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The Hyuga heiress could barely believe what she was reading. There plastered to the announcements on the message board was one sheet of paper. On that sheet was a notice from none other than lady Tsunade herself and it read.

"Good morning to all ninja of all ranks. As we know Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. This year we will be doing something different. Every group of ninja from different years will report to their assigned original class in the ninja academy. We will be holding a special advent that involves roses and other stuff. You will all be given the opportunity to buy roses at 50 cents apiece and give them to the person you love. (Or you can give them to friends what do I care?) You will be given further instructions from your old senseis once you arrive at the academy.

Ps. Sasuke Uchiha is officially off probation."

As her near white eyes skimmed the page she couldn't help but feel sorry for the Uchiha boy. The very mention of him being off probation would make some girls giddy. As if on cue the girl next to her let out an ear piercing scream and said quickly "OMG OMG OMG!" over and over again. This caused Hinata to quickly cover her ears in a slight annoyance. Now the young heiress was normally quite calm but these fan girls were getting more intense by the day even since the 'oh so famous' Sasuke Uchiha came home. Even so this seemed like an interesting idea though her face quickly became flushed at the thought of giving Naruto a rose.

Meanwhile a blonde Uzumaki was also having troubles of his own. "AWWW come on Sakura-Chan!" Came the pleading voice of Naruto who was practically on his knees begging. "No!" the pinkette said in annoyance with her arms crossed. "But Saku-"started Naruto again only to be interrupted by the girl again "For the hundredth time NO! I am NOT going to be your valentine!" her words stung him like venom. Quickly he heaved an annoyed huff "Not like Sasuke is going to ask you." He said muttering under his breath. "What did you say?!" came the shouting voice of Sakura while she towered over him. "Erm ehh a-ano" the blonde quickly replied and a look of fear came across his face. On cue Sakura lifted her fist in the air "CHAAAAA!" she shouted and punched him, hard. The last thing you could hear was Naruto's cry of pain.