Once Kurt got home he jumped in the shower. He still had the wrapping on his new tattoo so he took advantage of that to shower before removing it. After Kurt was done he felt so much better, he wanted nothing more than to relax, so after drying his hair and moisturizing, he put on his favorite sweatpants and headed for the living room.

The skin of his hip was still sensitive so after applying the ointment Dave gave him he decided to just leave it. Kurt was wearing a tank top and his favorite loose sweatpants, so he pulled the waistband as low as he could to feel comfortable as he lied in the couch, watching a movie and eating ice cream with a spoon.

Kurt was looking at the TV but wasn't really paying attention. He just wanted to be distracted, take his mind off things because He still didn't feel one hundred perfect happy with the fact that he was alone in his apartment while Dave was out at some party. But this had been his choice, he could have gone with Dave but he chose to go home. He couldn't even be mad, but still, he was feeling a little sad. The truth was, he missed Dave.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Kurt frowned, wondering who could it be at this hour. No one visited him at nights, except for his neighbor, Mrs. Smith who lived down the hall. She had cats of her own so she would occasionally bring Kurt treats for Cappuccino. He got up from the couch and walked to the door. He looked through the peephole and to his surprise; it wasn't his neighbor, but none other than David Karofsky standing out the door.

Kurt immediately opened the door, shocked to see Dave standing in his doorway.

"David! What are you doing here?"

"Um… I wanted to see you."

Kurt knew he was probably smiling like a dork, but he didn't care. "What happened to the party?"

"Left early..."

Kurt just gaped, and Dave sighed.

"I just... didn't really want to be there."

"W-why not?"

"Cause you weren't there?"

There was a vulnerability behind Dave's words, and Kurt could see it even in his posture. Dave seemed a little flustered as he stood in Kurt's doorway, with his hands in his pockets and a shy smile. Kurt felt so happy and overwhelmed, a thousand emotions running through him. Dave wanted to be with him, he left his friend's party just to be with him.

There was no way Kurt could stand to be away from Dave another second. So he lounged himself forward and threw his hands around his neck, kissing him. This kiss was different than the other one they'd shared earlier. It was full of longing and emotion, and also of the excitement and anticipation in the midst of this new thing that was growing between them. Dave's kissed him eagerly, his hands quickly settled on Kurt's waist and he just let himself melt into Dave's warm embrace.

"I'm so glad you're here." Was all Kurt could say, a little breathlessly between kisses, before dragging Dave into his apartment and closing the door behind him.

Dave thought he would be able to go to the party and enjoy himself, have fun with his friends. Thought that he would be content with the knowledge that he would see Kurt the next day for brunch. But but after that kiss Dave shared with him at the convention, he couldn't think of anything else other than Kurt. So he only went to the party to quickly give Matt his congrats and after having one beer, he sneaked out and headed to Kurt's apartment.

He'd been a little nervous when he knocked on Kurt's door, suddenly worrying that he'd look too desperate or clingy; but judging by Kurt's reaction when he saw him and the welcoming kiss he'd received, it had been a good choice after all.

Just being there with Kurt, kissing him, touching him, and holding him was better than any party could ever be. It all felt so new and unexpected that Dave was still trying to wrap his head around it. A few months ago… Hell, a few years ago he would have never imagined he would be able to be with Kurt like this.

Dave had to admit it was a very unexpected and pleasant turn of events.

That night, after a long and delicious make out session, Dave and Kurt snuggled together in the couch under some blankets. Watching a movie, eating ice cream and exchanging kisses every now and then. Dave wanted Kurt, and Kurt wanted Dave. They had each other, and there was no fear, no hesitations and no rush. Things just felt right.

Dave went home feeling like he was walking over the moon, and they met the next day for brunch anyway. Brunch got extended to late lunch and then dinner. If they enjoyed each other's company before, now that they were being honest about their feelings for each other, they couldn't seem to get enough.

They managed to keep things between themselves for only about a week before Rachel and Santana made Kurt confess and then proceeded to tease him relentlessly about it every time they could. Kurt didn't care though, he felt happy with Dave and that was all that mattered.

Even with their busy schedules, they managed to make time to see each other during the week. Their lunch meetings were now more often, and some nights when Kurt left the office he stopped by Dave's studio, bringing coffee and treats for Dave and the rest of the guys.

Dave's friends seemed happy for Dave, and were very accepting of Kurt, never making him feel out of place. Even Jim managed to open up to Kurt, after a much-needed apology from him, which was met with smiles and playful banter about the whole situation.

Soon enough, they were "official" even if they never really had to say it, Kurt was Dave's boyfriend. Dave was Kurt's boyfriend. Who would have thought?

Kurt never said he had a "type", but looking back, Dave was just so different than any other guy he had ever been with. Everything from how he looked to what he did was different, and maybe that is what made things better in a special kind of way.

With how much time Dave spent at Kurt's place, even Cappuccino warmed up to him, and soon enough, the cat even joined them in the couch while they were watching movies, cuddling, and even while they were making out.

That chubby black cat could really be a cockblock when he wanted to, like the time when he decided he wanted Kurt to pet him while he was in the middle of a heated make out session with Dave. There had been a few times where they had been really close to getting further, but then Cappuccino had to come along and start rubbing himself on them, demanding their attention. Which had ended in the both of them laughing at the situation, Kurt getting distracted and Dave ending with a severe case of blue balls.

Today was different though, even though the cat was purring and meowing beside them on the couch, Kurt seemed to completely ignore him, and for that Dave was grateful. Kurt's hands were busy trailing up and down Dave's sides, his mouth sucking on the sensitive skin of his jawline and neck as he straddled Dave on the couch.

The feeling of having Kurt on top of him was intoxicating, every touch of his hands and brush of his lips made electricity run through Dave. He ran his hands all over Kurt's back, traveling up and down and finally reaching down to squeeze his ass. The pressure of Dave's touch made Kurt gasp into his mouth, and Dave could feel the rush of adrenaline and blood going straight to his cock.

Dave had been trying hard all night long to keep his impulses under control; to take things slow. But today that seemed like a lost cause. Kurt and Dave were kissing passionately, every swipe of tongue and clash of teeth intensifying with every passing second; their bodies slowly rutting against each other in the constricting space of the couch.

Kurt smelled of apples and peppermint, and his lips tasted delicious. It was a lingering taste of coconut Chapstick mixed with the taste of the ice cream cake they just had moments before. Every time Dave touched him Kurt made this little whimpering noises that were slowly driving Dave mad.

Dave's strong grip around Kurt's waist and ass was such a turn on that Kurt could feel himself getting increasingly hard. He wanted to feel Dave's strong hands all over his body, wanted to explore Dave's body with his hands as well. Dave smelled delicious and tasted even better, and the feeling of his body flush against his own was like a drug.

There was a sudden, loud knock on the door, which made Dave freeze. Who could be knocking on the door at this time? Dave was sure if he stopped what he was doing right now he was going to die. He wanted to kill whoever was behind the door, interrupting them.

"Ugh… not right now!" Kurt said, still kissing Dave's neck. But then there was a knock again and Kurt groaned in frustration, getting up from the couch and walking hurriedly on his tiptoes to the door.

Kurt looked through the peephole and just hung his head, trying to suppress his laughter. Dave walked up to him and pressed himself behind him.

"Who is it?" Dave whispered in Kurt's ear, mouthing over the skin behind it and trailing his hands seductively across Kurt's abdomen.

"Mrs. Smith from down the hall." Kurt replied, voice so low Dave could barely hear it. "She probably just wants to give me treats for Cappuccino… I think she'll go away if we just… uh- keep doing what you're doing please."

Kurt turned around as he felt Dave trailing wet kisses along his jaw and settle on his neck. He could do nothing but moan in pleasure at the feeling of Dave's lips over his sensitive skin, the thin layer of stubble on Dave's jaw burning him in the most delicious of ways. He hoped Mrs. Smith left, and that she couldn't hear them behind the door, because there was no way in hell he would stop right now.

Kurt slipped his hands under Dave's t-shirt and slid his hands up and down, feeling the skin and hair of David's abs and wishing he could do it with his mouth instead. So Kurt grabbed it by the hem and quickly pulled it up. Kurt only had half a second to appreciate the sight of Dave's naked torso in front of him before he was just scooped up from the floor by Dave's hands on his ass. Dave groaned as Kurt's legs wrapped around his waist and went back to the task of devouring his mouth. Kurt could feel his lips burn from their heavy kissing but he couldn't stop even if his life depended on it. He wanted more; needed more.

He held onto Dave's broad shoulders with one hand and with the other one trailed his fingers through Dave's hair, pulling at his it and using the force of his pulling to bring their bodies closer and flexing his hips so their crotches rubbed closer together. The pressure and the friction was slowly driving him mad, and judging by the sounds Dave was making, Kurt was sure he must have been feeling the same way.

When they finally made it to the bedroom, Dave dropped him on the bed, quickly settling over him and removing his shirt. Kurt was sure that a few buttons must have been torn from his button-down but he couldn't bring himself to care in that moment. He was hypnotized by the sight and feeling of Dave's hands undressing him quickly as his mouth continued to suck on his neck and collarbone.

Kurt's pants were so tight that Dave had to actually stop kissing him for a while to just be able to take them off properly. They both giggled as Dave managed to take them off, getting Kurt's socks off in the same motion. Dave threw Kurt's skinny jeans off the bed and put his hands on Kurt's knees, spreading them slightly before taking one of Kurt's legs and placing it over his shoulder. Kurt was confused for a second, not quite sure what Dave was doing but before he knew it, Dave started kissing his leg starting with his ankle and slowly going down, kissing and licking his calf, knee and going further down until he was mouthing over the inside of Kurt's thigh.

By that time, Kurt was a shivering mess and he could see Dave smiling as he trailed a wet path up and down his leg. Kurt was about to scream at Dave to please stop teasing him when he felt Dave's hands grab the waistband of his underwear, pulling it down and taking it off in one swift move.

Dave felt like he was in a dream. Never in his life had he taken so much time into foreplay, but this was Kurt and Dave was determined to make their first time count. He wanted to remember this moment, savor it slowly; tasting every part of Kurt's body he could reach.

Once he finally took off Kurt's boxer briefs, Dave thought he was going to pass out just from the sight of Kurt spread out below him on the bed, suddenly kicking himself for not turning on the lights so he could appreciate it even more. The room was dimly lit by the moonlight and the city lights coming in from the big window, so even if it was a little dark, they could still see each other. If anything, the lighting actually made the scene more romantic and intimate, and Dave was fine with that.

Dave leaned down to kiss Kurt one last time before backing down and positioning himself between Kurt's legs. Kurt's cock was pink and flushed, hard and laying over his stomach. To the right side, Dave could see the tattoo that he'd given Kurt a few weeks back. The skin was completely healed now and the colorful lines jumped out in the middle of Kurt's pale skin. Dave lingered for a while, looking at the tattoo, and then up at Kurt who was looking at him with a questioning look and a smile. Dave said nothing, just turned his attention back to the tattoo, leaning down and placing an open mouth kiss to it before moving on to his original target.

Dave grabbed the base Kurt's cock as he mouthed over the skin of Kurt's hip one last time. He used his tongue to taste it; hot, wet and open mouthed all the way from the base up to the head. Kurt moaned in pleasure, fisting the sheets and arching his back as Dave took his cock all the way inside his mouth.

Kurt was moaning and keening on the bed, hopelessly lost in the pleasure that Dave's mouth was providing. Dave's hands stroked his legs and torso as his mouth diligently worked around his cock. Kurt knew he wouldn't last long with how good Dave was at doing this.

"David... Dave hnngg!"

Dave could hear Kurt moaning his name and that only motivated him to keep doing what he was doing. He was just so focused on the taste and feeling of Kurt's dick inside his mouth that he didn't realize Kurt was actually trying to stop him, until he felt Kurt's hand gripping at his hair.

"David wait... I'm not... I won't last long."

"It's okay..." Dave whispered, teasing the head of Kurt's cock playfully with his tongue. "Don't hold back."

"But I'm gonna... I'm gonna come!" Kurt wailed as Dave continued to suck him off eagerly, humming around his cock and encouraging Kurt to just let go. A couple of seconds later, Kurt came undone, spilling himself down Dave's throat and screaming his name.

Kurt was breathing heavily and erratically, and Dave could see a pink blush all over his face and neck that spread down to his chest as well. He could tell Kurt was over sensitive as he gave his now softening cock a few more licks. He just couldn't get enough of him.

They remained quiet for a while, Kurt catching his breath and Dave still licking at his lips, savoring the lingering taste of Kurt's come in his mouth. Suddenly Kurt opened his eyes and smiled lazily, rubbing his foot over Dave's jeans playfully.

"Why are you still dressed?" Kurt asked breathlessly, and Dave just grinned, sitting up and slowly unbuckling his belt. When he reached down to unbutton his jeans, Kurt's hands were suddenly over his own. Kurt grabbed Dave's hands and removed them from what they were doing, taking over the task of zipping down the fly and pulling them down. Then, Kurt kneeled on the floor, pulling Dave's jeans until they were on his ankles. Dave stepped out of them as Kurt pulled down his boxers, biting his lips at the sight of Dave's hard and leaking cock.

David's cock was big, bigger than any other Kurt had ever had. Kurt was so turned on that he wanted nothing more than to taste it... But he also wanted to feel it inside him. He wanted everything with David tonight. Everything.

Kurt opened his mouth and used his tongue to get a taste of it from the head and all the way down to his balls, eliciting a whimpering moan from Dave. Every moan coming from Dave's mouth felt like music to Kurt's ears.

"Lay down on the bed." Kurt ordered, standing up and putting his hands over Dave's shoulders, guiding him until his head was resting on the pillows. Kurt sat beside him on the bed and leaned down to kiss him.

Kurt didn't position himself between Dave's legs, but remained by his side as he grabbed Dave's cock and took it inside his mouth. He had an idea, but was a little shy to actually ask it of Dave, so he hoped the position he was in gave a clear indication, and that Dave would pick up on it.

When Dave started touching his ass Kurt knew he'd been right. Kurt kept sucking and licking Dave's cock, stroking it up and down with his hands as well while Dave started trailing his fingers down his crack. Dave's fingers were slick, and Kurt knew it was probably from spit, since they hadn't gotten the lube out yet.

Dave was moaning and Kurt was too. Suddenly he noticed Dave moving, and he thought he'd be reaching for the nightstand, probably looking for the lube, but instead what Dave did was grab him by the hips and turn him around until he was straddling his chest with his back to him.

Before he could even say something, Kurt felt the unmistakable feeling of Dave's tongue sliding down his crack and over his hole. He moaned, feeling a rush of adrenaline course through him.

"Is this okay?" He heard Dave ask, and Kurt just managed to whisper a strangled "Yes please." as Dave kept rimming him. It felt amazing, and Kurt leaned down to keep working on Dave's cock in this new position they were in.

It was amazing how they could just do this and get lost in the sensations. Dave was lost in a blissful haze as he licked Kurt in his most intimate place; but he could feel himself getting closer to his release, and didn't want things to stop before he could fuck Kurt properly. God did he want to fuck Kurt senseless tonight.

He stretched his arm towards the nightstand, hoping to find the lube there. Kurt noticed what he was doing and let go of his dick so he could tell him where the lube was. Second drawer, great, now Dave had everything he needed.

He'd already started fingering Kurt, using the slickness of his saliva with one finger, so when he got the lube, doing the rest was easier. Kurt was moaning on his hands and knees as Dave stretched him, rutting down and meeting Dave's fingers.

"Dave please…" Kurt gasped, "I'm ready… just do it quick."

Just the sound of those words had Dave biting on his lip hard so he could keep himself together. He was finally going to do this. He grabbed Kurt and turned him over so he was resting on his back. He leaned down to kiss him hard on the lips and looked deep into his eyes. This was it.

Dave reached for the condom and put it on, slicking his cock with a little bit more of lube before lining himself up at Kurt's entrance. He breathed in and looked deep into Kurt's eyes before doing anything. "You ready?" He asked, and Kurt just smiled almost devilishly before spreading his legs even wider.

Kurt just nodded, taking a deep breath and relaxing as he felt the tip of Dave's cock pushing inside of him. Dave had taken his time to prepare him well, and Kurt felt himself being stretched in the most delicious of ways as Dave's cock entered him inch by inch.

Dave's arms were strong, the ink of his many tattoos decorating their skin, and a faint layer of sweat making them shine under the dim lights of the room as he held Kurt in place, his hips rocking back and forth in a steady rhythm.

"Fuck… fuck… oh my god."

It was the first time Dave ever heard Kurt curse, and it was such a turn on that he could feel himself getting closer to his orgasm with every thrust. But Dave wanted more, he didn't want this to end. Just the blissed out look on Kurt's face as he lied there beneath him, eyes closed and head thrown back with his mouth open was enough to make Dave want to keep doing this forever. But the hot and tight feeling of Kurt's ass around his cock was slowly driving him over the edge.

"D-David… wha- what are you doing?"

"Come here." Dave said, putting his arm around Kurt's waist and lifting him up, bringing him towards him until they were sitting up, chests pressed together. He kissed Kurt then, deep hard and desperate. Kurt's hands grabbed onto his shoulders as Dave took his ass and settled him over his still hard cock. Kurt rocked himself over it in a torturous slow manner before reaching down for it, and lining it up so he could take it in again.

They both moaned into each others mouths as Kurt lowered himself again on Dave's cock. They were impossibly close, foreheads pressed against each other and eyes meeting in a stupor of lust. Kurt bounced up and down, Dave's hands firm on his ass, guiding it in every delicious roll of his hips.

It didn't take long for them to come. Dave reached down to stroke Kurt as he felt himself closer to the edge. When they finally orgasmed, both of them collapsed to the side, feeling exhausted, sweaty and sated.

They lied on the bed for a while in silence, trying to catch their breath and feeling absolutely blissed out. Dave got rid of the condom and helped Kurt clean up the mess on his chest so they could just cuddle on the bed. The way Kurt put his arms around him and kissed him softly as they fell asleep made Dave's chest swell with emotion.

They fell asleep on each other's arms, it was perfect.

When morning came, Kurt opened his eyes and winced. The light of the open window hurt his eyes, and he could feel himself sore when he turned around. He was happy though, it had been so long since he had been intimate with someone, and last night had been amazing. Dave was already awake and was looking down at him with a smile on his face. At some point through the night they drifted apart from each other so Kurt quickly scooted himself to Dave's side again.

"Good morning." Dave said, pressing a soft kiss to Kurt's forehead.

"G-morning." Kurt replied, smiling like a goof and feeling so happy to see that Dave enjoyed cuddling as much as he did.

Kurt stared at Dave, the morning light gave his skin a golden shine that only managed to bring out the color and detail of the tattoos covering his arms and chest. Kurt trailed his fingers over Dave's skin… slowly tracing the shapes and lines of tattoos he'd never seen before. Dave just stared at him in silence, smiling fondly.

"One day you'll have to tell me all the stories behind your tattoos."


"I want to know everything." Kurt said, propping himself up on his elbows and pressing a small kiss to Dave's shoulder.

"There's a lot of them though." Dave laughed.

"It's okay… we have all the time in the world."

"That's true."

Kurt leaned down and kissed Dave sweetly on the lips. He would normally be worried about his morning breath, but right now he just couldn't resist the sight of his gorgeous boyfriend beneath him. He was right, they had all the time in the world, and Kurt was looking forward to spending it with Dave.

Author's note: Thank you so much for reading, if you made it this far ;) I had a blast writing for this prompt.

In fact so much fun that I will be writing a SEQUEL for this fic, called COLOR MY LIFE... but I'm still in the process of writing and outlining so. It will come in the near future, sooner rather than later I hope. But definitely after I finish my other WIPs (The Waiting and Lying from You) because having 3 stories at once might actually kill me, lol ;)