash then closed his eyes and starting his slumber as all the Pokémon joined him in slumber. Pikachu noticed Snivy move close to him and sit down and watch the growing night sky. Pikachu stood up and sat next to her saying "What's the matter, don't want to sleep". Snivy looked to him and said "Oh I will, I just want to watch the sky for a bit, it is something I usually do before sleeping".

Pikachu "It is nice to watch the stars in my opinion, Ash and I do it sometimes as a way of relaxing". Snivy smiled at him and the pair sat their admiring the view of the darkening sky as all the stars were beginning to appear.

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