Erza Scarlet...

Ever since she left the tower he couldn't deny his need for her which was growing every day. He banned her out of the tower but with the day he was doubting that decision more and more...

the first time they reunited was quite a shock.
He, or to be more specific; Siegrain, met her again in the hallways of Era totally not expecting her there.

Thought the purpose of her being there was mere appolgy for destroying property of innocent civilans, he couldn't help but think she was just there for him, because he knew she heard about the two young mages becoming council members which was published in the weekly sorcerer, inculding pictures, and his face was quite unmistakable because of the red tattoo on the right side of his face, so he knew she knew about him being a council member.

As expected when she saw his face she flew straight at him, totally ignoring the fact that they were in Era and she was attacking a council member, but him being a skilled mage and also having great refexes he blocked the attack effectivly. Then she froze, and glared at his smirking face like she was going to kill him. He, actually fearing for his live because he could see in her eyes that she wasn't kidding and was really capable of slaughtering him there right on the spot, made the worst mistake of telling her he was Jellal's older twin brother. He could see erza still wasn't liking his guts, but was not anymore at the point of killing him there. Seathing her sword, exchanging one last deathglare to him and walking back to her master, who had witnessed the whole spectacle, she dissapeared from his sight again...

But what he wasn't expecting was that Erza, his Scarlet, had grown into a beautiful woman.
He knew she joined a guild enjoying live as an S-class wizard in Fairy tail being known as the mighty Titania, but he didn't know she became this beautiful. He wasn't even sure if the word goddess could describe her.

Her beautiful scarlet hair had grown longer and swayed behind her with every step she took. Her coffee brown eyes sparkled with willpower and strenght. Her strong legs which were cowered mostly by her skirt and boots seemed to strech out for miles. And under her armor he could see she gained a stunning voluptuous figure.

If he only could take that armor away and could see what was underneath...

Jellal had grown older and discovered the sins and mad desires his body beared and knew far too well about that one sin called lust.

After that dreadfull meeting he couldn't help but feel the mad desires running free through his body.

How badly he wanted to take away her armor and those clothes. Let his teeth sink into the soft skin of her neck. Letting his tongue trace her earlobe. Grabbing a fistfull of that beautiful scarlet hair wanting to make her scream his name. Crashing his lips to hers biting her plumb lips letting her release muffeled moans. Letting his hands cascade down her supple body tracing every soft curve making her arch her back in the process. Letting his hands end at her hips digging his nails into her skin while making her hiss in ecstacy. Making his fingers trail down to her womanhood and entering that soft and wet cave making her groan so bad he only wanted to hear more. Taking his time to pleasure her, and letting her release her groans, only to stop just before her climax. Taking his fingers out and lapping up her juices eagerly, finally letting his manhood carve out her crimson chamber, taking them both to their climax, hearing moans, hisses, screams and groans he wanted to hear so badly in the heated passion that was only theirs.


That was what he wanted.

And he couldn't help but think of it every hour just wanting to claim his dear scarlet.

He knew, that one day his time would finally come. She would become his sacrifice and they would be able to finally have their freedom and live in heaven.

But before that he just had to wait a little longer, so he was only bound to fantasizing about it untill their time would come...

so i was having a conversation with thunderfall about who would top in jerza and out of the sudden i got inspiration to write some great jerza lemons
(kinda weird because my first jerza story is gonna be smut)

and this was the result... jellal/siegrain might be a little bit occ for being suddely a lust hungry wolf, and most of the lemons wil be siegrains/jellals fantasies but i don't care. just enjoy :3

(also sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes because english is not my native language)