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"I think I accidentally used your girlfriend's shampoo."


Richard had still been in the shower when Wally finally crawled out of bed, and the redhead had set to making some breakfast. To tell the truth, unless it was barbecue or burgers, Dick usually did most of the cooking. Wally often teased him about what a good little wife he made. 15 year old Dick, though, had no idea how to cook, not to mention he didn't know his way around their kitchen anymore. So for now the food responsibilities fell to Wally, who almost ruined the omelette he'd been flipping when he digested the words Dick had just spoken - and in such an obviously displeased tone too.

Wally recovered quickly though. Well, quickly for him.

"What-? Oh. You mean that fancy cinnamon stuff. Nope, that's yours bro."

Dick scrunched his nose up in distaste, it was unfairly cute. "But it's meant for girls."

Wally just shrugged. He was used to Dick using and doing things that were meant for girls - he was the girl in their relationship after all. Not that every gay couple could be broken down into typical gender roles, but as far as he and Richard were concerned, the metaphor worked (outside of the bedroom anyways).

"Guess you just like the way it smells, or something..."

More like you know that I like the way it smells.

Dick looked relieved for a moment before his face scrunched back up in distaste. "..And those lotions and beauty products on the counter?"

"Also yours."

"So there's no girlfriend then?" Wally took in the tension held in the brunette's small frame and thought that his bird might be just the tiniest bit jealous. Although Wally wasn't sure if that should make him happy or sad.

"Nope, no girlfriend. I was dating a guy for a while, but, you know..." Wally turned his head so that Dick wouldn't see his expression, it wasn't exactly a lie, but he was sure Dick would see through his bullshit in a split second if he made eye contact right now. "things fall apart."

The acrobat shifted his weight uncomfortably from foot to foot, clearly not thrilled with the news. Maybe more than a little bit jealous. More like a lot. Wally thought.

"I'm sorry," Dick murmured, taking the omelette Wally offered. "Were you"

"Pretty darn." He wasn't even trying to hide his distress any more, and it seemed that Richard wasn't in the mood to play that game either. They locked eyes and a long, intense moment passed between them, and not for the first time in 24 hours Wally really wished he knew what the younger boy was thinking.

Dick was the first to look away, biting on his bottom lip in the way that always drove Wally crazy. "So, um, what about me then?"

It took Wally a long moment to figure out what Dick was really asking. The first thought was that he was insinuating that he wished there was something between the two of them, but eventually Wally realized he was just asking about his own relationship status...

"Dude, you know I can't talk about that. Not yet anyway. It's been three years, we've gotta ease you back into it."

"Yea, I know." he said shortly, turning to leave with his breakfast, but coming to a halt in the doorway. "It's just...I found some stuff in my room. It was pretty well hidden...but -"

Wally froze, sweating from the sudden rush of adrenaline while somehow managing to feel like the blood had frozen in his veins. If Dick had to find out about what was going on between them, Wally wanted to be the one to break the news, maybe show him some of their home movies or tell him stories about how they first got together. What he didn't want was for Dick to stumble upon some badly filmed footage of them fucking.

"Oh yeah?" the speedster asked, trying his best to sound calm. "What kind of stuff?"

The shocking blush that spread across Dick's face gave Wally his answer before the boy even opened his mouth. "Sex stuff..."


Wally really wasn't ready to talk about this. At least Dick didn't look angry, just sort of weirded out. On second thought, Wally might have preferred anger. With a heavy sigh, he finally acquiesced. He had never been any good at denying Dick the things he wanted anyways. "O.K. dude, but I'm not having this conversation on an empty stomach. I'll tell you what I can after I get some omelette in me."

Dick agreed easily and the two sat down in the breakfast nook, knees touching under the table, though neither of them acknowledged the contact or made a move to end it. Wally shoved two omelettes into his mouth at once, enjoying the cute little smirk he got from Dick, who was always amused by his gluttonous eating habits. Though the happy moment didn't last long as Dick went right for the money shot.

"Am I a slut?" Immediately Wally had a coughing fit as he choked on the omelette still left in his windpipe. Pounding himself painfully on his chest as he tried to recover from that power blow.

"I'm s-" cough, cough, hack! "I'm sorry, but seriously dude, why would you even ask something like that?"

Robin's blush spread even further and burned more furiously than Wally even thought was humanly possible and, though his eyes were still glued steadily on his plate.

"L-like I said, I found some...stuff."

"You're gonna have to be a bit more specific than that Dick."

Wally watched on unamused as the brunette fidgeted in his seat, making small, frustrated noises under his breath. The speedster could practically smell the smoke from how hard and fast the cogs in his head must be turning, and Wally felt like he was about to burst with anxiety. Had Dick seen evidence of their history together or not? He needed to know right now, he didn't have time for this blushing virgin act. Wally's heart couldn't take this any longer.

"Sex toys...I mean, some d-dildos and um, just lots of stuff. I didn't even know what some of it was for." Now it was Wally's turn to blush. He'd forgotten about that stuff, and not only had he neglected to hide it, but he'd practically put it right into Dick's hands.

"U-um..." his brain scrambled to come up with some sort of reply. He just hoped Dick hadn't gotten a good look at that flash-drive yet.

"a-and there was this flash-drive..."

Well, fuck.

"it had a bunch of stuff on it, but I only went through one folder,"


"b-but it was so - I mean, they were pictures of me - doing stuff - and I just, kind of looked like a slut in them...So I was just wondering.."

How the fuck did Dick expect him to respond to that.

"I don't know what you want me to say..."

" far as you know...was I a sl- was I promiscuous? Did I sleep around, bring guys back to the apartment, or stay out all night a lot?"

"G-guys?" Wally was torn between panic at this line of questioning or irrational jealousy that Dick might have even hypothetically slept with men who weren't him.

"Yea, Wally, guys. I'm assuming I haven't spent 3 years hiding the fact that I'm gay from you."

"N-no, I knew."

"Then what's the problem, stop stalling, just answer the question."

"I'm not sure if I should say. I told you last night that I don't want to lie to you."

"Then just don't. Look, you don't have to give me any details, if that's breaking whatever fucked up promise you made to Bruce, just give me some idea."

"I'm not even sure where to start," He could tell a partial lie and say that Dick had been in a long term monogamous relationship, but then Dick would ask questions about the guy - just more questions that Wally wouldn't have a good answer for. There really was no good way out of the situation. He wasn't supposed to tell Dick about the two of them because the shock might cause the trauma to resurface, or at least slow his recovery. But he also couldn't just let Dick believe that he'd been having anonymous would that be any better? "and I don't want to upset you. You still haven't fully recovered, any sort of major stimulation to your brain might cause even more damage."

"So it is bad then? Dammit!" Dick set his silverware down and pushed his omelette away, barely half eaten. "I think I need another shower."

Wally sped across the room, putting himself between Dick and the bathroom door. Determined to to let Dick go another minute thinking so little of himself.

"Stop it dude, it's not like that."

"Then please, tell me what it's like, because I fail to see how having an entire suitcase full of those t-toys and nearly 16 gigs of homemade porn makes me anything but a dirty whore?"

"Dick!" Wally grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him lightly, trying to make sure what he was about to say penetrated the boy's thick head, "Liking sex doesn't make you a whore anymore than being kinky makes you a bad person. I know this must be hard to digest, I mean, I don't think you really had any experience with this stuff at 15, and that's fine but-"

"You didn't see these pictures Wally. I may not remember how to kiss but I've watched porn before...I know slutty when I see it."

In a flash Wally was through his bedroom door and back in front of Dick, holding up a fistfull of polaroids with and guarded look on his face.

"Do these make me a whore then?" He forced the photos into Dick's hand, and gestured for him to look closely.

It had taken Wally a few minutes (speedster time) to find enough pictures without Dick or their bed in them. Not that he wasn't still nervous about what the bird might think of him now - Wally just refused to be embarrassed about the things he enjoyed... or the things they used to enjoy together.

Dick felt his blood begin to race and his heart begin to pound. He felt like a total child. His inexperience and prude teenage mind had totally humiliated him in front of Wally. It had totally spiraled out of control, he had just needed some reassurance that he hadn't grown into some total man-slut, but instead he ended up proving just how ignorant he was when it came to sex - and to top it all off he had insulted Wally. By accusing himself of being a whore just because of some sex toys and a photo, he had unintentionally called Wally the same thing.

The photos that the older boy had handed him were indeed very similar to the ones he had found of himself. Except these were of Wally. Naked Wally. Naked Wally doing some very naughty things - and suddenly it didn't seem very gross at all. It just seemed hot. Incredibly hot. Shocking but hot.


The first shot was pretty vanilla. Wally sprawled across a bed, legs spread, head thrown back in ecstasy, hand pumping himself fast enough that it was hardly more than a blur. The sexiest part though, the part that made Dick's cock twitch and begin to harden in his jeans, was the way Wally's heavily lidded eyes were staring right into the camera. It felt almost as if Wally was staring right at Dick through the frame.

Shit. He'd been looking for waaaaaay too long, Wally was going to suspect...Dick made nervous eye contact with the speedster, though his expression remained perfectly unreadable. He nodded to Dick's hands and the brunette flipped anxiously to the next photo.

Now Wally was tied to a chair, and whoever had done this definitely knew their knots, unless he had learned to vibrate through matter in the past three years, Wally wasn't getting out of that until someone let him out. There was a blindfold over his eyes this time, but Robin could still read enough of his expression to see that he looked almost in pain; and judging from how red and swollen his dick was, pain wasn't far off. Someone had clearly been teasing the redhead to the point of extreme discomfort.

Despite efforts to calm himself, Dick felt his body shudder in anticipation at what the next picture might hold. If someone would have told him this morning that not only would he be seeing Wally naked today, but he'd be seeing him in undeniably provocative poses, Dick would have rolled his eyes and called it crazy talk. But now that it was happening there was no way he was going to let this go to waste. Wally seemed more than content to just wait there until the brunette gave him an answer, he didn't even seem all that flustered. 17 year old Wally, the Wally that Dick remembered, wasn't really all that self-confident. But apparently 20 year old Wally had no doubts about his body, nor should he. On one hand, Dick was glad that the speedster had finally realized how perfect he was; but it was also a painful reminder of how out of Dick's league he was. Not to mention it was beginning to make him question just who had taken these.

No, no, no. He wouldn't think about that now. Although he did make himself a quick mental reminder to do some internet research on whoever this 'serious' ex of Wally's was. For now though, he would simply do his best to memorize every last curve and freckle of the speedster's naked body. Reasoning that he could use that information later to fuel every fantasy he'd ever have for the rest of his life.

The next two pictures didn't hold that much interest for Dick. One was just a glory shot of cum splashed across Wally's abs, similar in nature to the one Richard had seen of himself earlier. Maybe 18 year old him was into this sort of thing, but 15 year old Dick just didn't see the appeal. The next photo was brutal, and despite his attempt to keep an unfazed exterior a small gasp escaped at the sight of Wally with a cock-shaped gag in his mouth, another sizable dildo sticking out of his ass. Dick's eyes shot up to Wally's face and this time Dick could tell that the speedster was beginning to get nervous. Probably because he was taking so long, scrutinizing each picture. Wally probably thought that Dick was judging him or something, he tried to give the speedster what he thought was a reassuring look and Wally averted his eyes.

" get the idea. You don't have to look at them anymore, sorry, I could have just told you. I just thought seeing might...nevermind." He reached out a trembling freckled hand for the photos.

Dick just shook his head and flipped to the last photo. "No, this is helping. It's different when it's you. Guess I just needed some perspective."

Then the brunette lowered his gaze to the final Polaroid, only having maybe 3 seconds to take the whole thing in before Dick made the mistake of whimpering and Wally snatched them back.

It was hotter than the hottest thing Dick had ever fantasized about, let alone actually seen. The whole effect made even more intense by the fact that it was clearly taken on the very couch they had lounged on together last night. That realization sent a shiver up the acrobat's spine. He also came to the conclusion that Wally liked being tied up, or that his ex had really enjoyed tying him up. In this photo he had his calves tied to his thighs so that he was forced to permanently bend over, and although Dick couldn't actually see the rope, he suspected that his hands were also tied down somewhere as well. Otherwise there was no real reason for Wally to be bent over so uncomfortably like that.

He wasn't naked. Which was a surprise, since he had been in all the others. Nope. He was in one of his old Kid Flash costumes, the tight spandex ripped open just over the speedster's ass, the material straining around the tear. Every inch of the pale skin that Dick could see was slicked with lube, and it was easy to see from the reddened flesh that there had probably been some spankings. Geeze, even just thinking the word 'spankings' made Dick flustered. The best part though was Wally's erection, seeing it outlined so closely with the tight spandex, pressed tightly (and probably uncomfortably) against the boy's stomach. Robin wanted to reach out and touch it so badly it ached.

"So what's the verdict? Are we both whores now?" Dick could only shake his head no. He knew it must be obvious to Wally how turned on he was now. He could feel the flush on his cheeks, and his tight-fitting jeans did nothing to hide the prominent bulge in his pants. Hell, his chest was heaving so much that Wally could probably see that too.

"Good. I don't ever want to hear you talk about yourself like that again. Ok?"

He nodded, still not trusting his voice to come out steady. One of Wally's hands shot out to ruffle his hair and Dick grimaced at how condescending it felt, though he knew the older boy didn't mean anything by it. Being treated like a little kid by the guy you're currently pining for was never fun.

"Anyways," Wally began, and Dick admired the way the speedster could so easily move on and change the topic after something so intimate and intense. Then again, maybe it wasn't that big of a deal to Wally. This naivete about sex and all these kinky things was quickly beginning to annoy the bird. He'd have to get some experience a.s.a.p. and he definitely needed to do some research on the world of BDSM. "wanna go out tonight? We could hit up some of your new favorite places...or we could just stay in all day and try and make a dent in those movies and video games you forgot you loved."

Dick knew that the smart option was to get out of the apartment. Being in such close quarters with Wally - especially a grown-up, impossibly handsome, sexually confident Wally - was a bad idea. And yet...

"I think I'd rather just stay in." his voice still sounded breathy, but Wally was nice enough not to comment on it.

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