For Faberry Week 2013: Time Travel

Rated... T and I dunno why.

I don't own anything about Glee or Doctor Who.


"I know."

The girls were ambling around the console room, eyes wide and mouths agape.

"This, my friends, is the TARDIS."

Quinn spun swiftly around to face him, "TARDIS?"

"Time And Relative Dimensions In Space."

The blonde nodded slowly, "Okay..."

"And you're... The Doctor?" Rachel came to stand next to her, hugging herself to Quinn's left arm.

"That's right."

"And this... TARDIS is your house?" Quinn was truly puzzled... and frightened as to why this strange man invited her and her girlfriend into a freaking police box. She was even more curious why they accepted.

"She's my time machine," the man had a grin in place as he moved to the console. "Do either of you have a favorite decade? Planet? Maybe something you've always wanted to see?"

Quinn and Rachel, having silently decided to just accept the strange situation, looked at each other for a long moment before a wide smile developed on Quinn's face. "March 26th, 1964. New York City."

Rachel's eyes went wide, "You-I-Quinn!"

The Doctor stopped adjusting the controls and turned to face them, "Problem?"

"No!" Rachel never looked away from Quinn as she reassured The Doctor, "No problem." He turned to finish setting the date and Rachel leaned towards her girlfriend with a disbelieving smile on here face, "I can't believe you-"

"Rachel, you're my girlfriend. I have to know these things." Quinn smiled sweetly. Rachel had just pressed their lips together when the TARDIS began to shake and sound like the Berrys' car when Rachel was first learning to drive, throwing them both to the ground with matching grunts.

"Sorry about that, ladies," he straightened himself up and walked to the door, "After you."

They slowly, tentatively made their way outside. Rachel's eyes grew impossibly wide and she gripped Quinn for support. She knew in an instant that this would be the best day of her life. Above them was a sign with big letters that made Rachel's heart beat faster.

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