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Summary: Faith Evans, a 16-year-old girl, was just trying to make sure that she and her little sister got by in the world. "She was prepared to die when she took that bullet. So can someone explain to her why a dead guy's ring just decided to hitch a ride on her finger?!"

Genre: Humor/Adventure/a little Angst/a little Drama(cause you always need just a bit of Angst/Drama in every story)/Romance(?)

Song(s) used: What is Light? Where is Laughter?-Twin Atlantic

Word Count: before edit: 4,917/ after edit: unknown

Edited: 11/28/2014





Chapter 1: Goodbye is a hard word to say

I cut my lip on broken bone.

And who you are, isn't what you own.

It pierced the skin, it's ripping through!

Into my heart because of you.

What is light? Where is laughter?

I'm confused and the sky's gettin' heavy tonight.

I'll never know. You never know. Tonight.

We'll never know. You never know. And.

What is music? Where is happiness? Result?

Please don't let it rain tonight.

We'll never know. You never know.

I'm over and over and over and over and out.


Everywhere, there was blood.


It was staining her little, pale yellow dress now.

Bright red seeped through the fabric and spread, as if trying to reach for her.

"Wake up, Mommy!"

It was on her hands now. That bright red color.

"Please! Get up!"

There are hands now, pulling her away.

Away from the body with that bright, almost too bright, red color surrounding it.


"No! Mommy!"


"Please, wake up Mommy!"

"Fae! Wake UP!"

A heavy weight was dropped on her stomach and a groan filled the air soon after. "Come on Fae. Get up. Today's Saturday, and you promised you would take me to the park!"

A sigh.

Forest green, with a hint of hazel, slowly opened to get a look at the menace that'd made a home on her stomach.

Big, blue eyes stared back.

The recently turned eight-year-old girl had an adorable pout on that puffed up her cheeks and made her rounded face even rounder. Her brown hair was a mess of curls and bows in an obviously futile attempt at self-grooming.

"Okay, okay. I'm up. Could you kindly get off me now? You're heavy."

"Am not!" The blue-eyed girl shouted heatedly, but otherwise got off the teen to stand impatiently by the twin-sized bed.

The now liberated teen, about sixteen-years-old, sat up and stretched her arms high in the air. Letting out a satisfied sigh when her back finally cracked, she turned her gaze to the little girl and looked her over.

"She looks like a rainbow…"

Indeed; the child had on a long-sleeved, hot pink shirt with a yellow, short-sleeved shirt over it that was covered in purple and green butterflies. She had a teal, ruffled skirt with blue, poke-a-dotted, white leggings. On her feet were tiny Minnie Mouse tennis shoes to finish it off. Cute was the only thing that came to mind. Because she was; unbearably so. The teen chuckled.

"Did you try dressing yourself again Emily?"

Emily looked personally offended.

"Siiiis! I'm 8 and a big girl now! I can do it myself!"

"Maybe in age, but physically? Not so much."

It was true. Complications in their mother's pregnancy forced Emily to be born 2 months premature. She had been extremely tiny and the doctors had been worried at first. But after so many tests, they deemed her to be healthy with the exception of a slow growth rate. So compared to her 5'6 hieght, her little sister was just that. Little. She looked like she belonged in preschool.

"Well, you could still use a little help."

Fae was pointedly looking at the mess her younger sibling dared to call hair. Suddenly sheepish, Emily lightly tugged on a bow, lowering her head in embarrassment as she dug her toe into the carpeted floor.

"…Maybe just a bit…"

"Yeah. Juuust a bit."

She drawled out, putting her left thumb and index finger together with a teasing smile on her face.

Blushing slightly, the small child wrinkled her nose and blew a raspberry at the older girl, making her laugh.

"Let me get myself fixed up. Then I'll help you, make us some breakfast, and then it'll be off to the park. How's that sound?"

Emily beamed up at her in response and darted out of the room, presumably to go watch her morning cartoons, throwing an "okay, but hurry" over her shoulder.

Laughing once more, Fae pulled the light blue covers off her body and headed towards the bathroom down the short hall, the opposite direction that Emily went. Peeking into Emily's room, which was right across from hers, she checked to see if it was cleaned. Unsurprisingly, it was messy, with the covers hurriedly folded and toys put away haphazardly. However, it was shocking that she had tried at all without any prompting.

"She must really want to go to the park."

Fae smirked at the thought.

Entering the bathroom, she stripped and got into the shower. Not minding the cold water, she allowed her thoughts to drift as she waited for it to warm up. Unfortunately for her, they went in the direction of her latest dream.

"I haven't had that one in a while."

She raised a hand and lightly traced the scar along the back of her head. A burst of pain, darkness, and then waking up to blood everywhere.

"That's all I can remember. Nothing useful at all!"

Fae shook her head to try to get rid of the negative thoughts.

"I'll get the bastard who did it. No matter how long it takes… But my number one priority right now is a little girl who's waiting to be fed".

Smiling a little at that last thought, she quickly washed up, the water having warmed while she was thinking, and got out of the shower.

She brushed her teeth and swiftly dressed in a form fitting white shirt with three-quarter length sleeves, a cropped, short-sleeved blue jacket, grayish-blue, faded skinny jeans, a maroon belt, and black flats. Pulling her black, mid-shoulder blade length hair into a high ponytail, she made her way to the kitchenette to start breakfast, deciding to fix her sister up after both of them had full stomachs.

Emily was content watching a rerun of Young Justice. She had been watching it since the first season, making sure that she made her big sister watch with her when she could. The little girl had even developed a crush on Batman's protégé, Robin turned Nightwing in the second season.

Fae could only laugh as she heard Emily squeal about how cool Robin was. She remembered watching shows like that, The Justice League being one which she still managed to catch an episode if she wasn't busy. Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman were her favorites.

"I guess hero love just runs in the blood."

After she finished the food and both girls had their fill of eggs and bacon (Fae having to tell her sister to slow down or she'd choke and would NEVER get to the park; Emily thus slowing down to a snail's pace to insure it wouldn't happen (much to her older sister's amusement)), the elder of the two fixed the younger's hair into two, twin, curly pig-tails and made her change into a light green short-sleeved shirt with pink flowers and a ruffled, blue jean skort. Though she refused to change out of her leggings, claiming that they were her favorite and giving the older girl an adorable pout to make sure she could wear them. When Fae deemed that they were both ready, she checked around the apartment to make sure everything was in order, then locked up the house, and took Emily to the park.

Paranoid, heart attacks!

Is that the reason why you can't relax?

Clean off the blood, it's seeping through!

Into my lungs because of you.

What is light? Where is laughter?

I'm confused and the sky's gettin' heavy tonight.

I'll never know. You never know. Tonight.

We'll never know. You never know. And.

What is music? Where is happiness? Result?

Please don't let it rain tonight.

We'll never know. You never know.

I'm over and over and over and over and out.

After a 30 minute walk ("Would've been faster if you didn't "just HAVE to look at the teddies"", Emily just stuck her tongue out) they finally arrived at the park. Letting the small girl run off towards the swings with a "be careful" and getting a "I will" in return, Fae found a bench to sit on and watched her sister play with the other children.

After watching her and the other kids play for a bit (it looked like they forgoed the swings to play Green Light/Red Light*) she allowed her thoughts to drift.

"Okay, so school is set for the both of us next year. Rent's taken care of for this month. We have enough food to last the week, so I don't need to go grocery shopping soon. Spending money's a little low, but that'll be taken care of with my next fight."

Ever since their mother had passed, Fae and Emily had been on their own.

Fae had never known her father. When she had asked, her mother would get a distant look on her face, as if she were remembering something long forgotten, and then she would walk away as though her daughter had never asked a question. After getting the same response every time, she just stopped asking all together. Emily's father had died shortly after they found out about the pregnancy (an unfortunate victim of a robbery gone wrong). Their mother had been killed two years after Emily's birth.

So at the ages of ten and two, the sisters would've been placed into foster care and most likely separated to be adopted since they had no other relatives, at least none that they knew of. Neither sister wanted this, even though Emily was too young to understand the situation, she didn't want to be separated from her "big sissy".

Fortunately, their mother's friend, a woman named Sera [Sar-ah], took them in.

Sera was a pretty woman with short red hair, grey eyes, and had a penchant for pulling small pranks on people. She welcomed them with open arms and helped them heal after their mother's, her best friend's, death.

It had been a happy four years after that, but it seemed that fate wouldn't be so kind.

On December 12th, just three days shy of Fae's 14th birthday, Sera was unmercifully gunned down at her job by a deranged psychopath, whom she apparently "jilted". Though it was later found out that he had been stalking her for years, even before she took Fae and Emily in, and had made up a relationship in his mind. He couldn't handle the thought of rejection, so when Sera refused him, he killed her.

They had her funeral shortly after Fae's birthday.

From that point on, Fae had taken a vow to protect her little sister from anything and promised Emily that she would make sure that they were taken care of.

After that, the sisters had been placed into foster care once more. Many people had tried to adopt Emily but not Fae since she was deemed "too old" for the soon-to-be families. Each time, Emily would cry and kick up a fuss while Fae refused to let her go and would attack anyone who so much as tried to touch the two girls.

When New Year's rolled around, Fae snuck off with Emily and the few possessions they owned during all the activities. After days of running from town to town, Fae was able to beg a waitressing job out of an old restaurant owner, a man with salt and peppered colored hair, hardened brown eyes, and a pretty muscled physique for 57, who was kind enough to not only give her the job despite her age, but also a small one bedroom apartment, located above the restaurant, for her and her sister.

In the beginning months, she had worked tirelessly to make sure she and Emily would have all they needed. The old man, George, whom they had affectionately started to call grandpa, had offered to help, but Fae had refused, saying that he had already done more than enough and that she had wanted to provide for them herself. The refusal, however, didn't stop him from sneaking extra food in their carry out boxes or paying Fae a little extra (which she always tried to put back into the cash register only to fail because George would lock it up), treating them as if they were his own.

It all turned around a couple of days after Emily turned six in April when Fae found out about an underground fighting ring. The rules were simple: fight, win, and get money for every fight you win. The more popular you were, the more money you got. She had been confident that she could win at least a few rounds (get a solid ranking) to get enough money so she could put Emily through school.

Going into her first match, she had been anxious and uneasy, managing to push it down only when she remembered who she was doing it for. Her first couple of fights had been fairly easy to win since her opponents were either beginners, just like her, or had simply underestimated her and let their guards down. They didn't know that she had learned a few things after protecting her sister for so long, even if she was only fourteen.

Just as she was getting comfortable (and more than a little cocky in her somewhat skill) her 5th fight showed her just how outclassed she really was.

Apparently, if you're a newbie and you can win a few fights in a row, they deem you ready to play in the big leagues. It didn't matter that she was only a kid, it was an UNDERGROUND fighting ring after all.

They put her against Pete, The Basher, Jones, a man in his mid-to late twenties, with a shaved head and a permanent scowl on his face, who had muscles on top of muscles. Apparently, he used to be champion boxer until he was arrested for killing a man in the ring after the ref had stopped the fight.


Her lesson in real fighting had been an extremely painful one that left her with dark bruises on every inch of skin on her upper body, 5 cracked ribs, a fractured cheekbone, several open cuts on her face and a severe concussion. When she woke, they had given her, her money from the fights she won and left her to crawl her way back home.

Luckily, George had caught her before Emily could see and patched her up when she refused to go to the hospital (what could she tell them? What she had been doing was illegal, and she'd survive; she always did). Thankfully, he had not questioned her about it.

When Emily did see her, she had cried until Fae told her that she had only taken up a martial arts class and that they were "seriously brutal", and as much as she hated lying to her sister, she was only doing this to give her a better life, like she had promised. The tiny girl had accepted the answer and never brought it up again, though she did always try to bandage her up every time she came home with particularly bad cuts and bruises.

As soon as she had gotten better, she started to train herself to get stronger by doing any type of exercise she could think of. It had helped her progress a little further in her fights, but it wasn't enough to be on par with her new opponents.

By the 10th time she came home looking as though she were run over by a stampede of elephants, George put his foot down and demanded to know what she was doing (although he probably already knew, he usually did). After she had come clean about the illegal ring, he had gotten really quiet and just stared at her.

Thinking that he was going to make her quit, she proceeded to yell about how, even though it was illegal, she was good at it, and it made her stronger. Plus, she had pointed out, it had allowed her to save up enough money to put Emily in school when it started back up.

George was still silent for a long moment afterwards (to which she had been mentally preparing to run away with Emily if he said no, despite the protests she knew her sister would have) until he had finally told her that if she wanted to keep fighting, she would do so on his terms since she was living under his roof. She had agreed, since she really hadn't wanted to leave in the first place.

The conditions were that he would train her from then on (she was very surprised until he told her about being a mixed martial artist back in the day which explained just why he was so fit for someone his age), she would not only put her sister through school but herself as well (she would have to maintain a high grade point average, 3.5 or higher*), and she would still work at the restaurant (so people won't question where she had gotten the money he had said). From there, she had only gotten better.

As stated, George trained her in the gym he had in the basement of the restaurant (she had no clue that it was there) and, although she woke up most days sore and bruised, she was improving. She was winning more and more of her fights and came to be an uprising champ despite her young age. This went on for a year and a half, and within that time, she was able to keep Emily and herself in school, staying at the top or near the top of all her classes, and even saved up enough money for a pretty nice apartment from her high ranking matches.

She'd even gotten good enough to beat The Basher, who had pummeled her when she was new, though it had been a close call (who knew a big guy like that could kick so well). After that fight, she replaced him as one of the top fighters, and her reputation went through the roof. Plus it had been the day before her 16th birthday, which she had celebrated with bruised ribs, a fractured ulna, and a huge smile on her face.

In February, the sisters moved out and into the apartment they have now, though Emily kicked up a fuss saying she didn't want to leave their "grandpa" but was eventually placated with the promise that she could come over whenever she wanted and that she'd have a room all to herself if they moved. Fae, however, still worked at the restaurant and continued to train with George, 4 days out of the week, plenty of visitation time for her younger sister.

Today, she had moved all of her scheduled fights to spend some time with said sister since she hadn't been able to do so for the past week. Finals were coming up, and she had to study as well as train for the ever growing amount of fights since she was a crowd favorite.

"Tomorrow's gonna be such a hassle. Maybe I should get in some last minute training sessions? No, that would just leave me sore before I even fought… Maybe I could-".


She jerked in surprise, unable to finish her thoughts, and was about to run to her sister –she was the one who yelled- when she spotted her standing right in front of the bench she was sitting at, looking ready to fall asleep on her feet.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt in any way? Did they bully you out of playing with them?! I'll have a talk with th-"

She would've kept going if Emily hadn't of started laughing.


She released one final giggle.

"I've been calling you since forever! All the other kids are gone."

Fae briefly scanned over the park and realized that her sister was right. Not only were they the only ones still there, it was getting pretty dark outside as well.

She silently cursed to herself.

She hadn't meant for them to be outside this late. While being a popular underground fighter had its perks, it also had its downsides –gaining some enemies for one. Yes, she could take care of herself if need be –she had to do so multiple times when coming home from a fight-, but she didn't want to put Emily in that kind of danger.

"Was I really that lost in thought?"

She returned her gaze to the girl in front of her.

"After all that playing you must be super hungry, huh?"


And as if it had to voice its agreement, her little tummy let out a loud growl.

Fae snickered.

"How about we go home then, and I'll make us some Sloppy Joes?"

Like a light switch, the small girl lit up and started hopping around, all signs of fatigue gone.

"Yeees! Slop-py Joe! Slop-py Joe!"

Fae burst into laughter as her sister tried to drag her towards their apartment, though her small stature made it difficult.

She allowed herself to be dragged as she thought about how far they'd come in the past 6 years and counted herself lucky that she still had her sister, was able to keep her promise in giving her a good life, and even had someone looking out for them.

A smile found its way to her face.

"Yeah, we got it pretty good."

Want it? Well if it's what you wanted.

Take it. And hold on to it till you own it.

Well if it's what you wanted. Want it!

Want it?! Well if it's what you wanted!

Take it. And hold on to it till you own it.

Well if it's what you wanted. Want it!

They were ten minutes into the walk, and Emily was a non-stop chatter box. She talked about all the games she and her friends played at the park, how she'd been doing in school, how excited she was to finally be eight ("I'm a big girl now!"), and anything else her mind could think of. Fae was content to indulge her by "ooh"ing and "aah"ing at the right points with a gentle smile on her face.

"-And then, Lizzy got her dad to let the puppy out of the car, and we got to pet it and even give it a treat for rolling over!"

"Must've been exciting, huh?"


She stopped walking and put on her signature puppy dog pout. Fae turned towards her, hiding a smirk, knowing what was coming next.

"Do you think that we could maybe get a-".


Fae immediately froze and slowly turned around while moving a wide-eyed Emily behind her.

What she saw made her stomach drop.

Three men, all wearing black, two with knives and ski masks on while the last had a gun and went bare-faced. The unmasked man had short scraggly hair that looked unwashed, blood-shot eyes, and sunken skin. In short, he had probably seen better days. However, he looked vaguely familiar to her. In fact, he looked a lot like-.


"Fancy meeting you here" Pete jeered. "I thought the day would never come when you would finally let your guard down. Miss me?"

Emily let out a small whimper from behind her, and Fae cursed.

"This is NOT good. I need to get Emily outta here."

She glanced behind her to check on the little girl and cursed again. She was shaking like a leaf and tears were starting to form in her eyes, though she kept silent like Fae had taught her for situations like these.

"What do you want, Pete?"

Her voice came out strong without a hint of fear, though she did feel quite a bit of it for the little girl she had made a vow to protect.

"How about you, on the ground, dead."

She felt Emily grip the back of her shirt as she glared at the man a few feet away.

"Why? I haven't done anything to you."

She steadily got into a fighting stance with her right leg a bit behind her left and her right hand lifted up, loosely curled into a fist, and her left hand, palm down, in front.

"That's where you're wrong. After that cheap win you got over me, everyone just wrote me off saying how I couldn't even beat a little girl half my age! I got less and less fights, and now I'm just a low time drug runner!"

By the end of his little rant, he was shouting with a crazed look in his eye.

"He's probably on those very same drugs."

Emily was crying by now.

He took a deep breath.

"But it doesn't matter anymore since you'll be dead in a little while."

With that, the two men with knives rushed at her.

Acting on instinct, Fae pushed Emily out of the way and dropped down just as one took a swing at her. She kicked out towards his knee and allowed a tiny smirk to grace her face when she heard a satisfying crack.

He went down with a pained yelp while the second man came at her.

This one was harder than the first; it seemed that this one actually knew how to handle a knife. She was able to dodge the first couple of slashes, however, when she went to counter, the forgotten goon number one decided to grab her ankle. Taking her eyes off of goon two for a split second proved to be a mistake that resulted in a long gash across her stomach, eliciting a squeak from Emily.

Hissing in pain, she dodged the second swing and kicked goon one's hand away. Spinning out of the second man's range, she stomped on first's head, making sure he was unconscious, before re-focusing on the second.

He stabbed at her and she dodged again before quickly grabbing his arm and twisting it, making him drop the knife. She turned, threw him over her shoulder, and then bashed his head into the side walk to knock him out.

She turned around to face the last man standing.

"Give up. You know you can't win, especially in that condition."

She gestured to his form with a casual wave of her hand, as though her life wasn't being threatened.

He took a step back.

"How the hell could a little bitch like you take out my guys?!"

"You have eyes don't you? I'm pretty sure you just saw how."

She was sure that it was bad to provoke a guy with a gun, but she couldn't bring herself to care. She was tired, and these assholes had scared her sister, and that was a no-go.

"I still have a gun!"

He brought it up and aimed it at her as if to prove his point.

"You still have to shoot, if you even can that is."

She had since dropped into her stance again, watching for the faintest twitch of his finger so she could react.

His eyes were wildly darting to and fro ("Probably trying to find an escape" she reasoned) when his eyes landed on Emily's shaking form. Fae's eyes widened as she saw his mouth form into a smirk, practically seeing the plan forming in his mind.

It seemed to happen in slow motion.

Her body moved on its own as soon as she saw him redirect the gun.


She didn't know when her body hit the ground, only that an excruciating pain was blossoming just below her chest.

Her sister cried out, and she was barely able to make out Pete's footsteps as he ran away.


Emily had since ran to her side and was currently sobbing her heart out.


Said girl tried to put on a smile, but it came out as more of a grimace.

"What's with all -gasp- the tears? You're a big -wheeze- girl, right? You shouldn't be -gasp- crying over little things like this."

She weakly pressed against the bullet wound in a futile attempt at stopping the blood, though she did succeed in coughing it up.

Emily just sobbed harder.

"F-Fae! You- you c-can't g-g-go!" She choked out.

Her heart ached for her little sister. She was leaving her here and there would be no way for her to protect her anymore.


"Don't -gasp- worry. Grandpa will -ungh!- take care of you."

She coughed up more blood.

Emily whimpered.

"I saved -cough- enough money to set you for a year or two -urgch!-. Grandpa will provide the rest. You know he loves to -ugh!- spoil you."

She took a pain-filled breath.

The tiny girl buried her face in her shoulder.

Fae just barely managed to lift her hand and place it on her sister's head in a comforting gesture.

"It's okay…Emily…You'll be -cough- okay…"

Her vision started to tunnel.

Emily turned her gaze towards her face.

"Bu-but Fae! Y-yo-you-"

She couldn't finish as she choked a little on her sobs.

Her eyes started to close.

"You'll…be fine…I promised…remember? Everything's…gonna be…"

The hand on the child's head went limp.


No response.

She sat up.


She frantically shook the shoulder she had just been laying on.

"Fae? Fae?! FAAAAAE?!"

Her cries went on deaf ears.

Step in from the darkness!

Is this what you came for? You came for?

I can be your lantern.

Is this what you came for? You came for?

Chapter End

AN: So that's the first chapter. Poor Emily, but I had to kill Fae or this just wouldn't work. At least Emily has Grandpa George to look out for her. See? I'm not that cruel. And if all of this seemed rushed, it's mainly because I want to get to the YJ universe ASAP because there's a lot
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