Two months later:

Brittany curls into Santana as they lay out on the lake shore. Santana has her hand protectively on Brittany's extremely swollen belly looking around for any danger to either her mate or baby.

"San, relax no one else is around." Brittany purrs kissing Santana's cheek.

"You're going to give birth soon and I have to make sure that nothing hurts you while you do that." Santana says staring at a bird in the tree.

"I know that, but if you'd relax for two seconds you'd realize that your child is kicking my stomach like it's a soccer ball." Brittany says moving Santana's hand to the tapping.

"Fuck," Santana gasps looking at Brittany's stomach then Brittany. "Our kid has a leg on him." she says smiling.

"Oh so you know for sure that we're having a boy now do you?" Brittany asks snuggling into her mate.

"Well with how much trouble he's been causing you I just figure..." Santana trails off as she sees a distressed look in Brittany's face. "Babe, what's wrong?" she asks jumping up and lifting Brittany with her.

"I think it's time," Brittany whispers wincing in pain as a contraction hits.

"Oh my god," Santana shouts starting to freak the fuck out.

She runs with Brittany in her arms into the house and set her gently on the couch before running around basically in circles as she tries to find everything and anything they might need piling in around the couch. After she is sure that she has everything they would need she sits down next to her mate unsure of how to help. It physical hurt her to see her mate in such pain.

"Britt, what do you need me to do?" Santana asks tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

"Hold me, just hold me." Brittany quietly says her breathing rather heavy.

Santana pulls Brittany into her lap rubbing her stomach trying to ease some of her pain. For the next hour they lay on the couch Brittany on top of Santana and Santana rubbing her stomach.

"San the pain's not stopping, I think that I should start pushing." Brittany says her tail gripping tightly to Santana's bicep.

"Um okay," Santana says not knowing what to do for the first time since Brittany told her she was pregnant.

"Santana FUCKING A THIS FUCKING HURTS! Do something useful!" Brittany shouts.

Santana stands up and just stares at her mate waiting for some kind of order or something. Apparently her wolf decides to take over and urges her to kneel next to Brittany holding her legs up and open.

"FUCK YOU SANTANA!" Brittany screams pushing as hard as she can.

"I CAN SEE THE HEAD!" Santana shouts excited beyond belief that she is about to see her child for the first time.

"I DON'T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU CAN SEE! I WANT THE DAMN THING OUT OF ME NOW!" Brittany screams and with one big push a little girl pops into Santana's waiting arms.

Santana for the first time in her life is speechless. She cradles her daughter in her arms like she's the most precious thing ever with little pointing cat ears. She slowly gets up to hand the baby to Brittany. Neither of them speak as they watch their daughter sleep in Brittany's arms cuddled into her mom's chest.

"She has your nose San." Brittany whispers leaning her head against her mate's shoulder.

"Maybe, but she's going to be a mini you." Santana sighs lightly scratching the little blonde cat ears that are sticking up through toughs of blonde hair.

"I don't- FUCK!" Brittany shouts as she feels a shot of pain through her.

Not even five minutes later Santana is holding her son.

"Britt," Santana gasps smiling as she holds their son who is without a doubt a werewolf. "You've made me the happiest woman in the world."

"Please god say that there's no more." Brittany prays pulling Santana's arm so she'll lie next to her. "I love you baby." she says leaning into Santana.

Santana smiles at her mate kissing her passionately. She is beyond happy not only do they have a neko daughter, but a wolf son. They now have proof that all the morons back home were worried about nothing.

"Thank you," Santana says allowing Brittany to snuggle into her and fall asleep.

While her family sleeps she stays up to keep watch and make sure that nothing will happen to them. She is not about to let anything happen to them, they are her whole reason for existing now.

"I love all three of you so much," Santana whispers kissing each of them on the head.

Santana watches the moon over the course of the night wondering if her daughter has any wolf traits or if her son has any neko traits. She can't believe that they now have two babies to take care of. It isn't going to be easy and she knows that they would face an uphill battle against the world, but if she has Brittany by her side she can face the world.

"San you need to sleep too." Brittany groggily says snuggling even more into Santana.

"We need to name them." Santana says sitting up and cradling her son and daughter in her arms.

"Well I think she looks like a Bailey." Brittany says kissing her daughter's head. "You should name him."

"Really?" Santana asks looking over at her mate.

"Yeah he is your son and it's only fair." Brittany whispers sitting up and taking Bailey in her arms.

"Hum...I think we'll call you Marcus." Santana hums.

"Now get some sleep San, I'm going to feed them then cook us something to eat." Brittany orders standing up.


Brittany smiles as she watches Santana sleep curled around a pillow. She doesn't get why Santana hasn't slept when surely nothing is going to hurt them here, no one aside from Sue even knows that they are here. So much of what her mate does confuse her. Most of the time she just chalks it up to her being a werewolf.

"Your mami is going to protect us no matter what." Brittany says kissing Bailey's head as she finishes eating.

Bailey squirms her tail wrapping around Brittany's arm as she tries to get over to Santana. Brittany giggles and places her in Santana's arms.

"Britt," Santana groggily says as Bailey curls up into her, her tail wrapping around Santana's arm.

"Shh, San just go back to sleep." Brittany whispers kissing her mate on the lips.

Santana has a soft smile on face as she buries her face next to her daughter and falls back to sleep.

"Looks like it's just you me buddy." Brittany whispers cradling Marcus moving across the room.

Marcus just looks up at his mom making a gurgling noise.

"You know that even though you're a werewolf I'm still your mother and I will give you anything you need." Brittany whispers rocking Marcus.

Now that they have two babies she know that it will be even harder for them, but that doesn't matter they will be a family no matter what.