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I'm going to write several short one-shots to one of my new favourite OTP...

Wreck-It Ralph!

Ralph/Felix :O

I know, where did that come from? Well, when I watched the movie I fell in love with both of them and when everyone else loved Felix/Calhoun, I fell in love with Ralph/Felix :)

I know, I'm a sucker for weird pairings, but weird is good people :D

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Rating chapter – PG.

Holding Hands

Now was the time, he couldn't wait anymore, it had to happen today.

Ralph would ask Felix out for a date and it was going to be magical, damn it!

At least I hope so, Ralph thought bitterly, swallowing the growing lump in his throat as he approached the door to Felix's apartment.

He stood before it for a few minutes, just staring at the name on the door, Fix-It Felix, Jr. The most beautiful name in the world, fitting for the most amazing guy in the world.

Ralph had began feeling these feelings when they had gone on their adventure against the cybugs with Calhoun and Vanellope and Felix had been so nice and fixed the racing car that he had wrecked with his big, clumsy hands.

And let's not forget the hug that Felix gave him when he burst through the wall in prison, sure, it had only lasted for a second and Felix had gone mad at him the next second but it still made Ralph's stomach clench happily.

Ralph shook his head, shaking away the memory, that was then, this is now. He had postponed this for too long and he needed to get his feelings out and -

"Oh my, hello Ralph, you gave me quite a scare!" Felix voice suddenly spoke, Ralph looked down and noticed the little man looking at him nervously, the cap squeezed between his hands.

"Oh – Oh! I'm sorry Felix, I guess I zoned out there for a second, sorry." Ralph chuckled humorlessly while scratching his brown hair, that he had actually combed for this, he wanted to make a good impression.

"It's all right, was there something you needed?" Felix smiled a big smile that made Ralph's heart beat faster against his rib cage.

"Uhh, yes, actually - " Ralph stared at Felix who looked around nervously.

"O-OK." he shrugged while smiling nervously, waiting for Ralph to speak.

"Oh, right, umm, Felix, would you do me the honor to let me -" he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and screamed the last part "Take you out for dinner!" scaring poor Felix, who jumped at least 5 feet into the air as Ralph's voice bellowed through the hall.

Felix stared at Ralph in utter disbelief "W-what did you say Ralph?" he whispered, his blue eyes wide.

Ralph began sweating, which was not good, his body already had a bad smell and now it would increase with the sweating and all "Sorry for screaming Felix, I'm just so nervous, I just -" he sighed sadly "You know what, just forget it." he shook his head and began walking away, his big shoulders slumped in defeat.

Felix woke up from his trance just in time and he jumped high, landing in front of Ralph "Wait Ralph! You didn't give me the chance to answer!" he screamed, a deep red blush covering his cheeks.

"W-what?" Ralph whispered.

"I – I would love to go out on a date with you." Felix spoke with a smile, his cheeks still burning from embarrassment but a nice feeling going through his body at the same time.

"R-really?!" Ralph's face was beaming as a wide smile spread over his lips, showing off the gap in his teeth "I'll pick you up tomorrow then? At 8 pm? Does that sound good to you?" he spoke fast.

Felix giggled "Yes, that sounds wonderful," he put his hand on the doorknob, slowly opening the door while still looking at Ralph "I will see you tomorrow then?"

Ralph nodded happily "Definitely!"

Felix looked at the floor "Good night then." he whispered and walked inside his apartment, slowly closing the door after himself.

Ralph was standing there, a big, goofy smile plastered on his face. He began walking out of the building, going to his house that he had build after the adventure, it wasn't perfect but it was home.

The next day the sun seemed to shine brighter, the birds were singing loudly and the mud wasn't as disturbing as other days. He was thrown many times today but the smile on his face didn't come off. He almost didn't have the heart to throw bricks on Felix but it was part of the job.

The day ended and the arcade closed and it was currently 6 pm. He had exactly 2 hours to get ready and pick Felix up so they could go to the restaurant that Ralph had picked out, it was very romantic and soothing, perfect for a first date.

He ran home, took a shower for once and combed his hair so it was neat and clean. He didn't have many clothes but he did have a suit that he had bought once and saved for the day that he would get married. He blushed, imagining Felix wearing a wedding dress, he shook his head, shaking away the thoughts that made him too warm.

He put on the suit, sprayed some perfume and he was ready! Unfortunately, he didn't own a pair of shoes since his feet were too big but that was all right – right?
Felix wouldn't think that was too weird?

Ralph looked at the clock and cursed silently, it was 7:49 pm, it was time to go.

He took the bouquet of flowers he had picked up from Sugar Rush after work, Vanellope had picked them especially for him, she was very excited that he had asked Felix out.

He walked slow steps to Felix's apartment and with a shaking hand, he knocked softly on the door. He waited a few seconds and the door opened, he gasped quietly, words getting stuck in his throat.

Felix looked like an angel, he was wearing a white button up shirt with navy pants and navy socks. He didn't have the cap on, instead, his hair was combed neatly to the side and it looked like molten gold on that precious head.

Felix was blushing but smiling as he looked at him "You look great Ralph! Please come in, I'm almost ready!" he let Ralph in and ran to the bedroom, slamming the door after himself.

Ralph sat down on the couch, making it creak loudly. He waited for a couple of minutes, imagining how the date would go, good? Bad? Who knew? He was getting more and more nervous by the minute.

He was woken up from his thoughts as Felix exited the room, now with shoes on, black Ralph noticed.

"Ready?" Felix asked happily, a big smile on his face.

Ralph stood up, towering above Felix "Uh yeah, umm, these are for you." he muttered, handing over the flowers to Felix who gasped.

"Oh my!" he smiled, and smelled the flowers, sighing happily "They smell like candy, just delicious! Thank you." he put them on the counter and they both walked out the door and went to the train station and traveled to the central station where Ralph led them to a game where they had the romantic restaurant.

"Umm, yes, one table for Wreck-It Ralph." he spoke to the waiter who looked scared by Ralph's height.

"Of course sir, this way." he walked them over to a table where there was 2 chairs and a lit candle on the table. Ralph cleared his throat and pulled out the chair for Felix who blushed and thanked him quietly while sitting down.

Ralph looked at the small chair, he would never fit on that. He pushed it away and sat down on the floor, now the table was at perfect height. He grinned towards Felix who giggled.

"That's perfect for you Ralph."

The waiter came with 2 menus. They looked through them but Ralph couldn't keep his eyes off Felix who looked stunning tonight, he always looked stunning but he looked angelic tonight.

"Mmm, the chicken Alfredo sounds delicious," Felix said while licking his lips, seeing Ralph blushing, he giggled again "What do you think Ralph?"

Ralph cleared his throat "Yeah, sounds great, you wanna try it?"

Felix nodded his head "Yeah," he looked at the waiter who had come to take their orders "We will have 2 chicken Alfredos and a bottle of red wine." he gave the waiter the menus and smiled towards Ralph who looked very nervous "You don't need to be nervous Ralph, I'm enjoying the date."

"You are?" Ralph asked unsure.

Felix smiled while nodding "Of course I am, you're a very nice guy Ralph. So – Why did you ask me out?"

Ralph blushed a deep red, he looked at the floor while clearing his throat "I just...I just feel close to you and want to know you better and - " he looked at Felix who was looking at him like he was the greatest guy ever "I like you and want us to become more than friends." he whispered.

Felix sighed happily, his cheeks glowing "Ralph, you sure know how to give me the honey glows. I feel the same way, ever since the adventure in Sugar Rush and me turning down Calhoun's feelings made me realise who really mattered." he put his face in his hands and stared at Ralph who was smiling towards him, his cheeks also glowing.

The waiter came with the red wine first and 2 glasses and then with 2 plates filled with steaming food that made Ralph's mouth water, almost drooling.

"Bon Appetit!" the waiter said and walked away.

Felix opened the wine bottle and poured the wine into the 2 glasses, handing one over to Ralph who sipped it slowly and smiled when it tasted great.

Felix tasted it and liked it as well.

Felix raised his wine glass towards Ralph who took his own and slowly they clinked them "Cheers." Felix winked.

"Cheers." Ralph blushed and they both drank a little wine before digging in on the delicious food.

They began eating, chatting casually, about work, about their friends, about themselves. It was a perfect evening for both of them.

The dinner had ended, Ralph had payed and they had taken the train back to their game. Now they were walking slowly back to Felix apartment, they walked very slow so they wouldn't reach it too fast but unfortunately, they did.

They stood in front of the building, looking nervous. Ralph scratched his head, Just do it! He thought angrily, he slowly extended his hand and brushed it against Felix's, gloveless one.

He closed his eyes, waiting for rejection but instead he felt a small hand wrap around his finger. He looked down and saw Felix blushing while looking at their joined hands.

He brushed his large thumb against Felix's smaller hand which was trembling while holding his finger.

"T-thanks for the amazing dinner." Felix whispered, looking up and into Ralph's warm brown eyes.

"You're welcome." Ralph smiled.

Felix nodded and let go of the finger, fidgeting nervously "Umm..."

Ralph went down to one knee "Yes Felix?" he whispered, cheeks red, yet again.

Felix squeezed his eyes shut and jumped at Ralph, hugging him hair, burying his face in Ralph's chest. Ralph wrapped his large arms around him and held him close.

"I-I like you so much Ralph." he heard Felix mumble in his chest.

"I like you very much too Felix." he smiled, a warm feeling settling into his stomach.

Felix jumped down from the embrace, blushing so hard, Ralph was sure his cheeks would explode.

"I will see you again?" he asked nervously, his hands squeezed tight together.

"Tomorrow and forever, sweet Felix." Ralph smiled.

Felix smiled back and began walking to his apartment but not before looking back "Good night Ralph."

Ralph waved "Good night Felix." he saw Felix run up the stairs with a wide smile on his face.

Ralph's own face was split into a wide smile. He walked hope with light steps, all he could think about was Felix and his adorable blush and sweet smile and beautiful personality.

He couldn't wait for tomorrow to arrive so he could meet Felix again and plan a new date.

Life had never felt so good before and all because of Felix and his honey glows!


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