If there's something I am passionate about it's writing and I actually have been writting some fictional stories of my own for some years now (mostly romance/distopia), but ever since I started watching Gossip Girl I have grown addicted to it and I have been wanting to write this for a very long time now. This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic so if you could write some reviews I would be eternally grateful to you. Without any further preamble, here it goes:

Every Rose has its Thorn

In a fictional, parallel, 20th century New York City, Blair Waldorf had always been the Queen Bee in her exclusive boarding school. Now, she is a debutante who is envied by every young lady and desired as a wife by every respectable gentleman. She is gorgeous, intelligent, charming, and rich: the epitome of the perfect wife. Blair and her best friend Serena van der Woodsen rule their exclusive social circle of debutantes, attend to elite parties and flirt with the most handsome bachelors in town. However, when Chuck Bass, the insanely rich, infamous and mysterious bachelor, introduces himself to their elite circle, Blair's perfect little world will soon be shaken out of its balanced axis and will spiral out of control. Will she choose to remain a queen and follow her destiny as the wife of a wealthy socialite or will she bargain it all at a chance of dangerous but true love?


Sunlight, pouring through the colored window panes of her bedroom, casted exquisite shadows all over the sleeping bundle that was her body. Her gorgeous dark brown curls shone in a million different tones of yellow, red and orange. However, it wasn't enough to wake her, not even when Dorota, her foreign Polish maid opened the colored windows, letting the fresh morning air in and ending the display of colors on her peaceful, curvy, sleeping body.

- Miss Blair, wake up. First party as debutante waiting for you.

Blair woke up refreshed after the 10-hour beauty sleep she had been in. She felt better than she had felt in years; everything in her life seemed to be perfect, as perfect as it ever was. She smiled pleasantly at Dorota, who was more a second mother to her than actually a maid.

- Dorota, this will be the year everything will fall into place. You'll see. I'll have the best social gathering for my introduction as a debutante and I'll marry the most gorgeous and rich husband in the whole country and then no one, not even Serena would dare rival my place as a born Queen.

- But Miss Serena is Miss Blair's old friend.

- Dorota, I don't expect you to understand the fact that for me nothing, not even friendship, rivals with the pleasure of being the Queen, of being powerful and ruling over everyone, of being able to destroy whoever stands in my way with just a single look, of having a whole entourage of minions who would die to be just like me.

Dorota pensively helped Blair out of her silk sleeping robe and handed her the beautiful clothes she'd chosen for the day she would be officially introduced as a debutante. Blair didn't realize Dorota had remained silent throughout the whole process of dressing her, brushing her already perfect curls, and delicately applying her make up because she was carefully considering whether she should tell her best friend Serena about the drama that had broken in her family during the summer.

As Blair waited for Dorota to bring her silver tray with her usual minuscule portion of breakfast she pondered whether admitting to have family problems would make her weaker in the eyes of her best friend. If there was one thing she hated was weakness, especially when she showed it herself. Blair finally decided against telling Serena about the current scandal that was due to break anytime soon: her mother's new lover. Apparently it hadn't been enough drama for the Waldorfs when Blair's father suddenly abandoned them; they had been the talk of the city for months, when drama broke out again: the usually frigid and cold Eleanor Waldorf had a new lover.

The infamous Charles Bass was sleeping soundly at his luxurious suite in the exclusive Palace Hotel, not waking up when the women he hired last night tiptoed out of his bedroom at the break of dawn and started dressing up. He didn't even wake when one of them let out a high pitched giggle or when they both got out of the suite, slamming the door behind them and chuckling loudly afterwards.

Chuck Bass woke up past midday to find himself alone in his suite, but it didn't even bother him; he didn't care much about last night's whores being gone. As he showered meticulously, he remembered he had agreed to attend to some kind of social event at night and chose one of his best suits for the day. He opted to stay in his suite for lunch and then meet Nathaniel on their way to the event.

Nathaniel Archibald had a reputation for being the perfect gentleman, the golden boy, the man every father wants as the husband of his daughter: rich, blonde, handsome. His family had a longstanding tradition in politics and no one doubted Nate was the future Mr. President. However, what most of the people didn't know was that Nathaniel Archibald was constantly being pressured by his family and was manipulated by them. For example today, when Nate was convinced by his mother to attend a boring elite debutante party in which she hoped her son would find his perfect soon-to-be wife. Nate had been able to see behind his mother's intentions and that was the reason he had convinced his oldest and most skilled friend, Charles Bass, to accompany him to the dance and give him his experienced advice on women.

Blair Waldorf didn't eat after breakfast, blaming it on anxiousness; however, it was also a fact that she needed to remain perfect and maintain that already minuscule waist of hers for the ball that night. As the time approached, Dorota helped Blair into one of her finest dresses: a soft, white, conservative but flattering model with a black ribbon around the waist. The snowy white, high couture dress made Blair look absolutely elegant, charming and gorgeous. It was the perfect dress for the beginning of the rest of her life, Blair thought happily.

Nathaniel Archibald and his friend Charles Bass were amongst the first gentlemen to arrive to the party, and the hostess welcomed them merrily. Both of them sat quietly on the farthest corner as Chuck said that was the best place to practice what he called "picking the prey" and what Nate called "choosing his future wife". Soon, the room was filled with young ladies, all fresh debutantes and beautiful. The room was alive with chatter, laughter and the sound of the classical music playing.

Blair knew it was already late and she was starting to freak out… but only a little, like ladies are supposed to. She and Serena had agreed to meet on the entrance but Serena was nowhere to be seen. When Blair had already decided to make her triumphal entrance alone she finally spotted a radiant Serena, all dressed in soft pink and her hair adorned with the glittering diamonds in her diadem. Blair often felt outshined by Serena, but today she felt plain, with her glamorous white dress and matching ribbon, on the side of this blonde, glowing goddess. What a good way to make a grand entrance at you first debutante ball: eclipsed by your best friend, thought Blair bitterly as she took in Serena's radiant and happy face and slender figure.

- What on Earth made you take so long S? – demanded Blair.

- I hope you'll pardon my tardy. But as you already know B, I enjoy being always late– answered Serena smiling – come on, our great entrance will be unexpected and all eyes will be on us now.

Serena entered the room nonchalantly and floated down the stairs in magnificence, all eyes were glued to her as she was announced while advancing down the staircase and seating in an empty table. Soon after, Blair was announced and she began descending the long marble staircase to join Serena.

As soon as the two ladies were seated, Nathaniel turned to look at his friend. Chuck had his trademark smirk on and his eyes were set on the two ladies who had just arrived.

- I think we've just found ourselves a new Mrs. Archibald. – Chuck commented nodding in the direction the two beautiful ladies were sitting.