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Will did not know what to do. Hannibal was putting up a resistance; his hands twitched at his side, and his eyes eagerly roamed Will's body, but he made no move to proceed. He wanted Will to.

Stepping forward hesitantly, Will licked his lips, stared at the doctor's mouth, tried to ignore how horribly awkward he felt. In this situation, it was like he was a virgin all over again- and in some respects, he was.

Hannibal did not appear to be getting annoyed by the wait. He seemed amused more than anything. When Will finally pressed his lips against the other man's softly, he felt the mouth beneath his curve into a grin.

When Will pressed his tongue into the awaiting cavern, Hannibal kissed back, but with none of the vigor of before. He kissed languidly, allowing Will to decide the rhythm of their tongues, giving him free reign of his mouth. He made no move to touch Will; the dark-haired man had to grab the other's hands, move them to his waist. He had to press his body into Hannibal's, wrap his arms around the man's broad shoulders and pull him closer to deepen the kiss. Hannibal merely tilted his head back as Will's tongue forged ever deeper.

Will pushed Hannibal down into the chair they were still standing in front of, at the head of the table. He climbed atop Hannibal's lap, steadied himself against his shoulders, and them grounded down against Hannibal's crotch, trying to elicit a response. Hannibal grunted, watching the movement of Will's hips.

It became unbearable to be wearing so many clothes. He stood up long enough to strip them off, acutely aware of how wild Hannibal's eyes became, how for a moment he looked on the verge of taking control. But then Will climbed back on top, pressed his weeping dick against the nice fabric of Hannibal's expensive, tailored suit.

Will brought his own hand to his mouth, pulled the index and middle fingers in with his tongue, sucked until his cheeks hollowed around them. Hannibal's eyes glazed over, clearly imagining something else between those pink lips.

After the fingers were sufficiently slick, Will twirled his tongue around them teasingly as he pulled them. He pressed his fingers against his asshole, pushed them up into himself, arching into Hannibal as he did so. He finger-fucked himself while Hannibal watched, diligently trying not to touch as Will splayed and unsplayed his fingers inside of himself, and desperately reached up to touch his prostate.

When he felt stretched enough, Will pulled his fingers out and finally undid Hannibal's pants. He whipped the throbbing dick out, kept one hand stroking it as he turned around on Hannibal's lap.

Will guided it into himself, lowering himself on top of it while Hannibal bit down on Will's shoulder from pleasure, and it became increasingly hard to not bend Will over and fuck him into the table. When Hannibal was fully inside of him, Will felt too full, like he was bursting at the seams. Hannibal growled, urging him to move, so Will guided Hannibal's hands to his waist again to steady him, then picked himself up and slammed himself back down on the other man's dick. Will moaned loudly from the sweet mix of pain and pleasure, and Hannibal cried out in surprise.

Will started grinding down on Hannibal's dick, then began pounding himself down on it, with Hannibal's hands guiding him down each time but not forcing him. Once he found the right spot inside himself, he moaned wantonly, and the dogs started howling in the kitchen, and Hannibal couldn't help but to thrust up inside him, hitting it better than Will could by himself.

There was a white hot flash of pleasure as the tight coil in his innards finally released, and he stopped moving, clenching down hard on the base of Hannibal's cock. As he came across the table, the doctor came inside him, filling him with his hot seed.

"Was that good enough for you ?" Will gasped out. He lifted himself off of Hannibal's dick, grimacing at the slipperiness inside him.

Hannibal did not respond. Instead he pushed Will's shoulders forward so he was forced to grab onto the table to hold himself up, while Hannibal spread his ass cheeks apart and watched the cum spill out of him. He did not seem to care that the cum was landing straight into his lap, and he was messing up his own pants.

"Yes," Hannibal replied, as if the words had just reached him. "You fucked yourself as hard as I could ever fuck you. Congratulations."

Will laughed hoarsely, his voice already gone. Hannibal let him go and he stood up, deciding mentally to take another shower.

"I'll join you once I get something to eat," Hannibal said, reading his mind. He whipped the napkin off the table and wiped himself up. "I am famished. You can go to my bedroom, if you would prefer it over the guest room you were using before."

Will gathered up his clothes, using them to conceal himself from Hannibal's still prying eyes, and trudged back upstairs, each step causing pain to shoot up his backside. He knew he would not be sitting down for a while.

The hot water and steam did little to rejuvenate him. He smelled even more like Hannibal after using his soap and shampoo, but he really did not mind. He liked it, really.

Will collapsed onto Hannibal's bed, still wrapped in just a towel. He got back up after several minutes and crawled under the covers, not caring if he was imposing. He did feel bad for leaving Hannibal to deal with the dogs again, but he had exhausted all of his energy. He was still trying to work his way back, after being drugged, twice. He supposed Hannibal could spare some more patience.

He dozed lightly. Will heard the door open some time later, heard Hannibal chuckle as the dogs surged in around him, claws clicking on the hardwood and collars jingling. Thankfully he kept them off the bed, so they would not jostle Will.

Hannibal showered, and then climbed into bed as well, even though it was probably only seven at night. He wrapped his arms around Will, buried his face in his warm neck, and sighed deeply as he breathed him in.