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Love for a Goddess

Chapter One: Looking Back

"Ha I win again. Man Iffy, it's like you're not even trying."


"Hellllo? Gamindunstri to Iffy, anyone home in that head of yours?"


The ditzy CPU goddess waved her hand in front of her friends face. "Man she's totally out in space. I guess I'll have to use my secret last resort." Neptune stretched out her hand and slapped IF back and forth.

Fortunely or unfortunately this did work but now she has to deal with an angry IF. "What the hell was that for Nep?!"

"Sorry but you were in total la la land and back. What's up with that? Do you have something on your mind or what?"

"I suppose or what would be the answer."

"Another thing, you've been at my place for like forever and stuff. You're usually at Vert's place. What's up with that? Did you two have a spat or something?

"No we didn't!" the brunette replied quickly. "I-I mean is…you know what forget it."

IF stood up and headed towards the door. "Hey Iffy, where you going?"


She opened the door and brushed past Nepgear. The younger CPU sister was confused as to why IF left in such a hurry. "Uh sis why did IF leave all of a sudden? I was about to bring drinks and snacks for the both of you."

"Really? Awesome yummers but I don't know what's Iffy's deal is."

"What did you say to her?"

Neptune shrugged. "All I said was Vert's name then all of a sudden she bit my head like it was made out of delicious chocolate." For a while now, IF has been coming over the airheaded goddess's place for a couple of days now. Every now and then she would space out for some reason. Nepgear also noticed the mood change in her friend was worried about her. Both CPU sisters still wonder the same thing. What happened between Vert and IF?


IF was walking around the streets of Planeptune as she vented out some anger. The only reason she went to Neptune's place was to get away from a certain problem. "Jeez what was up with her? What happened between me and Lady Green heart isn't any of her business."

IF stopped as soon as she finished that sentence. She felt her heart skip a beat once again. It was no surprise that the brunette thought highly of Leanbox's goddess but soon she realized that her admiration turned into love. How couldn't she love Lady Green Heart? She was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, not to mention she practically lives at her place with her friend Compa, Cave and Chika. However with most love like this, IF knew she was out of her league with Lady Green Heart. She was a human and Green Heart is a goddess. For the time being, she was content of just being around the Goddess. But fate, destiny, or whatever the driving forces in the world set a plan in action. No matter how hard she tried to forget, she still remembers that one moment that changed both of their lives.


IF was minding her own business in her room. She checks her cell phone regularly to see what was happening at the guild. The brunette heard a couple of knock on the door. "It's open." The door opened to reveal Lady Green Heart. This took the girl by surprise. "L-Lady Green Heart what brings you to my room?"

The blonde goddess smiled. "Hello miss IF. How are you?"

Now IF had a blush on her face. "I-I'm fine. Thank you for asking."

"No need to be so nervous around me miss IF. I have something I would like to ask you."

The brunette glowed with happiness. "Yes! Anything for you Lady Green Heart."

The goddess of Leanbox loved IF's enthusiasm. "Spend the whole day with me. I have no one to play my games with and I'm feeling very lonely."

IF was taken back at what her goddess had said to her. This request was like a dream come true to her. She still found the request a little weird but IF didn't care about it. "Yeah sure but why me?"

"Chika has gone somewhere to do something and won't be back until late night so it's just the two of us."

Call it fate or dumb luck, IF was alone with her favorite goddess. Nothing could've ruined this rare golden chance. "Yes of course Lady Green Heart. Anything for you."

"Excellent then follow me."

IF followed her beloved goddess to her room. The closer they approached the room, the quicker her heart became. It would just be her and Green Heart. The brunette had been in her goddess room before but it's when only Compa and Chika were around. They reached the room and it hasn't changed the last time she was in it. An HD flat screen TV with several consoles, a bookcase full of video games and manga, a large bed and dresser Vert didn't look it but she was a major fan for video games and anime. However even knowing this fact didn't change IF's opinion about her favorite goddess.

"Now then, IF what game would you like play?"

"I'm good with whatever game you play."

"All right then then how about…." The goddess trailed her finger across the game collection until she found the game she was looking for. "this one. Vert handed the game to IF. It was an HD collection game called "Demon May Cry". The brunette shrugged and went along with it. She put the disk in one of the game consoles and waited for the game to start.

"I've heard the third game of this series is considered to be the hardest. I wonder why?"

"I guess we'll find out soon." The game loaded and was at the main menu. "Have you played the other games?"

"I have. The first game was a bit difficult and the second game was slightly easier. This will be my first time playing the third game."

"Well let's see what's like."

The goddess of Leanbox selected the third game. It was all she expected the game would be. Part what she loved the most was choosing what fighting style to use. It wasn't long before the goddess got into the game. IF was impressed how well the goddess played. She may have encountered a few problems here and there but she was having fun. The brunette was impressed with the game as well. The story was good, the main character was a bit of a smartass but still awesome. It wasn't until after Vert finished a level where she had to fight a vampire that threw electric bats at her.

"Jeez I thought that woman would never shut up."

"Indeed. She was a most annoying boss to deal with." Lady Green Heart stretch out her arms. "Well I guess I can take a little break for now." She walked all the way to her cupboard and pulled something out. IF was shocked to see it was a bottle of wine with a couple of glasses.

"Why do have that?" The brunette asked bewilderedly.

"Oh this? Chika always takes these kinds of refreshments. I hid them here so she wouldn't find them. Would you like some IF?"

The younger girl didn't know what to say in a situation like this. It' obvious she's not old enough to drink but she didn't want to be disrespectful to her goddess. "I guess I'll have one drink."

The blond goddess sighed happily. She poured the wine into two glasses, one for her and one for the brunette. Vert handed the glass and clinked hers to IF's. They both drank the wine and to IF, it tasted real good. Unfortunately one time wasn't enough for her now. After that one drink, she wanted more. By then she became drunk beyond reason and to make matters worse, Vert was the same as well.

"And that's when I walked in when Neptune and Noire were having sex. You've should've seen the looks on their faces." IF laughed.

The goddess of Leanbox giggled in a drunken fashion. "That reminds me of story when I saw Chika masturbating to a pair of my panties. She was so loud, I heard her several doors down."

Both girls laughed. "I can see why. I think you have one hell of a sexy body."

That caught Vert's attention. "Really now? I think since we're such good friends…" She grabbed ahold of IF's hand and put it on her breast. "You deserve something like this."

The brunette marveled at the softness of the goddess's breast. She gave it a soft squeeze and heard the other girl squeak. IF felt more bold and she cupped the other breast and started to fondle them both. Vert started to moan a little now as she took in the feeling of her breasts being fondled all over.

"Amazing. Their so soft and big. I can just touch them for hours on end."

IF pushed her goddess onto the floor. She stared at Lady Green Heart with soft eyes. The brunette couldn't hold back anymore and kissed her goddess softly on the lips. Vert returned the kiss and slightly opened her mouth for the other girl's tongue to invade her mouth. During the kiss, IF squeezed her goddesses breasts harder and caused her to moan through the kiss. The brunette had to break the kiss due to lack of oxygen. She got a good look at the girl below her. The goddess had a flushed face and was panting slightly. Seeing such a sight made something surge through her entire body.

"Miss IF…" Vert said breathlessly. "How about we take this to my bed." She grabbed her and both of them stood up. The blonde goddess guided the other girl to her bed and sat her down with Vert on top. She then cupped IF's cheek and kissed her sensually. One thing led to another and by then, both girls didn't leave the room for the remainder of the day.


Light broke through the windows and hit one of the bodies. It stirred and groaned out of exhaustion. The figure sat up and rubbed her eyes while having a headache. "Damnit. What did I do last night?" while she clutched her head IF felt a slight chill in the air. She checked and was shocked to see that there wasn't an article of clothing on her. "The hell?! Why am I naked all of a sudden?!"

"Please be quiet. I seem to be suffering a headache."

The brunette froze and slowly turned around to see her goddess naked as well. It was understandable that she was speechless at first. IF got a good look at Vert's body and couldn't keep her eyes off of it. That was then a flood of memories came rushing through. She remembered it all. The moans, the pleasure and how IF screamed her goddess's name. She felt like she committed the biggest sin of her life.

Vert could see the shocked expression in IF's eyes. She soon realized what happened last night as well. "IF…I-"

"I'm so sorry!" The brunette said in a rushed voice. She quickly got out of bed and hastily put on her clothes.

"Wait miss IF!" It was too late. The brunette ran out the door without looking back. Vert clutched the covers toward her bust and felt remorse course throughout her body. A tear could be seen leaving her eye. "This wasn't how it was supposed to go."

Present Day

It's been a couple of days now since that event happened. That heavy feeling she had grew every day. IF knew that this would only continue to grow worse if something wasn't soon. She had to tell someone about this and there was only one person she could tell.