A/N: This is my second fanfic. My first one, "Fifty Shades of Loss" will be updated soon. I just had a cute idea and decided to roll with it. Same characters from the trilogy with some changes to the story line. No interview this time around, just clumsy Ana meeting the handsome Christian! Reviews and ideas are always welcome!


I wish this day would hurry up and be over with. All day it's been mishap after mishap. First, my alarm didn't go off, and then my car wouldn't start, so I had to take a cab, which then ran into heavy traffic. I was 30 minutes late for work on a day where the owner's needed help with Black Friday sales. Oh let's see what else happened. Oh, yes, I fell off the ladder while getting some tarp for a customer, which caused my jeans to split. I'm just not having a great day! After I got off work, I decided to go out and study for my final exam at my favorite little coffee shop, Portland Coffee Company.

I guess I get lost in what I'm studying because as I look at my watch, I've been here for 3 hours. I guess I should get home and get ready to go out with my best friend Kate. There's a new club opening tonight and she's on the VIP list. I really don't like clubs, but I guess it'll feel good to let loose a bit and enjoy my last weekend at college.

I throw my garbage away and have the barista fill up my cup with some more iced tea, then grabbing my books; I head out the door when all the sudden I slam into someone. I feel ice cold liquid pouring down my shirt as I notice my iced tea has been spilled from the impact. I also notice I'm sitting flat on my ass, looking like a fool. And here I thought this day was going to finally start looking up. I start mumbling to myself as I look up to see who was so careless in running into me. I find a pair of piercing gray eyes staring at me and a hand held out to me.

"My apologies Miss-?" the handsome stranger said

"Steele. Miss Steele, well, Anastasia Steele, but people call me Ana" I fumble over my words as I take his hand extended to me. I feel something strange when I touch his hand. Like a shock in my body, down to my core. He helps me up and looks down at my shirt, which is now stained in tea.

"Well, Miss Steele, I am sorry for not paying attention to where I was going. I guess texting and walking aren't that great of a combination" he smiles at me. Oh my god, he's got a gorgeous smile. I'm just staring at him like a love struck teenager. "I'm Christian Grey, by the way", he says low and sexy while kissing my hand.

"Nice to meet you Christian Grey, but I have to be going" I say, snapping out of my puppy love stare. "You see, I've got my delicious iced tea currently soaking on my clothes, so please excuse me!" Wow! Where did this smart remark come from?

"Please, Miss Steele, let me buy you a new outfit, after all, it's my fault that you're wearing your drink instead of drinking it" He says sincerely.

"No thank you Mr. Grey" I say while walking off. Why do I feel so weird around that guy? I can feel him staring at me while I walk away. Staring at me with those haunting gray eyes.


Who the hell was that girl and why was I feeling like a hormonal teenager when we touched hands. I've never felt like that before… with ANYONE. Whoever she was, I need to see her again. She was so beautiful. Those big blue eyes of hers are now engraved in my mind. And the way she was biting her lip… my god! I need to find out who she is and how I can see her again. I decide to call Welch to do a background check on her.

"Welch, I need you to find out any information on a girl named Anastasia Steele here in Portland." I snap at Welch. I feel like time is of the essence, but why? I'm so drawn this girl that I can't think of anything else.

"Sure thing, sir." Welch says. We both hang up and I find myself sitting in the coffee shop that she just came out of, just staring at my Blackberry. Waiting. Waiting for anything to tell me who this beautiful blue eyed wonder is. I jump out of my seat when I hear the phone going off. I roll my eyes when I read it's from my Brother Elliot.

"Grey!" I snap.

"Do you have to be so damn rude when you answer a call little brother?" Elliot laughs.

"I'm waiting for an important phone call Lelliot, what is it I can do for you?" I bite back at him. He's so irritating sometimes, but he's my brother, I love the guy. I smirk.

"Okay I'll cut to the chase! Mom says you're in Portland this weekend, so I thought since I, too, am in Portland, that we can hit up the opening to my friend's new night club tonight!" He sounded excited, which means there's going to be a room full of women that's yet to fuck. He's run out of girls in Seattle, so he's making his reputation known down here.

"Why would I want to go with you when I know within a few minutes you're going to leave me behind for some hot blond that you wanna jump bones with?" I give him attitude that he's come to expect from me.

"Well, actually little brother, I was hoping to get you laid!" he starts laughing.

"Fuck off Elliot! I have no problem in that department, but thanks for your concern" I say sternly. I know he thinks I'm gay. I'm never seen with women. Hell, I think my whole family thinks I'm gay.

"Well I'm not taking no for an answer, so I'll pick you up at the Heathman at 8, be ready to get your groove on! Later!" And with that, he hangs up there phone before I can protest further.

As soon as I hang up with my brother, my phone rings again.


"Mr. Grey, I have the info you requested on Miss Steele and I have to tell you, this girl is as clean as a whistle. Definitely a good egg, Sir" Welch says.

"Thank you. Please email me a copy of the report" I demand and hang up without further discussion. I sit for a few minutes when my Blackberry pings with an email from Welch. Okay Miss Steele, let's see who you are.