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Chapter 2. Two sides of the city. Magic_and_Science.

Part 1.

Kanzaki Kaori was running on night streets of Academy City.

There was not even a hint of sweat on her stoic face despite her hot run at speed impossible for a human being. Her eyes remained fixed on the street, while the darkness was hiding everything under its guise. It was not a problem for her to pierce the night with her outstanding eyesight. Moreover, she did not rely only on her sight. At such speed, it was impossible.

Kanzaki made up for her lacking eyesight with her other senses. She could feel even slightest changes in night air, and her ears could pick up all sounds of the sleeping city. A heavy stench of rotting food and feces was strong enough to knock out a man, who was not used to living in such places. As such, it was impossible for a superhuman like Kanzaki Kaori not to smell it. In fact, it made her want to throw up. But she endured.

I have been through worse.

Kanzaki's expression grew grim. She remembered what kind of life she led. A sheltered lady in an enclosed society. It was impossible for her to interact with representatives of the other world with a solid wall made from her subordinates. However, her world was invaded over and over again. And, of course, it led to uncountable losses.

It's not time to think about it.

Kanzaki shook her head hard. Even when her head was filled with all sorts of thoughts, her pace did not change. Like a skilled martial artist, she let her body lead her, relying on her perfect reflexes and a distant presence of her target to cut through the city.


However, there was a change that made her footing falter. She caught herself in less time than a normal human needed to blink, though.

It split? It's impossible.

The presence doubled. Kanzaki frowned and lost herself in thoughts.

Both targets are moving in opposite directions. They still are not far from each other, so I should be able to continue pursuit even if I fail at picking my initial target. What to choose…?

One presence was smaller than other, so it made sense that the bigger one was her target. However, Kanzaki knew that the girl in question was not as stupid as to let herself be caught because of such a mistake. As such, it was possible that the bigger one was just made for misleading pursuers.

Nevertheless, it was uncertain if the girl could pull off something like that.

But it's Index. She was able to infiltrate Academy City and hide from us, relying only on her intellect. What if…?

Kanzaki sighed slightly.

I know, I'm probably mistaken. But that's what you want, right?

She finally made her decision.

Part 2.

Kamijou Touma left his dorm through the balcony.

It was probably possible to leave at night without even disturbing a dorm manager, since Touma had rarely seen them before, but he decided that it was not worth the risk. Besides, he used to climb the walls in order to get to his room after sleepless night after he was chased by some strange people, so he was sure that he would be able to safely return home. Or, rather, his small room.

Kamijou saw that the lights in his neighbors' rooms were off, so he knew that he would not bring much attention to himself. It was strange that Tsuchimikado was not still awake but Touma decided it did not matter much. He could always ask Motoharu himself.

Once his feet touched the cold ground, Kamijou let out a small breath and turned his back to the wall. The last check of his phone's screen showed that it was still dead. Kamijou silently damned himself for using it to shield from Biri Biri's lightning attack. He could not call for help if he needed it.

"How come I always get in troubles so unprepared? It's not like I'm an airheaded superhero from comics, right? And even they know when to make needed preparations." Kamijou sighed and crossed the road. He had no idea that just a day before a silver-haired nun was running down the same road just on rooftops. And he definitely did not know that if the fate was a bit more cruel, his life would be changed a lot more than he could imagine even in wildest dreams.

Once he made sure that he would not be seen from any window of his dorm, Kamijou started to run. It was just a fifteen-minute walk from his dorm to his destination, but he felt a burning desire to get done with his trouble quicker if he could help it.

Kamijou was a bit afraid. He did not understand what the mysterious sender of the letter meant by his words, and it was dark. The darkness was dangerous for normal humans, and the boy seriously thought that was but a normal human.

However, he did not think about what normal humans would do, if they were in his boots. He did not even call Anti-Skill, the organization meant to deal with internal problems of Academy City. Nor did he inform Judgement, the organization made of students who pursued the same ideals as he did. He did not even bother to call Komoe-sensei in case things would go south.

Was it the youth that got in his head?

Anyways, Kamijou did not realize that he could be called 'an airheaded hero from comics'.

Finally, his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness of night, and he was able to see trees which made the entrance of the park. Of course, it was surrounded by fences but he was not surprised to see that huge gates were open. Holding his breath, Kamijou stepped into the park's territory.

He felt how the air changed.

It was like he found himself in another world. Kamijou could not see any change in the surroundings, but it was obvious for him that something was wrong with this place.

For example, he could feel a high-class killing intent coming from the tall figure standing in the centre of the park. It was standing beside a fountain which was not working at night.

The park was intended to look like a classical crossroad made of four main roads leading to a fountain. There were some small paths in the woods but they were made later when it became clear that some people could be lost even there. With the fountain as their centre, the trees made a perfect circle with a fifteen-meter radius.

Kamijou frowned. There was enough space to set up all kinds of traps in the woods, and he knew that there was even a small artificial river in the southern part of the park. If he were to fight an Esper with a specific ability to control water or hydrogen, he would be screwed the moment he decided to hide there.

Besides, he was not sure in his ability to fight in the woods. With twigs and root in his way, hidden by darkness, it was nigh impossible to be able to effectively fight in close quarters.

However, when he was not hidden by trees, he was completely open to long-distance attacks. Kamijou was an able fighter, indeed, but even he could be bested by a quick-witted Esper with a suiting ability.

What am I thinking about? Kamijou bit his lip hard to get rid of thoughts that penetrated his mental barriers. He needed to learn about that figure's intentions before getting ready to fight.

"What are you waiting for, Kamijou Touma?" A clear male voice rang out.

Kamijou froze on his place, unable to think properly. He made sure to walk as quietly as he could, and he was still at the distance where his footsteps should not be heard. How did that person do it?

"Who are you?" Kamijou let out a trembling voice.

"I am a Magician." The figure turned around to face him.

Kamijou squinted his eyes, not failing to notice short red hair of the 'Magician'. The man was clad in a black robe which made his image even more dark and mysterious.

However, Kamijou was not impressed.

"C'mon, you're in the country where cosplay is norm. Did you think that your costume would be enough to get to the heart of a tough hardcore gamer with an entire life of endless practice?" Kamijou sighed. "Your clothes are probably so hot that it's hard to move on Summer. Also, it restricts your movements, and it's probably heavy like hell. Work on your image better, you amateur!"

The cold expression on the man's face broke into an evil grin.

"Huh. I see, you've got no taste at all. Well, I assume, it was clear from your poor choice of clothes."

"Shut up, you damn fake! Do you know how hard it is to live with my allowance? I barely can spend money on my textbooks and other stuff to study! Show some respect to hard-working high school students with virtually no money at all!" Kamijou cried, ignoring the vicious scowl on the man's face.

"Enough of this farce."

The self-styled Magician pulled a card out of his sleeve and threw it on the ground.

"I prepared about twelve spells to test your speed, agility, power, reflexes, thinking in hard situations and intuition. However, I'm going to discard of that shit. I don't need such a whiny partner. Why don't you go to Purgatory?"

The moment the card fell on the ground…

…A burning sword appeared in the man's hand.

"So you weren't joking at all, huh?" Kamijou shielded his eyes with his left hand and let his body to get into fighting stance. He slightly bent his legs and his back to be ready to react to surprise attacks.

There was only one thought spinning in his head as he saw the man running towards him.

I see. So he's totally a chuuni with power.

Part 3.

School District 10 was one of the most dangerous districts of Academy City.

It was poorly managed with its battered buildings hidden by magnificence of other parts of the city. Most of its inhabitants were delinquents who found out that there could be made perfect hideouts since Anti-Skill rarely bothered to look for them here. And so, it was divided by various bands of delinquents.

The back-alleys here were ruled by the most powerful individuals who managed to survive with the harsh of the street imposed on them. As such, it was undeniably nostalgic for the most powerful Esper of Academy City to return back on these back-alleys where he spent his youth.

"There's still this stench of blood, huh? Some things remain unchanged." A white-haired teenager with scarlet red eyes grinned widely at the girl who stood in front of him. Her features were hidden by the darkness and big military goggles. It was clear that she had brown chestnut-colored hair and she was young. What was strange though? She wore Tokiwadai uniform.

And her words were shocking no less than her school uniform.

"Misaka is unable to understand the meaning behind the target's words, Misaka says while Misaka looks intently at you."

"Huh? Still clinging to 'the target'? It's childish. You should be always ready to spell the name of your opponent." The teenager smiled, his smile splitting his face in two. "You should be proud, after all. Your opponent is the strongest in this shitty city, Accelerator."

The teenager's features were hard to describe. It was possible to take them for a boy, as well as a girl. Accelerator, though, called himself a male.

He wore a black t-shirt with a spider web-like pattern on it and light-blue jeans. His white sneakers were not suited for combat but Accelerator did not care.

Accelerator frowned, looking at the girl's hands.

"No weapon this time?" He asked and sighed, looking disheartened. "It would be boring, huh? What about making some rules to make it fun?"

"Misaka doesn't understand the meaning of your words, Misaka repeats with a confused look." Despite her words, the girl's expression never changed. Accelerator could not confirm it because of goggles, though. "The experiment will end once Misaka is dead so it is meaningless to make rules."

"You're boring. Well, I think…" Accelerator flashed a playful grin of a predator. "I'll let you off the hook if you connect one attack."

"Misaka thinks that it is a cruel condition because the target has never been hit over the course of 8965 previous experiments, Misaka voices her opinion."

Accelerator cocked his head waiting for the girl's next words.

"The local time now is 03.59 AM. There are 15 seconds left before the start of the experiment." The girl slightly bent her legs and changed her stance. It was a fighting stance of a soldier, which did not fit her. "Misaka will now confirm the target's intention to start the experiment-"

"There's no need for that." Accelerator with a maniacal laughter lightly lift his right leg and slowly touched the ground with the foot. Once he did it, his whole body flew towards the girl.

The trajectory of his flight was an unnatural one. Accelerator did not bother with its form choosing the easiest one, the straight line.

And it was easily predictable.

The girl jumped to the side, releasing a bluish-white lightning in the process. Her attack intercepted her opponent, and…

It blew off magnificently, giving off bright sparks, but Accelerator continued his flight.

The wild grin on his face grew even more wide, and he broke his flight by unnaturally turning in the mid-air and touching a wall on his left with his legs. It looked like he broke physics' rules. With the vector of his movement changed without any loss in momentum, Accelerator closed the gap between him and the girl in but a moment.

The girl ducked desperately under his body and attacked him with electricity again. This time around she created a strong electromagnetic field by using her whole body as an isolator and slightly changing the characteristics of her surroundings. The mechanics behind her powerful attack were the only thing that helped her to survive a violent outcome of Accelerator's comeback.

Bluish-white sparks could not even touch the #1's body, and they were completely repelled. What was more, the electric current was redirected forcibly at the girl herself. Thanks to the way she attacked, she sustained only a light damage with a slight cry of pain, and was able to move freely to escape the clutch of Accelerator's hand.

"That was clever, girl! Show me more!" Accelerator cried out with a distinct bloodlust in joyous voice. He turned in the mid-air again, ending his flight and managing to stand somehow on the wall. Seeing that the girl just watched his movements, he sighed. "Now, that's boring."

"Misaka succeeded in moving the target to the intended place." The girl's lips moved slightly. She raised her hand slightly and tugged on something invisible.

Accelerator looked up and saw an air conditioning unit falling on him. His grin faded away with an expression of boredom surfacing on his face.

"It's useless."

The moment air conditioning unit landed on Accelerator's back, it exploded enveloping him in bright flames.

The girl caught her breath and steadied her footing. She filled that air conditioning unit with highly flammable fluids made specifically for this fight. The girl had no idea what it was made of, but its effect was undeniable. It would rob the target of oxygen, and the explosion with resulting heat should kill him.


It was not enough.

Accelerator's body shot from the smoke. The girl's reaction was a fraction of second later than needed, and the boy's palm sent her flying into the wall. She heard an unpleasant creaking sound of her bones and coughed the blood. Her injuries were not life-threatening but she was not able to move as quickly as she used to. It was the end for her.

"I admit, it was a good move. However, your opponent is me. Did you think that it would be enough to kill me?" Accelerator mocked her. The girl did not answer him.

Her goggles flew off her face while she was flying towards the wall, so now her identity was clear. Her face and her physics was completely identical to that of Misaka Mikoto.

The girl touched the back of her head. It seemed that it was bleeding.

Her sense of balance was affected by the sheer impact of her back meeting the wall, so it was useless to try and stand up. Besides, she did not have time.

Accelerator made a step after step, smiling brightly. His eyes were fixed solely on the girl's face, and it was like he wanted to devour her whole.

He looked like a predator in the wild before making a final leap at its pry.

He looked like an angel of death with its wings spread fully.

He looked completely delighted.

However, his expression grew contorted somewhat for a moment.

And the girl did not overlook that opening and let out her last attack.

The lightning flew towards Accelerator…

And his face suddenly turned into a grimace of pain and shock.

Part 4.

Stiyl Magnus kicked off the ground with his fire sword lagging behind. It felt weightless in his hand, and he prepared some counter-measures just in case, but Magician tried to level it properly.

Kamijou Touma's gaze was fixed only on Stiyl's weapon, and it was easy to see how his body tensed. For some reason, the Esper did not even try to move from his position. Instead, he shifted his center of gravity even lower.

Stiyl reached a place from which he could strike the boy, and he moved his arm. The long fire sword swished at Kamijou's head.

There was a sound of glass breaking.

"You're not proficient in CQC, are you?" The boy's right hand shot out and grabbed Stiyl's wrist. The long fire sword vanished completely leaving in its place only scalding heat.

"Oh?" Stiyl smirked, not trying to move. The boy's grip was surprisingly tight.

"There was a slight lag in your movements. It looked like you tried too hard to keep your fire sword in check." Kamijou explained lazily. "I've got no idea what you're thinking about, but give up. It's hard to fight me in CQC for a long-range fighter, and I've got your Personal Reality sealed."

"Personal Reality? What the hell is that?" Stiyl frowned.

The boy still thought that Stiyl was just an Esper, pretending to be a Magician. That much was clear.

His words about a seal made sense, because Stiyl could not refine his life energy into magical energy no matter how hard he tried. It made him wonder what was the exact nature of the boy's power.

"Huh?" Kamijou raised his an eyebrow. And then he cringed in pain.

Stiyl kicked him in the shin and freed his wrist. Then he kicked the ground and jumped from Kamijou who tried to punch him in the gut with his left hand.

"Hey… Your clothes…" Kamijou's confused look made Stiyl smirk.

"Is it not enough to prove my point? Well then… Let me show you something on the entire new level." Stiyl did not think that using his ace in the sleeve would be cheating. The power in the boy's right hand was a cheat itself.

When he thought about it, Stiyl could not prove the existence of magic with his usual attacks since it was still possible for an Esper. It meant that he needed something powerful. Something that would not give in to the boy's right hand.

"M T W O T F F T O. (O one of the five great elements that give a shape to this world.) I I G O I I O F. (The great flame of the origin.)" The speed at which Stiyl chanted was incredible. He made use of the universal system made in Middle Age, which allowed him to shorten the time needed for chanting. His breathing techniques made his mind clear and tranquil, while his blood pressure raised rapidly. "I I B O L A I I A O E. (It is a divine light that blesses a one's life, and it is a divine light that punishes a sinner.) I I M H A I I B O D. (Its calm blessings and cold misfortune drive away the darkness.) I I N F I I M S. (The name is fire, the role is the sword.)"

It seemed the boy felt that something was amiss, and he rushed forward. Sadly, it was too late.

"I C R M M B G P! (I hereby summon thee for thou to become the power that eats away one's body!)"

In a burning flash, the order was overruled by an overwhelming presence of a fire giant. Its height was easily three meters, and its width was more than two meters. The burning shape of the fire giant intercepted the boy who charged at him.

The right hand of the boy who could kill illusions blocked the cross-like stake that appeared in the hands of the fire giant.

"What? It's impossible!"

Stiyl heard the boy's cry of surprise. There was no pain in his voice, just a little bit of strain. It seemed that his right hand was able to handle some aftereffects of the attack just fine in case it was touching the source of it directly.

That's something to remember, Stiyl thought with a smirk.

"So. Is it something that Espers are able to do?" Magician asked.

"No." The boy's voice was clear. Stiyl watched as the giant's hands were thrown away, and its form shook. "It's not like I can believe in magic instantly just because of this autonomous creature-"

The giant's form trembled. The heat became less threatening to surroundings, and it shrank ever so slightly.

What happened? Stiyl thought.

"-But I don't think that any of Pyrokinesists is able to do something like that. And no one of them is able to use their power via some strange cards." The boy's voice struck Stiyl more than any of his attempts to punch Magician.

"You've seen through it. You pass." Stiyl let out a breath tiredly and shut down the flow of magical energy in his body forcibly. It was exhausting to fuel the fire giant called Innocentius, whose very name held the meaning of sure death for sinners.

And so, Stiyl did not expect a punch flying towards his face.

"No one in his right mind tries to kill his new-to-be partner!"

Part 5.

Kanzaki Kaori stood in one of the back-alleys of School District 10.

In the end, she decided to pursue the smaller presence which was revealed to be a frightened kitten with the white hood on its body. Its fur made it clear that it was a small calico cat.

"I did make a mistake, huh?" The girl murmured and took the hood with her. She tried to touch the kitten, but it ran away from her, meowing.

Kanzaki straightened her body and turned around.

It was time to pursue her true target.

Part 6.

Accelerator was bewildered.

His hand twitched from the electric current running through his body but he forced it out. With his power dealing with such an attack was not a problem.

However, the problem lay in the reason why he was hit when his ability should have simply reflected the lightning.

The nature of Accelerator's ability lay in vector control. It meant that as long as something had a vector he could control and redirect it. In other words, he could not be hit by anything since his redirection worked passively.

Then what made him vulnerable to the weak lightning?

Just a moment before Accelerator made an unpleasant expression which caused the girl to attack him, he felt a strange pressure in his chest. It was like something was warping his lungs and his sense of balance was affected by the strange phenomenon.

Accelerator knew that it was not an Esper's doing. He fought almost every type of Esper in the city, leaving behind only a bloody mess of a human. And no one was able to leave even a scratch on him, and no one was able to cause him any troubles.

Except for a silver-haired girl in a pristine white nun's habit with a sophisticated pattern on it. Just one glance at her clothes made Accelerator's head hurt badly forcing him to look away.

He felt it was dangerous to look at the nun's habit.

It seemed that the pattern held some kind of a code. It was not a problem for Accelerator to decipher it, but he decided that it would not be worth his efforts.

"Stop right there, you pitiful lamb who got lost in the darkness."

The girl's words pierced Accelerator's heart. He could not move nor could he shut her up like he usually did. He felt a divine light residing in the heart of the silver-haired Sister.

What a joke. A real Sister, and we've got a military clone with a codename Sister, Accelerator thought.

"I have no power to stop you. However, I beg of you." Sister continued in her melodic voice.

What? There is no need to beg a cold-hearted bastard like me.

"Let her go. It is a strong's right, and I feel that you are strong. You just need to touch what sleeps deep inside of you, and you'll be able to do it." Sister continued to persuade him.

Accelerator gritted his teeth.

Why? Why does she talk to me like I am a human? I am a goddamn monster. I am a murderer.

His bitter thoughts tore at his own heart.

"I'm sure that you are a-"

"No. More." Accelerator growled, unable to take it anymore. He charged at the girl and tried to push her with his palm. Normally, it would be enough to send a human flying.

However, she held her ground.

Her pristine white habit glowed slightly, and the golden pattern changed ever so slightly, absorbing the shock completely. It was like his attack never existed.

"What?" Accelerator knew that there was nothing in the world that could stop his attack like that. Nothing.

And yet, the girl stood unperturbed by his attack. Her clear green eyes looked at him strongly, yet gently, reproachfully, yet kindly. It was like she could accept him as he was, a cold-blooded murderer, an unstoppable monster, a walking machine, and a kind-

Accelerator interrupted his thoughts with a huff, and looked away from Sister.

"Hey, you." His bitter voice reached the ears of the girl who stood behind him. "The experiment is over. I am a man of my word."

"But Tree Diagram-"

"It's just a machine. It predicted that you would die at the fourth turn, right? It was mistaken, and you're alive. That's all." Accelerator spoke quietly, his head hung. "Return to your damn laboratory and be proud. You are the first, after all."

The girl picked up her broken goggles silently, and holding her sides with her hands disappeared in the darkness.

"Happy now?" Accelerator growled, finally looking at Sister.

She beamed brightly at him.

Her smile reminded him of painful memories of his past.

"Say, what's your name, mister?" She asked.

"Huh?" Accelerator frowned.

"I want to know your name, mister." Sister repeated her question.

"…You first."

"Ah, right." Sister fidgeted a little, embarrassed. "I am Index. Index Librorum Prohibitorum."

"Huh? Why do you have a name with such a meaning?" Accelerator asked. "Ah, no matter."

He scratched his head. He had long decided not to use his name anymore.

However, the light in Index's eyes made him reconsider his decision. And as his mouth opened…

An another change occurred.

Part 7.

Another woman appeared on the scene.

Her clothes were even less normal than a nun's habit if it was even possible. Jeans with a torn leg and a t-shirt with a knot right above the woman's midriff.

The woman had a two-meter long katana. Or maybe, it was a nodachi.

And... there was a white hood in her hand.

Accelerator frowned, shielding Index instinctively. Besides, he could see that the girl was trembling ever so slightly. Her hair was uncovered, and the hood looked like a part of her clothes.

What am I doing?

"No, mister. Run away, it is not-" She tried to drive him away. She tried to deal with her problem herself.

What a kind-hearted little hypocrite.

"You butted into my fight. I'm going to do the same with yours." Accelerator shook his head.

"Step away from her." The woman spoke coldly.

"Make me." Accelerator grinned. The girl grabbed his t-shirt but he gently shook her hand away.

"I have no choice then." The woman focused her intent gaze on the teenager and charged at him at supersonic speed.

Accelerator decided to do the same.

They bodies clashed at neck-breaking speed, and the outcome was clear.

The woman was sent flying in the more open space, while Accelerator was stopped in his tracks.

The white hood was now in his hands. He threw it towards Index and looked at the woman who blocked his attack with just her unexpectedly sturdy weapon.

"Interesting. Very interesting. Who are you, missy?" Accelerator laughed cruelly and charged at the woman again.

"You do not need to know my name, beast!" The woman somersaulted in the mid-air and touched the ground for a split second before disappearing.

"Huh? Illusions? And here I was, hoping for some fun!" Accelerator exclaimed, landing on the spot where the woman was a moment ago. Suddenly, his gaze caught a sight of ultra-thin wires closing in on him. A wild grin appeared on his face before an explosion enveloped him.

He kicked the ground hoping for some oxygen because the air around him was scattered by the explosion, but he was met by another web of wires.

"Again?" Accelerator whistled and waved his hand. The web was broken by strong unexpected gusts of wind, and he changed his vectors to fly to the rooftop where the mysterious woman was standing.

"Nanasen." She clicked her tongue and repeated her attack.

Accelerator simply ignored it. The wires touched his body, and they stopped it.

"Huh?" Accelerator was impressed. He redirected the wires, but the woman held them in place with just her brute force. "Aren't we strong?"

He changed the vectors of the wind again, cutting through the wires and sending it towards the woman. She jumped high in the air.

"O the light that shines through the darkness. Let thy sword slice through my enemies!" With a short chant, she unsheathed her sword in just a split second and cut through the air in Accelerator's direction. Her strike turned into a light stream that collided with a teenager's body.

However, the light dissipated in the air.

"It wasn't redirected?" Accelerator muttered under his breath and looked up, landing gently on the rooftop. The woman made a full arc, landing on the other rooftop. Her stance changed, she bent her legs and curtly drew her long sword.

"The fire that burned away thy mother and was split into eight parts. Engulf everything in flames, Kagutsuchi!"

Her slash in a long arc was coupled with an attack from another seven wires.

Burning flames enveloped Accelerator once again.

That's clever. She cannot touch me nor is she able to cut me with her sword. So, she tries to rob me of air and cloud my mind in order to mess with my concentration. However… Accelerator frowned at the thought, jumping out of flames unharmed. Her attacks have different origins. Yet, it does not seem that she is Dual Skill…

Accelerator raised an eyebrow mid-flight. The strange pressure from before did not disappear even though he made sure to distance himself from Sister.

Is it another Esper system that interferes with an AIM-field? Accelerator wondered, flying towards the woman.

The woman sat on her knee, her sword sheathed, and waved her fingers slightly, changing the construction made from her wires. The wires glinted unnaturally under starlight, and Accelerator's eyes widened when he felt a slight pain in his temples.

It is a mind control technique? Who is she, a ninja? Accelerator breathed out and brought his hand to his head. The pain subsided, leaving him with unpleasant thoughts. It seemed that concentrated AIM-field was able to deal with the unknown technique.

The woman looked at him with a frown on her face.

The teenager smiled like a wild beast.

Her hands were ready to draw the sword.

His hands were ready to take her life.

Yet, the fight was destined to end at this moment.

The woman brought her hand to her ear in surprise.

The teenager heard his phone ringing.



Their voices overlapped.

The fight had come to an anticlimactic end.

Part 8.

"Hey, mister. You still did not tell me your name." Index smiled in relief seeing Accelerator returning to her. The teenager raised an eyebrow in surprise, but he only heaved a sigh.

"Do not bother with it. Just call me Accelerator."

"Okay." Index smiled innocently like a kid. Accelerator squinted his eyes, knowing that he would never be able to flash the same kind of smile.

Besides, it was impossible for him to accept a completely unknown person like Sister in front of him did.

But maybe…

He needed to try?

"Let's go. I drove that woman away, so you'll be safe for the night." Accelerator turned away from Index and started walking away. "I want you to tell me more. About the supernatural abilities that exist outside Academy City."

Index hopped behind him and only smiled in return.

Accelerator sighed, remembering the voice that stopped him from continuing the fight.

"You touched the forbidden fruit before you were intended to. Stop the fight unless your curiosity kills the innocent ones."



"And what if I refuse?"

"You'll be denied the hope that was given to you by that girl."

"You bastard…"

"Take care of her for a day. But you are not to get close to her."

"Who are you to demand something like that from me?"

"I am Academy City. I am General Superintendant. My name is Aleister. Nice to speak with you so soon."

He knew my name. As expected of a person with the biggest authority in the city.

Accelerator left the back-alley. He had a lot to learn about the world around him.

Part 9.

"What is the meaning of this, Stiyl?"

Kanzaki returned to her room.

She pressed her hand to her ear, using magic to communicate with her partner.

"It's exactly as I was told. You are forbidden to touch that boy. Aleister will make him give up on Index, and the pursuit will continue when I'm done with a mission."

"Why did you agree on that?"

"You ask me that?" Stiyl clicked his tongue. "Calm down. We do not need conflicts with Science Side."

"I know." Kanzaki bit her lip, drawing salty blood. "How are things on your side?"

"The boy's good enough. He's an amateur, though." Stiyl spoke.

"I see." Kanzaki deactivated the magic channel that connected her to her partner.

She needed some time to think.

Part 10.

A green-haired man stood in the wide hall of Misawa Cram School.

His face was calm.

"Why did you do it?" A girl's voice reached his ears. "You promised that we would not kill anyone."

"It was not like that." The man answered disinterestedly. He looked at the pool of blood he stood in.

There was a pile of armor on the cold marble floor.

The man could see pieces of meat that made what was once called human through the gaps in the armor. The body did not have skin. No, it was more accurate to say that it was turned inside out making a bizarre, gore picture. A bloodied heart beat steadily, with blood leaking through the veins. The whites of its eyes were turned inside, and it broke the flesh attached to them.

It was enough to make a person throw up.

However, the man's face was calm.

And, despite the fountains of blood, his clothes did not have even a stain of blood on them.

It was undisguised violence of a human who thought what he did was right.

It was indifference of a human who overstepped the boundaries laid by the world.

"We will not kill a vampire. But I never said anything about humans." The man turned to the girl and smiled.

It was a kind smile of a martyr.

It was a cruel smirk of a sinner.

It was just a matter of the way the human was viewed.

And it made the girl in a white-and-red kimono sick. Her long black hair fluttered in the air, and she turned away.

Just a day after she made a deal with that man…

She decided to run away.

Between the lines 2.

"Pontiff has returned."

"What would we do?"

"I'm not sure. We need to respect her wishes."


"I understand. However, our opinion doesn't matter."

"We were the ones who made our Pontiff run away!"

"Yes. But still… It's her heart that should show her the way."

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