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It had been a boring day so far for Jin. He'd been flying around Makai, looking for a good challenge- unfortunately, after all the Dark Tournaments and Makai Tournaments he'd participated in his face was pretty well known, and no one but the stupidest demons wanted to give him a fight. He was thinking about going to Human World and seeing if maybe Yuusuke or Kurama could give him a good fight. Everyone else was busy doing something, he'd already done plenty of training for the time being, and he was just so bored!

He really wished that something would happen! Anything!

He let out a huge sigh, which propelled him higher into the air, and then flipped around onto his back, drifting casually among the clouds.

A flash of light made him snap his eyes open, and he blinked as the light around him seemed to gather in something that was vaguely familiar.

Am I . . . bein' summoned? He grinned toothily. While most demons didn't like being summoned and considered it a bother(or a chance to get a free meal), Jin did not mind at all- especially right now when he had nothing to do. A summonin' is sure ta get interestin'! He didn't resist the pull at all and the next moment instead of gliding through the familiar winds of Makai, he was grounded. The air was hot and dry, and the sun was hitting his exposed back and near blinding him with the way it reflected in the light colored sand. He squinted and looked around, finding that he was surrounded by a circular metal platform. On the ground around him was the summoning circle, but it seemed like something was a little . . . off about it. He walked over to the edge nearest him and sniffed.

"Eh? I's not blood . . ." Using red paint for a summoning circle would work, but it usually wouldn't go as smoothly as one made of blood. Perhaps that was why it was so big? to make up for the odd material. Though it shouldn'ta been able ta pull me out o' Makai . . . I suppose I was askin' for some excitement tho' . . .

Jin grinned and looked around, and to his great excitement, noticed several humans with strong auras approaching. His ears gave the slightest of quivers in anticipation of a fight, and his grin grew even broader.

The one that approached him first had dark skin and an eyepatch- unfortunately he didn't feel very strong. Jin felt his grin slide a little, but he managed a slight nod and wave to be polite. "'ello there, wha's all this?"

"Nick Fury, director of SHIELD. We've summoned you in order to learn more about demonic cultures and the Makai."

Jin blinked, feeling even more disappointed. I might still be able ta get a good fight tho . . .

Off to the left and farther back behind the 'Nick Fury' man Jin noticed a strong presence, and he immediately zeroed in on it. The man who now had his attention was broad and armored, with a large hammer hanging on his belt. Without a second glance at Fury he launched himself in the air, landing directly in front of the man.

"You look like you're teamin' for a fight. Whad'ya say, want a go?"

The man's eyes narrowed. "Are you asking for a fight, demon? I must warn you, do not take me lightly, I am not some mortal human that you can toy with-" He glanced for a moment to his left, "-no offense to my fellow Avengers, of course."(Jin barely heard a bitter "gee thanks" off to the side, but he ignored it)

"Oh, well I would'na be interested if it'd be tha' easy ta fight'cha. I just want a li'l fun is all, an' you seem like you'd be pretty strong, am I right?"

(Someone muttered "Is anyone else getting annoyed that we're being completely ignored here?")

"I am not 'pretty.' I am strong though." The man tilted his head in thought. "If you are merely suggesting a challenge for amusement's sakes . . . it would be interesting to see how my strength compares to your own, and surely it would let us learn more about . . ."

"Tha's the spirit! Jin, master of wind, pleasure ta meet'cha!"

"Thor, god of thunder." Thor glanced around. "Shall we fight here? I do not wish my comrades to be needlessly injured."

"Nah, we can go somewhere else." He gave a toothy grin. "How about-" he jumped into the air and started heading north, "this way!"

Not looking to see if the other man was following him, he sped along. His eyes widened when he felt a now familiar presence catching up to him. Purely for show, he flipped himself upside down, but kept traveling the same direction. So, 'e can fly too, eh? wonder what type o' power 'e has- this really will be fun! With that thought he gave Thor a grin that nearly split his face in half, then he pointed meaningfully at the ground and let gravity drop him.

He reached the ground and made a few circles to slow his momentum(definitely not for show), and then 'landed' hovering a bit above ground, with his legs and arms crossed. Thor came down a few feet in front of him, distributing the force of his landing by dropping to his knees and extending a hand to the ground. They stared at each other for a moment that lasted what seemed like years . . . waiting for an opening, the first attack, anything. Then all at once Thor propelled himself forward at an inhuman speed, hammer raised to strike.

Jin backflipped out of the way without touching the ground, then made his way up in a spiral. A tingle at his toes sent him jerking out of his path, and he watched in awe as a bolt of lightning tore past him. Lightning! 'e's nowhere near as fast as Souketsu, but I'd best keep my guard up just to be safe. He could barely contain a giggle as he shot higher into the atmosphere, already beginning to twirl his arms for a double Shura Senpuken.

When he turned his opponent was only a few meters behind and catching up quickly, and Jin propelled himself towards Thor. Moments later they clashed- Thor had opted to take the fists in order to get his own attack through; the hammer grazed the side of Jin's head and nicked his left ear just as the force of his wind hit the god of thunder in the chest, flinging him back. Jin took a moment to rub his head and make sure his ear was still there. It was drooping a little, and probably bruised, but luckily still attached. With that assurance, he took a breath and went to go find his opponent.

There was a lot of dust coming from a certain spot down on the ground, and Jin headed for it, guessing that it had formed from Thor's landing and the small tornadoes that had propelled him to the ground.

He paused just outside the dust cloud, and after a moments thought decided to enter from below rather than above. The red head dropped lower(still not touching the ground), and cautiously headed for the center of the dirt cloud.

He felt a light, familiar tingling, and he froze. "Oh, dear." He muttered, trying to fling himself upward and out of the way. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite fast enough.

He dropped to the ground as the lightning hit his body hard and fast. He lay there, grunting from the tingling burning pain that was making him shiver. Soft steps came towards him. When they stopped, Thor's presumptuous voice addressed him. "It seems that I am the victo-"

Fast as a bird of prey diving in for the kill Jin flipped up and around, landing a perfect kick right in the man's blond beard, then he darted away, grinning madly. He heard a thunderous yell as Thor barreled after him.

Jin lead his enemy on a merry chase up high into the air, corkscrewing and zigzagging, then he dove downwards. Another tingling sensation warned him of the lightning attack, and this time he threw up a wall of wind. He hadn't been sure it would work, but apparently he was in luck, because it redirected the lightning. Jin watched in surprised as the lightning followed the course of the wind and began to circle him . . . and he suddenly had an interesting idea.

The wind master splayed out his arms and legs, and began to spin himself around and around, taking control of the lightning with his youki and adding a little of his own to form a tornado with himself as the center. When enough force had been gathered up, he pointed himself toward Thor, who was making his way towards him, and launched forward, grinning madly.

The explosion was brilliant.

Jin had to actually land for a moment- the spinning had made him slightly dizzy- before he started over to see how his opponent had handled the massive attack.

I think I'll haf'ta call that Shura Dengeki Daisenpu.

He found Thor struggling to get up from a large crater in the ground. The man was covered in scrapes, and a trickle of blood was escaping from a cut on his forehead. Jin waited until he was on his feet before launching his attack- a flurry of punches, most of which Thor was unable to block. The god of thunder stumbled back, then gripped his hammer tightly with both hands and began to counterattack. The heavy blows would have done quite a bit of damage if they'd landed, however Jin flowed easily around the blows like the wind master he was.

He had to jump back though when Thor, instead of trying to hit him, hit the ground and released a powerful lightning attack.

Having barely avoided being shocked once more, Jin watched Thor breath heavily for a few moments. Apparently he was still recovering from his Shura Dengeki Daisenpu. This would be the best time to finish him of then. He started spinning both arms for another double, and then dove.

Jin built up speed, moving faster and faster as the air and gravity pulled on him. Seconds before he reached Thor, the god of thunder looked up with a smile, and suddenly released another lightning attack that hit Jin right in the chest.

They were both thrown apart, and Jin groaned. Getting electrocuted was most definitely not fun. He coughed a few times, then pulled himself up. Hopefully that second double Shura Senpuken had put the man out of action, because Jin didn't think he could take many more of those lightning attacks.

Reluctantly Jin began to head in the direction his opponent had gone. He reached Thor after what felt like too long on foot to find that the god of thunder seemed to be knocked out. Jin cautiously approached, wary of a sneak attack.

Thankfully, none came, and with a huff of exertion he picked the man up and draped him over his shoulder, then started into a wind-and-youki enhanced run back to the place that he had been summoned. It wasn't that far away, and it only took him a few minutes to reach it. It seemed that the humans who had been left behind had been watching from a distance. He jumped up directly onto the platform and dropped Thor onto the ground in front of the nearest human- a startled looking blond man dressed in red, white, and blue, with a shield on his back.

Jin gave the man a toothy grin. "That was a mighty fine fight- tho' maybe next time he'll be able ta' last a bit longer." And with that he jumped into the air and started flying toward the ocean. He wasn't really sure where he was, but if he followed the winds, eventually he'd find Japan, and then he'd be able to find Yusuke.

Those were some pretty strong humans, and that Thor . . . 'e was probably about as strong as Yusuke was at the Dark Tournament- maybe even a bit more. I'll bet it'd be fun to have them join in this year . . .

Putting that thought to the side, he let himself fall into a spiral from the wind and let out a laugh in anticipation of his fight with Yusuke. Today had turned out to be much less boring than he had thought it would.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . END . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

AN: Shura Senpuken is Jin's normal attack- the one where he spins his arms around then punches. Shura Dengeki Senpuken is an upgrade of the same thing, with a bit of electricity added in for good measure. Shura Dengeki Daisenpu is the name that I came up with for the full body spin attack he did- 'Dai' means big, and I removed 'ken' which means punch.(Dengeki means electricity)

I angsted over wether to use Jin's accent, since originally I read the manga online and that translation did not include an accent. I finally gave in and wrote him with it, since I've never encountered a fic where he didn't have one. I tried to make it as readable as possible; let me know if anyone has trouble with anything and I'll do my best to fix it.

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