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Chapter Sixteen.

"I liked this wine," Bella murmured softly, handing Edward the glass she had stolen from him just seconds ago.

"I'm glad," he whispered with a soft smile, downing the rest of the red colour liquid before sitting the glass down and pulling Bella tighter against his chest. "And I'm glad you enjoyed dinner so much."

"First time I've eaten here. I worked here hours a day but never tasted the food; it's amazing." Bella whispered, looking up at him. "But, Edward, I really don't know anything about running a restaurant."

"Then I'll teach you everything you need to know. Dessert?" he asked softly, before placing a lingering kiss on her head.

"Um…..sure; maybe some tiramisu," she muttered. "You know you didn't have to run your brothers off."

"Yes, I did. I wanted to spend some time with just you," Edward chuckled, motioning at the waiter that stood at the back of the room to order Bella's chosen dessert. "Plus, my sisters-in-law would kill them if they were too late. My brothers will never admit that they are terrified of their wives."

"Are you terrified of me?" Bella said teasingly, fluttering her eyelashes.

"No," he answered, looking at her softly. "I am terrified of losing you, of you walking away from me. I am terrified that who I am drives you away from me. I am terrified that, by being with you, I have made you a target."

"I won't be leaving you, Edward," Bella said gently, shifting her body so that she was now straddling him, draping her arms over her neck as her fingers began to with the fine hairs there. "Truth be told, you are the first person in a long time that has paid any attention to me and I like it."

Chuckling, Edward wrapped his arms around her, pulling her even closer to him, causing his already hard cock to grind slightly against her. "You are a gift from the heavens, mia bella."

"You say that now," she said sassily, sitting up as best she could and propping her hands on her hips in a faux stern expression, "but just you wait! You think your sisters-in-law are terrible? I'm worse."

The sharp burst of laughter that came from Edward startled Bella so much so that she had to hold onto his shoulders to keep from falling off of his lap.

"Oh crap!" Bella giggled, "I almost broke my ass."

"We wouldn't want that happening, now would we?" Edward growled, pulling Bella back into his chest. "God, how I love that sound," he sighed softly when he came down from his laughing high, cupping her cheek with his hand.

"Your dessert, Mr. Cullen," the waiter said, truly uncomfortable with what he was witnessing.

"Thank you. You may leave," Edward whispered. "Close the door behind you and do not permit anyone to enter unless I say so."

Both Bella and Edward's gaze was heated as they looked at each other, both waiting impatiently for the waiter to leave; as soon the door clicked shut, Bella took over.

Slowly, she stood from where she was seated on Edward's lap and removed her dress in one singular movement before she proceeded to take off the singular scrap of cloth she called her underwear.

Then, when she was completely naked, she stepped in-between Edward's legs and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his perfectly sculpted chest, lowering her head to place kisses on every inch of skin that was revealed to her.

"What are you doing, mia bella?" Edward croaked, looking out down at the woman kneeling in front of him, stripped bare of every article of clothing, her skin taking on a beautiful glow in the soft lighting of the private room.

"Hush, I need this," Bella whispered before sliding back upwards and once again straddling his lap and eagerly claiming his lips.

Even though their kiss was slow, the passion behind it was raw. Tongue moved softly against each other, neither of them fighting for dominance. His hands clawed at her back, eager to hold as much of her as he could. It was maddening to him that he could be so close to her but still not be close enough.

"Edward, take me. Please, take me," Bella pleaded as their kiss broke for a second.

"Oh my sweet, sweet love," he sighed, shifting her so that he could easily slip his pants and boxers down to free his already hard cock.

Smiling softly, Bella positioned herself over Edward again and ever so slowly, she allowed herself to slide down his cock, sighing as she once again became filled by the man who had in a short time, became her world.

Soft and gentle hands pulled his chin downwards before even softer lips pressed against his, an all too familiar tongue gently coaxed open his lips before their tongues met in a fight for dominance.

A soft whimper from her and a triumphant growl from him resounded in a small room, as Edward began to slowly explore her mouth, savouring every bit of his Bella that he could get.

Slowly, she began to rise and fall, tightly holding onto his cock, driving them both to the edge of ecstasy. He, too, began to thrust his hips upwards, driving his cock even deeper into her, but, as brutal his thrusts were, his pace was unhurried, in an attempt to prolong the pleasure that filled every inch of their bodies.

Her nails dug into his shoulder, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she neared her orgasm. Edward too, held onto her hips in an almost bruising manner, his grunts turning into growls as his eyes looked at every bit of pleasure that his woman was in.

All too soon, they fell over the precipice, their cries of pleasure muffled by their kisses.

Bella collapsed onto his chest with a huff, her sweaty body trembling as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her as the walls of her pussy continued to clamp down on his rapidly softening cock, milking it of every bit of cum he had to offer.

"Not to complain, but where did that come from?" Edward asked softly, brushing her hair over her shoulder.

"It wasn't my laugh that you wanted to say that you love," Bella whispered, looking up at him.

"Really?" Edward asked, raising his eyebrow to look at her.

"Yes. You wanted to say that you loved me and I just wanted to show you that I loved you, too,"

"That is quite presumptuous of you," Edward muttered, tightening his hold on her naked body. "But, you are right. You are very right. I am in love with you, mia bella. You and only you."