Chapter 1: A Hero is born from the Magic Chocolate Bunny Part 1!

"Sugar Marmalade, why on earth are you still sleeping?"

"W-What?" Sugar muttered as she woke up in her pink canopy bed.

"The bus will arrive here any minute if you don't get going."

No sooner had her mother spoken, Sugar leaped out of bed, ran into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, combed her hair, and got dressed in her casual yellow and green striped shirt, tan pants, brown sneakers, and tied two braids to the back of her head. She quickly got her backpack and scooter for the ride home and ran out the door without grabbing any food. Fortunately, she arrived just before the school bus was about to depart, and was able to sit with her two best friends Jill and Jane, who were ironically sisters as they had the same long black hair and violet eyes.

"Wow, Sugar, you made it," Jill said, making room for Sugar as the bus started to move.

"We were betting a dollar over whether you would make it or not, and I won!" Jane said with a smug face as Jill reluctantly opened her purse.

"It may seem funny to you guys, but not for me," Sugar said, looking down.

"Oh, cheer up, Sugar! We're only just teasing you," Jane said, reaching her arm around Jill and patting Sugar on the back. "You're more grumpy than usual today. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"

"Apart from not eating any food, I had a really weird dream, but I'm too embarrassed to talk about it."

"We promise we won't laugh, right Jill?" Jane said, turning to her sister.

"Yeah, we're all ears," Jill responded.

"All right, so it begins with me standing on a ledge, overlooking a valley filled with bright colors and different kinds of candies. But then, a dark smoke rises from a sinister-looking castle made of licorice and covers the sky. Then I'm suddenly standing outside of another castle made out of cake and watch horrible-looking monsters come out of a gingerbread forest and attack candy cane-striped guards. Then, I see a group of girls wearing skimpy military uniforms fly from a balcony on the second floor and go into a strange wormhole that appears in the sky, while someone wearing a pink cape follows them."

"And then?"

"My mom woke me up."

"Sounds like someone's sweet tooth is acting up again," Jane said.

"But I haven't eaten any sweets for three months."

"Are you serious? I thought you loved candy more than anything else."

"Hey, isn't that Miloe Simpleton?" Jill said, pointing to a boy who was running next to the bus outside the window.

He was a tall but well-built kid wearing white shorts and a polo with short blond hair, blue eyes, and nicely tanned skin. Sugar leaned over Jane and Jill to watch him, and felt her heart beat heavily against her chest, followed by her growling stomach. Even though they only talked briefly, she instantly fell in love with him. But when she asked him what kind of girls he liked, he said, 'I like girls who are healthy and strong'. So she decided to not eat sweets ever again, even though they were a constant addiction since she was a little girl.

The school bus pulled up to the parking lot next to the high school she attended, which was simply known as Sunny Town High School with tennis being it's main sport and an academic program that rivaled that of private schools. But for Sugar, it was just a place to be tortured by notorious teachers and have little time to interact with her friends for eight hours. It wasn't that she thought learning was bad or anything, she just couldn't meet her teacher's expectations no matter how hard she tried.

Reluctantly, she said goodbye to her friends and made her way into the building for her first class of the day, which was Math. Not a great class to start with early in the morning. The teacher, Ms. Hamstring, regarded Sugar with a dubious eye as she handed back everyone's tests from last week. When Sugar got hers back, she saw several red marks throughout the test and a big 'D' on the top left corner next to her name. This left Sugar in a depressed state-of-mind throughout the day, even at lunch break when she told her friends the bad news.

"So I got a 'D' on my Math test, and my mom said she would ground me if she saw another bad score on a test," Sugar said, sighing. "I guess we'll have to postpone our fun night until my grades improve."

Jane twirled the straw in her milk carton and said, "Why can't you just lie to your mom or delay telling it to her until after our fun night?"

"I can't do that! That would make things worse."

"Hey! Why don't we come over to your house anyway, but claim that we're doing a study group?" Jill exclaimed.

"That's a great idea, Jill, let's do it!" Jane said, high-fiving Jill.

Sugar didn't buy it. "But what if we get caught?"

"We won't get caught," Jane said. "Trust me."

"If it'll help, we'll do quiet things instead of watching movies and listening to music," Jill added.

"Like what?" Sugar asked.

"Um, board games, card games, stuff like that."

"Well, I still have Candyland."

"No way! We used to play that game a lot when we were kids!" Jane exclaimed. "Let's play that for sure when we get to your house."

"I don't see why you're so enthusiastic to play Candyland, but it works."

Later, after a long scooter ride back home, her mother immediately asked her about the test. Sugar tried to sound casual as she told her mom the score, and just as she predicted, her mother got really mad and grounded her. As Sugar was being sent to her room, the doorbell rang, and her mother answered it.

"Hi, Mrs. Marmalade!" Jane said, standing next to Jill outside the door. "We're here for a study group with Sugar."

"A study group? I thought you usually came over for 'fun night', which is tonight," Sugar's mother realized.

"We usually do, but she told us about the test at school, so we decided to do a study group instead to help Sugar prepare for the next test," Jill added.

"That's very considerate of you, but be sure to leave by eleven at the latest," her mother said, letting them in.

They all went up to Sugar's room, and closed the door so that her mother wouldn't hear them. As Jane and Jill were setting their backpacks down, the front door opened again. Sugar knew it was her father, returning from a long day's work at the office.

"All right, now let's play Candyland!" Jane cried.

So Sugar went to her closet, and fount it all the way in the back. The box had collected a lot of dust over the years, but the inside was as clean as it was before. After assigning the gingerbread man-shaped markers and mixing the cards, the girls felt like they were reliving their childhoods as they played across the boards multicolored roads in the direction of the cake-shaped Candy Castle. But just as memories easily fade, their interest in the game dwindled with every turn.

"This isn't as fun as I remembered," Jane said, folding her arms. "It's so simple that I'm actually getting bored."

"But we're so close to reaching the goal," Sugar said, drawing a card.

"Yeah, can't you hold on just a little longer?" Jill asked.

"Well, all right," Jane sighed.

Sugar looked at her card, and reluctantly moved her marker back to the space that was parallel with the Licorice Castle. As she firmly placed it on the spot, she heard a man laughing maniacally. She thought it was her dad, but when she glanced at the board, she saw the Lord Licorice character's mouth move in synch to the laughter she was hearing, and jumped back in fright.

"What's wrong, Sugar?" Jill asked, reaching for a card from the deck.

"I thought I saw something on the board move," Sugar muttered.

"Something apart from our markers?" Jane asked, and then she looked suspiciously at the board. "Hey, doesn't the board seem brighter than usual?"

"You're right," Jill said, unintentionally dropping the card.

But Sugar wasn't listening to them. All she could hear was the laughter, and it was getting louder as the light from the board became stronger to where it even out shined the overhead lamp. Then, the board itself seemed to ripple as strange and monstrous things emerged from it. While this was occurring, Sugar bent over and covered her ears from the horrible noises the monsters made as they flew into the air and went through the walls like ghosts. The other two couldn't see the monsters, but were suddenly thrown backward when beams of light shot from the board and hit them in the chests. Sugar wanted to scream, but she knew her parents would hear her if she did, and discover that they weren't studying at all.

But when she thought she couldn't hold it in anymore, the monsters were gone, and the board stopped glowing. The laughter went away too, so Sugar unplugged her ears and turned to see her friends lying on the floor. She crawled over to them and tried to wake them up, but they didn't stir. Thinking they had been severely injured, Sugar was about to open the door to get her parents when the board started to glow again. However, the thing that emerged this time wasn't a monster. It was a life-sized three-dimensional chocolate bunny with a small red heart on its forehead.

End of Chapter 1