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Chapter 10 and Epilogue


Randy looked around the huge colorless room. He didn't know where he was or how he even got here. He began walking towards the end hoping to find an exit. Halfway there he was stopped in his trackes by a voice he knew all to well.

"Hey boy. Remember me?"

Randy quickly turned around and came face to face with the robber from the bank. "It can't be. Yo..you're dead," Randy stuttered with fear.

Chuckling evily, the robber advanced towards Randy.

Randy took off towards the end of the room. Up ahead he could see a small window. Hoping it would be big enough for him to fit through, he sprinted even faster. Behind him he could hear pounding as the robber chased him.

Coming up to the window, he growled in frustration as he noticed the window was not quite big enough for him. Turning around he expected to see the face of the robber, however, the only thing that greeted him was complete emptyness.

Looking over the room, Randy wondered where the guy could've gone. Suddenly he heard a high pitched scream coming from behind him that sounded just like his sister. Turning around he peered out the window and the sight that greeted him chilled him to his bones.

Katie was being held up in the air by the collar of her shirt. The robber's gun was jammed right in her side. Katie glanced over at the window and began pleading for her life and for Randy to help her.

Randy banged on the glass and demanded that he let Katie go. Watching in utter horror as the events played out right in front of him, Randy started smashing his elbow through the glass to break it. Just as he finally cracked the glass, a loud bang peirced into his eardrums.

On the other side of the glass, the robber let go of a bleeding Katie and began laughing in evil glee. Randy stared in shock and screamed.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Randy sat up in bed and gasped for air. Taking in ragged breaths, he took in his surroundings. Noticing the familar blankets, desk, chairs and books of his room, he began to relax some.

He layed back down and tried to fall back asleep. After tossing and turning for nearly an hour, he got up. The clock on his night stand was glowing 3:34 in the morning. He left his room and headed upstairs. Half way up, he heard the door slowly begin to open. Flashes of his nightmare came back and glued him to the spot with fright.

The door was pushed open all the way and Randy closed his eyes waiting for the impending doom.


Opening his eyes, he slowly let out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "Katie? What are you doing up?"

"I had a bad dream. You died," she expalined with a trembling voice and on the brink of tears.

Randy walked the few more steps to Katie and wrapped his arm around her. "Oh Katie, it's ok. I'm alright," he told her trying to hold his own fears in check.

He lead her over to the couch. Grabbing the blanket off the back, he wrapped her up in it while she layed her head on his good shoulder. "Do you wanna talk about it?"

"No. It's too scary," she mumbled into the blanket.

"If you talk about it, it'll help it be less scary," he assured her.

After a moment of silence, she slowly began telling Randy what happened in the dream. Frightenly enough, it was near identical to the one Randy had. Katie finished her story with barely enough control over her emotions.

"Oh Katie. It's ok. Nothing will ever hurt you, I promise," he consoled. Katie could no longer hold in the tears and they came rushing down as Randy held onto her.

Katie's sobs became less and was replaced by hiccups. Soon the only noise coming from Katie was soft even breathing as she succumbed to sleep. Randy soon followed and that's where they remained the rest of the night into the morning.

When Tim and Jill came down to start breakfast, they discovered Randy and Katie still laying on the couch fast asleep. Not wanting to wake them, they quietly got breakfast ready.

Randy was the first of the duo to slowly wake up. He heard murmured voices coming from the kitchen and tried to sit up. However, something or rather someone was pinning him to the sofa.

Katie started to stir from the movement and came awake. She glanced around her surroundings and looked up at Randy who was looking at her. She smiled in greeting and stretched out her muscels.

Tim noticed the movement across the room and called out a 'Good morning' to them.

"Hey," Randy replied in a sleep filled voice.

"Morning mommy and daddy!" Katie greeted way to awake for Randy's taste.

Katie headed to the kitchen to grab some food, while Randy straightened out the blanket on the sofa before heading into the kitchen.

The rest of Randy's day was spent relaxing and catching up on missed assignments. As he sat at his desk, his gaze wandered over to where a picture of him and Lauren was standing. He smiled and pushed his books aside and replaced them with a pen and paper. Thinking over the events of the past few days, he slowly began his letter to her.


It's been nearly a month since the robbery. The Taylor household was once again back to it's normal self. Well, as normal as a place can get with something blowing up practically every week.

Randy was back at school and in another week he'd be free of the sling on his arm. Katie's nightmares began to fade and she was only sneaking downstairs to Randy's room once a week instead of every night.

"Hey Randy, you got a letter from Lauren," Mark said while tossing the letter in Randy's direction on the couch.

"Thanks." He tore the envelope opened and read the three page letter. Coming to the last paragraph, a huge grin filled his face. Tim walked in and having seen the look asked what it was for. "Lauren's coming home in two weeks," he replied.

Tim nodding knowingly and headed back into the garage. Moments later the lights flickered followed by a yelp of pain from the otherside of the door.

Randy rolled his eyes and smiled. ~Yup. Things were definitely back to normal,~ he thought to himself.


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