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After a few hours, Pony and Soda were outside, Two-Bit and Steve gone home, and just lying on the grass, staring at the sky.

"Do you ever wonder what it'd be like if we weren't brothers?" Pony asked, focusing on the sky.

Soda turned to him, "No. I don't really wanna think about that. Cause then I would have never gotten to fall for you as hard as I did."

Pony looked at him and smiled, "You know, if we weren't outside, I'd kiss you."

Soda chuckled, "It's okay."

They turned back to the sky and stayed quiet for a few minutes.

"Hey, Pone," Soda spoke up, "I'm gonna grab us a Coke, okay?"

Pony nodded and then Soda stood up and went to the kitchen to get them both a Coke.

Pony sighed and stood up, walked out of the gate and sat on the curb and thought.

He was dating his brother…his brother. How sick can he get?

Pony sighed and placed his head in his hand, sighing.

Suddenly, a car turned the corner, but Pony didn't pay attention. What got his attention was that the car slowed down in front of him. He looked up and saw that it was the same blue Mustang. His heart beat sped up and he stood up, getting ready to make a run for it. The car came to a stop and 3 Socs jumped out, with smirks on their faces.

"Hey, Greaser," One said, stepping closer.

Pony just took a step back, his face going pale.

"Oh, look guys. He's scared," One said darkly, followed by a chuckle.

Pony made his move quickly and ran in the direction of the park.

"Get him," One growled and then they started chasing him.

Pony ran as fast as he could, not looking back once.

Once he got to the park, he tripped over a rock and the 3 guys instantly piled up on him, two pinning him down while the other climbed on top him, straddling him and pulled out a blade. The guy held it to his neck before studying his frightened face.

He chuckled, "Hey there…buddy."

Pony struggled to get loose but the two boys just held on tighter. He knew his wrists were going to have bruises, but he just wanted to get free.

"Just stop fighting it, kid. You're not going to win," The guy said, shaking his head.

"Soda!" He yelled, still struggling.

They boys' eyes widened.

"Shut him up!" One hissed.

Another one pulled it out his handkerchief, and quickly gave it to the guy on Pony and Pony kept screaming for Soda.

They guy quicky stuffed it in Pony's mouth, making his cried muffled.

"There, that'd otta keep your trap shut," The gay said, holding the knife closer to Pony's neck.

Ponyboy tried pulling his head further away, but it was no use.

"Like I said, you're going to lose this one," He growled. He stood up and kicked Pony on the side.

Pony groaned and withered around.

They guy chuckled and kicked him a few more times, making Pony cry and groan in pain.

"Hey!" They heard behind them.

They turned around and saw an angry looking Sodapop standing there, his fists clenched.

Everything to Pony was blurry and his eyes were half open.

"Oh look, the other Curtis," The guy said, smirking.

"Step away from my brother, right now." Soda growled.

"And if I don't?" The man challenged.

"We beat you guys once, we're not afraid to do it again," Soda said, his eyes darkening.

The man scoffed, "Whatever. Come on guys, we'll finish this later."

The two guys let go of Pony, and he instantly curled into a ball. Soda ran to Pony and held him in his arms.

"Baby," He whispered, tilting Pony's head to have him look at him. He had tears running down his cheeks and his whole face was red and he was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Sh, sh, babe, you're okay, they won't hurt you anymore," Soda said, hugging Pony close, but also being gentle.

Pony kept sobbing and buried his face into Soda's chest. Soda let him cry and sat there with him for a few minutes.

Finally, Pony's sobs came to quiet hiccups and Soda pulled away and smiled softly at his brother.

"Ready to go home now, baby?" Soda asked, stroking Pony's cheek.

Pony nodded weakly and Soda helped him up and wrapped his arm around his waist and helped him limp home since he was too heavy to carry.

When they got home, Soda instantly put Pony to bed and tucked him in and then Pony was fast asleep instantly.

Soda sighed and pushed some of Pony's hair off of his forehead. He leaned down and pressed his lips on his head softly before getting up and walking to the door. He turned back one more time before closing the door softly and walking into the living room.

Soda got the phone and dialed a number. He waited a few seconds before the person answered.

"Hey Gabe," He said. There was a pause, "Yeah, Hey listen, can you put Darry on the phone? It's an emergency,"

There was another pause.

"Yeah Darry," Soda turned his head in the direction of his bedroom where his baby brother was sleeping, "We have an emergency."

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