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Love For a Goddess

Chapter Four: A Dance Under the Night Sky

"Are you sure you're ok Iffy? Shouldn't you rest more?" A worried Compa asked as she saw her friend put the remainder of her clothes on. It's been a day after Neptune and company came to visit. Some doctors were astounded that the young girl recovered so quickly but not Compa.

"I told you Compa, I'm feeling fine now. All I have to do is to avoid any work that'll put more strain on my body right? I can manage without work a few days so don't worry."

The nurse was a bit naïve at times but she can always tell what IF's mind was. She was about to say something but a few knocks on the door interrupted her. "That's strange; we're not expecting anyone else to visit." She walked over to the door and opened it. To Compa's surprised and to IF's horror, it was Chika who came to visit. "Oh Chika, have you come to visit Iffy?"

"I have but more importantly, I came here to talk to her."

The brunette wondered what Leanbox's oracle wanted to talk to her about. She had a clue of some sort that it had something to do with Vert. "Compa leave us." She ordered.

The nurse in training heard the seriousness in her friend's voice. "Ok Iffy." Compa left the room with only Chika and IF alone. "Ok I'm not going to beat around the bush so I'm just going to cut to the chase. What are you doing here?"

"I came here to see you if you didn't hear me at first."

"Well I don't want to see you or Lady Green Heart for that matter. You seem happy with her so why come to me?"

The oracle sighed. "I would be happy with her but it seems her affections lie elsewhere in her heart. In fact Vert was worried about you when she heard that you were in the hospital." IF was taken back at what Chika said. Vert was worried about her? Somewhere in her heart, hope began to grow again. "Better not spoil anything at this point. Hope this works." Vert hasn't been the same since she last saw you and I can see how much she cares for you." She pulled out a letter. "This letter is an invitation from the CPU of Leanbox herself. It would please her so if you accepted it." IF took the letter from the oracle. "I already know I can't fulfill Vert's heart my love but maybe you can." IF wasn't sure if she heard that last part. Before she could ask Chika, the oracle already left. As she was walking down the hallway, Chika had one thought on her mind. "I swear by this IF: if you ever do something unforgivable to Vert, I will make sure you will suffer equal to the seven levels of hell."

Meanwhile back in IF's room, the brunette opened the letter and read the invitation.

Miss IF,

I, the CPU of Leanbox have invited you to have dinner with me at my basilicom. Please accept this invitation and this dinner as an apology for what I have done to you. Please dress semi-formally and I hope to see you tonight at 8:00 PM.


IF didn't know what to think of this whole thing. Part of her wanted to tear this invitation to pieces and get along with her life but another part remembered what Compa said to her. This was a second chance. A chance that could change her life forever. She made her decision and put the invitation in her pocket. Now only one daunting task lies in front of her: picking out something to wear for the dinner. IF may be great at combat but when it comes to subjects like this, she was flat out clueless. Once again, she would have to turn to Compa for some help. "Yeah this will be fun but hopefully it'll pay off in the end."


Night had fallen on Gamindunstri. The lights showing off from all the cities lit up the night sky like a galaxy of stars. In one certain part of Leanbox, a lone girl walked up to the basilicom with her heart beating very hard. She was a couple of feet away from the entrance. "Jeez what am I so afraid of. It's just a dinner, that's all but my heart feel like beating ninety five miles per minute." IF's invitation said to dress semi-formal. With some help with Compa, she found a nice dress and she wore it, even the nurse couldn't believe it was the same person. The brunette wore a dress with detached sleeves of the same color. There was a slight opening that showed her left leg and to top it off, she wasn't wearing her usual small side ponytail. Of course she wore this outfit when she exited out of a building in Leanbox. Seemed a little easier than wear the thing at Planetune then travel to Leanbox. Just as she left the building, Compa said "Good luck" to her. Now here she was, before the basilicom and within the building lied Vert.

IF shook her head. "Come on, you took on a pack of monsters without flinching so why am I scared of a simple dinner invitation?" After giving herself a small pep talk, the brunette walked up the doors and knocked.

After a few seconds, the door opened to reveal Chika. "Ah miss IF you've arrived and just a little before dinner started. Please come in, Vert is waiting for you." The brunette entered the building and saw that everything was turned off. The oracle led the other girl upstairs and toward the balcony. What IF saw on the balcony was a table with a red cover on it, three lit candles on a stand, food that had been prepared for two and a couple of glasses. What she also saw was a figure standing close the rail. "Vert, our guest has arrived."

"Thank you Chika. You can leave us now." Chika bowed and left the two girls. IF took a couple of steps onto the balcony. She was impressed that Vert thought this whole thing. "Welcome miss IF. I'm glad you came." Soon as the goddess turned around, it felt like cupids arrow pieced IF's heart. Vert was wearing a light green dress that showed a good view of her cleavage. The goddess herself was taken back on how attractive IF was in the dress she was wearing. "Please sit and let us enjoy dinner together." The brunette did as she was told and sat down. The dinner itself was quite impressive as well. There were breadsticks aside from the plates that had chicken alfredo on them. There was also a bottle similar to the wine Vert had in her room and was a little cautious about it. Vert saw this. "Don't worry about the bottle. It's just soda." The goddess of Leanbox opened the bottle and poured into IF's glass. While she was pouring, the brunette couldn't help but take a quick look at Vert's partially exposed chest and blushed a little.

"T-Thank you Lady Green Heart."

The goddess chuckled. "Please no need for formalities. Call me Vert."

IF took a deep breath and sighed. "Thank you...Vert."

The goddess of Leanbox smiled gently and went to her side of the table to eat her own meal. "I hope the food is to your liking miss IF."

The brunette to a bite out of her food. "It's really good."

Vert smiled. "I'm glad then." Both girls ate their dinner peacefully. While eating, IF took a couple of more quick look at the goddess. She felt that every time she looked at her, her heart felt like it jumped into her throat. The brunette couldn't believe someone like this existed. Vert was also impressed how well the tomboy looked in a dress, like she was a different person. Soon everything was gone from the plates. Not even the breadsticks were left. "I hope everything was to your satisfaction."

IF wiped her mouth with a napkin. "The dinner was nice. Thank you Vert but is that all? I feel like there should be something else."

The goddess smiled. "Yes of course there is." Out of nowhere Vert pulled out a small stereo. She set it on the rail guard and pressed the play button. She then walked over to IF. "I know it isn't much but it was the best I could do for music." Vert stretched out her hand out to the brunette. "Care to dance miss IF."

"But I don't know how to dance."

Vert chuckled. "All you have to do is follow my lead." With those words IF took her goddess's hand. Vert pulled her up from IF's chair and led her where there was enough space to dance on the balcony. As on cue, the music started up. It started out by the harp playing a soft start. Vert held her hand and warped her arm around IF's waist. "Shall we?" They began to move together as they listened to the sweet melody. As they danced, the song continued and whistles were added to the music. IF didn't know which to get lost into, the warmth of the goddess she loved close to her or listening to the sweet somber song that continued to play. The whistling ended and was replaced with the sound of bells. IF thought that the song was sad but beautiful at the same time as if the song reflected what was in her heart and what she was feeling. The two girls continued to dance in harmony as the song continued. The bells have stopped and the whistles came back with to what it sounded like cellos. The two girls looked in to each other's eyes. One with a somber look in them and the other that looked like it wanted something. As the song neared its end, the two girls leaned in to each other. The next second seemed infinite as they lips melded into a soft and sweet kiss. They continued to kiss until the song ended. They separated and looked at each other with eyes full of love. Vert gently cupped IF's cheek. "Can you stay for the night?"

The brunette slowly nodded her head. "Yes." Nothing else was needed to say. Vert led IF out of the balcony and to her room. Both girls knew what would happen next after that kiss. Both girls discarded each other's clothing until there was nothing left on them. IF kissed the woman she loved with both of their tongues slowly intertwining while they held each other's hand. While kissing, the brunette gently cupped Vert's breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. She loved how soft her goddess's breast was and pinched her nipple with two of her fingers. Vert moaned through the kiss. IF broke the kiss and started to trail down the goddess's body while giving light kisses. She stopped at Vert's other breast and slowly took in the nipple with her mouth. The brunette gently sucked the bud. IF gave it a tiny bite before she moved on the other breast and gave it the same treatment. All the while, the goddess of Leanbox was enjoying every movement IF was doing to her.

The brunette gave each breast a kiss and continued to leave a trail of light kisses to her stomach. The trail of kisses ended up right between Vert's legs. IF felt she was honored to see the goddess of Leanbox's most private area. She gave it a gentle lick and as a result, she heard Vert give a small yelp. The brunette wanted to hear more of the blonde' voice so she continued to lick her center. IF was amazed how succulent Vert's taste was. The more she licked deeper in the goddess, the better the taste. She also loved the noise Vert was making as she made moans that were music to her ears.

"IF…" The brunette ceased her licking and looked at the goddess who had a flushed look on her face. "Please…let me make you feel good as well." IF understood and lifted her body over Vert's. She positioned herself where her own special spot was above the goddess. Both girls started to lick each other. IF felt her love's tongue go deep inside her but that encouraged her to please the goddess even more. The two girls continued to please the other by any means necessary but IF tried harder to please the goddess. She licked Vert's scared spot as much as she could and quickly. "IF…if you keep doing that…I'm going to…going to…AHHH!" Vert came into the brunette's mouth. Hearing the goddess scream like that made IF also climax as well. Both girls drank each other's sweet nectar as much as they needed to.

IF got off of Vert and kneeled up but the goddess kneel up as well and gave the brunette a loving kiss. The goddess broke the kiss. "You're so wonderful, IF."

The brunette looked away. "I'm not. If anyone is that has such beauty, it's you Vert. You are a goddess that has a body that is near perfect. Mine is nothing compared to you."

Vert kissed and sucked on IF's neck. "That's not true." She trailed her tongue all the way to IF's small breasts. "Your body is beautiful as well." IF gave a small moan as she felt the goddess take in her breast. Vert suckled the brunette's nipple gently as her hand went in between IF's legs. IF shuddered as she felt Vert's fingers go inside of her and started to go in and out repeatedly. "IF…please do the same to me. I want you inside of me." Vert guided the brunettes hand in between her own legs. IF took this as a sigh and began to finger the goddess. Both girls moaned at the feeling of each other's fingers going in and out of each other. They fell on their sides while continuing to pleasure each other. While doing so, they held hands once again. Both of them wanted to make this feeling last as long as they could. After some time has passed, the two of them felt something build inside of them.

"Vert…" IF started. "I can't last much longer."

"Me…neither. IF…please go faster. I want us to come together."

Both girls started to finger each other faster now as they awaited their climax together. They started to pant heavily and felt their end coming closer. "Vert!...I love you! I've always loved you!"

"I love you IF! I love you so much!"

Both of them screamed as they came together. They removed their fingers from each other and looked at each other with loving eyes. IF snuggled up to Vert and quickly fell asleep with the goddess following her soon after.


Morning came upon Gamindunstri. IF began to wake up and took in a deep breath. She felt an arm wrapped around her waist. "Well good morning." Once her eyes finally focused, she saw Vert smiling at her. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine and much better since you're here." IF recalled the night they shared. "Did we really…make love to each other?"

"If I say yes, will you leave again?"

IF shook her head. "No. I asked because it felt like a dream last night."

The goddess stroked the other girl's head. "I assure you, what happened last night was no dream. It really did happen." IF was glad to hear that. She made her love known to the goddess of Leanbox and was even happier that Vert returned her feelings. She heard her new lover giggle.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing. It's just that I had an idea. I'm the only CPU without a little sister but what if instead of a little sister, I have a daughter instead as a CPU candidate?"

"Wait daughter?" That took time to register into the brunette's mind. "EHHHH!"

"What? I think our child would be a wonderful candidate."

"C-Child?! Hold on a minute, I'm not ready to be a parent or even old enough to be one! Besides how can we have a kid when we're both girls?"

Vert laughed at her new girlfriend's expression. One of the reasons why she loved her. "I'm sure there is way but for the time being, let's just this nice and slow." The goddess leaned in and gave IF a soft kiss. She returned the kiss back with the same love she had for the blonde. As they kissed, both of them remembered the first night they had. Drunk as they were, it was the first time they acknowledged each other's love. Now they made love a second time but it was more passionate then the first time. They may have gone through a rough time but they ended up together. To the both of them, this was the best ending they could've wished for.

A/N: The music I used is from the Aqua Harp from Animusic which I also do not own. Hoped anyone who read this story enjoyed it.