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Summary: Faith Evans, a 16-year-old girl, was just trying to make sure that she and her little sister got by in the world. "She was prepared to die when she took that bullet. So can someone explain to her why a dead guy's ring just decided to hitch a ride on her finger?!"

Genre: Humor/Adventure/a little Angst/a little Drama(cause you always need just a bit of Angst/Drama in every story)/Romance(?)

Song(s) used: Never be like You-Celeste Buckingham

Word Count: 6,378


"Communicating through something (ie: communicators, phones, rings, etc…)"





Chapter 14: Hurt Feelings and "Taking Out the Trash"

Never be like you.

You know that I've tried to.

But no one can touch you.

Whatever I do, I'll never be you.

Could wear the right faces, be in all the right places,

Saw myself to be famous as you; wouldn't do, I'll never be you.

Superboy's POV


No, there was plenty of space here.


Close, but not quite.


Yes, that was it. That was definitely it.

It'd been over a week since the Santa Prisca mission and Superboy was feeling more than anxious. Angry even. Why? He didn't really know, or, well, he had an inkling, but it wasn't enough to feel like this constantly, was it?

The 4th of July is when he'd been set free, and it was now the 3rd of August and in that whole time, Superman had yet to contact him.

His chest tightened and fists clenched as the angry feeling intensified.

Anytime he thought about the person he'd been cloned after, who was technically his father, he could only see the look of mistrust and fury that spread across Superman's face when he'd revealed who he was.

He opened his eyes, which he hadn't even realized he'd closed, and looked down at his hands which were currently gripping his cargo pants.

Why had he looked at him like that? What had he done to earn Superman's, his idol's, his father's ire? Was something wrong with him?

Gone now was his previous anger, only to be replaced by something that was ten times worse to the Boy of Steel.


He was Kryptonian and made to be a living weapon. There was no way he should've been feeling such a thing, and yet, here he was, sitting in the "living room" of the cave, hands still balled up, and feeling helpless. And it's not like he could punch his way out of it either, like he would normally do, like he would've preferred to do if he could.

Though he looked 16 years old and had the mental capabilities of any teenager his own supposed age (the genomorphs made sure of that), he was only barely over 2 months old. And no matter how much information the scientists at Cadmus had crammed into his mind, there were still things he didn't understand due to his lack of experience. It also didn't help that his emotions were a wreck considering no one had ever bothered to help him with it (not that the scientists would've since he was just a tool to be used by them). So it would stand to reason that he was greatly confused and hurt by Superman's avoidance.

Superboy let out a sigh as he finally released the tight hold on his pants. He leant back on the green sofa he'd been sitting on and moved his stare to the rocky formation of the ceiling.

It was still pretty early in the day, meaning that M'gann would still be asleep and the rest of the team wouldn't be there for a while. However nice it was to have some solitude for a bit, he now wished for the noise that usually came with his teammates being here. He liked to have background noise to distract him from his, rather upsetting, thoughts. It was the main reason he liked the static channel that came on the tv (that and he wouldn't have to watch or listen to people on those reality shows M'gann liked to watch so much. He didn't think he'd ever understand why anyone would voluntarily have their personal lives invaded just to be famous. Was that normal human behavior?).

But no one was here now, it was still early, and they were probably still sleeping or doing whatever it was they did normally. It still didn't stop the feeling in his chest though, and suddenly, the cave felt emptier than usual. Sure M'gann lived in the cave with him, but she mainly busied herself with practicing her cooking skills and learning about humanity through those aforementioned reality shows.

Maybe he should, what was that saying? Take a page out of her book? Yeah, that. In almost every episode in those shows, someone would get upset over something (things he didn't really understand but he supposed it wasn't important since most of the stuff they talked about didn't make any sense) and they would go for a walk (there was a lot of walking/driving in the shows…) or they would talk about it with a friend.

He couldn't do the latter, though he almost wished he could. It felt too…awkward thinking about saying how he felt out loud. It just wasn't in his nature. Or was it? He didn't know too much about how Kryptonians dealt with things like this. If only…

Superboy sighed again. The feeling in his chest becoming more pronounced as the silence in the cave became almost deafening, if that made any sense.

He couldn't talk to his…father, the man didn't want anything to do with him. He couldn't talk to M'gann because, although he was getting used to her, her telepathy still made him a bit uneasy, but it was getting better since she never abused it. Not to mention every time she saw him she'd get this odd look on her face and red would start to appear on her cheeks, a blush. He didn't understand the feeling he got when she looked at him like that, but he didn't dislike it so he guessed it was okay.

And lastly, even if his teammates were there, he wouldn't want to burden them with this. They did save his life after all, gave him a choice, his freedom. There was no way he could make them worry about this, though it might've already been too late.

An image of Fae flashed across his mind and the empty sensation in his chest receded some.

He remembered how she stood up for him when he'd first met Superman and the advice she gave him when he'd snapped at M'gann. He also noticed that she would get this worried look on her face every time the team went on a mission and the determined one that would take over when they were in trouble. She reminded him of those mothers in the projections the genomorphs would give him. But she was too young for that, so an older sister maybe?

Whatever the case, it made him feel protected, safe. And maybe it was his actual age taking over that made him want, no, need that type of feeling. It didn't matter to him. It felt good.

In the back of his mind, he registered that this was the feeling that he was supposed to get from Superman, but he pushed it aside when the emptiness started to creep up again.

None of that mattered right now anyway since she, too, wasn't here yet. So taking a walk it would be then. He hadn't been outside in a while and a change in scenery, he glanced at the rocky walls around him, might do some good. How much good, he didn't know, but it was better than sitting here doing nothing, and maybe he could learn about social interactions from observation if nothing else.

With that in mind, Superboy got up and started towards the zeta-tubes.

Play all the right cards.

You're the one on the top charts.

You're everyone's sweetheart.

They like what you do, but I'll never be you.

You say I'll be happy, if I do what you tell me,

But you don't even hear me,

So I say, "they we're true" and I'll never be you.

Normal POV

Fae could practically feel the anger and frustration rolling off him in waves before he even fully made it into the cave. It startled her at first, seeing no reason as to why he was like that in the first place. But then she'd taken a quick look around at her surroundings, all of them in uniform with Wally and Kaldur playing air-(holographic?)-hockey, and she immediately understood.

The second meeting between the Supers went just as it had in the show.


It was rather sad that she hadn't noticed what was coming sooner. It's not like she didn't have enough warning either.

After her early morning shift at Lemington Heights, the apartment building she worked at/lived in, Hal had contacted her to tell her that training with Black Canary started that day (he sounded sulky too, saying something about "dumb bats" and "stealing others protégés"?).

When she'd arrived, Wally, Robin, and Megan (which was a given) were already there, the former two playing holo-air-hockey. The score was pretty even, Robin doing tricky moves to keep up with Wally's speed, but the junior Flash still won. When he'd realized she was there, he'd given her his signature flirty smile and asked if she'd wanted a turn. Megan had already turned him down since one) she didn't know anything about the game, and two) she preferred to watch. Fae'd accepted thinking it'd be fun.

Apparently, her brain had temporarily malfunctioned because it was anything but.

She'd obviously failed to realize that the only reason Robin was even able to keep up was because of his acrobatic background which required him to have fast reflexes, not to mention his ridiculously flexible nature. Fae was decidedly not bendy and nor did she want to be. So to say she was beaten was an understatement.

She'd gotten her ass handed to her!

She was only able to score one point and that was only because Wally had been gracious enough to allow her that. Her pride was pretty much gone at that point. If the hockey table wasn't holographic, Fae was sure she'd of thrown it into a wall…

She was so frustrated that she hadn't noticed when Kaldur came (she was too busy death-glaring at the holo-puck that'd just went into her slot a moment before) until he'd asked what they were doing. Wally explained and when he asked if he could try it, she didn't think she could move away fast enough.

The whole thing would've gone better if it hadn't been for a certain bird laughing at her throughout her entire match…

The Atlantean then tried his luck, and it went the same as her round, except he hid his frustration a LOT better than she had (he at least didn't threaten his opponent and throw glares at the puck when it didn't listen to her shouts of not to go into her slot…).

Needless to say, the scene should've been familiar, and she should've caught on to what was to come, but she hadn't. So when Superboy stomped into the cave and right through the holo-hockey table, she'd felt really bad, guilty even, and really angry.

Honestly, what was wrong with Superman? He can have sympathy for his enemies, save a bunch of people –planets even!-, and always preach about talking it out first before using your fists. But give him a sixteen-week-old clone that's pretty much his kid, and the guy freaks. She didn't understand it! There had to be a reason he reacted like that. Nobody just immediately shuns a person's existence like that, no matter who they are.

If she hadn't been throwing a pity party in her mind on Superboy's behalf, she would've tried to comfort Megan when said boy rudely brushed off her attempts at being friendly. Before she could think on it any longer, however, the familiar computerized voice called out two new arrivals.

"Recognized: Black Canary, 0-13*, Martian Manhunter, 0-7."

"Ready for training everyone?"

They all turned around to face the two leaguers, Megan more noticeably excited than the rest of them. Fae, however, missed the exchanged between uncle and niece in favor of checking on the clone. The boy in question looked at the duo with longing before turning away in anger. But before he could go very far, her hand, coupled with Black Canary's voice stopped him.

"Stick around. Class is in session."

While the blonde heroine addressed her new trainees, Fae braced herself for the upcoming conversation she was about to have with the Boy of Steel.

"So, how'd it go?"

It was spoken quietly and with a fair amount of caution so as not to draw attention to them and try to prevent him from going off, which was the last thing she wanted.

Superboy looked at the ground before looking back up at her with a lost and hurt look that tore at her heart. It wasn't necessarily in his expression that gave it away, but his eyes. All the emotions that he so desperately tried to hide, acting like it never bothered him, lashing out with anger. It was all there, bared for her to see. However, it only lasted for a few seconds before he'd closed himself off and looked away, scowl firmly in place.

Fae so badly wanted to hug him, like the child (infant) that he actually was, and reassure him that the opinion of one person, no matter who it was, didn't matter. She wanted to tell him that he was his own person, and he had a whole team who liked him just the way he was. But she couldn't as they were forced to pay attention when Canary called for a sparring partner. So instead, she settled for taking his hand, which seemed to surprise him to no end, and gave it a tight squeeze, communicating without words that she'd be there.

It was all she could do, for now.

In response to the songbird's challenge, Wally finished off the banana he had been snacking on previously while waving his hand in the air.

"Right here! Yeah! After this-

He threw the peel behind him and, impressively, got it in the wastebasket nearby with a swish (how there was a wastebasket near the training area was beyond her).

-I'll show you my moves."

Everyone deadpanned at that, except for Superboy and Megan, who didn't really understand, and their new trainer, who just had an eyebrow raised, smirk making its way on her face.

The junior speedster made his way forward, cockiness overflowing with each step, to the glowing blue circle that acted as a 'ring' Canary had activated for the demonstration. When he was finally in the center with her, they both got into fighting stances (Fae not helping but to notice that Black Canary's stance was way more solid then Wally's).

It was over before it really began.

Canary threw the first punch, which Wally was able to block, but he couldn't defend himself against the leg-sweep that knocked him on his back, a blue sign reading "Kid Flash: Fail" underneath him.

"Ohh…Hurts so good."

Fae could only shake her head.

Smirk still in place, Canary put her hands on her hips and addressed them.

"Good block, but did anyone see what he did wrong?"

Robin immediately took the chance to humiliate his friend further as he raised his hand, an enormous grin stretching his face.

"Ooh, ooh! He hit on teacher and got served?"

An indignant "Dude!" came from the speedster who was sat on the ground, coupled with a glare at the laughing bird. Their trainer just shook her head at their antics and continued on to explain the boy's mistakes.

"He allowed me to dictate the terms of-"

She was cutoff (rather rudely, Fae might add) by Superboy who obviously didn't see the point of the lesson or any type of training he would receive from someone who didn't have super-strength.

"Oh, please. With my powers, the battle's always on my terms."

He looked at his lifting hands and then clenched them into fists.

"I'm a living weapon, and this is a waste of my time."

Fae held back of flinch and was suddenly reminded of her Emily. When they'd first watched this episode, her sweet, empathetic baby sister had cried when Superboy said those words. Fae didn't understand it back then as she tried to reassure little Emily that it was just a cartoon, not real (she scoffed at that. If her past self could see her now…). But she had just shook her little head, saying that no one should be made to feel that way and proceeded to call Superman a "stinky, doody-head" (Fae had struggled with her laughter as she wiped away her little sister's remaining tears).

He glared at Canary and turned away, intent on walking out of the session until her words stopped him.

"Prove it."

A challenge.

He looked back, scowl on his face, and proceeded towards the songbird. Wally stepped back out of the ring as he entered, and both opponents took up their respective stances, and just like with the speedster, the fight didn't last long.

Superboy started it off, throwing a punch at Canary's face, which she blocked and then proceeded to toss him on his back, and the telltale 'Fail' sign flashed. And if Kaldur wasn't the only one who elbowed Robin for his laughter, well, she couldn't really be blamed.

The Boy of Steel rose up with a furious look on his face, and Canary thought this might just be a good lesson in harnessing that rage.

"Good, but don't react. Channel that anger into-"

Fae suddenly realized just how much superheroes got interrupted as the clone charged the songbird with a roar. Try as she might to help, Canary's words fell on deaf ears as he lost the fight against his fury. Luckily, she was well-versed in taking down all types of opponents and Superboy was no match for her superior fighting style and experience.

He went down again and a threatening glare from Fae was the only thing keeping Robin from laughing out loud (though she didn't think muffling your laughter with your hand while pointing was any better).

Superboy, quite obviously feeling the burn of humiliation, got up in an angry huff, intent on truly leaving this time.

"That's it! I'm done."

Their teacher, however, was having none of it as she, too, had a scowl on her face and grabbed the stubborn clone's shoulder.

"Training is mandatory."

Just when it looked like they were going to exchange more blows, Batman showed up on the holo-monitor.

"About freakin' time!"

"Batman to the cave."

They all crowded around the monitor except for a sore Superboy who stayed a few feet away. Once he was sure everyone's attention was on him, the Bat continued.

"Five hours ago, a new menace attacked Green Arrow and Black Canary. The attacker was capable of studying, then duplicating the powers and abilities of its opponents. Arrow called in reinforcements, which nearly proved disastrous, as our foe gained more and more power with each new combatant."

While he talked, a video of the enemy was shown using the League's powers against them and even one clip where Superman was swung around to ward of others and then unceremoniously thrown away. The android, as it were, had tan looking 'skin' with ginger 'hair' and what looked to be painted on green 'pants'. If she didn't know they would be fighting that very same opponent later on, she would've applauded the treatment of the Man of Steel. Unfortunately, even if they weren't, she didn't think it would be well received…

The rest of the conversation went, as it usually did, like the show. Wally expressed his amazement, and slight fear, of a being with the powers of the entire league. Batman went on to explain how it took 8 leaguers several hours to defeat and dismantle the thing, Robin throwing a guess out as to who could've made it (T.O. Morrow. Who thought of these names?) only for his assumption to be wrong.

"Good guess, Robin. But Red Tornado doesn't think so."

Manhunter, who'd been silent up until now, told them the correct answer.

"The technology bears the signature of…Professor Ivo."

The name was spoken with trepidation, as it should have. A person who could create such a weapon was a dangerous person indeed.

"Ivo? But Ivo's dead."

Aqualad was both shocked and confused as he looked at the bat on the screen. Black Canary looked back at him with a half-smile that was more like a grimace at best.

"So we all thought…or hoped."

"Way to sound morbid Canary, and that's not very Justice Leaguey to hope that your enemy's dead…"

Batman went on to explain what was happening and what their role was, much to Superboy's growing anger.

"So now we take out your trash?!"

The Dark Knight wasn't fazed.

"You had something better to do?"

Sneering angrily in his direction, the clone turned away with a huff, much to the team's relief.

And was it her imagination or did Superboy seem more irritated than usual?

"Coordinates received."

Fae was pulled from her musings as Aqualad called for the team to move out.

Glancing back at Superboy, she saw Black Canary grab him before turning her attention inward.

"I need to work on this father/son thing FAST!"

But who was to say that if she somehow managed to get ahold of Superman and talk to him that he would even listen to her? It didn't work when she'd yelled at him. Hell! He didn't even listen to Batman, his kinda-sorta best friend. And not to mention if she just so happened to be able to get him to accept Superboy, what would change?

The only thing Fae could think of that would get in the way of a potential early relationship between those two would be the clone's other parent.

"Even when the show hasn't mentioned him yet, Lex Luthor still manages to be a pain in the ass!"

And it was true. If by some supreme miracle they formed a bond and Superman found out about his clone's human half, he would undoubtedly feel betrayed (thinking the clone would've known about it since one of his main objectives was to destroy him after all), and Superboy would be absolutely crushed in the aftermath.

Thinking about it, Fae actually got a feeling of déjà vu. The Lion King? No… The sequel! Superman was Simba, Superboy, Kovu, and Lex would be Zira; if Kovu had been Simba's estranged son and neither knew about Zira being the other mother/father…

A steady throb started in her temple, and Fae lifted a hand to rub soothing circles into her skull. She really wanted to meet whoever came up with this wonderfully complex story so she could bury her fist in their face. What once brought her enjoyment was now bringing her near constant headaches.

Whatever the case, she sincerely hoped she wouldn't mess anything up, or worse…

Get somebody killed.

I'm a shooting star, and I play the part,

But you push too far.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

When I crash and fall, you don't care at all,

So now I'm standing tall!

(Oh, yeah, yeah~! OW!)

Superboy's POV

Hurt. Anger. Disappointment.

He didn't know how to deal with the torrent of emotions he was feeling so he dealt with it as he usually did.

By lashing out.

The clone had tried to avoid all confrontation, trying to walk to his room in a hurry, not wanting to talk to his team about what had occurred previous to his entrance.

Why was Superman pushing him away?

He was only trying to help…

He was walking through a park in Metropolis to clear his head. He'd never been to one before due to obvious circumstances, and the clone concluded that it was… Nice. That is until screams broke through the air, hardly noticeable to the people in the park, but his superior hearing picked it up as if he were right there.

Not thinking twice about it, Superboy jumped towards the noise and was immediately glad that he did.

A bus, full of children that couldn't be older than ten, was about to take a nose-dive off the side of the bridge that was currently breaking apart. From what? Superboy didn't know; all he knew was that he had to save them.

Landing next to the bus with a loud 'thud', he gripped the back bumper, stopping the vehicle from rolling off anymore, and slowly began to pull it back onto the road. He barely made it three steps back before the weight of it grew lighter before disappearing all together, leaving him stumbling and falling onto his butt.

Looking up, silently hoping that he hadn't accidently dropped the whole thing, his despair turned into awe as he watched his 'father' lifting the bus over his head and then gently placing it onto the bridge.

Shaking himself from his stupor, Superboy got up, dusting off the back of his cargo pants, and walked over to Superman, scowl in place though it was half-hearted at best.

"I had that."

Superman turned towards the boy trying to hide his own discomfort and addressed him.

"I didn't want to take the chance. As it is, your landing could have destabilized the entire bridge."

The teen looked a bit hurt and disheartened by his words but he was determined to talk to the man; it might be the only chance he got.

"It didn't."

"But it could have. We don't yet know the limits of your powers."

Superboy's shoulders slumped a bit, looking off to the side in thought, before he returned his attention to his idol.

"But…maybe you could…you know…help me, figure that out?"

The Man of Steel went rigid before answering quickly, praying for something to come and distract him from this.

"Batman's got that covered."

Superboy inwardly groaned at the dodging but didn't give up.

"I know, but-"

He was interrupted when Superman put his hand to his com-link, it obviously having gone off.


He turned to the side as he listened to his frantic teammate, secretly happy at his prays having been seemingly answered.

"Wait, Arrow. Slow down… What's attacking?"

Superman glanced at the clone from the corner of his eye, squashing the tiny bit of guilt that tried to rise up when he saw the boy's pleading gaze.

"No, I'm definitely available. Coordinates? Acknowledged. On my way."

He disconnected from Green Arrow and turned his attention back to the upset teen.

Again he pushed down that bit of guilt that tried to fight its way to the surface.

"Sorry, Super… Boy… Duty calls."

And with that awkward farewell, the clone watched as his supposed-to-be mentor flew away.

Now here he was, sitting in the bioship, with his teammates casting not-so-subtle glances in his direction.

Superboy knew they were worried, but coupled with his loss to Canary and rejection from Superman, it was just adding fuel to the already heated flames.

The ride to the rendezvous point was spent in a tense, uncomfortable silence after several failed attempts from his team trying to break it. When they'd finally arrived, everyone was given cyclist's jumpsuits to go over their uniforms and led to matching bikes.

The clone looked around for a moment, his team's hushed chatter turning into the white noise he often listened to on the tv, and it gave him a small sense of comfort, before his eyes landed on the reason for his current distress.

There Superman stood, in all his blue and red glory, having a look around the site before he spotted the group of young heroes through the bushes. However, he abruptly turned away when he caught the eye of the clone.

The Boy of Steel turned ahead and scowled fiercely at the ground. It was all he could do to control the urge of destroying everything in sight, unaware that his fellow peers were watching with growing worry.

Normal POV

"Wow… I never realized they could make Superman that douchey… What happened to the "Big Blue Boy Scout" side?"

Fae, along with the rest of the group, watched as Superboy looked at his older counterpart with guarded hope as the man turned in their direction, only to look away in hurt (covered with anger) as he practically brushed him off.

She knew that Batman would try to talk some sense into the guy after this (unsuccessfully might she add); she still had the urge to punch the big idiot in the face. The only thing stopping her was the fact that she'd no doubt break her hand, and Fae really didn't feel like recreating a Twilight moment*.

Looking back at the upset teen/child, Fae mentally encouraged him to stay strong for a little while longer. She didn't know if her plan would work or if it was worth the risk (she liked to think it was since the benefits would outweigh the risk if everything went well), but it was better than doing nothing.

It would take time to get the information she needed (highly sensitive information at that since most, if not all, superheroes were anal about their secret identities), and Fae doubted they would just tell her what she wanted to know, hero-in-training though she may be. Hell, she'd only been in this universe for a year and a few months, and most of that time was spent off world so it wasn't like she actually knew anyone personally (with the exception of the Green Lanterns from Earth of course). However, she doubted they would tell her anything of that much importance.

Hal may have been obnoxious, but he was no Green Arrow; he knew when to keep his mouth shut on certain things (too bad his glory days weren't on that list of things).

So eliminating all of the older heroes, she had to go younger, and the only one who knew everything about anybody was the Boy Wonder himself, and even that would be difficult.

Trained by the Batman himself, Robin was cautious at best, and it's not like he really knew her. She wasn't his best friend like Wally, nor was she an older sibling figure like Roy. Fae would have to gain his trust, and that would take time.

"Ugh! This is gonna take forever."

And it wasn't like the information she would be getting wasn't stuff she already knew (the only info she really needed was where places were located. It was a combination of her lacking geography skills and the fact that almost every superhero lived in a made up place…). She just figured that it would be better if she had something to fall on if people ever somehow found out about her knowledge.

She was not above using the little Bird as a scapegoat. It's what he'd deserve after being a little troll.

As she continued to stare at Superboy's seething form, Fae couldn't help but think that all the pains she would go through would be worth it. Despite the clone's physical appearance and mentality, he was still a kid, only a few months old if she were being completely honest.

And she knew that Superboy's problem was only one thing on a continuously growing list of things that needed to be changed to make this world better for everyone (as daunting as hell as that seemed), but it was a good place to start.

Honestly, she just couldn't stand to see the look in his eyes, the one her Emily used to get when they'd been back in the orphanage. When she couldn't understand why they didn't have a Mommy or Daddy, and "did Aunt Sera not want us?" because she was too young at the time to grasp the meaning of death.

The unexpected thoughts made her stomach churn uncomfortably, but before Fae could take a not-so-happy walk down a not-so-great memory lane, her name –err- title was called by Aqualad.

"Green Lantern, you will go with Miss Martian and Kid Flash."

Fae nodded a bit before what he said caught up with her.

"Wait… What?"

The ride back to the cave in the bioship was spent in silence, though it wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as the first time around.

Everyone was exhausted yet content due to the successful mission despite minor setbacks.

It came as a shock to Fae when she'd found out that no, she wouldn't be going with Superboy and Robin like she thought she would. Aqualad's reason being she was now SiC (read: now able to be volunteered without consent) and had the uncanny ability to keep the junior speedster in line (read: scare him if necessary).

Knowing that she wouldn't be in the vicinity of all the real action had Fae on edge and soothed her nerves.

As contradicting as that was.

She'd comforted herself with the knowledge that everything would go according to the plot (though she wished there hadn't been any robot monkeys. Their laughs were definitely not endearingly creepy like Robin's was), and that Aqualad would be there to calm the clone down. That was probably the reason he put himself on their team in the first place; as their leader, he needed to keep everything (and everyone) in order, and that included looking out for their well-beings.

It didn't stop her from worrying, however, but it seemed that her worries were unfounded though.

When Miss Martian and herself had entered the school (Kid Flash having been sent ahead), Fae'd been pleasantly surprised that the school didn't suffer as much damage the second time around (though summer vacation would more than likely still be extended for the Gotham Academy students). Her confidence in Aqualad had been well-placed, as it had already been. Not only was he able to keep Superboy semi-calm (he'd still ran off), but it seemed he had an edge on Amazo, too.

While the android was able to copy the electrical currents coming from his Atlantean markings, he couldn't copy the power from his water-bearers (since he himself didn't have an actual weapon to work with), and the boys used that to their full advantage if the soaked bleachers and gym floor had been anything to go by.

Ivo had still gotten away, but they were assured by their mentors that they'd find him.

"Capturing the professor will be a League priority."

The slight buzz at having a successful mission, however, was dampened at the Manhunter's sentence.

"But we understand your mission encountered… other complications."

He was, without a doubt, talking about Superboy, but Fae was, once again, pleasantly surprised when, instead of looking at the guilty clone, the boys stood straighter and even subtly edged themselves in a protective stance. Male bonding at its finest she supposed.

Batman seemed to approve the action given the barely noticeable nod he sent in their direction that only Robin seemed to notice.

"Complications come with the job. Your ability to handle them has impressed the League."

While the rest of the team looked happy at the statement, Superboy stared in disbelief, not wanting to get his spirits up.

"The whole League?"

Batman turned to the teen, looking just as calm as he had a second ago, however, on the inside he was frustrated.

Frustrated at a certain Leaguer whose weakness was a green rock.

"Given time? Yes. Kryptonians, as you know, have very hard heads."

He hoped he was right.

But it was enough to pacify the young Super as he gave a sheepish smile.

The Dark Knight diverted his attention to the rest of the team.

"Of course, there's no shame in asking for help. That's why the League exists, because there are some problems even we can't handle individually."

Fae almost wished he hadn't said anything and just sent them on their merry way.

"Please!? If we needed help, we'd never get the chance to ask!"

"Oh, Robin. You adorable, little, smart idiot…"

The Boy Wonder marched up to his mentor and Green Arrow, who flanked the Bat's right side, and pulled out a green arrow.

Where he stored that, Fae wasn't sure she wanted to know.

"Look familiar? You were following us! Babysitting! You still don't trust us."

Batman took the arrow from his protégé and handed it over to the archer.

"We didn't follow you."

Green Arrow pulled one of his arrows from his quiver to compare, and the arrowheads were indeed different. One was smooth, almost curved in a way, with no prongs, while the other was sharp-edged with prongs.

Robin looked stunned and just a little embarrassed.

"And…that's…not your arrow. But that means-!"


Kid Flash was smiling a mile wide, matching the excitement that Robin and Aqualad, who was also smiling, felt.

"He has our backs."

Miss Martian and Superboy looked confused while Fae just wanted to strangle something.

She knew why the rogue teen acted the way he did; hell, he was the mole without knowing he was the mole! But that did nothing to curb the urge to punch him in his face.

"Just one good punch, and I'll be satisfied."

Fae mentally begged to whatever supreme being that was listening that she'd be able to get along with the second archer, because God knows all the issues Artemis carried with her.

The junior speedster had already swiped the arrow out of the archer's hand, claiming it as a souvenir. Afterwards, Batman dismissed them and left with Green Arrow and Manhunter, probably going to review the mission and give each of them an assessment.

Superboy stayed behind to talk to Black Canary, and Fae was happy to note that his small smile got a little bit bigger at her acceptance to continue training him.

Looking back ahead, Fae prayed that her half-baked and admittedly quite fool-hardy, plan would work without harmful consequences. After all, she truly did like her freedom.

Casting aside her thoughts of archers with attitudes and rooms without windows, she picked up speed to catch up with the young bird, who was about to step into the zeta-tube, and tapped his shoulder.

"Hey, Robin? Can I talk to you for a sec?"

Yeah, yeah.

Nothing lasts forever, so…

Yeah, yeah.

Don't think you own the world.

You never will!

You never can!

Sorry, you don't understand.

But baby, all I know is I will never be, never be you…

Chapter 14 End

*Twilight moment – I've never seen the movie series, but my cousin showed me a part in one of the movies where Bella punches Jacob in the face and she breaks her hand while Jacob just stands there, unaffected. It was hilarious.

*0-13 – I have NO clue if that's actually Black Canary's number…



ROBIN: Chalant (RobinxZatanna)

KID FLASH: Spitfire (Kid FlashxArtemis)

SUPERBOY: SuperMartian (SuperboyxMiss Martian)

This was actually pretty funny because it seems that everyone likes the canon pairings EXCEPT for 'Chalant' since it only won by a few votes unlike the other two. In my own opinion, I'm a little iffy on this pairing as well. I don't like it, but I don't hate it either. It's more "ehh" for me… But hey, I got nothing against it, so it won't be too difficult to write when it comes.

AN: "Normal POV" is pretty much Fae's POV with extras since I tend to bounce around. Hopefully I kept everything in character. If Fae seems more agitated than usual, I apologize. But you have to realize that Superboy is TECHNICALLY a baby (age-wise), and after taking care of her little sister for practically most of her life, Fae has zero tolerance for Superman's actions. So she's pretty much projecting the maternal instincts that she picked up with Emily onto our beloved, naïve clone.

Also, she has a lot on her plate with the whole changing the world thing, and she's coming to realize that, no matter how much stronger she's gotten and will get, she can't do everything, and DEFINITELY not on her own. So why not get the help of someone who's practically a mini-Batman AND is on her team? Don't worry though. She's not just gonna blurt everything out. She still has quite a healthy fear of being locked away. Because, let's face it, even if the Justice League are all good guys, if someone comes up to them knowing practically EVERYTHING about their lives, they WILL be viewed as a VERY dangerous threat.

Once again, I am truly sorry that I made you wait this long. I just don't have time to actually sit down and write like I want to. This chapter was actually written in tid bits throughout 3 months it took me to update so…yeah. I don't get too much time to myself these days. But I assure you, once more, that I am NOT stopping this story until it's done. So keep being patient with me.

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