There was a silent cloak that fell over the Mikaelson kingdom, the kind that forms before a war is about to break loose. The children nibble on bread as they watch their fathers dress in rusted, dented, armor; the wives clinging to their husbands side for the last time, pressing their faces into the bare sun kissed neck, trying to capture their scent. No one speaks because there is nothing more to be said. A war between the five kingdoms have broken out, the Petrova's and Fell's have declared it, teamed up, because their princesses have somehow escaped their ritual death, a blessing their kingdoms don't take lightly. Where they are now though, is a mystery, the kingdoms fear that they are already dead, that the Mikaelson's forest that swallows armies whole have taken the princesses down with it. But the war will continue, as always, day or night you will see the slumped bodies of solemn faced soldiers climb their way through the tangled weeds, and deep swamps to defend the kingdom they love.

In the Fell kingdom, the tone is much more dismal and bitter; the sun hides behind clouds, it's light barely setting a glow upon the kingdom of light. The king dresses in his castle, his face like stone as his maids began placing ancient armor on his body, pieces that were passed down generation after generation.

"I will not return." He had told his wife the night before, pressing his lips against her hair, holding her close. She had merely nodded.

In each kingdom you can see the tired eyes, broken hearts, and empty souls as people push off the last step of their home and walk together as one down the bare town street.

In the Mikaelson palace, Klaus watches this scene unfold before him as he grips the iron rimmed window ceil. He can hear his brothers moving around behind him as they gather their gear, preparing for the war they will surely end when the time came. Mikael was already out there, leading the army to the edge of the forest.

"Sir," a woman said beside him. He turns to see her holding out his own armor. "Your equipment."

Just as he is about to grab it, he feels another presence in the room.

"No," the voice says, her tone sharp and unwavering.

Klaus turns to his mother who is standing in the dressing rooms doorway, her eyes narrowed as she stares at her middle child. Her brothers stop what they are doing as they stare between the two, Kol not bothering to hide his smirk.

"This is not your war," Esther said, her words like poison.

"And why not?" Klaus said, turning his full body toward her.

"Because you have disgraced this kingdom," she said, pulling her long robe tightly around her body, where Klaus knew she was hiding the burn marks that Caroline had given her.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Klaus said, about to take the amour from the maid. Esther was quicker though, she extended her hand, a quiet spell escaping her lips as the metal flew from the woman's arms and clattered onto the floor.

"Don't you dare," Esther hissed, her eyes practically bulging from their sockets. Her fingers were rolled into fists, knuckles white.

"Try to keep your temper mother," Klaus said, staring between the metal and her.

Esther hated when she was viewed as out of control, made a fool of; so just as quickly as her anger flared up, it was gone, her eyes setting into a cool stare.

"You saving that girl ensures that you will never participate in this family again," Esther said, trying to keep her voice low. Kol and Elijah watched from the side, shifting back and forth uncomfortably. "I know you're hiding her somewhere."

"As usual mother," Klaus said walking toward her. "You are wrong."

"It is true mother," Elijah said, his voice shaking the tone of the room. "She has escaped and left, probably to her own kingdom."

"Enough Elijah." Esther said, her eyes cutting to her oldest son. Then she turned her attention back to Klaus, who had moved to a different window.

"You will not go to war," Esther said, her voice calm for the first time. "You will stay here, as we finish this."

"Do you realize," Klaus said, turning around as he headed for the doorway. "How pathetic you sound?"

He then pushed pass her, his body disappearing into the hallway, as Esther looked on, a low fire simmering within her.

"If you see her," Esther said, turning to look at Elijah and Kol. "Bring her to me."

Kol was the only one who nodded as he slipped on his shoulder pad, smiling in the process.


Caroline pushed her back against an old wheelbarrow; rain was beginning to fall, it was a piercing sound against the silent kingdom. She tried her best to keep out of sight, after all she was in the town; lucky for her all the soldiers had already left, leaving the usually busy streets unpopulated as women cried over their husbands in their sheltered homes.

Caroline looked both ways before crossing the street, making sure no one was watching her. There was a boy down the way, he was kicking a muddy ball against his house with so much force she was sure it would break, but he kept at it, anger pulsing through each kick; but he wasn't looking in her direction so she scampered across. She had picked up a grass and dirt stained rag along the street and tied it firmly around her head, so she could hide some of her face. She pulled it tighter around her as she tried to recall where Adi, the woman who gave her the Alistar, had her shop. Finally after glancing around, she saw it at the end of the street, the sign hanging loosely by its hinges. She practically ran over, the rain beginning to get heavy as the seconds passed, disguising her footsteps and prints in its cleansing fall. When she got to the front door she saw that it was closed, but with a matter of urgency she pushed inside anyways.

The room was dimmed when she walked in, a small candle sat in the corner of the room. Everything smelled of herbs and smoke, and although the shop was as Caroline remembered, there was a wave of sadness that she just couldn't shake, it hid in every corner and seeped from the boards on the walls.

"Caroline," A voice said from her left. She turned suddenly, catching sight of Adi who was slowly making her way out from a back room. She appeared to have aged more, the wrinkles on her face doubling, a smile no longer held on her lips.

"Adi," Caroline said, running over to the older woman. "Do you need my help?"

Caroline asked this due to Adi's limp she appeared to have acquired, and the way she clung to the walls for support. But Adi waved her off, like she was a fly.

"No child," she said, patting Caroline's cheek as she moved pass her. "But you need mine."

Caroline clasped her hands together as she watched the older woman make her way toward the wooden table in the back, where she kept all of her herbs.

"You know why I have come?" Caroline asked, now following.

"I have an idea," Adi said, taking the candle in the corner of the room and lighting a few others that were scattered around the rotten table. "But you could be here for multiple reasons."

"My Alistar," Caroline said, swallowing as she tried to explain. "It was found dead a few days ago, I thought it meant my family but now-"

"You think it might predicted the death of Sir Niklaus," Adi finished, looking up at Caroline, who merely nodded.

"There is so much pain in this kingdom," Adi said, as she lit the last candle. "It weakens my bones."

"You mean the war," Caroline asked.

"The war, and the royal family," Adi said, the fire's light dancing along her face.

"You are not fond of the Mikaelsons?" Caroline asked, and this whole time she thought they were well acquainted.

"I am not fond of what they have done to this land," Adi said, venom in her voice. "Their bitterness has become a burden."

Adi began grabbing jars of herbs and placing them along the wooden counter, spreading them evenly so she could examine them.

"But you," Adi said, pointing to Caroline. "You've brought life back to this soil."

Caroline smiled a small smile as she watched Adi pour a tablespoon of each herb onto the counter. She then mixed them together, spreading them out along the wood, some pieces getting caught within the cracks. Adi then grabbed Caroline's hand, making the blond girl jump. She then began murmuring something in a hushed tone, even when Caroline strained to hear, she couldn't make anything out. Then the candles flames around them jumped and sparked, making the shadows dance along the walls. Suddenly it all stopped, and Adi slowly opened her eyes; she looked somewhat younger again, the bags under her eyes less noticeable. But they were drenched in sadness.

"You have so much brightness within you," Adi said, still holding onto Caroline. "It has the ability to give people life."

"Adi," Caroline whispered, trying to bring her back to the situation at hand. "I need to help Klaus."

Adi pulled away from Caroline, staring down at the herbs, which to Caroline's surprise, looked burnt; but there wasn't a flame near them.

"You dead Alistar," Adi said, slowly. "Wasn't a prediction of Klaus' death."

"It has to be," Caroline said, shaking her head. "I overheard Katarina planning it."

Adi raised an eyebrow at this, but said nothing about it.

"Once an Alistar is dead," Adi said, holding Caroline's gaze. "The person has a span of three days before they die, after that it is safe to assume they were not the victim the flower was predicting."

"It has been four days," Caroline said, hearing herself mumble it.

"Although Niklaus may be in danger," Adi said, calmly. "He was not the one the flower predicted."

Caroline let this sink in. This meant that the person was already dead, this meant that her family-

"No," Caroline said, tears welling up in her eyes. Adi grabbed onto Caroline's arm, trying to steady her. "I have to go home."

"You can not," Adi said, keeping a hold onto Caroline.

"My family-" Caroline began to shriek.

"Is dead," Adi said, her voice strong and firm. "There is nothing for you there anymore."

Caroline's eyes widened as she heard this, pulling her arm away from Adi. How could they all be dead? She pictured her mothers bloodied body on their kitchen floor, her sisters strangled in their sleep, and her father most likely killed with a wheat whacker. She would never see them again, her real family, the people who clothed her, and bathed her when she was a child; that poured their soul into their work so that she could eat; the people who were there from the beginning. Caroline looked down at the ground, her body growing numb as her ears began to ring.

"You didn't think the Mikaelson's would allow your family to live after your escape did you? You cross one you cross all." Adi said, her voice making it clear how pathetic Caroline looked. "I bet even Niklaus knew of it."

Caroline's eyes shot up, thinking about how she almost went back to save him. She was almost that stupid, after all, their relationship was completely built on betrayal.

"How do you know this?" Caroline asked as she began to move toward the door.

"Because I've seen it," Adi said, her voice now tender. "When I touched you."

Caroline considered this as she, felt her tears come loose.

"I have to go back," Caroline said, tears sliding down her face.

"You will die if you go back," Adi said, her voice firm again.

"I will also die here if I stay," Caroline said, feeling herself crumble.

"You are within the walls of the Mikaelson kingdom," Adi said, walking over to Caroline, who was using the doorframe to support herself. "You can destroy them from the inside out, like a cancer."

Caroline wiped the tears from her face, feeling a new kind of anger rise within her, one she thought she would never experience.

"You can give light back to this kingdom and seek your revenge," Adi said, grabbing hold of Caroline. "And I can show you how."

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