Stiles and Derek: Choices

Summary: Stiles is afraid. A mysterious killer is loose in Beacon Hills, killing all the virgins as sacrifices. Stiles is really scared and doesn't want to die. He makes a choice to ask Derek for what he's always said he doesn't want, but part of him really does.

Pairing: Eventual Sterek


"What did you say?"

Derek looked at the boy standing in the doorway of his loft again. He looked into those cinnamon eyes, full of conflict and uncertainty, but above all fear and anxiety. Stiles was afraid.

"I said I want it," Stiles said, looking Derek straight in the eyes. "I want the bite."

Derek felt like his stomach had just done a backflip. Never had he expected to ever hear Stiles ask for it.

He still felt the anxiety pouring off of the teen in waves.

"You're afraid," Derek spoke, it was a statement.

Stiles held his eyes for several moments.

"Yes," the teen whispered with a nervous expression. "I don't want to die Derek. People are being killed. I'm a virgin Derek!"

Derek felt a rush of emotion in his chest again. He could understand why Stiles was scared. He didn't want that either, for Stiles to die. He didn't really hate the boy at all. That was so far from how he'd describe them.

"Stiles you're sure?" Derek asked him with a serious frown. "I'll give you the bite if that's what you want. You're sure?"

Stiles held Derek's gaze for what seemed an eternity. People were dying, being sacrificed. If it was the alphas, and they came after him, Stiles knew he wouldn't be able to fight them off as a mere human.

It was more than that. Stiles actually wanted it. Peter had tempted him with it once before. He wanted the super speed, hearing, and smell. He wanted to not be weak, as he remembered the beating he'd taken from Gerard.

Above all, Stiles really didn't want to die.

"I'm sure Derek," Stiles spoke finally.

His eyes were nervous, but determined. Stiles really wanted this.

"Alright Stiles," Derek said in a low growl. "Come here."

Stiles inhaled for courage, stepping toward Derek slowly. This was it. He wouldn't be just human Stiles Stilinski anymore after this, he'd be one of them.

Derek's eyes flashed red as he got closer, and the alpha's fangs elongated. Stiles hesistated, taking a step back. Derek had his arm in a flash, bringing his fangs down into the creamy skin.

Stiles let out a gasp of pain as the canines sank into his flesh. It was only for a few seconds. A burning heat rushed through his veins, and the fangs were gone.

He held his arm looking at the angry red flesh around the teeth marks, willing himself not to panic. The wound was still hot and burning.

"Is that?" he whispered.

"Yes," Derek nodded. "That's the venom. The bite's already starting to take. If your body doesn't reject it you'll be turned by tomorrow morning."

Stiles inhaled shakily and stepped past Derek, sinking onto the couch in his living room. It was already too late, no going back. The bite was already taking.

No regrets now.

"Are you okay?" Derek asked, surprisingly gently.

"Yeah," Stiles whispered. "I'll be fine. Truth is I've kinda wanted it since Peter asked. I've always asked myself what if, ya know?"

Derek looked at him thoughtfully, stepping closer and sitting next to him on the couch. He placed a supportive hand on Stiles' shoulder.

"You're going to be a powerful werewolf Stiles," Derek told him, looking into his cinnamon eyes. "That's why Peter wanted you. I always knew you would be."

Stiles wondered if he really believed that. He was going to be powerful?

"Its true Stiles," Derek went on. "I could always sense it. You have no idea how often I've considered biting you, but I needed you to want it. We could use that power Stiles."

Stiles still couldn't believe what Derek was telling him. He was going to be powerful? He was going to be Derek's beta too. That thought ran through his mind as he looked into the older man's blue eyes. Derek was his alpha.

Somehow it felt right. Stiles found that part of him accepted it. Derek should be his alpha. Things were going to change between them.

"Yes Stiles," Derek whispered. "Things are going to change. You'll be one of us, my beta."

The older man said it almost fondly. This wasn't even Derek's usual hostile expression.

"You'll be easy with me, right Derek? You won't push me too hard at first."

Derek actually smirked a little at that. That was a fear all new wolves had, that he'd push them too hard.

"I think you'll find Stiles that when you're a werewolf it won't be too hard at all. You'll be amazed what your new body can do."

That put him at ease at least a little. Derek wasn't going to put him through any training his new werewolf body wouldn't be able to handle.

"Do you want to crash here tonight?" Derek offered. "I'd prefer if I could keep an eye on you, or I could crash in your bedroom."

"No that's fine," Stiles shrugged non-chalantly. "Here's good. I'm kinda hungry though."

He expected anger, but all he got was a thoughtful look, before Derek reached in his jeans pocket for his phone.

"What do you want? I'll order us something."

Stiles thought about it, his brain quickly reaching its conclusion.

"Can we have pizza?" Stiles asked with a grin.

"Whatever you want," Derek told him.

He pulled up the pizza parlor's number on Google and hit call. After placing the order for a large meat-lovers he went into the kitchen to get plates from the cupboard.

Stiles watched Derek set the table with a strange expression. The older man was never this nice. Still, the two of them had gotten a little closer lately.

He was going to be like him. That fact hit Stiles again. He would be one of them, a lycanthrope. The bite still burned and sent heat through his blood every so often.

It felt weird to realize he was already turning.

"My gods Derek," he whispered. "I'm really turning. I feel different, so strange. Heat."

Derek smiled a little. That was actually a good sign. The heat meant Stiles' body was accepting it. It was already in his blood, his genes and organs were taking to the mutation.

The knock at the loft door tore Derek from his thoughts. That was surely the pizza man.

"I'd better go get that."


Author's Note: First chapter of many to come. Derek helps Stiles through the change, and as he does he can't keep ignoring the growing feelings for his new beta. The change to a werewolf only deepens Derek's confusion and desire.

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