So some of ya'll where wondering a bit more about akito's back story and his reasoning for what he is doing. So most of this chapter is dedicated to him so you can understand him better. Akito and kokoa belong to me. Now… I don't know if there is an actually jutsu in Naruto like the one I described so don't hate me for inventing a random jutsu please. XD

"Akito wake up…. Wake… WAKE UP LAZY BONES!" hollered a familiar voice. Standing beside him with her arms folded looking down on him was a girl, a year younger than him at the most. Her hair was white like the snow that now blanketed the land. After all, this was the village hidden in snow. Akito's home. "Hmmm I don't wanna get up." Whined the purple haired teenager and he rolled over to his side. At this action the girl puffed up her cheeks in a childish manor, took his pillow, and hit him with it. Instantly Akito sat up rubbing his head "gosh darn it kokoa!" he growled and leapt out of bed to chase the already running away girl. But she was laughing, not sad or angry.

Though the moment he reached outside the bedroom door the scenery changed. "Kokoa?" he hollered out for her. Nothing. It was an empty black void. Suddenly red lines spread out everywhere like blood, it was bright glowing red and the black turned to white. Like snow. He was outside, fully dressed in his day time clothing, kunai in hand, his team all standing beside him. Except for one, kokoa. She was lying on the ground several feet away, not moving.

"Kokoa!" hollered Akito and quickly sat up in his bed. Perspiration dripped from his brow while placing a hand onto his face. "Just a dream… just a dream…" He tried to repeat to himself though it didn't make him feel any better. She was gone, he knew it was true, yet she plagued his mind never letting him rest. It was his fault she had died, the person who made him laugh and smile, could cheer him up she he was angry or sad. He should have done something to keep her alive, argued, anything, he could have done something. Now she was gone, but not for long. He would bring her back. After all that's why he did what he did so many years ago in the snow village, why he was now a rouge, why he seemed to have another side of him. He didn't want this kind of life but, he would do anything to bring her back.

Mean while back in Konoha, Tsunade had just received rather disturbing news. Other then the fact the ANBU had let Naruto escape. Her amber gaze was locked onto the three personal files of three members from the village hidden in snow. "Lady Hokage, I regret to in-" "I know." stated the hokage while looking up at the ANBU squad captain. "I wish the boy would have stayed around long enough to know who we are dealing with." sighed the woman while rubbing her temples. "I sent out word quickly to the other villages about what has occurred here. I was hoping maybe another village may know what was going o here. And I was right."

With that she gestured to the three files "Akito Takanda, Kokoa Himiko, and Akiko shadu from the village hidden in snow. They all have a part in this…" she began "Apparently it all started when a team was given a mission to find Akiko shadu… a medic ninja that was performing illegal tests in human experiments. While on a mission the team leader had a choice, to save the young lady Kokoa, or complete their mission. He chose the mission over her. Akito, one of the men that was under his team at the time was dating the girl… after her death he was never the same. He spent countless hours trying to find a way to resurrect the dead. He even went as far as looking into Akiko's research."

"Though it got worse… one day he broke Akiko out of jail because he thought he was the only way to save Kokoa. Though he used a forbidden jutsu to do it. Much like Ino's mind possession jutsu it takes a hold of users mind… only this one transfers the mind of the intended victim into the users mind. Though this jutsu is very risky if the user doesn't release the jutsu, after too much exposure the consciousnesses will fight for dominance. And from what we have seen, Akiko is winning the battle." With that the hokage turned her attention towards the window "Naruto is way over his head…" then she closed her eyes and thought Jiraiya… I wish you were a live right now Naruto could use your help.

While Tsunade discussed what was happening with the ANBU Naruto was already at the village where the people had gone missing. It was a deserted place, with no signs of life or noise. Except for the constant howling of wind and occasional chirping of a cricket. It was hard to believe this once was a place full of life, but it was also the place where Hinata had disappeared only half a day ago.

While the moon was still high, Naruto began to look around for any clues that would tell him where they had gone off to. Whoever had done it was clearly good at covering up their tracks. However not good enough to fool the hero of Konoha and the man who had the next spot as hokage already claimed.

Amongst the dim light of the moon, he spotted a few tracks that led away from the village and towards the woods. It was also heading in the opposite way of the Leave Village, so, it had to be the man or woman who took Hinata.

Quickly he began to run after the trail that was barely visible in the dimness of the light. Just a little longer Hinata. I'm coming.