BlueMoon Goddess: Alright I know I have other stories up already that need to be completed but I can't help myself. Plus this story is more of a trial-run. Meaning if not a lot of people are feeling it then I probably won't continue with it. But anyway, this is based on another book I've read and I thought Inuyasha and Kagome fit this plot to a T, so I just had to start writing it! So if you guys like 'Inevitable Impulse,' then you'll most certainly like this one!

Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha or the characters. They all belong to Rumiko Takahashi. Also all credit for the plot goes to Brenda Jackson's book 'Intimate Seduction,' since this is where the story comes from.

Summary: When Inuyasha finds his temporary housekeeper in his bed, of course he wants to give her a night of passion she'll never forget. However Kagome's making sure she doesn't become the hanyou's latest conquest, though it sure is difficult trying.

Chapter 1

"Finally I'm home!" Inuyasha exclaimed as he opened the door to his home and walked inside. Over the weekend in Florida, one of his good friends Gun, who was one of the most popular hockey players' had scored his team to victory.

Inuyasha was happy for Gun's success because he of all people knew how hard his friend had worked to achieve that spot on the team. Inuyasha felt pride within himself at the fact that his family owned business, the Takahashi Corporation, was a major sponsor of the hockey team his friend was on. That provided advertising for Takahashi Corp. and offered Gun's team the financial support they needed.

And instead of returning to New York yesterday like he'd planned, he and another good friend of his, his other friend Kee, decided to stay an additional day and celebrate with Gun and another fellow team member of his. Then there had been Tami Weatherly, a groupie who'd come on to him after finding out about his close relationship to Gun and the other players. Even now Inuyasha could still picture her standing under the July sun in those skintight booty shorts and that pink T-shirt that had stretched snugly across a pair of well-endowed breasts.

Tami had been a looker all right, and he regretted not taking her up on what she'd been offering. He hadn't had the time to squeeze in a short fling, no matter how tempting, and he could still see the sexy pout on her lips and the disappointment in her eyes when he'd turned her down. His only saving grace was that he figured he'd run into her again at a future game.

Inuyasha dropped his travel bag on the floor by the sofa instead of taking it upstairs to his room. Since he had an early flight out this morning, he missed breakfast and he was starving. He walked toward the kitchen, deciding that in desperate times a plain old HLT (ham, lettuce and tomato) sandwich sounded pretty good.

The moment Inuyasha walked into the kitchen he could tell his housekeeper had been there. Everything gleamed, from the stainless-steel appliances to the ceramic-tile floor. He appreciated the way she kept his house clean. He was too busy at work, plus he liked having a good time and had no desire to spend his weekends doing housework. He was also too busy spending his time fucking women.

It came as no surprise to those who knew him that he enjoyed and appreciated female company. There was no crime in that and at twenty-five, he enjoyed being single. He spent his time doing things he liked, which included a lot of traveling for pleasure, and screwing a lot of women, for double pleasure. And refusing to be tied down to a woman who'd have a bitch fit if he left her behind or who felt entitled to accompany him.

Inuyasha learned the hard way that women tended to get outright possessive. Kikyo had been such a creature, and even now he got cold chills remembering how she had resorted to stalking him. From that point on, he'd made a conscious effort to make sure any woman he become involved with knew the score. There were simply too many beautiful ladies out there to get tied down to just one.

His older brother Sesshomaru was wearing a wedding band and that was all well and good-for him. He was happy his brother had found a wonderful woman to fall in love with and marry with his emotionless ass. To really think about it, he was surprised the woman he married actually wanted to deal with him. But hey, married life suited his brother, but that didn't mean he had to jump on the band wagon as well. He wasn't the marrying kind, wasn't even the serious relationship kind. Short-term affairs suited him just fine.

Inuyasha reached to open his cabinet when he noticed a pair of women's sandals on the floor by the sliding glass door to his screened patio.

"Where the hell had those come from? Better yet, who the hell do they belong to?" He said out loud. 'Had the cleaning lady left them, was she still here?'

He picked them up to study their design. Sleek and snazzy. He'd only seen his housekeeper once or twice, and although she wasn't a bad-looking older woman, he couldn't imagine her wearing a pair of stylish and trendy shoes. But then he might be wrong. He couldn't judge every forty-something-year old woman by his mother's taste in fashion.

Inuyasha cocked his right brow, his curiosity piqued, and for the moment his hunger was placed in the back of his mind. He went back into the living room and then the dining room and glanced around, noticing that the rooms were neat and tidy as they could be. That was enough evidence to indicate his housekeeper had been here.

On the main level, he also had a guest bedroom and a spacious bath, with the master suite and his office and another bathroom upstairs. If and when he felt inclined to invite a woman to stay for the night, the downstairs guest room was where they would sleep. He considered it his entertainment room. At one time he'd installed mirrors in the ceiling over the bed until his niece Suki, who would come spend the night on occasion, got old enough to question why they were there.

The master bedroom was off limits. He considered it his personal domain, no woman could lay claim to ever sleeping in what he considered his real bed. A number of them had tried, considered it a challenge, their ultimate goal. But so far none had ever made it up those stairs. After checking the other rooms, he made his way upstairs. It didn't take him long to check the bathroom and his office before heading down the hall that led to his master suite. His bedroom door was closed, which wasn't unusual, but what was unusual were the sensations he began feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He opened the door and his eyes quickly circulated the room, stopping first on the vacuum cleaner that was still plugged into the wall and then on the dust rag and can of furniture polish that was sitting on his dresser.

Inuyasha stepped into the room and held his breath when he saw a woman asleep in his bed.

'What the fuck?' He thought as he quickly crossed the room to his bed and stared down at the sleeping woman.

She was definitely not his regular cleaning lady. The woman looked to be in her early twenties and was absolutely, undeniably beautiful. She was lying on her side but her face was angled in a way that showed an generous portion of it. What he saw flooded his gut with something he'd never felt before, a sensual attraction so hard, gripping and intense that he had to struggle to get air past his lungs.

Her skin looked soft, satiny and smooth to touch. Her long eyelashes fanned her eyes, and in sleep she looked totally at peace. Her hair, a dark ebony shade, flowed past her shoulders that came in waves. He had encountered beautiful woman countless times but never before did one have such a gripping effect on his libido. And that very thought downright unnerved him.

Pulling in a deep breath, he inhaled then took his time releasing it after deciding it was time to wake her. Although his first instinct was to remove his clothes and get into the bed with her. Instead of feeling his privacy violated by the woman in his bed, he was feeling something else altogether. Lust, bone-chilling, gut-wrenching lust to a degree he'd never experienced before. He tried tamping down the sensations by thinking that he definitely had a number of questions for her.

'But first I have to get her out of my bed.' And with that thought in mind, he reached out and gently touched her shoulder, trying to ignore the way his fingers trembled at the contact. He then watched as she slowly stretched her body before cuddling into another position without opening her eyes.

Tempted to see the rest of her, Inuyasha slowly lifted the covers. His dick immediately got hard, pressed tight against the fly of his jeans as his gaze lit on her lush, curvaceous body. His eyes ranked over her denim shorts and cotton top, taking in her long, toned legs, small waist, curvy thighs and flat stomach. And then there was her scent. It assailed his senses the moment he lifted the covers, a totally feminine aroma that clutched him in blatant desire.

'I better do something before I really lose it.' He thought as he dropped the covers back in place and gently shook her awake.

His fingers trembled for a second time when they came in contact with her shoulder as he stared down at her face her eyes fluttered open, blinked a few times, widened and then stared back. The color of a beautiful shade of woman was even more beautiful with her eyes wide open looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

Inuyasha watched as she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something but then changed her mind. Instead she moistened her top lip with the flick of her tongue before gnawing nervously on the bottom lip. He felt an immediate tightening in his stomach. An aura of sexual magnetism surrounded them, held them within its grip.

When he couldn't handle the sensation any longer, or the torture of imagining all the things he would love doing to her tongue and lips, he spoke up. "I believe you're sleeping in my bed Goldilocks."

BlueMoon Goddess: Well I'm going to stop it right here. I know it's pretty short, but that way the suspense will build up and make you wanna read the next chapter soon. And of course next chapter we'll hear from Kagome among other things Inuyasha has to say to her. So until next time guys!