6: Rory Williams and Amy Pond

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The Doctor walked over to the window and looked out. The Chuntarian ship turned off the scans and flew off. The Doctor looked pleased, yet not quite satisfied. He took out Sherlock's phone.

"That's it?" asked Molly. "The sky's light again, is it over?"

The Doctor dialed a number and walked passed John, Sherlock, and Molly. John opened his eyes and groaned. "What's going on?"

"The Chuntarian left," said Sherlock. "The Doctor did it."

"Nope. No I didn't."

"What are you doing?"

"Tracking the signal back. Sorry in advance."

"For what?"

"The phone bill." Sherlock sighed. The Doctor brought the phone up to his ear. "Oi! I didn't say you could go! Article 57 of the Shadow Proclamation. This is a fully established level five planet. And you were gonna burn it? What? Did you think no one was watching? You lot. Back here, now!" He hung up and tossed the phone to Sherlock. "Oh, now I've done it."

"Did you just bring them back?" Sherlock asked. The Doctor walked out of the room. John got to his feet. "Did he just save the planet from aliens and then tell the aliens to come back?"

"Where are you going?" asked Molly.

"To the roof!" called back The Doctor. "No, actually. Hang on." The trio followed after The Doctor as he ducked into a cloakroom. They walked in to see him looking at clothes and throwing some behind his back. Molly picked up the clothes The Doctor threw.

"What's in here?" John asked.

"I'm saving the world, I'm gonna need a decent shirt! Who cares about raggedy? Time to put on a show!"

"You just brought the aliens back, Doctor," said Molly. "You did everything that needed to be done and then you summon murderous aliens back? These Chuntarian kill for a living! These are literally aliens of death and…and you're taking your clothes off…" Indeed, The Doctor began to strip in the corner of the room. "These clothes belong to people," said Molly.

"Turn your back if it embarrasses you!"


The Doctor stepped out onto the roof of St. Bart's. He had most of his new clothes all chosen, but had several different ties were draped over his shoulder.

"So this was a good idea, was it?" asked John. "They were leaving!"

"Leaving is good. Never coming back is even better." The Chuntarian ship came down and hovered above the roof. "Hello! Come oooooooooooon! The Doctor will see you now!"

A blue light scanned The Doctor. He patiently waited for the scanning to complete. The light disappeared. "You are not of planet Earth," came a voice. Most likely the captain on the ship.

"No, but I've put a lot of work into it." The Doctor held up a tie. "Hmm…eh…what do you think?"

"Is this world important?"

The Doctor laughed. "Important? What does that mean, important? Six billion people live here, is that important? Here's a better question: is this world a threat to the Chuntarian?" During all of this, The Doctor flung ties and other articles of clothing, a few of them hitting either Sherlock, Molly, or John. "Come on, you're monitoring the whole planet. Is this world a threat?"

The blue scanning light came forward and showed a hologram. It showed clips of many things. Wars, scientists, religious services, wrestling matches…


"Are the people of Earth guilty of any crime of the Chuntarian?"

More clips showed. Holidays, carnivals, space launchings, crowds…


"I've got one more, just one! Is this world protected?"

There were several more images. Cybermen marching through the streets, Daleks coming out of the Genesis arc, Cyberman smashing through door. The Empress of the Racnoss. The Ood. The Sycorax. The Sontarans. The Silurians. The Reapers. The Hath. And all the while over this, the Doctor is speaking.

"Because there have been so many. So many more! And what you have to ask yourself is…what happened to them?"

More images. Ten more. The first Doctor. The second Doctor. The third, the fourth, the fifth. Sixth. Seventh. Eighth. Ninth! Tenth! And when the Chuntarian got to the last image, The Doctor, now fully dressed with tweed jacket, bow tie and all, stepped through the hologram, making it fade away.

"Hello. I'm the Doctor…basically…run."

The ship shook and the blue light quickly disappeared. The Chuntarian flew away as fast as they could. The Doctor turned to Molly. "You could always come along," he said. "How about another adventure?"

Molly smiled kindly. "Sorry Doctor. I think it's someone else's turn to travel with you. I got mine." Molly glanced at John, who was talking to Sherlock and had his back turned.

The Doctor followed her gaze. He twitched slightly. There was something got inside of his pocket. He pulled out an orange, glowing, TARDIS key.

"So is that it?" asked John. "Are they gone for good?" When no one answered, he turned around. The Doctor had left.


The TARDIS began to materialize on the side of the street. It had a St. John's Ambulance sticker on the side now, and the shading had changed slightly. John was up in the flat alone because Sherlock was off doing who knows what for a case he was on. John perked up at the noise and looked out the window. He saw The Doctor step out. Jumping to his feet, he grabbed a jacket and ran out the door.

He stopped at the door and saw The Doctor leaning on the side of his precious box. "Sorry about running off earlier. Brand new TARDIS and all. Just hopped to the moon and back. She's ready for the big stuff now."

John walked closer to the TARDIS. "You came back."

"Of course I come back! I always come back! Is that bad?"

"And you kept the clothes."

"Yeah. I just saved the world for the millionth time. No charge. Yeah, okay, shoot me. I kept the clothes."

John paused. "Even the bow tie?"

"Of course the bow tie. Bow ties are cool."

"Are you from another planet?"



"Does that bother you?"

"No. No, I've…uh it's just…it's fine."

"Wanna see some?"


"See some other planets!" The Doctor clarified.

"What do you mean?" asked John.

"I mean…come with me. See the stars."

There was a long pause. "You mean…the Chuntarian, the Targenta, twelve—"

"Oh that's only the beginning."

"But all those things," said John, "all those amazing, crazy things…"

"Yeah?" said The Doctor, knowing where it was headed.

John stepped closer. "That was two years ago."

There was a long pause. "Ooooooooh, oops."

"Yeah," John said, slightly annoyed.

"So that makes it—"

"Twenty-two years!"

"Twenty-two years since fish custard. John Watson, the boy who waited. You've waited far long enough."

"So you still think I'm going to come with you?"

"You wanted to come twenty-two years ago," said The Doctor.

"Yeah, well I grew up."

"Oh, well I can fix that." The Doctor lifted up his hand and snapped his fingers. He doors of the TARDIS slowly opened with a slight creak. John looked inside the TARDJS with wide eyes. The Doctor looked quite smug as John stepped inside. The Doctor followed after him, closing the door behind him. John opened and closed his mouth as he looked around the room. "Well? Anything you want to say? Any passing remarks? Trust me, I've heard them all." He walked over to the console and did a little bounce when he got there.

"I'm…inside of a phone booth…that's…bigger on the inside."

"Police box, not a phone booth," said The Doctor, strolling around the console. John takes on more look around before walking over to The Doctor.

"You seem so sure that I'm coming."

"Well you're still Doctor John Watson. Friend of Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, you're coming."

There was a pause before John said anything else. "Can you get me back before tomorrow morning?" he asked.

The Doctor laughed. "It's a time machine. And can take you back to yesterday if needs be." He pulled on some levers and pushed some buttons. "Why? What's tomorrow?"

"Nothing!" John answered, a little quickly. "Just…stuff…for a cousin of mine…"

"Alright," said The Doctor. "Back tomorrow for 'stuff for a cousin'." Another sonic screwdriver poked out of the console. "Perfect! Ah, a new one." The Doctor pressed the button. "And it's green!" he said excitedly. "Thanks dear," he whispered to the TARDIS. He began to spin around the console, doing more probably pointless things.

After a few moments, John went up to The Doctor. "Why me?"

"Why not?"

"No, really. You're basically asking me to run away in the middle of the night. It's a fair question, so why?"

"Fun! I dunno! Do I need to have a reason?"

"Most people do have reasons."

"Do I look like most people?" John paused. Well…no…he didn't look like most people. He was a time traveling alien wearing a bow tie for goodness sake! "Been knocking around on my own for a while, my choice, but I've started talking to myself, all the time, it's giving me earache."

"You're lonely," John concluded. "That's it. Just that."

"Just that. Promise." There was a short pause as John looked around the room a bit more. "Are you sure you're okay?" The Doctor asked. "I mean, sometimes it can…you know…make people…feel a bit weird. You know."

"Fine. Yeah! I-I'm fine. It's just…it's a whole other world in here. Just like you said. It's true. It's all true. I'd just…I'd started to think you were only a madman with a box."

"Oh, John Watson. One thing you need to know about me, is that I am most definitely a madman with a box." He flicked a switch. "So! Care to say goodbye?"

John smiled and walked over to the door. He looked out the door and saw the flat. "Goodbye Baker Street," he whispered, "hello…" He turned and looked at The Doctor leaning against the console. "Everything." He closed the door and went back to The Doctor, who was grinning. He pulled down a large lever and the TARDIS began to shake violently. John and The Doctor clung to the console and The Doctor laughed.

Eventually, the TARDIS dematerialized from the street. But inside John's room, the phone rang. After a few moments, the answering machine picked up.

"Hey John," came a voice. "So how's my best man? You ready for the wedding tomorrow? Ha, I don't think I am. But I really do love Amy Pond, I really, honestly, truly, do. I know I should do this. You coming to the bachelor's party tonight? Well it's in a half hour if you can make it. Now don't be late for my wedding tomorrow, because you know what the family's like." The person on the line laughed. "Make sure you don't get caught up in a case now. You don't want to be late for your cousin Rory's wedding, now do you? Well see you tomorrow if not tonight." The line hung up and John's suit stuck out from his closet.

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