A/N: This fic was originally posted (by me) on AO3 as an AU, but I didn't like how it was progressing (nowhere), so I rehashed it to fit a prompt I made that was not being filled: In which Hannibal kidnaps Will because he realizes he's in love with him, but he doesn't know what to do because he's so used to eating his problems. It's a bit dub-con to start off, just because Will is unaccepting of his feelings, but I think it will be more romantic once it progresses because otherwise the ending will need to be rather dark and I think the season finale will be dark enough to scar us all.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hannibal, the NBC TV series, or any of its characters.

Note: This will be slash, so if you are not comfortable with that I would suggest something else for you, dearies.

The longer Hannibal watched his prey elude him, the more invested he became. It was more of an obsession now, one Hannibal could not pry himself away from.

Perhaps another difference lied within the fact that Hannibal could not see himself feasting on Will like he had his other romantic interests. No, Hannibal wanted something else entirely from Will, and that thought scared him. Well, not scared- Hannibal did not allow himself to become entrapped by such a pointless emotion- but it certainly unhinged him. It couldn't be a serious relationship he wanted; such a notion had always been a foreign one to him.

But now a yearning settled heavy over his chest, and the more he waited, the more painful it got. Maybe a romantic gesture was necessary.

One rainy Monday evening, Will came in to meet with the psychiatrist much earlier than usual. When Hannibal politely asked the reason, Will replied that he had not been himself all day, that he just needed someone to talk to about it. It was a particularly difficult "therapy" session for Will. Hannibal had stepped forward, intending to reach around Will for a tissue to hand him, but Will had misunderstood the action and had embraced Hannibal, burying his face in the shoulder of the psychiatrist's suit. As an action from any of his other patients, Hannibal would have sent them away with some lame excuse and then would have either handed them off to another psychiatrist or kill them, depending on how deeply he disliked them.

But with Will, Hannibal found himself awkwardly placing his arms around the other man, and allowed one of his hands to tangle through Will's thick, dark, curly locks while the other firmly grasped him around the waist. Now that Will was no longer ill, and had done away with the aftershave, Hannibal was able to appreciate the consultant's natural, musky scent. Needless to say, it was arousing.

They stood that way for several minutes, until the tenseness oozed out of Will's body and he allowed himself to lean on the doctor. Finally, he pulled away, wiping his tear-stained cheeks with the back of his hand.

"My... apologies, Dr. Lecter," Will mumbled, watching their shoes with the utmost fascination. "That was very forward of me. It will not happen again."

Hannibal was a meticulous planner- nearly nothing happened without some sort forethought. In this case, Hannibal did the exact opposite. He watched Will's full, delectably pink lips but did not process the words that they spilled when they moved. He licked his own lips, imagining the taste and the feel of them against his, wanting nothing more than to kiss him and bite him and do anything within his control to make such a delicate, pale creature his own.

So this is exactly what he did. Without any warning, Hannibal grabbed Will by his upper arms and guided him further backwards, causing him to fall atop Hannibal's desk, where he sprawled ungracefully. Then he was up on his elbows, trying to clamber away. Hannibal pushed an assortment of items off the desk so he could crawl on top as well, placing his hands on either side of Will's head and bringing one knee up so it was wedged between Will's thighs.

Will was trapped, like a scared little rabbit ensnared between the jaws of a beast. Whether it was because he was stunned, or fearful, or perhaps partially welcome to such advancements, Will did not try to flee.

Hannibal leaned down until his lips grazed across Will's, until long dark lashes closed over elusive eyes. He tasted Will in a way he never allowed himself to taste anyone, because despite the killing and the cannibalism, he was not a man that embraced such carnal urges. But kissing Will now, with tongue sliding against tongue eagerly and frantically, Hannibal was lost to the desires that clearly only Will could satisfy.

Breaking the contact, Hannibal gazed down at Will's flushed face, his expectant lips, his fluttering eyelids. He bent his face lower and pressed his face into Will's neck, felt the skin grow hot against his own. He bit down, earning himself a deep, throaty moan, and then started sucking, biting, and licking, until he was sure that Will's neck would be littered with marks.

Hannibal pulled away, climbing down from the desk to stand back and survey his handiwork. Will was lying across the wrecked workspace, looking like a dazed, hot mess. His lips were like plump, ripe berries; his neck was already starting to bruise; and between his legs, where Hannibal's knee had been rubbing but a moment earlier, was lewdly displayed an erection straining against wonderfully tight jeans.

Just before Will could come to his senses, Hannibal leaned over once more, kissed along Will's scruffy jaw and slid his hands up underneath the smaller man's plaid shirt and jacket to run his hands along oft-seen skin. However, the body recoiled from beneath Hannibal's eager fingertips, and Will suddenly shoved him off and slid down from the desk, rearranging his clothes and trying to hide the obvious signs of arousal by angling his body away.

"I-I have to go now, Doctor Lecter," Will stumbled out, eyes flickering sporadically around the room at anything but the man that had just ravished him. "I don't- I can't."

Will stepped carefully around Hannibal and then strode from the room. Even though he was the first to leave, this was not a battle he had won. Hannibal watched as Will tugged at the collar of his jacket, trying to cover the hickeys on his skin that would fade with time, but would remain seared in his memory.

Hannibal was feeling truly confident about their encounter now. But soon, he would be rethinking his actions, mulling them over in his head with more than just erotic fascination.