Title: When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Author: Sammie P
Rating: PG-13(?)
Summary: This is AU. Randy thinks himself very lucky to have made it to the
bank with seconds to spare before closing. However his luck is about to
change..for the worse.
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Randy entered the kitchen from coming upstairs seemingly looking for something. "Hey Brad, you seen my keys?"


Randy stared at his older brother in annoyance. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Where are they?"

"How should I know?"

"You just said you seen them."

"Yeah I have seen them before, but not today."

Randy just glared at Brad with an evil eye. If looks could kill, Brad would be dead ten times over. "Incredible, just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber," Randy mumbled under his breath as he left the room.

On his way up stairs, he came across his little sister Katie. Katie was seven years old, with shoulder length brunette hair. She had greenish-gray eyes that were always full of mischief.

"Hey Katie, do you know where my keys are?"


Rolling his eyes he sighed. "Not you to. So, where are they?"

"Hiding," she replied giggling.

"Hiding where?"

"If I told you, that would be cheating. Wana play hot and cold?"

Sighing, he agreed to play her little game just so he could get his keys back sometime this decade.

He headed upstairs and started the long search. After receiving many "getting colder's", he went back downstairs. Searching practically the whole area, he was about to give up when Katie informed him that he was getting warmer. He was near the basement door at this time and decided they were probably down there. Opening the door, he headed towards his room.

"Gettin' hotter."

Randy continued to descend the stairs until he reached the bottom.

"Gettin' colder."

"What? How can I be hot up there and cold down here?" Katie just grinned in response. Randy started to slowly ascend the stairs.

"Gettin' warmer."

Looking all over the steps, Randy tried to locate his keys.

"You're HOT! Burning up!" Katie yelled in excitement.

Looking up, down, left, right, Randy still couldn't see his keys. Ready to just give up, he asked Katie to give him a hint. She just pointed upwards.
Looking up near the pipe that ran across the steps, Randy spotted his keys.
"How'd you get them up there?" He asked in confusion.

"Daddy helped me before he left," Katie replied with a huge grin.

"Figures," Randy mumbled. "Well I gotta get going before the bank closes
on me."

"Can I come? Please? I'll be good." Katie asked while giving him her
best innocent little girl look.

"Alright. Come on, let's go."

Heading back into the kitchen, they walked towards the garage. "Hey Brad, if anyone asks, I took Katie with me to the bank and store." Randy called
over his shoulder.


Just as Randy was about to open the door, Tim pulled it open from the other side.

"Ahh. Oh...Dad. I'm taking Katie with me to the Bank. Then we're heading to the store."

"Argh..argh," Tim grunted in response. "Found your keys, huh?"

"Yes, after a long game of 'Hot and cold'," Randy responded with annoyance.

Tim just gave Katie a low five and told them to have fun. "Drive safe!" He
yelled as an after thought, but only because Randy always did.


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