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Ponyboy was in love with Sodapop.

He's always felt this way. He couldn't help it; it's just the way he felt.Sure, it was wrong, but…nothing ever felt more right.

It was dinner time and Darry was already at the table, eating and then Soda joined, instantly digging in. Lastly, Pony joined but he wasn't eating. He picked at his food and rolled it around.

"You alright there, Pony?" Soda asked, making Pony look up from his plate. He was kind of pail and he was sweating a bit.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine," He mumbled, and looked back down at his plate.

Darry got up from his seat and placed the back of his hand on Pony's forehead.

"Pony, you're burning up," Darry stated with a sigh.

"I'll be alright," Pony said, still looking at his plate.

"I don't think so, Pone. You're going to bed, right now," Darry said softly, yet sternly.

Pony nodded and got up. He stood up a bit too fast because once he was on his feet, he became dizzy, making him stumble. Darry and Soda were on their feet instantly and rushed to Pony's side, helping him keep his balance.

"Whoa, Pone, easy there," Soda said softly.

If Pony had the strength, he would have giggled. But right now, all he wanted to do was get in bed.

"Okay Pony, let's get you to bed," Darry said, picking him up bridal-style.

"Isn't he heavy?" Soda asked worriedly, afraid he'd drop him.

Darry chuckled, "Nah. I mean, yeah, he's getting' big but, he aint that heavy yet."

Soda nodded and helped lay Pony on their shared bed before tucking him in.

"There you go Pony," Soda said, pushing some of Pony's hair out of his eyes.

Pony smiled a small smile, "Thanks guys."

"No problem. If you need anything, just holler, got it kiddo?"

Pony nodded weakly and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep instantly.

Soda got up and walked out of the room

"You've got tomorrow off, right?" Darry asked as they headed back to the table.

"Yeah," Soda said, clearing off Pony's spot and put it in the fridge for later.

"Can you take care of him since I have work tomorrow?" Darry asked.

Soda nodded, sitting back down resume eating.

"Yeah, he's not that hard to handle when he's sick."

Darry nodded and the rest of the evening was quiet.

Soda went to his room after dinner and saw that Pony was still fast asleep. He sighed and began to strip to his underwear before climbing in next to Pony. He noticed Pony shaking so he wrapped his arm around him and pulled him to his chest. Pony's shivers calmed a bit but he was still shivering. That only made Soda tighten his hold on him.

"Good night Pony," He whispered before drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

Pony woke up first. He opened his eyes and his stomach twisted into knots. He suddenly felt nauseous. He jumped up, ripping himself out of Soda's embrace and made a run for the bathroom.

The movement forced Soda to wake up. He lifted his head and looked around sleepily.

"Ponyboy?" He called out.

The only reply he got was someone gagging and hurling in the bathroom. His eyes widened.

"Pony!" He yelled, jumping out of bed and raced to the bathroom. He pushed the door open and saw his little brother on his knees; his face over the toilet, heaving up all his food from the day previous.

"Oh, Pone," Soda said, kneeling next to his sick brother and rubbing his back in circles with his palm.

They sat there, Pony throwing up for a few more minutes before Pony felt like his stomach was empty and he could throw up any longer. He slumped down on the floor, beads of sweat dropping down his forehead.

"Awe, baby," Soda said, giving Ponyboy a frightened look. He pulled Pony into his arms and Pony instantly snuggled into his side.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, Soda rubbing Pony's arm.

"Come in, Pone, we need to get you back to bed," Soda spoke up, carefully standing up.

Pony groaned and felt himself get picked up.

"I know Pony, I know. It aint fun being sick, now is it?" Soda asked giving Pony a smirk.

"Shut up, Soda," Pony mumbled.

Soda chuckled. On the bright side, at least it wasn't as bad as when he got pneumonia. He was asleep for days. Soda couldn't handle it. He wanted to see Pony's beautiful greenish eyes, his perfect smile and hear his perfect voice.

Soda shook his head and laid Pony on the mattress gently.

"Are you hungry, Pony?" Soda asked as he draped the covers over Pony's body, only to have them kicked off of him.

"No," Pony whispered.

Soda sighed, "Okay, well, I'm gonna go make me some breakfast. Holler if you need me, okay baby?"

Pony nodded and sprawled out on the bed and fell asleep instantly.

Soda stood there for a minute, admiring his brother's sleeping form. The way his lips were parted a bit and his eyes shut softly, his creamy skin –That became a bit pale from his fever- and his hair sticking everywhere. Soda thought he looked perfect.

Soda sighed and exited the room and went to go make him some eggs.

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