Author's note: This is loosely inspired by Nova Alexandria's fics Crossbreeding the Future and Prize of Victory. So there will be many babies. XD Now, on with the show!

Grimmjow couldn't move. And it hurt like hell.

It really didn't help that Ulquiorra, the jackass, had dragged him into his quarters and dumped a beaten, nearly dead Kurosaki beside him. That was just humiliating, especially when the joker told him to tend to the kid. Did it look like he could fucking move?!

However, his natural healing factors were kicking in. It started with a few twitches, a bit of life coming back to his arms. Then it graduated to a very slow, careful reach. His hand brushed torn cloth and mutilated flesh, eliciting a soft moan from the ravaged soul reaper. A vicious grin split his face and Grimmjow considered poking him right in one of those brutal wounds. If anything could wake up the bitch it would be that.

But Kurosaki had saved his life. His grin turned into a scowl as he thought about it. Nnoitra was an unutterable bastard and if he ever got a chance, that cretin's guts would be decorating all of Los Noches. For the moment, though, all he could really do was follow Ulquiorra's orders. And while Ulquiorra could just go fuck himself, he owed the brat. So he'd obey, just this once.

Tearing apart the blankets on his bed Grimmjow got to work. Ulquiorra had dropped them both on the bed, which was an extra humiliation but useful at the moment. Grumbling to himself, he began binding the shinigami's wounds. Glazed brown eyes opened as he worked and Grimmjow glanced up, meeting them.

"Orihime." Ichigo's voice was slurred and Grimmjow frowned, wondering how much blood he'd lost waiting for the Espada to get functional. Touching his skin he found that it was cold. Not good. "Save you… Orih..ime…"

"Yeah, yeah. Shut up." Grimmjow examined the wound on his chest and decided he needed to do more than bandage it. Grimacing, he pressed his face to the shinigami and began to lick the torn and abraded flesh. The taste of shinigami blood made him want to vomit. Grimmjow had no idea why it tasted so bad to him, but he knew the aversion had started with his change to arrancar. When he'd been an adjuchas a shinigami would have been a delicacy. Now they were bitter on the tongue despite their power.

He wasn't trying to take Ichigo's power, though. He was actually giving power, what little he had left to give, and the shinigami's flesh soaked it up. That great wound on his chest stopped oozing blood and began healing just a bit. It would be a damned impressive scar though and Grimmjow laughed.

"Shit, it's going to match mine. Too bad I didn't give it to you." That would have been perfect. Satisfied that the worst wound was staunched, Grimmjow picked up the tattered blankets again. He just didn't have the strength to lick all of Kurosaki's wounds closed. Binding them up was the only option.

Maybe he would lick them some more when he'd regained his strength, if he was feeling charitable.


Grimmjow flipped the pages of his book, ignoring the inert lump by his side.

It had been at least a day since Ulquiorra had opened a garganta to the Living World, taking Orihime with him. Something about follow up instructions and healing any downed Espada. Grimmjow couldn't give less of a shit but it did make sense. Ulquiorra was damned powerful and could really make a difference in the fight against the shinigami. And Orihime was even more potent in her own way, as long as her loyalty held.

Not that it mattered to him. He was still battered as hell and wasn't going anywhere. Kurosaki hadn't really woken up yet, just mumbling things about saving his girl. He seemed to think Grimmjow was the woman, which was annoying but useful. It had made getting him to the toilet easier, anyway.

Right now the shinigami was sleeping. Grimmjow took a moment to look into his face. He looked different when he was sleeping, all that determination and sense of superiority snuffed out. It was almost cute, especially the way he was drooling on the pillow. Grimmjow grunted and decided he could spare the power to heal some of Kurosaki's lesser injuries. Putting away his book he began pulling away his clothing. The stuff was spun of soul power and it was gradually coming back as he healed. A good sign but also annoying as Grimmjow actually had to remove it now to get at the wounds.

"Orihime, don't stop…" There was a moan and Grimmjow looked up to see brown eyes looking down at him. They were dazed and he wondered when Ichigo was finally going to snap out of this. Although his skin was hot. Did that have anything to do with his confusion?

"I'm not the woman. Shut up shinigami." He said gruffly. Kurosaki started mumbling but he ignored it. Pulling off the bandages he saw most of the cuts were puffy and red. That was normal, but some of them were swollen in a way he didn't like. Grimmjow devoted most of his attention and power to those and was pleased with the change in them when he was done. "Okay – " He suddenly paused as he noticed something poking him. "Oh you are not. Put that shit away right now." He said severely to the soul reaper who just moaned something about his big tit girlfriend. "Fuck." Grimmjow sat back and scowled at the tent in Kurosaki's hakama. "This would be funny if you actually knew who I am." He told the soul reaper who just looked at him with big brown eyes. "…Hm." Grimmjow hesitated a moment before undoing the hakama and pulling it down.

He just gazed at what had been revealed curiously. Of course, he knew what his own dick looked like. But his own crotch was not a good reference point for normality, and while the damn thing tried to get up it never managed to look like this. Grimmjow transferred his gaze to the balls underneath. He'd never actually seen those at all. He didn't have any to compare them to, but they looked okay.

For a brief moment he was tempted to ride the shinigami. The only arrancar who knew about his… situation… was Szayel, thanks to the occasional checkup. And Szayel had been sworn to secrecy with threats of dire punishment. Just to make sure, Grimmjow had gotten Aizen himself to have a talk with the scientist. He got all the reports so he understood the Espada's problem and had been willing to humor him. With Aizen's order, Szayel had kept the secret like his life depended on it. No one had any idea that he was not as male as he appeared.

That meant he'd had no lovers since becoming an arrancar. That kind of pissed him off sometimes, especially when the whores around Los Noches tried to get him in bed. They didn't understand that there was nothing he could do with them. No, he required a cock from his bed partner and he was damned if he'd let the other arrancar find out why. But now Kurosaki was in his bed, hard and ready for him. Why not take advantage of it?

"Because it would be rape, that's why." Grimmjow muttered as he gazed at that flushed organ. There was some shit he just did not pull and that was on the list. He'd never forced anyone as an adjuchas and he wasn't going to start now. But… was this really healthy, leaving Kurosaki this way? His body was already under a ton of stress. Maybe relieving the pressure would be a good thing. Hesitantly he reached out, wrapping his fingers around Kurosaki's dick. It was impressively large, nesting in a patch of bright orange curls. "I see you don't dye your hair." He said to the shinigami as he began to slowly stroke that straining cock. Kurosaki whimpered softly, his eyes rolling back a bit at the pleasure.

Grimmjow couldn't help but get turned on as he jerked off the shinigami. His reactions were pretty neat, although the way Orihime's name kept falling out of his lips was sort of annoying. Grimmjow couldn't blame him too much, though. The woman had much nicer tits than he did.

Kurosaki's meat was throbbing in his hand now and Grimmjow pulled his hand away, grinning as the shinigami whined and shifted, trying to thrust his hips up. He was going to try something new, something he'd never done before. It was a submissive gesture but Kurosaki was so out of it he wouldn't remember at all. And Grimmjow was curious. What would it taste like?

Kneeling in front of Kurosaki he lowered his face and licked the tip of the shinigami's cock, sampling the tiny drop of pre-cum. It didn't taste bad, sort of salty and a little bit sweetish. Not the least bit repulsed, Grimmjow slowly trailed his tongue over that sensitive flesh. Was he doing this right? Well, Kurosaki wasn't going to be complaining if he wasn't. And from the moans going on up there he had to be doing something right.

He wasn't expecting Kurosaki to suddenly cum on him. One moment he was licking his dick like a lollipop, the next moment he had semen all over his face. Grimmjow cursed and grabbed a tattered bit of blanket, wiping off his face before glaring at the shinigami. Kurosaki was looking at him with soft eyes, a small smile on his face.

"Orihime… our first time…" He said and Grimmjow blinked. So were they actually girlfriend and boyfriend, or was this just Ichigo's fantasy? Interesting. Not that it mattered much. If the shinigami ever found out who had actually blown him off, he'd probably get a fist in the face.

"Yeah, my first time too." He said, then shifted uncomfortably. He hated to admit it, but blowing Kurosaki off had turned him on. "…Umph." It wasn't like the shinigami was in any condition to see what he was up to. Going over to a corner of the room he pried up a white tile, exposing his secret stash.

These were the things that he would die before letting any of the other Espada see… well, except for Halibel. He could have trusted her with his secret. Anyone else, he would have enlisted Szayel's aide in killing, no matter what that favor would have cost him.

It was his collection of yaoi and shota magazines and a small assortment of hand blown glass dildos. They were made in Soul Society, which didn't have mass production so each one was a genuine piece of art. Grimmjow smiled as he selected one that was threaded with beautiful patterns of gold and royal purple. The magazines he put back. They were to get him in the mood, which he didn't need at the moment. He was plenty horny as it was.

Opening his hakama he hissed as the fabric touched his arousal and glanced down. It wasn't very upright, which was no surprise. Szayel had called it an enlarged clitoris, but it looked like a dick. It didn't really act like one, though, and it was damned sensitive when he was even slightly aroused. Tight pants would have been a torture, which was why he'd chosen the looser hakama. Kicking the fabric away, he sat down on the tiled floor and spread his legs, exploring himself with his fingers.

Beneath the enlarged clitoris, dick, whatever you wanted to call it lay his vagina. Dark blue, damp curls surrounded the opening but Grimmjow didn't spend long looking at it. Szayel had called him a hermaphrodite, which was slightly better than freak. Freak was more accurate, though. Setting aside the painful thought he eased the toy inside, gasping at the sensation of being filled. He brought one hand to his cock and began very gently playing with the over sensitive flesh.

But the physical sensations weren't enough. They never were. Sometimes he imagined things out of his books, sometimes he just imagined the pleasure of combat, the joy of feeling his sword meet flesh, the final ruinous conclusion. Today, though, his mind went to a different fantasy. Something shameful, but it could be his dirty little secret.

"Kurosaki… unh…" Grimmjow growled softly as he imagined the shinigami winning a battle and reacting like a hollow, not a stupid human. Tearing his pants off and finding what he really was before using him like any hollow would. He could just imagine that big cock between his legs, the heavy weight of the teen's chest on his back. He began shoving the dildo into himself, hard, groaning as it pressed against his g-spot. That was good. "Fuck me… harder… ahn…!" The pleasure was filling him, growing to an unbearable height. Finally his inner muscles tensed and he grunted, closing his eyes as he rode out the climax. Then his head went up as he heard a titter, glancing around the room with wide blue eyes.

Kurosaki was looking at him. But he wasn't. His eyes were wrong, black and gold and blazing with hollow energy. Grimmjow stared as the thing in the soul reapers' body dragged himself closer, to the edge of the bed.

"Tch. You're lucky my King is so banged up, arrancar, or I'd make that little fantasy of yours a reality." Grimmjow swallowed at the dark promise in that voice, his groin sending a twinge of approval. The rest of him wasn't sure if he should be titillated or horrified. "Next time, remember… I am here, and I know how to take care of you…" The creature leered at him before Kurosaki's head went down, his eyes closing again. Grimmjow took a deep breath and removed his toy. He'd need to clean it up properly before putting it away.

"Never happen." He told the slumbering shinigami. As attractive as that voice had been, to a hollow, he had a secret to keep. And that secret was far more important than his lusts.

Kurosaki's hollow could find someone else to fuck.