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1) "Normal" Is normal talking between people who understand one another.

2) 'Thoughts' This type of text indicates it is the current POV's thoughts

3) "Speaking" This is when a person is speaking but the current POV doesn't understand his or her words

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Well here we go...

The Alienage was almost unusually quiet as Garrett Hawke walked through its streets towards his destination. Perhaps news of what'd happened had filtered into the city and reached the ears of the elves. But that scenario was extremely unlikely. Perhaps it was his own mood over what happened that made everything seem so bleak. Or even more likely as his seven years in Kirkwall had taught him, this city was just depressing.

Arriving at his destination he stared at the wooden panel before him. What was he to say? That everything was going to be alright? That she would get through this? Maker, he couldn't even convince himself of that! So how in the Makers name was he going to convince her of it! Three years now. That was how long they'd been together. One would think that he would know just what to say to her. But he didn't. Steeling himself he raised his hand and rasped on the wooden frame before he lost his nerve.

Nothing responded to his knock. Was she not home? But if she wasn't here, and she wasn't at their home in Hightown, then where in the Maker's name could she be? Before his panic could set in the sound of a latch snapping open came from the other side of the door. 'Good at least she's locking her door now.'

As light filtered out of the home into the dark street Merrill's lithe figure stepped into view. His breath froze in his lungs and any sentiments he had prepared died on his tongue. Maker…she looked terrible. Her snow white armor he'd given her after they began their relationship was covered in dirt and grime. Her hair always so nicely braided was undone and ruffled, her normally pale skin was now ashen, her eyes reddened and sunken. She didn't say anything to him. Merely moving aside as her door opened wider allowing him entry.

Within her home was another story. Her once pristine house looked like it was a battle ground between a pack of mabari and an ogre. Books were strewn across the house, chairs upended, cloths of her trip ripped and torn to pieces. The only thing that was still intact was the staff Marethari had given. The same staff that Merrill had used to end her Keeper, her mentor, and the closest thing she'd ever had to a mother figure.

Turning back to Merrill he tried to gather her in an embrace, but his elvhen lover slipped past his arms and walked into the mess of her house. "You were right Hawke…you were always right."

There was no need to ask her what she was talking about. Ever since they'd first met he'd been trying to get her to stop with her bloodmagic. While no mage himself his father had taught all of his children about the temptation of demons and the price of power. She didn't stop using it however, even after her clan disowned her, after all of their talks, not even after they'd started their relationship. The arguments didn't stop either. She didn't bring much with her when she moved in with him, but she would spend days at a time back in her home in the Alienage. One would think after so much arguing over the subject that one would be happy to learn the other conceded…but he wasn't happy. Not in the least.

Walking up to her from behind he captured her in his arms. This time she didn't try and move away. Her hands came up and clutched onto his own as if she were holding on for dear life. "By the Creators Hawke…she's dead. She's dead and…and it's all my fault!"

He didn't know what to say to her. "Perhaps Merrill."

Merrill turned around sharply in his arms. Her eyes wide and full of pain. "But Marethari knew what she was doing." He said quickly trying to quell the hurt in her eyes. "She wanted to protect you, the only way that she knew how to."

"Why-why are you here Hawke?" She asked brokenly. "How come I haven't driven you away like everyone else?"

"Because I love you Merrill." Pulling her in tight against him he breathed in the smell that was her. "I think I've loved you since we first met. No matter what happens, no matter who I have to face, I will stay by you always ma vhenan."

Suddenly she pushed back from him. Her eyes were no longer filled with hurt, instead they were filled with what he could only think to be determination. Her hands wove behind his head and she pulled him in for a kiss. "It's time I do the right thing ma vhenan," she whispered pulling back from him and out of his embrace. "Something that I should've done years ago."

Walking away from him she picked up her staff from the table. A pale blue light slowly started to encase his elvhen lover as she walked into her bedroom. "Yes…I should've done this years ago."

Clarity about what she was about to do struck him like a bolt of lightning. Almost running after her he reached out for her as she raised her staff high into the air. "Merrill, are you sure that this is such a good idea-" He never got a chance to finish.

Just as he reached her, her staff arched down encased with magic striking the mirror with more force than he ever thought possible. The glass shattered beneath the strike, but it wasn't the end. The shards of the mirror glowed bright, brighter than even the sun at high noon. His world was incased in the bright light to the point where he couldn't see anything, Merrill's shoulder under his hand was the only way he knew that she was still there with him.

Within in an instant it felt as if every fiber of his being was ripped apart. He tried to scream but nothing came out. And then it was gone. The pain subsided and the light dimmed. Merrill was still with him. Her lithe body shaking beneath his hand. "By the Creators…what have I done now?"

Confused he looked around her home. Except it wasn't her home. They weren't standing before the mirror within her house. They were out in a forest, a forest unlike any he'd ever seen before. Makers…where were they?

Corporal Sanders was sitting at his desk trying desperately to stay awake. His current duty revolved around watching the monitors around the compound for any unusual activity. The base itself was cloaked in the depths of this jungle planet as was almost completely undetectable from orbit or even on the surface. If you didn't' know the base was here, you'd never be able to find it. Usually this duty was assigned to the newest recruit…he'd screwed up royally in the last mission. And if there was one thing you didn't do, it was screw up a mission. Especially if you worked for an organization such as Cerberus.

Feeling himself starting to nod off again he forcibly shook his head. 'Damn it Sanders, you have to stay awake! It was bad enough you fucked up the last mission. If you're caught sleeping now…hell might just get sent down to that sicko Dr. Grey. And you sure as hell don't want that happen!'

Suddenly one of the monitors started flashing while being incased in red. Moving the screen over to in front of him he enlarged the screen. He didn't see anything. About ready to dismiss the alarm he saw it. A slight movement of the brush outside the compound. Enlarging the section of screen he zoomed in. There it was again. HIs eyes widened as he saw the reason for the movement. "Commander, I need you here now. I think we may have something."

HIs captain came over to his station. Leaning over his chair he looked at the images moving around. Two people, two humans, were wandering around outside the compound. They were both wearing armor, but it wasn't modern. In fact it looked like it belonged in a museum instead of in active use. Even stranger was that neither person was giving of any energy signatures, which explained how they managed to get so close to the base without being noticed.

"And what exactly is the problem Corporal?"

"We'll sir, these two have managed to almost breach the outer perimeter, I thought it was important." He stuttered.

Reaching past him the captain zoomed in on another part of the screen. A pack of varren were enclosing in on the duo and fast. "See there, no reason for worry," his captain said turning off the alarm. "Do you wanna place a bet on which one dies first?"

Swallowing leaning back slightly in his chair he enlarged the screen so it encompassed both the duo and the varren while at the same time pulling out his credit chip. "Alright, I'll put a hundred credits on the male dying first."

Helping Merrill over another fallen tree he looked around their surrounding's again. This place…it just wasn't right. It didn't smell like a normal forest at all, at least not one that he'd ever been in. "I-I'm so sorry Hawke…by the Creator's I don't know what I even did-"

"Merrill, I told you it's alright." He said for perhaps the tenth time since they arrived at – wherever they were. She'd been constantly apologizing to him ever since the light faded and even though he'd told her it was alright and that they'd be alright, she still kept apologizing. "You can stop apologizing to me."

"I'll fix this Hawke, I promise you." Her eyes were full of determination as she said it.

His reassurance that he trusted her died on his tongue. He caught a whiff of something on the wind. It smelled, utterly foul. He was just able to pull Merrill out of the way as…something flew right where she was standing. Pushing her behind him his twin daggers spun out of their sheaths and into his hands. The blades were roughly half an arm's length long and curved to allow from quick slashing movements. The creature stopped, turned on four legs and faced them again. "By the Maker…what is that thing?" He asked, more out of curiosity than actually expecting an answer.

It looked almost like a blight wolf, but it was completely hairless. Large spike protruded from its back all along its spine. Two black as night eyes were constantly on him and Merrill. Drawing itself up to its full height its head tilted back as it let out a howl. Within seconds a dozen other similar howls joined the first. Maker's breath, they were surrounded by – by whatever this thing was. "Merrill, can you fight," he asked over his shoulder never taking his eyes off the creature before them.

Her staff swished through the air as she spun it out of its holster. "Yes, but I – I don't know how much I can do in my present –"

"Then stay behind me Merrill, keep them off of me. And I'll protect t you."

The first beast jumped. Spinning to the side he sided at the beast's unprotected stomach as it passed killing it before it could hit the ground. The next came at him from behind. Jumping while spinning he turned his body sideways in the air, his legs flailing out like a windmill. His heal landed hard against the next beast's head while in midair sending it flying into a trunk of a tree. HIs hair stood on end as lightning erupted from the end of Merrill's staff piercing right through one of the creatures and burning it to a crisp.

The duo continued to fight. Their years of fighting side by side had fine-tuned each of them into the other's fighting style and they were able to continuously and effortlessly cover each other's blind spots. Hawke spinning and jumping through the air his long daggers ending the life of whichever creature was unfortunate enough to get near him. Merrill's magic kept the beasts at range ending two or even three at a time with a single swipe of her staff. As quick as the beast had come they were gone. The few who still lived had fled from the duo refusing to die like the others.

Gasping for breath Hawke scanned the area around them. It was littered with the burned and slashed bodies of those weird creatures. Evidence of their fighting scared the trees and the foliage around them. Turning back to Merrill he carefully looked her over. Outside of physical exhaustion she seemed alright, but he still had to ask. "Are you alright?"

She nodded. "Yes, I think so."

Within the base Corporal Sanders was staring in mute shock along with his captain. Not only had these two managed to defeat an entire pack of varren without the use of guns…they were unique. Sanders had seen more specialist in hand to hand combat than he cared to admit, but he'd never seen anyone as agile or skilled as that man. And the woman, she used biotics. But not just any normal biotics. She was able to summon flames, ice, and lightning from nothing and hurl them at her enemies. By God above, who were these two?

His captain reached passed him and started moving screens around and typing. "Gather a retrieval team Corporal," he said his eyes focused on the two. "And contact Dr. Grey, let him know that he has some more research specimens coming his way."

Night had fallen on Hawke and Merrill. After their encounter with those creatures Hawke had found them a cave in a nearby mountain side. As the two settled in he gathered a small bunch of sticks and logs for a fire. Merrill used a small amount of her magic to set the dry logs on fire. Now as night had fully descended on them the two were cuddled up close to one another, his arms around her small shoulders as they tried to stay warm.

"I-I can fix this Hawke, I promise you I can –"

"Merrill, I told you it's alright." Pulling her in closer to his side he sighed. "As long as we're together we'll be ok." Wherever they were. He highly doubted that they were anywhere near Kirkwall, or in the Free Marches for that matter.

The two sat for a long time in the silence of the night. Eventually he felt Merrill's head fall against his shoulder as she succumbs to the need for sleep. Watching the fire slowly die before him he tried his best to keep his eyes open on watch. It was as his eyes started to become too heavy to hold open that he heard it. Almost like wind, but different.

Removing his arm from around Merrill he carefully lowered her to the ground being careful not to wake her. Stepping out from the cave Hawke looked up at the night sky trying to find what was making the noise. He didn't have to wait long to find out. Something flew right over his head creating a wave of wind on its own. For a second he was afraid that it was a dragon, but it didn't look like one. It wasn't shaped like one, in fact it was…square. Almost like a chariot…but it was flying. How in the Makers name was that possible?

A light suddenly came forth from the flying chariot, illuminating himself and the immediately area around him. "Get on your knees and place your hands behind your head immediately!"

Holding up his hand to shield his eyes from the light he tried to make sense of the words that were ringing almost all around him. He'd never heard a voice so loud in his life and he was trying desperately to try and find where the voice was coming from. "I said get on your knees or we will forcibly make you submit."

"Hawke," Merrill's groggy voice came from inside the cave. "What is that noise and light?"

"Stay inside Merrill," he hissed not taking his eyes off of the flying chariot. No matter what he had to keep her safe.

The doors to the flying chariot opened and several people dropped out, falling through the sky only to suddenly slowly down and land gracefully before hitting the ground. The figures reminded him of the Templars. Completely covered in armor, not an single bit of skin showed through. They didn't carry swords or shields however, instead they were pointing things that almost looked like crossbow's at him. One of the armored figures walked up to him and motioned with his crossbow. "Get down on your knees now!"

Holding his hands out to his side he tried to look as unthreatening as possible. "I-I don't understand what you're saying."

The man who spoke first stepped up to him. "You trying to fuck with me man! You're human you understand me just fine! Now get the fuck down!"

The man was threatening him, that much he was sure. It was screaming through his body language even if he couldn't understand the man's words. Feeling the dagger he had hidden in each gauntlet he was ready to draw them on a moment's notice should things get bad. One of the other armored figures walked up to the first. "Sir I honestly don't think that he understands us, perhaps if I could try."

The lead man turned to the one who stepped up. "Do whatever the fuck you want, but I want him in chains ready to be transferred to Dr. Grey. And find his bitch or I'll serve you up to the good Doctor as a replacement."

The second man stepped up to him lowering his crossbow. "We're here to help you. We need you to come with us. It's not safe out here."

The man's tone was much kinder than the first. But Hawke wasn't fouled by it. He'd seen Templar's come to his family's home when he was younger. They spoke in the same manner as this man, but they still attacked them without provocation. As the man took one more step towards him Hawke acted. Reaching out he slapped the crossbow out of the man's hands, pulled on the man's arm, spinning him around to face the others. Hawke's small dagger was out of his gauntlet and at the man's neck in a moment's notice.

The lead man shook his head. "I told you Corporal, you can't reason with an animal."

Keeping his grip tight on the man he took a few steps back towards the entrance to the cave. "Merrill, get out here."

Scampering out from the cave the armored men before them immediately shifted their crossbows to aim at her. With a squeak Merrill ducked behind him and his hostage. "By the Creator's Hawke…what are they? Templars?"

"I don't know Merrill," he said moving himself, the man, and Merrill away from the cave entrance and towards the woods. If they could get to the trees he was confident that he could lose them. "Once we get to the tree line we're going to run Merrill. Think you can keep up with me?"

"I was running through the woods long before you ma'vhenan. Do you think you can keep up with me."

Fighting to keep the grin off of his face he slowly back them up towards the woods. The lead solider stepped closer to them, but then stopped as Hawke's arm flexed pressing his dagger harder into the man's neck. "All men, set weapons to stun. Prepare to fire on my mark."

Turning their crossbows sideways the soldiers started doing odd things with their weapons before once again pointing them at him and Merrill. "Fire in three, two, one. Fire."

Their crossbows echoed like thunder. Streaks of blue shot out of the crossbows hitting both himself and the man he was holding hostage. Maker! Were they shooting magic at him! As soon as one of the blue streaks hit him his body felt instantly numb. The dagger fell from his grip as both he and the man he was holding collapsed to the ground. Behind him Merrill screamed. "Hawke! No!"

Thunder arched out from the end of Merrill's staff slamming into the nearest soldier. He'd seen the spell numerous times, and every time no matter what type of armor they were wearing the spell would slice through men like a knife through butter. But this time the thunder impacted something before it could even reach the soldiers. The force of the impact was still enough to send them flying through the air, but whatever it was that was protecting the soldiers kept them from getting killed by the spell.

"Concentrate fire! Take the bitch down!"

He was powerless as the watched the blue magic fly from the crossbows again. Merrill was doing everything she could to deflect them with her staff and magic while trying to protect both himself and her. He wanted to tell her to run, to get away from him and go somewhere safe, but he couldn't move his lips. His entire body was numb from whatever weird type of magic they hit him with. Eventually one of the blue streaks got past Merrills guard, taking the elf in the shoulder. Once that happened it was all over. Several other blue streaks slammed into Merrill sending her to the ground and making her motionless just like him.

'Damn it! Why am I so powerless! I need to help her!'

The numbness was starting to wear off and he was able to move his head and one of his hands. Rolling over he tried to reach for Merrill. Pain exploded through his arm as a heavily armored boot slammed down on his outstretched hand. Makers breath! He more than likely just broke a few bones in his hand! Looking up at the man standing above him he tried to give him his fiercest glare. If it had any effect, the man's helmet hid it. "I'm gonna enjoy watching what Dr. Grey is going to do with you animal." The next thing he knew the man's crossbow slammed down hard on his head sending his world to black.

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: June 16, 2184CE

"Well here I am. It's been no more than two months since I finished my final rotation and was awarded my doctorate in human genetics. I was wondering where I was going to work when I was approached by a group known as Hexgen. Of course I knew of them, I think just about everyone has. They were a huge supplier in gene therapy, as well as artificial limp creation and rehabilitation for wounded soldiers. This was my dream job! They said that they were just given a new Project to work on and that they were looking for fresh young minds, and now here I am!

"The only problem was that they said that I could tell anyone, not even my parents where I was heading, or who I was going to work with. But they also promised that after a two year rotation at their offsite location I would be given a job in their corporate headquarters. What I wasn't expecting was that 'offsite' meant off world. We were flying for weeks jumping from one Mass Relay to another before we finally landed on a jungle planet. The site itself was extremely well hidden, and guarded. When I asked about the need for such secrecy I was told that corporate espionage was at an all-time high and there was a great demand for security.

"Well now that I'm unpacked in my new apartment, nothing more than a ten by ten room with a communal bathroom down the hall, I going to start work tomorrow. I get to meet the lead researcher here, a Dr. Grey, whose taking me on to this new project known as Project Magia. Not sure what is going to be happening…but I can't wait to see!

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: June 30, 2184CE

"It's official. I've just spent the past ten years in university to be nothing more than a paper pusher. My job includes going to a small office space every day, compiling test data, and sending it out to another source. I've learned that there are two test subjects in Project Magia, noted as Subject Delta and Subject Echo. Not sure what exactly is going on, but the data that they are receiving is incredible! Apparently the test subjects were a newly discovered species on this planet that had amazing inbred biotic powers surpassing even the asari, as well as physical aptitudes that was more agile than drell's and perhaps just as strong as a krogan.

"There are already numerous advances coming out! They've begun development on an L5 biotic implant based off of research taken from Subject Echo, and numerous physical advances in terms of training as well as muscle development for Earths soldiers.

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: August 12, 2184CE

"After nearly two months of doing nothing but paperwork and fetching coffee I've finally caught a break! One of Dr. Grey's lab assistants apparently left without notice and created a vacancy. Dr. Grey said that he'd been taking note of how hard I've been working and has decided that I am to be his new research assistant! I finally get to meet Subject Echo and Delta that I've been reading so much about! My imagination has been running wild about what type of creatures these subjects are. I can't wait until tomorrow when I start!

"I have to go now. I have an early day tomorrow!

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: August 13, 2184CE

"Oh my god. I've finally met the test subjects. All the way down to the secure lab Dr. Grey was constantly reminding me that these were creatures, not humans. All the mental preparation I did in getting ready to meet them went out the window as I saw them for the first time. There were two rooms right next to each other. Each room was no more than seven feet by seven feet wide and was solid white inside, the only way in or out was past the observation glass that separated each room from the researchers. The glass was tinted so that people on this side could look in, but whoever was inside wouldn't be able to see out.

"What was within the rooms however is what surprised me. They…they looked human! Granted the male, Subject Delta, definitely looked more human than the female, Subject Echo, but still the resemblance was uncanny! Each of them were wearing completely white clothing that nearly allowed them to blend into the white room. Dr. Grey walked up to the observation room containing the woman first. Placing a hand on the monitor screen the glass cleared as the tint was removed.

"As soon as the woman saw Dr. Grey she scurried back into a corner, pulling her knees up to her chest as her eyes went wide in fear and her face was covered intricate markings that were almost beautiful. She also couldn't have been older than my teenage sister. The doctor started asking her to do some biotic trick, but she do what he asked. He then explained to me that these two didn't speak any known language. He then pulled up a video screen that both she and we could see. On the screen was the same woman, only dressed in some sort of armor, and electricity was arching all around her before she collected it in her hands and threw it at whoever was holding the camera. He told her to replicate what she'd done. When she still didn't comply he pulled up another screen that she could see. This time it was a real time feed from Subject Delta's room.

"The woman cried out something, but the doctor still pressed a button on the screen. Suddenly Project Delta arched his back, screaming out in pain. It was only then that I noticed that both of them had shock collar's placed around their necks. Dr. Grey then explained to me that they discovered that these two had some sort of close connection. And the best way to motivate them was to punish the other for noncompliance.

"The woman brought her hands together before slowly pulling them apart. Electricity arched between her outstretched hands. It was so amazing to watch that I completely forgot what Dr. Grey did to Subject Delta just moments before. After that brief show they went about running analysis of the two as they sat in their rooms all the while Dr. Grey explained that this was their day off and that they were just running scans to make sure they were still alright.

"All day I couldn't focus on her work. The poor woman's scared face was etched firmly into her mind. I didn't become a doctor to be feared by others. I – I don't know if I can do this.

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: September 25, 2184CE

"It's been over a month now since I've started going down into the lab. I've started to become numb to the cries and suffering of the two subjects. What we're learning from them…it's incredible. Subject Delta is leading to discovery after discovery on mild gene therapy to make people more agile and stronger. This could definitely help the disabled. And Subject Echo, without her the L5 implant would still just be a myth! Not a nearly working prototype.

"I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked to learn that no one was teaching them our language…but I was. We expect them to follow our commands. But they have no idea what we are even asking for. When I brought this up to Dr. Grey he simply said that dogs eventually learn their master's commands, and so would their test subjects.

"Another thing that is making me nervous is the fact that no one speaks of the research assistant that was here before me. And there is no log of anyone leaving this base. I – I want to look into it, but I'm scared to do so.

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: October 17, 2184CE

"I can't take it anymore. I've finally learned what happened to the previous research assistant. He spoke out against Dr. Grey's treatment of Subjects Delta and Echo; and Dr. Grey shot him in the head! Right in the middle of the lab!

"And as for the test subjects…what we're doing to them now is beyond research. It's damn right cruel! Just the other day Dr. Grey had both of Subject Delta's eyes ripped out! While he was still conscious! And then he had them replaced with mechanical optics. The only reason that Delta was out for that was because he passed out from the pain of having his eyes ripped out! After they were put in and he woke up they threw him into a pit that was completely pitch black and unleashed a pack of varren on him! He was able to see in the dark and defeat them all. But we are no longer researching them. We are performing experiments on them that would never be allowed back on earth! In fact the only reason they can do this is cause technically these two, just like this base, doesn't exist.

"And Echo. She had a staff that seemed to focus her biotics. After seeing demonstrations Dr. Grey ordered the staff to be analyzed. A strange element closely related to element zero was found in the staff. Out of curiosity the doctor then ordered the staff to be ground down to a powder and mixed into metal. What he did next I think shocked everyone. He walked into Echo's room, two orderlies hold her down, and then proceeded to cut off her arm midway down her forearm with a laser scalpel! He then had her missing limp replaced with a mechanical hand that was made with her powdered staff mixed into the metal. The new hand worked just like her staff! She was able to focus her biotics through the hand and into a concentrated beam of energy, as well as everything else she could do.

"By god…I can't do this anymore. I have to get out of here. But…can I leave these two here? Knowing what is happening to them?

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: November 5, 2184CE

"I thought that things couldn't get any worse. But I was wrong. I've just learned that this company, Hexgen, is just a front for Cerberus! I shouldn't have been surprised with everything they've been doing. Cerberus is well known for their terrible experiments. I had an escape plan all planed out. But now knowing this, I can't leave Echo and Delta behind knowing that I'd be leaving them in Cerberus's hands.

"I have another plan. My father is ex-Alliance Navy. He taught me and my sister all about alliance emergency signals when we were young. It took me a few days to gather everything I needed, but I'm now ready to do this.

"On a brighter note…the L5 implant for biotics was released. But I can't celebrate like my coworkers. Not knowing where it came from.

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: December 1, 2184CE

"I did it! I managed to broadcast a signal out to the Alliance! Anyone who comes within range of this system will believe that there is a down ship on the planet's surface right where this base is located! I no longer care if I'm going to go to jail. Hell I deserve that and more for what I've done here. But I've been able to alleviate some of the pain inflicted on Delta and Echo. I've talked Dr. Grey into giving them longer rest periods, not doing such damaging experiments. But I don't know how much longer I can hold him off for. Please god, let the Alliance find this place…and soon!

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: January 2, 2185CE

"Finally! After a long month of trying to keep Echo and Delta quiet literally out of the fire an Alliance vessel has come close enough to pick up on the emergency broadcast! The vessel is on route for the planet now. Everyone in the base is freaking out about it, but inside I'm celebrating! Finally, an end to the nightmare.

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: January 4, 2185CE

"One fucking frigate! That's all the Alliance sent after the distress signal! It caught onto the signal alright, and was shot down by and entire squadron of Cerberus fighters! Dear god…I got all of those people, up to forty can serve on a frigate, killed. And now everyone in the base is in supper panic mode. All experiments have been placed on hold and the base ordered to go silent until we know if the Alliance got word of their destroyed ship or not.

"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Personal Log of Logan, Susan date: January 8, 2185CE

"It's official. The Alliance knows that we're here. They've sent a cruiser and two more frigates to our location. We've been ordered to evacuate the base with all research data. Delta and Echo were sedated and shoved into storage containers like they were nothing. I have no idea where Echo is, but I've been put in charge of Delta's well-being during the move. That will be my time to strike. On a cargo ship most of the crew will be researchers with only a few guards. And Delta…I see it know. Cerberus was trying to create the ultimate soldier using him as a base. Despite everything they've done to him…he is now a force of nature. I doubt that anything could stop him.

"We'll be traveling in a caravan with other Cerberus vessels for four weeks, and then we break off individually for another month until we reach our final destination. That month when we are separated will be my time to strike. I'll free Delta, and help him find Echo. I can only pray to god that he'll believe I'm on his side once I release him. I've been trying to teach them both English. But I haven't had time to get much through to them. Also I can't find any spare translators for them. Once I free them both we'll take control of the ship and I'll see them back to the Alliance. There I'll turn myself in, explained what happened, accept any punishment and try to atone for my sins.

"If – if I don't make it out of this alive. Mom, dad, sis; I just want you all to know that I love you all. I'm so sorry that I fell this far. I –I'm trying to do the right thing now. I can only hope that you will be proud of me for this, and forgive me for what I've been doing for the past seven months.

"For perhaps the last time…"This is Susan Logan, signing off."

Closing the window on the data logs TIM took a long drag on his cigar. So it was this woman…this Susan Logan that'd betrayed Cerberus. It was now the nearing the end of February and Cerberus had lost contact with the cargo vessel Salson a week ago. After they went dark he ordered the logs, private and public, of every person on that ship. That was when he found this woman's log. If she'd managed to free Delta…then there was no telling what damage she could do. The full effects of their research was yet to be put into play. Kai Lang was still undergoing treatment. But Delta had run his course. Echo still held much research value for humanity.

In order to beat the best…you had to send in the best. Pulling up a new screen he sent a message out to the SR-2 Normandy. Shepard had only been back in action for a little over a month, and he'd already shaken things up. Which was his purpose. This mission had to be handled with tack however. Take down Delta, recover Echo and send her to her final destination. His hope was that neither Delta or that traitorous bitch had discovered Echo. If so…then he doubted they would be able to continue research. But he could play it off as a rouge element of Cerberus. Yes…that would be for the best if both were free.

Composing the mission brief he sent it out to his current right hand Miranda Lawson. She would see that the mission went off without a hitch, which included keeping Shepard in the dark. Leaning back in his chair he took another pull on his cigar. Reaching human dominance in the galaxy was a tricky business. If only more people could understand how much better things could be with humanity in control.

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