Nope, they aren't mine.

Angel was about to leave when he saw her rush through the doors, looking excited as she began searching the crowd. He smiled to himself and began stepping toward her.

Before he reached her however, Angel noticed it wasn't he who she was there hoping to meet up with.

The Slayer didn't notice him at all.

Angel felt a stab in his heart as he followed the now sad puppy just died eyes of the girl. It was some blonde guy dancing with Cordelia.

'Of course,' he thought bitterly. 'A human. A young guy, normal guy. Human. Her age.'

He could sense the boy wasn't enjoying himself, but Buffy didn't know that. Her face showed that loud and clear. No, she believed the picture they made at the moment.

She slowly started backing a few steps away before turning and heading for the door.

She hadn't even noticed him still, mere feet from her.

Angel sighed, gave one last look towards two specific dancing teenagers then slipped out into the night his own self.

He knew something was up in the realm of the supernatural, though no idea what it was. Just a feeling right now. He tried to focus on that instead of his emotional wreckage.