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Horns sounded all around the large grand hall. All eyes turned and landed on the large Tamaran doors that opened up to reveal a beautiful green eyed beauty, dressed in a white wedding gown. Her arm was intertwined with a large man who stared straight ahead, ignoring the stares of the hundreds of Tamaranian citizens that smiled at the soon to be wedded female and her K'norfka.

Together, both K'norfka and Teen Titan walked down the long aisle. Starfire looked at the, err... uh, creature, that she was going to be married to in the matter of minutes. Galfore released the Tamaran Princess, looking at the green slime monster known as Glgrdsklechhh. With a glare and a low growl aimed at the creature, Galfore backed away and found his place where he would watch Starfire marry.

Memories came, quickly passing without hesitation. Small hands clenched into fist as they recalled the day her damned sister, Blackfire, tried to marry her off to the disgusting smelly green thing. Her eyes were closed in memory and thought. Auburn hair fell over her face as she let her head drop, a shadow hiding emotions that ran through her.

Starfire glanced around in question, searching for her four friends. There were nowhere to be seen inside the Tamaran Grand Hall where they were to watch her be wedded. Looking at Blackfire, the girl questioningly asked, "Where are my friends?"

Blackfire, smirk never leaving her pretty face, spoke, "Guess they had better things to do. Now smile pretty for your new hubby." With that said, the green slime monster grunted in acknowledgement. Starfire cringed when she laid eyes on him. Great, of all things to marry... Still, a forced smile found itself on her lips for a slip second before leaving. All eyes were on Blackfire.

"My humble servants, we meet at moonset to bind my sister to this handsome young Sklerch in joyous betrothal. Can any among us offer reason why these two love birds should not be together forever?" The elder sister paused, glancing around the room. Her smirk widened at the silence. "Didn't think so."

"Then," Blackfire began, looking at the creature next to Starfire, "do you Glgrdscklechh take Starfire as your wife as decreed by the ruler of Tamaran?"

Grunts came from the ugly creature. That was a yes. Starfire felt her stomach turning. She felt sick.

"And do you, Starfire, take Glgrdsklechhh to be your husband?"

"I... I..."

"Yes, sister dear?" Blackfire's smirk never fell as she felt like everything was going completely as planned.

Before anything more could be said or done, a sudden yell rang out.


The female jumped, eyes opening wide. Sweat ran down her pretty, young face. Again, she heard a shout. This time Starfire knew that it was not in her memories of Tamaran.


The girl realized as the familiar alarms were going off. The red light flashed in few second intervals and there was the familiar sound coming from the system Cyborg had created to let the heroes know become aware of dangers. Starfire thought of something that made her feel happy, allowing her body to leave the ground as she flew out and rushed to the Ops room. Once there, she looked around and took notice that the other Teen Titan's had already beaten her there.

"Friends, what is the matter?"

Robin, the leader of the team, stared at the large screen. His fingers ran quickly along the keys of the keyboard and he glared under his mask, his body tensing. A picture of Red-X landed on the screen. Pushing the picture aside, Robin spoke, "It's Red-X! He's been spotted!"

A map formed on the screen next to the picture of the masked villain, followed by a red dot that landed and flashed in the spot that the said villain was in. Beast Boy jumped up, shouting, "What are we waiting for?!"

Robin looked at the team behind him, his eyes briefly landing on Starfire's green beautiful orbs. Looking away from her eyes, he ran for the door and shouted, "Titan's, move out!"


Red-X quickly ran, his body tense. His heart rate remained steady, but the thought of fighting a certain group of 'heroes' make his adrenaline pump. He had to hurry before-

"Stop right there Red-X!"

Robin stood between Red-X and the exit to the warehouse. To his side stood Cyborg and Beast Boy, both in fighting positions read to strike. Raven and Starfire, the two natural flying heroines, floated above. Starfire , eyes and hands glowing green, stared at the man they have faced many times before.

Red-X took a step backwards before turning and darting away from the group. Familiar words from Robin were heard as he shouted, "Titans, go!" Beast Boy leaped up, his body changing in seconds into the form of the pterodactyl, rushing off after the retreating man. Raven followed in pursuit before the green changeling. Cyborg took up the chase on foot as he ran after Red-X, followed by Robin.

Starfire froze for a moment. Something felt off. Still, her team needed her. Shaking her head, she followed her friends, a determined look on her face. She had to help. She needed to stop zoning off and letting issues bother her. The last thing that needs to happen is her loss of focus and loss of abilities that follow shortly after.

Red-X jumped, barely missing the beam that shot out of Cyborg newly formed weapon that is in place of his hand. Red-X grabbed a tiny X shaped red object from his pocket, leaping up high as he threw it at the half robotic man. The black suited villian back flipped, landing perfectly on the ground, just in time to watch Cyborg get caught in a pile of red goo that his tiny red X grew into. Still, he had no time to rest as he dodge a full on collision with a green Ram.

Beast Boy stopped, turning around quickly to rush at the villain, but was too late as a gigantic X flew at him, making the Ram form into his regular human body. He hit the ground, groaning in pain. "Oh no," he began to whine, "My hair! Not again!" Cyborg rolled his eyes at the complaint.

"Shut it BB! This stuff is going to take hours to remove from my circuits!"

Raven ignored both males as her hands formed a darkness around them, her eyes glowing dark. She spoke calmly, "Azarath, metrion, zinthos!" Right when those words left her lips, large crates surrounding Red-X shot out at him, but the male leaped up in time to miss them. Before anything else could be done, the male entered the darkness of an abandoned factory.

Robin looked at Starfire and nodded his head. The girl got the signal and landed on the ground with Robin, both of them entering the factory. Her hand rose and lit up, giving a small glow around them. Still, pitch darkness surrounded them.

Robin looked at Starfire, speaking like the leader he was, "We split up. This factory has two ways to get in and out. Meet here in ten minutes if no luck." Starfire nodded.

"Yes, friend Robin. I shall assist the search." With that said, the girl flew off, leaving Robin in the darkness.

It was quiet. Starfire landed and walked, looking around for any signs of Red-X.

Clack. Clack.


The emerald eyed girl paused. That sounded like someone was walking. Looking around, the girl called out, "You have no way to exit this place. Show yourself!" Suddenly the lights flickered on and then off. On. Off. It was like a slow strobe light. Turning around, the girl searched the area with the new light sources somewhat aiding her. Turning around, Starfire gasped as her eyes landed on a familiar face. Before she could confirmed what she saw, the figure was gone.

She could have sworn that she saw him.



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