so this a Little story that my sister wrote and asked me to put it up on my account, i hope you enjoy it.

Moon Vongola.

"it was a beautiful day in hogwarts, the birds were singing and both the teachers and the kids were outside enjoying the good weather" "wait up scarhead, the birds were singing, really how stupid can it get" the Young malfoy heir said and looked like he was about to crack up from the story that the boy-who-lived had made.

you see the students at hogwarts got an assingment, which was that they had to tell a story, they made them self, or tell something from their life, most of them picked to do the story, because most of them didn't want the teachers and their parents to hear about their life, and yes all the parents were there to hear the stories.

"well draco, do you want me to tell about this or our sex life"

everything went silent at that, everyone turned to the malfoy heir to see him there with a flushed face and was trying to say something but couldn't.

"well since you have no problem with, so i'm just going to talk about our Little meeting last night, huh" harry said and smirked at the Young blond who still couldn't say a single thing.

"well then last night was wonderful, the way he screamed my name everytime i hit his pro" "stop right there potter, i do not need to hear about my son's sex life, besides he would never be with a halfblood like you" lucius malfoy screamed as he sat up and looked as his son, to see if what potter said was true.

"well i umh i may have spent one or two nights with him" the malfoy heir whispered and looked away from his father.

"one or two night,huh, don't you mean boyfriend of 1 year" the boy-who-just wouldn't die said and gave a Little grin as he ran his hand through his hair and looked at the malfoy boy.

"WHAT, harry you got to be joking, i mean it's malfoy, the evil Little git who never shuts up" ron screamed and sat up, his face was as red as his hair.

"oh come on ron, you can see that they are just made for eachother, i mean harry is clearly the seme, while draco is the uke, they make a perfect match" the girll besides ron said as turned and looked up with a Little bit blush on her cheeks.

"OMG" they heard from the slytherin table "you'r a yaoi fan" pansy screamed and ran over to Hermione where she hugged the life out of her, and started to talk about manga and anime.

"well if everyone is busy, then i guess that i can take this cute Little blond and go, bye bye" harry said and was already at the door with draco and hurried out with the blond right after him.

as soon as they were out nobody moved and nobody made a sound.

"well, that was not something i saw coming" the headmaster said and smiled as he took a lemon drop and popped it in his mouth, at the same time you could hear a faint scream from lucius malfoy's mouth as he fainted.

the end

well that was it, hope you enjoyed it

Moon Vongola