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Chapter 9


"Téa..." Seto whispered to himself. His body stiffened as the door swung opened, watching her lifeless body just stand there... crying, as if someone had stolen her soul. The once had glimmer in her eyes had vanished as she dropped down to her knees.

Téa squinted hard as her tears made its way down her cheeks. Her hands fell to her side while her head hung low. Her tears dripped into the carpet, but they were quickly absorbed. 'My body's so weak...' She thought to herself. 'It hurts... my heart hurts so much... I want to leave... why can't I move?!'

Seto watched as Téa suffered. He wanted to rush to her side and help her up, but he hesitated. In the end, he just stood there, trying to look away.

'It's all a lie...' Téa repeated to herself in her mind. 'Everything we've been through... it's all a lie... He never wanted to be with me at all... it's all a lie...' Her hands clutched to the carpet as the words continued to float in her mind... over and over again, in a non-stop pattern. The words just wouldn't go away...

"Seto what are you doing?!" Ayumi whispered loudly as she tugged at his coat, but Kaiba only turned away. "Apologize right now!"

Kaiba took a quick glance at Téa. It had hurt him to see her suffer as well, but he just couldn't bring himself to speak. It was as if his throat closed up, not letting him make a sound. The words he said reminisced in his mind. 'Besides, I've lost all interest in that girl anyways. It wasn't love at all! I was lonely and just needed someone to push all my pain to. I don't love her. I never did and I never will. I don't need ANYONE! She was just another teenager... always with the lame friendship speeches. It makes me sick!' He shut his eyes tightly as he slammed his fist to the wall. The sudden movement surprised Ayumi a bit, but Téa was still lost in her thoughts.

'I shouldn't have entered... I shouldn't have interfered with his life... I never should've been nice to that jerk anyways... I shouldn't have cared... I should've just kept my mouth shut and have gone home...' Her fists tightened even more and she could feel her fingernails digging into her skin. 'I can't take this anymore... I've got to get out of here!' She tried to stand up but her body just seemed to weigh her down. Her legs wobbled as she used to the wall as her aid to standing. She walked a couple steps towards the stairs but fell straight into Seto's outstretched arm. She didn't even take a look at Seto's slightly worried face before pushing his arm aside and continuing down the stairs. Kaiba's facial expression may not show a lot of sadness, but inside, his heart was being torn apart.

Téa continued her way down but accidentally slipped at the bottom two or three steps. Her hair covered her face as she sulked in pain. The sudden noise caused Ayumi and Kaiba to look at what happened. Seto wanted so much to rush to her side but Ayumi had got there before him. He tried to act like he didn't care but his feelings were hard to hide.

"Are you alright?" Ayumi asked Téa as she helped her up, but Téa quickly withdrew her hand from Ayumi's grasp and continued out the door. All Ayumi could do was stare worriedly at the door Téa left from.

"Well?!" Ayumi asked angrily as she turned towards Seto. "I finally convinced her that you still loved her and what happens?! You go and blow it all... UNBELIEVABLE! Don't you still love her?"

"I..." Seto hesitated with a soft look on his face, but that soon turned into a scowl. "I thought I made it clear outside her doorway that I want nothing to do with her anymore!" With those words, he walked off into the kitchen.

Seto let out a sigh. "What am I thinking... how could I forget her..." He looked around him. "This exact place was where it all started..." He whispered to himself as he walked into the living room. He gave the couch a gentle stroke. "And here..." He thought back to that night where he'd given Téa a kiss on the cheek and the realization of his love for her. He swallowed hard and closed his eyes. "Well whatever it had been, it's gone now..." He said coldly as he headed back into his room, spending the rest of the afternoon looking out to the sea on his balcony.


Téa wandered through the streets and suddenly found herself back at the Turtle Shop. She entered without making a sound. "Hi Téa! How are you?" Asked Yugi's grandpa, but Téa didn't say anything. She just went straight up to Yugi's room. She opened the door to Yugi's room and inside she found him just putting on a t-shirt, his head about halfway down his collar.

"AHHH! Téa!" He yelled out as he quickly pulled down the rest of his t-shirt. "Haven't you heard of knocking?" He said a little peeved. He could see that Téa's eyes were starting to water. "Téa, are you ok? What's wrong?" He quickly rushed to her side and hugged her tightly. Téa could only sob uncontrollably on his shoulder. Yugi didn't bother asking what had happened and just stayed by her side. He let her sleep on his bed while he took the couch that night. That night, neither Téa, Seto or Yugi could sleep. Each person, thinking of the other in a non-stop circle.


The morning approached quickly and it was time for another day of school. Téa walked with her friends to school as usual, but didn't say a word. Yugi and Joey walked behind to discuss about this dilemma.

"Yug, what's wrong with Téa?" Joey asked.

"I don't know..." Yugi replied with a worried look on his face. His eyebrows scrunched together as he thought. "But I have a feeling it has something to do with Kaiba."

"That jerk! If I find out that he IS behind this, he'll be sorry he ever messed with Téa!" Joey spoke loudly.

"I'll be fine..." Téa mumbled. Yugi and Joey could barely hear it, but they could make out the words.

"Téa..." The both of them said with a sigh. She gave them a weak reassuring smile before continuing to walk on.


The day seemed like it would never end, but it finally did. The final bell of the day finally rang as Téa headed down the halls. She hugged her textbooks close to her chest, head still hanging low. A sudden impact caused her to drop all her books on the floor. "Watch where you're going." The voice said.

'... That voice...' Téa thought as she looked up.

Kaiba's eyes widened as soon as he saw Téa's face. He swallowed hard before walking away. "Sorry..." He mumbled quietly under his breath, but Téa couldn't hear him.

She quickly picked up her textbooks and just stared at Seto as he walked down the halls, disappearing into the crowd of students. '...So I guess it's really over...' She thought to herself before going to meet the rest of her friends.

"Hey Téa! What took you so long?" Yugi asked.

"It was nothing..." Téa replied. "Nothing worth my time..." She said as she took one last look at where everything had started.

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