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CM Punk panted as he strolled backstage. After a couple month layoff, he had a triumphant return. It was nice winning his first match back in the WWE in his hometown of Chicago, in front of his friends and family.

"Good match," Paul Heyman said, filling the wired silence in the air.

"Thanks," Punk responded with a slight smile, "It didn't look like I missed a day."

"Um, hello! You're the best in the world!" Paul and Punk laughed, their laughing filling the air and echoing off the walls.

Punk passed the trainer's office and he couldn't help but peer into the office. He saw the doctor checking Dolph Ziggler's vision with a flashlight. And there, standing there, was AJ Lee, her newly won Divas Championship on her shoulder, her bright brown eyes shining with tears.

He missed those eyes.

"You go back to the locker room," said Punk, "I'll catch up with you." Paul nodded and walked off.

AJ turned to the door and saw Punk staring into his eyes. When had he get there? With a sigh, AJ exited the office and shut the door. "What are you doing here?" AJ asked.

"I was just passing," said Punk with a shrug, "I'd thought I'd stop by and say hello."

"Well hello," said AJ frantically, "Please go away. I need to get in there and make sure Nick's okay."

"I'm sure he's fine."

"You saw those kicks right?" AJ sighed. "Look. I care about Nick. I've traveled with him for months, and as I've gotten to know him better, I grew for care for him. Just please go, so I see if he's okay."

AJ turned to go back into the room. "So, you like Nick?" Punk's question stopped AJ dead in her tracks. She turned to him slightly.

"Yes, I do. Are you happy?"

"Yes I am," said Punk. AJ turned to leave again. "Congratulations." AJ turned back to Punk. "On your victory tonight."

AJ blushed slightly. "Thanks." She took the title from her shoulder and stared at it. It seemed to shine in the light of the hallway. "I finally feel complete. I've always dreamed of this moment, and it's finally coming true."

"I knew you could do it," said Punk, genuinely happy for her championship victory. "It was the best Divas match I've seen in a while."

AJ blushed even more. "Thanks, Phil. And may I say that I'm digging the Wolverine look on you." Punk laughed. "Your match was amazing too." A pleasant silence lingered as the two stood there with smiles on their faces.

"April!" Big E Langston called her name, startling the both of them. "I have to go."

"Bye," said Punk as AJ entered the trainer's office. With a sigh, Punk turned to exit the arena. Nick sure is lucky, he thought. It wasn't the nicest conversation he had with her, but he definetly enjoyed it. He enjoyed every second he spent with her, even though he hadn't gotten to see her much.

That was all about to change.

Punk flopped onto the hotel bed. He winced at the impact if his body colliding with the soft sheets. That match with Jericho had taken a lot out of him. The long flight from Chicago to Grand Rapids was antagonizing, and he had only gotten a few hours of sleep. It wouldn't take a lot to piss him off today.

Suddenly, the phone rang as his eyes were closing. Damn it, he thought as he groggily got up to answer it. "Hello?"

"Hey Phil," said Triple H's booming voice, "How are you?"

"Great," Punk said, not sounding great at all, "What do you want?"

"I'm calling to tell you about you newest storyline. Dolph won't be there for Raw, so we've decided to put the two of you in a feud. You and AJ are going to have an affair."

And just like that, CM Punk's mood improved. With just one phone call.

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