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Myka awoke and wearily tossed the blankets off herself, walking to the bathroom and rather forcefully shutting the door. Reaching for her towel, she turned on the tap, waiting impatiently for it to warm. Another day of running, chasing, searching, and near-death experiences no doubt awaited her. She was tired. Maybe a break was in order. Maybe she could visit her sister and her baby. As she tried to do something with her unruly hair, she noted with surprise that Claudia was not banging on the door, demanding to be let in to do her makeup. The young redhead was in no way a diva, but Myka couldn't recall a single day on which she had seen Claudia without her thick, dark, eye makeup. Finally deciding on just leaving her hair as it was, Myka exited the bathroom, and made her way down the hall to Claudia's room.

"Claude, bathroom's open. I'm going to start breakfast." She said as she knocked on the door a few times, then left. Ambling downstairs, she bent down to pet Trailer, who wagged his tail happily, and both moved toward the kitchen.

Pete's eyes drifted open lazily, and he smelled the ever-welcome aroma of bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls wafting into his room. Excitedly, He flung off the blankets, and bounded down the hallway to the bathroom, expecting to have to fight his way in. Surprised, he found the door open and light off. Claudia must have been tinkering with some invention late into the night, or she would've been up by now. After seeing a man about a horse, he joined Myka downstairs, sitting at the table, and practically bouncing with excitement for breakfast.

As Myka placed a tray on the table, heaping with eggs and bacon, she noted Steve had joined Pete, but Claudia was still nowhere to be found.

"Hey, is Claudia still in bed?"

"I don't know. She wasn't up when I got up." Pete yawned.

"I'll go make sure she's up." Steve said, getting up and leaving the kitchen. Arriving at her room, he knocked on the door. "Claude? It's time to wake up." He heard a groan. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." Her voice sounded odd.

He walked in and saw her curled up on her bed, face abnormally pale, holding a tissue to her nose. The room was very dark. "Bloody nose?"


"You don't look so good."

"Gee, thanks."

"You feel okay?" He pressed his hand to her forehead, searching her face.

"Migraine and a stomach ache. "

Steve's brows knit together in worry. "I'm sorry."

"Plus this freakish bloody nose."

"What's so freakish about it?"

"I've only had it like ten minutes and I've gone through a gazillion tissues already. " she nodded toward the wastebasket next to her bed, which held an impressive pile of bloodied tissues.

"Yikes. "


"Claudia, that's a lot of blood."

"The Niagra Falls of nosebleeds."

"Seriously, we should get you to a doctor. You shouldn't be bleeding that heavily."

"Jinksy, don't fuss. "

"Let me see your nose. "

"I'm fine."

"Then let me see it."

She sighed dramatically, then slowly pulled the tissue from her nose to reveal that it was indeed bleeding very rapidly. Catching a small puddle in her cupped hands, she made a face. "We good?"

"We're going to the doctor, now." He handed her a new tissue and a towel to wipe off her hands.

"Fine." Jinks was surprised and worried that she gave in so easily. She must really feel awful.

"Need help?"

"No, I've got it." She cleaned her hands on the towel. "Someone's gonna have fun cleaning that up." Slipping her legs out from under the covers, she planted them on the floor. I don't need help. She silently reminded herself. The redhead stood and took a step forward, stumbling. Jinks caught her shoulders and held her firmly.


"Okay, the Room's spinning a little bit." She said, voice wavering.

"Why don't you sit back down a minute?" Steve sounded calm, but inside, the agent was terrified. "Myka, Pete, get up here!" He shouted, trying not to sound panicked. As Claudia sat back down, she put her head in the hand not holding her nose, cradling it.


"What's wrong?"

"My head hurts really bad." Jinks thought he saw a few tears on the girl's cheeks.

Myka pulled a pan out of the oven, set it on a trivet on the table, and shoveled a gooey cinnamon roll onto Pete's plate.

"Oh yum. Mykes, this looks awesome."

"Thanks. They weren't even that hard. They were my great aunt's recipe. The secret is in the sauce."

"What's in-whoah."

"What? Pete, was that a vibe?"

"Yeah, a not so good one. Mykes-"

Steve's voice interjected from upstairs. "Myka, Pete, get up here!"

Myka gave Pete a panicked look, and they both bolted up the stairs.

Steve was kneeling by Claudia's bed. The girl was holding a blood-soaked tissue to the her nose.

"What's the matter?" Asked the Myka, worry etched across her face.

"Something's wrong. Claudia's sick. We need to get her to a doctor. "

"I'll start the car." Pete said, turning to leave.

"What's going on, Claudia?" Myka asked.

"Migraine... and a... bloody nose." Claudia said haltingly. She grabbed a new tissue, making a face which Myka knew could only be the girl trying to hide tears.

"Hey, it's okay." Myka said comfortingly, putting her hand on Claudia's back. "We'll get you to the doctor, and all fixed up."


"She also said she had a stomach ache. You ready now, Claude?" Jinks asked.

"Yeah, sure." She tried to get up again, clutching onto Steve's shoulder with the hand not holding her nose, but dark clouds billowed into her vision, making everything blurry. She squinted, trying to gain back her sight, but everything was dark, and she felt herself falling.

"Claudia!" Jinks grabbed onto the younger agent's too-thin frame, keeping her from collapsing to the ground. He picked her up, cradling her in his arms. "Come on, we've gotta get her to the hospital."

Once Jinks got in the car, Claudia still in his arms, Myka handed him a towel. He realized the girl's nose had continued to bleed profusely, leaving a stain down his shirt. He pinched the towel to her nose, hoping she wasn't losing too much blood. Pete sped down the highway. "Myka," Jinks said urgently, "Call 911. See if they can send an ambulance to meet us on the way." Myka nodded and dialed the number, telling the operator everything.

All of a sudden, Claudia started coughing violently. Opening her eyes widely, she gasped and choked for air, hands covering her mouth.

"Hey, Claude you okay?" Steve's eyes searched hers. She coughed and coughed and coughed. Finally, she quieted, and laid back in Jinksy's arms, exhausted.

"Myka," the girl said in a chillingly calm voice, staring at her blood-covered hands, "Tell the operator I'm coughing up blood."

Soon, an ambulance met them on the highway, and EMT's rushed to the car with a stretcher, lifting Claudia onto it, checking her vitals, and asking her questions.

"You said you had abdominal pain this morning?" one EMT asked.

"Yeah.." The girl said distantly, opening and closing her eyes slowly.

"Mind if I take a look?"


The EMT lifted the shirt to reveal large, dark purple bruising on the girl's abdomen.

"Her blood pressure is extremely low." another EMT said, "We need to get her to the hospital immediately."

The girl's face was ashen.

Steve held onto her hand tightly. "Claude, everything's gonna be okay. Okay?"

"Yeah, ssshhhure Jinkshy." She slurred, as her eyelids became heavy. He grabbed her hand and held it tightly.

They loaded her up in the ambulance. Jinks insisted on going with her, while Myka and Pete followed in the car.

"Why is she bleeding so heavily if her BP is so low?" One of the EMTs asked.

"Probably a clotting issue. She's not just bleeding from her nose, she's bleeding out. Everywhere." said a doctor. He gestured toward a red rash on the girl's arm. "We've got to figure out the source of the problem or she'll die in a couple of hours at most."

Claudia began coughing again, gasping and choking against the blood in her respiratory system. She was sitting up, wheezing, face contorted in pain. Her grasp on Steve's hand tightened so hard he thought she'd break it.

"Claude, breathe!"

The girl's face was turning red, then purple. She choked, as the EMT's tried to get her to breathe. Her eyes frantically pleaded for help.

"Damn it, Claudia. Breath! Do something! She's choking!" Jinks noticed her grip was loosening. "Claude, please." She was resting against the gurney now, eyes glazed over, becoming more and more still. "Claudia!"

"Sir, I'm going to need you to sit down." an EMT pushed him to a seat. The doctor and other EMT's were working on something. They were putting a tube down Claudia's throat. Then, they began sucking the blood out from her lungs. Monitors were beeping loudly.

"Her heart stopped!" One shouted. Steve tried to go back to Claudia's side, but the man was blocking his way. They were replacing the long tube for a shorter one.

"Come on, Claude. You wouldn't let me go. Now I'm not going to let you go." Jinks said from across the ambulance.

He heard the doctor's voice saying, "We can save her. I know we can. Charge the paddles."

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