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Chapter 22: New life

Everyone was at Oaks lab with all of Ash's Pokémon as Ash has been wanting to spend time with all of his Pokémon and exactly know how they are doing after returning to Kanto a week ago. All of ash's Unova Pokémon were getting used to all of Ash's other Pokémon and it was like it was all turning into a big happy family.

At the moment the group were seated around what looked like a race was going to take place between Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor and Unfezant. Ash said "Alright all of you it will be a race to that tree on the other side of this field and back to this line, however gets to the tree and reaches back to this line first will be our winner. According to everyone Staraptor is the current racing Champion.

Ash stood behind the birds who all had their wings out ready to go "As soon as Gabite's Dragon Pulse explodes in the air the race may begin you all ready". All the birds nodded and they prepared. "Alright ready positions, and remember no moves can be used". The birds all leaned up and heads forward ready to go "Alright Gabite charge up the Dragon pulse". Gabite started building up the dragon pulse sphere and everyone was wondering.

Snivy looked to Pikachu and said "Who are you going to cheer on". Pikachu shock his head and said "All of them and I congratulate whoever wins". Snivy nodded "Reasonable enough as you know all of them so well but Unfezant has my support for obvious reasons". Pikachu nodded "Reasonable but don't whine if she doesn't win". Snivy looked to him and said "It's just a race not a tournament. I have never whined about anything".

Pikachu smiled "I know I am just kidding". Ash then shouted "Alright Gabite Fire". Gabite fired the sphere of Dragon pulse into the air and everyone waited for it to explode. It stayed still and everyone waited. As soon as they heard the first beat of the explosion all the birds immediately pelted their wings as fast as possible and they were off. All the Pokémon along with Ash, Iris, Cilan, Tracey, Misty and Brock were all cheering them all on.

Swellow was currently in the lead of the 4 with Staraptor second, Noctowl third and Unfezant behind Noctowl by an inch. Staraptor kept trying to move ahead of Swellow but he kept flying in the way to prevent him from doing so. Noctowl took advantage of this and flew on his other side which stopped Swellow from being able to stop Staraptor who then pulled ahead of Swellow. Unfezant then used Swellow moment of distraction to pull ahead of him placing her in second with Swellow going fourth. The tree rapidly approached them and Staraptor went on his side and zoomed around the tree. Unfezant keeping up copied him and did the exact same and zoomed around the tree.

Unfezant was directly behind Staraptor who smiled and thought "Huh she is better than I initially thought; she could be a true flyer like us". Staraptor then started flapping his wings faster and begun to speed up. Unfezant saw this and pushed her wings as fast as she could and slowly begun speeding up towards Staraptor's side. Staraptor noticed and smiled as the finish line was coming fast. All the Pokémon watched excitedly for the winner.

Unfezant and Staraptor were now in line with each other as they were about to hit the finish line. Unfezant did one final massive flap which pushed her beak ahead of Staraptor's who panicked as Unfezant just beat him over the finish line. They stopped and landed and Swellow and Noctowl followed. Ash stood up who was next to the line to see who would win "Alright our winner is".

Everyone waited anxiously as all the birds looked to him as Staraptor and Unfezant were the most interested. "Is Unfezant by an inch"? Unfezant smiled and held her wings up in victory "Unfezant". Staraptor smiled and said "well done Unfezant, we have a new true flyer in the ranks" Unfezant smiled and said "You were a good flyer yourself". Snivy, Pikachu and Pignite ran over and said "Nice one Unfezant". Unfezant stood triumphantly as Pikachu said "You did great, you as well Staraptor, just got unlucky at the last second".

Staraptor agreed and said "Yeah, my luck ran out at the last second but I will win next time". Unfezant smirked and said "We will know who wins next time when it happens". Ash came over to them and said "All four of you put up a good effort in that race". The birds all smiled at Ash. Misty and Brock came over to him and said "Alright we have waited long enough Ash".

Ash looked to them curiously "Long enough for what?" Misty then said "To tell us about your journey in Unova". Ash smiled and said "Alright but I'm going to check on Professor Oak first who is finishing his research on Power Fusion". Brock looked confused "Power fusion".

Ash smiled "The Special power Pikachu and Snivy share". Ash then walked off towards the lab with Misty ad Brock while Pikachu was approached by Bulbasaur, Sceptile, Buizel, Quilava, Gabite and Torterra "Alright Pikachu the same for us we want to hear about it as well". Pikachu nodded with Snivy standing next to him "Alright I guess let's sit close to the tree".

The group all walked over and sat in a circle with Pikachu and Snivy sitting closest to the tree with Buizel saying "Alright fire away". Hearing Quilava happily lit his flames in a joking way with Buizel saying "I didn't literally mean it". Quilava made a small laugh and powered down his flames. Pikachu then said "Okay well when we arrived we were already pushed into it as Ash and I were caught in a thunder storm created by a legendary Pokémon known as Zekrom where my electric powers were knocked out of balance".

Everyone was amazed to hear this and Snivy said "Wait a minute you never told me this Pikachu". Pikachu then said "I thought I did". Bulbasaur then said "Wait when did Snivy join up". Snivy turned to him and said "I joined the group after Ash's first badge". Pikachu then continued "Anyway on our Journey we made a rival called Trip who had this Serperior he was so annoying, kept beating us".

Sceptile then said "What's a Serperior". Snivy then said "My final evolved form". Pikachu then continued with the story "On the Journey we slowly obtained all the necessary gym badges and Snivy's old trainer found us". Everyone was left confused as Snivy said "My trainer that I left before I joined Ash, he found us and wanted me back but we had a battle a double battle of Pikachu and Me against him where we won with our Signature move".

Gabite then said "What is your Signature move". Pikachu then happily said "Volt Storm where me and Snivy combine our Powers together and then launch at the enemy". Torterra then asked "Can we see it". Pikachu and Snivy weren't sure "Volt storm has become evolved since we gained the ability to use Power Fusion but we are not sure if Ash would mind".

Sceptile said "Oh we always use our moves here; we make sure the damage is not permanent". Pikachu then said "Yeah but Power Fusion is not an ordinary move". Sceptile looked down but they got their chance as Ash walked over "Pikachu, Snivy can you come with me to the move testing field. Professor Oak wants to see Power Fusion first hand". Everyone smiled and Pikachu said "Alright then now you can see it".

Professor Oak then happily said "Yes I would like to see what kind of power you are using". Pikachu and Snivy begun following Ash and the group happily followed them to watch. When they reached the field Pikachu and Snivy stood close to the centre. With Ash close to them and all his Unova team along with half his Pokémon were all stood watching with Torterra saying to Gabite "What do you think this will go"? Gabite then said "I bet this will be big".

Buizel said to them "Quiet and we will find out". Oshawott stood next to Totodile who was doing his usual dance and said "Do you ever rest your legs". Totodile then said "Yeah when I am sleeping or eating". Professor Oak stood close with Tracey who brought a laptop with a scanner with would measure the Power output. "Alright Ash you my start".

Everyone stood there excited as Ash said to the pair "Alright fire up Power fusion". Pikachu and Snivy stood together and focused themselves. Their energy's begun flowing around them and enveloping each other which began forming the orange fusion energy. A flash then occurred and Pikachu and Snivy appeared completely enveloped in orange energy with their eyes glowing.

Tracey then said "Wow the power reading has gone up fast". Oak then said "Try a couple of moves carefully". Ash said "Pikachu use Thunderbolt in the air". Pikachu charged up and fired it with the electricity going up in a massive beam at least 4 times his size. Everyone looked amazed by the energy coming off that. "Snivy, Leaf storm into the air". Snivy built up the energy and unleashed the Leaf storm which above Snivy formed a tornado of the storm which intense badly. "The Power reading went up ten-fold".

Ash nodded and said "Alright time to show you true power, Volt Storm in the middle of the field". The pair jumped up into the air and came together and the energy then begun forming around them and building up disappearing into the energy. Everyone felt awed to be seeing such power at work all the Pokémon couldn't believe their eyes as the energy flashed "Go for it". The energy all moved into to the centre and Pikachu and Snivy came down smashing into the centre of the field and cause a colossal explosion covering half the massive field.

Everyone was either amazed, impressed, shocked or gasping. Ash smiled as he was used to it the second time. Pikachu and Snivy stood there as the smoke cleared around to show them standing there full of energy. Gabite said "Wow that is some power". Torterra said "Unbelievable saw it on T.V with Oak but man it looks devastating in front of you".

They pair smiled and went over to them with Pikachu saying "Satisfied now". Everyone nodded as Oak and Tracey examined the readings and then Oak stood up to Ash "Ash according to this, that power of Power Fusion and Volt Storm is enough to rival the power of a legendary Pokémon". Ash was shocked and said "Are you sure that is possible". Oak nodded "I have only seen these kinds of figures on Legendary Pokémon; I must say that was very awe-inspiring to me".

Ash then said "I still have no idea how they are able to do such a thing, it is amazing". Pikachu and Snivy finally powered down the move and looked to each other "Now they all know not to cross us, isn't that right". Snivy agreed "Yep, they will see that if they do". Bulbasaur came up to them and said "You two are something else". Pikachu and Snivy stood triumphantly as the fusion energy powered down and returned them to normal.

Later during the night when most of the Pokémon had fallen asleep, all except the Unova team who having spent a week at Professor Oaks lab decided to share their thoughts. Unfezant was talking to them "To be honest it is not what I expected at all, I thought we would all be crammed in a lab or something but I like this, open fields to fly about and I have other flying types to talk with and fly and race".

Pikachu smiled "Glad you like it here". Pignite happily said "Yeah yesterday, Quilava, Infernape, Torkoal and I all went to pit our flames against each other; it works as who can hold their flame the longest in the standoff". Oshawott then said "Buizel and I had a race in the lake with Aqua jet but Totodile won't stop dancing so I will have to get used to it". Krookodile and Boldore shared their experiences as well with Donphan and the others.

Leavanny and Scraggy weren't around as they slept and Snivy then shared her experience "I am liking the other grass types, that all use moves I have and are in a routine of working together to get food or other things, it is quite enjoyable". They all turned to Pikachu and Snivy said to him "We are all liking it here, we had doubts but we were wrong, Kanto is proving to be great".

Pikachu stopped them and said "You haven't even seen half of Kanto yet". Unfezant then said "I hope I get to it. Anyway I'm off to sleep, I'm tired". One by one they all agreed and went off to sleep until it was just Pikachu and Snivy left as they sat together to watch the night sky "You know Pikachu I do miss Unova but I feel that Kanto can be our new home now".

Pikachu agreed as she leaned against his side "Yeah, Kanto can be great in ways Unova can't but Unova is the same. I do wonder what is going to happen next for us though". Snivy then said "Another region or what". Pikachu looked down "I don't know but hopefully not for a few months yet, I want to rest after the journey in the Unova region".

Snivy then smiled and teased him "Lazy". Pikachu curiously looked at her "Me Lazy, I did all the heavy lifting in the Unova league remember, I beat, Serperior, Lucario and the others with you". Snivy made a short giggle and said "I know I am just kidding". The pair then nuzzled each other for a moment and Snivy looked to the sky "Just like Unova, Kanto does have a beautiful sky as well". Pikachu then said "It may look different but in truth all the regions are connected by the same sky. One sky".

Snivy agreed with him and said "Yeah that is true". The pair then looked to each other and shared one kiss before they decided it was time for them to sleep". They both lied down on the grass and continued to look up to the sky "I am happy right here Pikachu". Pikachu looked to her "Because I have a nice new home when I am not travelling with Ash and because I have you as well".

Pikachu smiled as they cuddled up against each other and continued to watch the night sky lying against the grass. Their journey and Adventure in the Unova region may be behind them now but truly their lives with Ash and his adventures is still in the beginning and a long destiny is still ahead for them.

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