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Starfire stared into the mirror with a sweet smile. She felt a little nervous, not didn't let it show. Hearing a knock at the door, she called out for whoever it was to come in. Her female Titan companion walked in, a soft smile on her pale face.

"Starfire, are you almost ready?"

Raven had set aside her purple long cloak and purple one piece uniform with a simple purple dress that touched the floor. Not one to dress up normally, the girl left her hair and face alone. Today wasn't even her day. It was Starfire's and she would make sure it ended on a grand note.

"Oh, Raven. I feel ill to the stomach... What if I forget what to say or do? What if my tongue is taken by the cat?" Starfire asked, even confusing herself when she realized that there was no cat even nearby.

"Star, don't worry. You will know what to say and do. You've practiced it and everyone knows you are ready for this. You look stunning." Raven stepped over, admiring the dress the princess wore. Unlike the simple gown she wore during her wedding that was forced on by Blackfire, this one was beautiful and long. It hugged the girls curves nicely and loosely fell to the floor once to her hips. She had two straps that loosely fell off her shoulders like intended. Her hair was up with nice curls falling down and even some framing her face. She was the Bride everyone wanted to look like.

Starfire smiled at Raven's compliment and looked back at the mirror. "Let us go then. It is almost time, is it not?"


The sounds of voices died off when the horns played by the royal guards were played. Men and woman from Tamaran all turned and glanced at the end of the isle. Looking at the beautiful Princess and the half man, half machine, Cyborg and Starfire made their way down the long walkway. Starfire looked up and smiled as she met eyes with a young looking man dressed in Tamaran armor.

'She's breath taking...' Robin thought, a blush on his cheeks. He felt nervous, but caught a glance of all the Titans, including Titan's East, and his adoptive father, Bruce Wayne. All smiled and watched as Starfire stood at his side. Robin faced and as she faced him. both held smiles on their nervous faces, but neither had any doubts or worries running through them. Robin took hold of Starfires hands, a smile on his face.

"My humble servants, we meet at moonset to bind Koriand'r, Princess of Tamaran, to this young Earth human in joyous betrothal. Can any among us offer reason why these two should not be together forever?" Galfore asked, a smile on his scuffed up face.

"Then," Galfore began when no one, "do you, Richard Grayson of Earth take Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran as your wife as decreed by the ruler of Tamaran?"

Robin smiled bigger and looked directly into Starfire's eyes, "Yes, I do."

"And do you, Koriand'r, take Richard to be your husband?"

Starfire felt tears stinging her eyes. She was so happy, but no was not the time to cry. She blinked the tears away and answered.

"I do."

"Rings." Galfore ordered, not entirely used to the whole idea of an object showing their bondage.

Taking a second to place each other's ring on their hands, a costume only done by the humans of Earth, they finally finished and looked back into each others eyes.

"Then by the power invested in me by the goddess X'hal, I pronounce you both husband and wife. You may now kiss the Bride."

Robin leaned in and kissed Starfire, their kiss loving and passionate. Both bodies pressed closer, taking in the warmth, scent, and taste of each other in the heated kiss. Pulling away, both Titan's turned to their friends, family, and fellow Tamaran citizens and blushed as the whole grand hall burst into cheer and shouts of approval.

"I love you Starfire." Robin said, getting closer to her. Starfire giggled.

"I love you too Robin."


"Ladies and gentlemen! Let us feast!"

The music was playing, laughed and voices carried through the hall, and smells filled the air. Beast Boy reached over, grabbing a piece of questionable meat, but nonetheless ate it. "So," he said through chewing, "Does that mean I have to call you Prince Richard or something?"

Robin rolled his eyes at his friend, "No. We're a team and that makes us all equal. I'm just Robin." Beast Boy shrugged, shoving more oddly colored food into his mouth, hoping he wasn't eating anything that went under the meat category.

Starfire watched as all of her friends continued to eat and talk. She lightly held the hand of robin, who was also having a good conversation with Galfore. She smiled, never letting it fall. Today was a great day and she was happy knowing that she would get to spend her life with Robin.

Robin looked at her, leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek. Starfire looked at him, and giggled, "Please excuse me. I must go to the room of resting."

Robin chuckled at her failed English. "Okay Starfire. Don't feel rushed."

Starfire went to her room, heading to the restroom to wash up. Looking into the mirror, she looked over her face to make sure nothing had made her look funny or strange. She wished for no embarrassment on this glorious day. Finishing up, she let out a content sigh and turned and headed to her balcony. Leaning against the railing, she looked out to the setting sun.

Starfire tensed when she felt something strange nearby. Standing straight up, the girl backed away from the edge to instead feel someone behind her.

"Miss me princess?" a voice said, ending in a chuckle.

Starfire jumped, turning around and coming face to face with Robin.

"You scared me." Starfire said, letting herself giggle at the silliness she felt.

"I was worried about you. You normally don't take this long." Robin said, wrapping his arms around her.

"My apologies. I was thinking when suddenly I felt a little weird." Starfire admitted, looking down some.

The Boy wonder frowned. "Starfire, don't worry. Slade won't bother us for a while... But when he does, we'll stop him once and for all."

Starfire looked into masked eyes. Reaching up, the girl removed the mask like few times before. He smiled and leaned in, placing his lips to hers. The kiss was long and sweet. Robin pulled away, pulling Starfire along with him as they retreated into her room. The night was long and together they bound in body, mind and soul.

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