Hi guys! So this is a story about how Clary and Jace met, fell in love or did they?, and yeah, please read and enjoy! AU, AH and OOC too:) this first chapter is Clary's POV but next chapters' are JPOV too;)

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"What the hell is happening here? Jonathan Morgernstren you know very well that today is Saturday! And yet you dare to make a noise when I'm sleeping? What the fuck is your problem? If mom and dad were here... Why did they have to go to some business trip all the way to Europe?" I shouted angrily to my brother while running down the stairs towards kitchen. I had woke up hearing Jon's voice from downstairs and everyone who knows me, knows that I'm definitely not a morning person. As I reached the kitchen I froze. Our kitchen was full of Jon's friends. I mean there were at least 10 of them and the rest of them were in the livingroom playing some video game.

"Jon, what is this? Have you lost it? Are you out of your mind? You bring, what, at least 15 noisy teenage boy to our house on Saturday morning? I have to ask again WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" I yelled the last part

"Clary, calm down, everything's under my control. Please get your morning juice and get out of here, I don't want them to start drooling all over mom's carpet." He ruffled my hair and kissed my forehead. Sighing I went to fridge and grabbed my juice and turned to leave the kitchen. Oh no. All the boys were staring at me.

"Well hello boys and good morning, hope you have a good day!" I smiled to them sweetly, just to piss Jon off. He was the one that woke me up!

"Jon ,you know, you never told me that you have a very hot girlfriend.." A boy with golden hair and golden eyes said. Man, that boy was Hot. With capital H.

"Umm. No I haven't told you that because this lovely redhead here is my baby sister. Clary, this is Jace. Jace, this is Clary." Jon sighed.

"Nice to meet you Clary" Jace said with a wink. Okay, two can play this game my dear.

I walked up to him and bent over to his ear and whispered

"Oh, you have no idea." I kissed his cheek and walked out of the kitchen.

I went back to upstairs and to my room and clodes the door behind me. I walked to my dresser and grabbed my running clothes. Since it was this early and I definitely couldn't sleep anymore, I could always go to run. It was relaxing, I didn't have to think anything and just listen to my favorite music and enjoy. I put my hair up to a ponytail and walked out of my room and towards the frontdoor. I heard some whistles behind me but I didn't turn around. Let them enjoy the view. Yeah, I know I'm good looking but I don't use it like some people. I walked out of the door and began to run.

I hope the boys are gone when I get back here.

After my run I got back home and I wasn't even inside yet and I heard the boys.

Oh, this is just great.. OK, here we go.. I stepped inside and walked towards the stairs but I felt someone staring at me. I turned around just to notice that it was Jace who was staring at me.

"Like what you see?" I asked him

"Actually yes, yes I do." he said smirking "I like very much"

Oh boy.. This boy will be the end of me..

"I'm glad to hear that" I whispered to him

"Okay, I think that's enough. Thank you baby sis you can go now. Jace please close your mouth. For real Clary please go you know that you're wearing almost nothing and these guys are still just teenagers and they have their hormones and I definitely do not want to throw them out."

"Sure, what ever you want big bro" I smiled sweetly to him.

I made my way up the stairs and to my room. I took off my clothes and took shower. I let the water wash away all the worries and at the end I was relaxed and ready for this day.

I put my underclothes on and did my makeup. Then I decided to wear today denim shorts, loose light gray t-shirt and my old sneakers. My red hair I put again up to messy bun. I took one final glance to mirror and I was quite pleased with the result.

I saw a picture of Jon and me on my desk. In that photo I was 6 years and Jon was 8. We were hugging and smiling to camera. Jon has always been my protector and my hero. He still is. When we were younger and I had fallen from a tree he was always there holding me and saying that everything will be alright. I loved him more than anything in my life and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Our parents were often on some business trip or something so it was like I lived with Jon, not with our parents. Jon is just like our father. He's tall and muscular but still lean, just like dad. Jon has blond hair and dark brown, almost black, eyes. I, on the other hand, was tiny. I mean I'm really short. I have not seen at least one person who is 17 like me and this short. But yeah, people often underestimate me. I look very weak but I'm not. I have bright red hair and green eyes. I can make my eyes look very mysterious with right makeup but usually I don't have time to do that.

I walked out of my room and heard someone playing my piano. I mean no one plays Clarissa Morgernstern's piano without her permission. Yes, I talk about myself in third person, got some problems with that? I finally saw the person who was playing my piano. Any guesses? Yeah, the Golden boy himself.

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