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"It is unacceptable Felix! Absolutely unacceptable!" Gene yelled, flailing his hands.

Felix's face was flushed red from anger and embarrassment. Gene was screaming at him in front of all the nicelanders "Why is it -?" his question was interrupted by Gene's screaming once again.

"You are the hero of the game and he is the villian, the filth of the game. The two of you can not be together, impossible!" Gene's red face was fuming. It was a wonder that smoke weren't coming from his nose.

Felix looked at the ground, clenching his hands into tight fists Ralphy isn't filth. He's sweeter than all of you combined together Felix thought "I won't leave him Gene and if that makes me a bad guy then so be it."

"You are not allowed to see him again or else -" Gene screamed but shut up when Felix looked up, fire in his eyes. The nicelanders looked nervous at the look in Felix's eyes.

"Or else what?You do not control me Gene. I will be with Ralph no matter what you say and if you don't accept us, then – I will leave the game and so will Ralph." Felix explained simply. The nicelanders gasped loudly and began mumbling to themselves nervously.

"But Felix if you leave the game, they will unplug us." a short, stubby man spoke, sweat on his forehead.

"I'm sorry but if you can't accept us, that's what we will do." Felix crossed his arms, glaring at Gene who was breathing heavily.

"Fine!" he spat, his face red "I will let you be together but that doesn't mean that I will accept you Felix. That will never happen!" he screamed, pointing a thick finger at Felix's face. He turned around and wobbled his way up to his apartment.

Diana looked at Felix with a warm smile "I'm so proud that you stood up against him Felix. I think you and Ralph are wonderful together." she hugged him and walked upstairs. The other nicelanders congratulated him as well and everyone walked home, leaving Felix standing alone in the dark street. He didn't go home, he walked towards the badly crafted house built upon stacks and stacks of bricks. He knocked on the door.

Ralph was inside eating dinner when he heard a small knock on his door. A big smile broke out on his face. He ran and opened the door, the smile falling off his face immediately. He expected a smiling, happy Felix not a sad and crying one!

"Felix, what's wrong baby?" he immediately scooped him up in his arms carrying him inside where he sat down on the couch. Felix whimpered and buried his face in Ralph's strong chest.

"Just hold me." he whispered, a sob forcing its way out of his throat.

"Shh, just let it out sweetie." Ralph stroked Felix's back softly, letting his finger play with the small curls at the back of Felix's head. He took off the cap and put it on the side as he began stroking Felix's hair in soothing strokes. After a few minutes of silent crying, Felix sniffled and looked up, his eyes red rimmed but, oh so blue and beautiful.

"T-thanks for holding me Ralphy." he rasped, wiping away his tears.

"What happened Felix? Did someone hurt you?" there was anger in Ralph's voice, how dared anyone touch a hair on his precious angel's head?

Felix shook his head "No but Gene -"

"What did he do? Did he touch you?!" Ralph screamed, the fire in his eyes intense, he held Felix closer.

Felix shuddered at the possesiveness in Ralph's voice, he shook his head "No, but he said horrible words. Saying that I must leave you and called you filth. I told him, if he didn't accept us then we would leave the game."

Ralph smiled down at the brave man in his arms, he pressed a kiss to Felix's forehead "You're so brave Felix, my hero." he murmured, his eyes lidded.

Felix looked up and gasped silently, seeing the lust in Ralph's warm brown eyes. He leaned up and kissed Ralph, pressing several short kisses on Ralph's warm lips until Ralph wrapped his face in his large hands and began nibbling at his lower lip, asking for permission to enter. Felix whimpered and opened his mouth, granting Ralph's tongue entrance for the first time, it was heaven. They had never tongue kissed before.

Ralph let his tongue play with Felix's, slowly Felix dared to touch his tongue to Ralph's, blushing as he did so. They played around for a while, drawing small whimpers from Felix's mouth and moans from Ralph.

Slowly they pulled away, breathing heavily.

"Wow..." Felix mumbled, his lips shining from the kiss. His cheeks flaming. His heart beating like crazy. He had never felt so happy. He smiled a big smile and kissed Rlph on the cheek "Thank you Ralphy."

Ralph blushed, he was still feeling dreamy from the kiss "For what?" he asked dizzily.

Felix giggled "For being there for me when no one else was."

That woke Ralph up, he looked deeply into Felix's baby blue eyes "I will always be there for you Felix. Hot or cold. Sick or healthy. Summer or winter. You will always be my baby and I will always take care of you." he stroked Felix's cheeks lovingly.

"I know you will Ralphy and the same goes for me." he sighed happily, leaning his head against Ralph's broad chest, hearing the fast heartbeat. He closed his eyes, snuggling deeper into the shirt, smelling Ralph and it was wonderful.

Ralph smiled and pulled Felix closer, burying his face in Felix's warm neck.

"Your cuddles make my world spin Ralphy." he heard Felix mumble.

They both fell asleep on the couch, cuddled together. Nothing in the world could break them apart.


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