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Blair's mouth soured. How could she have been so reckless to have left her guard down? Not even the privacy of her bedroom had prevented her most shameful secret to come to light. She looked disdainfully at Serena.

- I don't even know what you're talking about – replied Blair coldly – I have nothing to do with that Basstard.

Serena raised an eyebrow.

- I can only hope that at least you feel something for him and are not willingly falling into his sick games just for spite. – said Serena sadly, observing Blair's unreadable expression intently.

Blair had been purposefully trying to ignore thinking about any feelings she might have towards the exasperating Charles Bass. This, especially because Blair Waldorf had a plan to seduce the Bass heir and having any feeling at all could ruin it. Now, more than ever, she needed to maintain her cold bitch façade.

And now Serena came and forced her to think on the very topic she much dreaded. It hit her like a bucket of cold water. Serena's sympathy and compassionate blue ice infuriated her to no end. Who did she think she was to come barging into her bedroom, after everything she'd done, and talk to her with that judging attitude?

- Are you here to reprimand me and act like my mother? Really Serena? At least I'm not the one who's tarnished her reputation forever and forced an innocent, respectable man into marriage to save it.

Serena's golden brow furrowed in confusion.

- What do you mean?

- I mean exactly what I said. Here you are, always making me the unfortunate victim to your mistakes. You went and bedded some good for nothing you can't even remember and when the rumor got out you went to Mr. Archibald, knowing the true gentleman he is, to beg him to marry you and save your name – Blair answered raising her voice and pointing an accusatory finger in Serena's direction. – You took my husband away from me because you couldn't stand how I was the center of attention for once. You couldn't take it so you acted out and got in trouble as you always do.

Blair didn't notice the moment her dark eyes started watering until it was too late. She quickly turned and frantically tried to clean her face with the handkerchief on her vanity, hoping Serena hadn't seen her shameful moment of weakness.

Serena was speechless.

- Did Nate say that to you?

Blair visibly flinched at her familiar use of the nickname and did not turn around. From the position she was in right now, the purplish bruises on her neck were showing clearly to Serena. The blonde girl could only stare at her friend in confusion and dread.

- He only apologized for leading me on and said he wanted me to be the first one to know about his engagement to you, so as to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. However, the rest became very clear, especially if you try to find some sense in all the gossip going around town.

Charles Bass was once again in Victrola, nursing his signature glass of scotch. Lately, he spent his nights in a drunken stupor as always, but always reminiscing that fateful evening when he felt his long dead heart beat again. He called a waitress to fill his glass of scotch as he watched the show currently on stage with disinterest, lost in thought. He had not had contact with Blair again and his anxiety was going on crescendo every day that passed without seeing her. He reckoned it wasn't healthy for him to continue obsessing over Blair Waldorf, but he just couldn't help it. After he started hearing the rumors about his supposed infatuation with the riveting Waldorf heiress, Chuck knew he had to keep his distance now more than ever.

Suddenly, Charles caught a glimpse of a somewhat familiar mane of brown chestnut hair. It can't be, he thought, she's smart enough to know that night was a one in a lifetime event. Chuck was now alert, he followed the lady's every movement on the bar, waiting for her to turn around. After several minutes dragged by, the mysterious lady was joined by a man. He watched as she moved her curls around flirtatiously. A pang of jealousy wounded Chuck Bass's newly reborn heart, stabbing it with a cold venom that soon overtook his senses and clouded his reason. His blood started boiling dangerously. Unable to stand it anymore, Chuck sauntered over to the bar, barely concealing his anger.

- Well, listen to me Blair. The gossip is not true. – said Serena taking a very deep breath – Nathaniel Archibald did not propose to me because I begged him to save my reputation… he made a deal with my mother for my hand, without my consent, because he felt it was his duty to marry me after deflowering me.

Serena's blue eyes showed nothing but honesty and determination. Blair could not, for the life of her, process what her friend had just said. Deflowered her? When? Why? Nathaniel loved her, he had said so himself, they were planning to get married. She had even met his parents officially and introduced him to Eleanor and Harold! Why would Nate get prepared to marry her and then abandon her? What reason could ever be enough to make him risk her reputation and his own? Serena's confession suddenly made sense. Everything made sense. Everything was coming together just now and Blair could feel it like a ton of bricks falling on top of her.

She fainted.

Chuck roughly grabbed the brunette's shoulder and pushed her out the bar's back door, warning her to keep quiet. He could feel the girl trembling under his touch but he paid no attention to it. He was determined to see to it that Blair Waldorf understood that her place was definitely not in a classy old bar, showered with the lusty gazes of New York's most powerful men. It infuriated him to think of her acting out this way, looking for any attention just to heal her wounded pride. No, Blair Waldorf's place was beyond and above places like Victrola, he would see to it to protect her and put her in a pedestal high enough to rule over every miserable being in the city, like she deserved.

Blair woke up a little later, laying on her impossibly soft bed and staring straight at Serena's concerned blue eyes. She struggled to get up, but felt too weak.

- Why did you do it? Why did you lay with him? – Blair asked in a fain voice.

- I… I don't know B. I had a little too much to drink.

Blair snorted at that.

When they reached the dark alley, Chuck took the lady's shoulder and brusquely turned her around, crashing his lips against hers. He expected the exquisite warmth to spread over him, to feel those newly discovered feelings ignite again. Nothing happened. With great confusion, he pushed her away from him gently. Her eyes were big and showed fear. They were all wrong. They were blue.

- Who are you? Why are you here? – asked Chuck but the girl seemed too dazed to comprehend his words. Chuck shook her with frustration - Answer me girl.

- I… my name is Jennifer Humphrey – said the girl with a tiny voice, as if she was about to cry – I work here sir, this is my first day.

"How could he have been such a bloody idiot?" wondered Chuck, only now noticing the clingy black dress the girl wore was the one all the waitresses at Victrola wore as uniforms. Furthermore, the tiny girl even had a fancy golden tag that read "Jenny" on top of her right breast.

- I'm incredibly sorry for my behavior towards you Miss. Unfortunately, as you might have guessed by now, I thought you were someone else – Chuck took a strand of her glossy brown hair, regaining his cockiness – this beautiful hair of yours just dazzled me.

Jenny blushed prettily.

- Oh, it's a wig I use to keep stalkers away – said the girl smiling shyly at Chuck.

Chuck let out a long laugh, the first one in a long time. Maybe fate did have something to do with him finding such a charming and innocent girl. To be honest, Jennifer Humphrey reminded him of a purer, younger Blair Waldorf.

- Dearest Miss Humphrey, the least I can do now is try to make it up to you for this unfortunate encounter the rest of the evening. I promise to be charming. – said Chuck smiling cockily and extending a hand towards the girl.

The young girl accepted his hand and followed him inside the club. She was very well aware of who this dark-haired man was and could not believe how her first night of work at Victrola had turned out to be. As she took in the surprised looks of many of her coworkers, Jenny Humphrey couldn't help the broad smile from illuminating her adorable face

Serena's voice trembled and the corner of her eyes turned watery.

- I had my first time and can't even remember it correctly. Please understand that I never did anything on purpose. I never intended to hurt you. Now I'm being forced to marry someone I don't love because of a mistake and you're hurt by it too. I am the worst friend anyone could ever have but please Blair. Please. Find it in your heart to forgive me, I never intended to take anything away from you.

With the little strength she had, Blair reached out for her best friend's shaking hand and held it reassuringly. Serena let out a sob and hugged Blair tightly.