Hello everybody. This is my first official crossover story with one of my favorite video game series, and one of my favorite light novel series. This story was inspired by the works of both Ten-Faced Paladin and Fenikkusumaru. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 1: The Dream, The Summoning, and A Keyblade

The first strange thing that happened to me today was something that I would never expected to happen. I found myself in a dark void that was empty and didn't seem to have any life at all. I found myself floating around in this dark void unable to move my body as I continue to fall down, deeper into the dark void until I started to descend slowly onto what seemed to be some kind of mural of some kind.

The mural had the design of what looked like a garden with one of the most beautiful flowers that I never seen before in my life. It almost seemed like it was something out of a fairy tale scene. in the middle of the garden in the image was a girl with long flowing pink hair, it made me wonder exactly who this girl is, I never seen her before in my life.

"Welcome..." a voice called from my mind causing me to look around wondering where the source of the voice came from as it seemed that I was the only one here.

"The one who will open the door...your journey will soon begin...but in due time...the light that guides will show you the way..."

The light that guides will show me the way...all that did was confuse me, what light and what did it mean by showing me the way? Journey, I had no idea what this voice was talking about, it seemed like I was in some kind of crazy dream. I pinched myself finding that doing still hurt. So this was all real...

"Your journey will soon begin...the light inside you will shine bright...you are the one that will open the door..."

With those final words, my vision started to blur as everything started to fade within the darkness. I found myself growing sleep as the voice said one final thing to me as my mind to fade.

"They are waiting...for the one..,who holds the Key...it is you, Yuu..." These were the final words that entered my mind as I started to fade into the black void of nothingness.

My eyes slowly opened as I found myself in my room, lying on my bed as if I was always here and I wasn't in the strange world I was in before.

"Was it all...a dream?" I asked myself as I looked at my hands wondering about what just occurred before, it seemed all too real.

"YUU-CHAN! Are you awake yet?" shouted the voice of my older sister, Setsuna. My name is Yuu Kurokawa, I'm sixteen years old and currently in high school. I'm a huge fan of anime and role playing games, I also practice in kendo, sword-fighting, and martial arts as a way to be active. I was adopted by Setsuna-neechan since I was 4 when my parents were killed in an incident.

"I'm awake Nee-chan, just give me a few minutes to get out of bed!" I yelled loud enough so that my Nee-chan was able to hear it loud enough.

I looked over at the poster on my wall which was a drawing of the cover to the first Kingdom Hearts game which I was a huge fan of. I had every single game and also some merchandise as well to go with it. But that dream...it was similar to the Dive Into The Heart Level of Kingdom Hearts. It felt so real...maybe it was really all just a dream.

After taking a shower and finishing breakfast, Setsuna-Neechan helped me put the final touches to my cosplay costume that I was going to wear at the anime convention that was going on today in town square. I was going as my own original character from the Kingdom Hearts series, a keyblade apprentice. My outfit was little bit based off Ventus' outfit and I wore the piece of Keyblade Armor that matched Terra's which he wore on his arm but mine was silver and blue in the color design.

"There all done." said Setsuna-Neechan as she helped out with the finishing touches on the vest that I wore with the outfit. "Oh, you look so cute Yuu-chan I need to get my camera." she said as she smiled brightly at me as she clapped her hands.

"Setsuna-nee!" I whined, she does this sometimes, even when I'm in formal wear, she has always found me to be dashing and handsome which I found embarrassing.

"I'm gonna be late for the convention, I have to hurry!" I told her as I grabbed my mock-Keyblade which I designed, it was one of my favorite Keyblades from the game, it was called the Sleeping Lion.

"Okay, make sure that you stay safe!" shouted Setsuna-Nee as I ran out of the house in a hurry, heading down the street towards the town square hoping to make it in time. Then out of nowhere, a strange green circle appeared in front of me like magic. This was strange, could I be dreaming again?

I poked the green circle and it seemed to ripple a bit as if it was water. Well this is definitely one of the weirdest days that I have had. To make sure that I wasn't imagining things, I decided to stick my entire hand into the green circle which turned out to be a bad idea as the green circle wouldn't let me pull it back out. Then my body started to be sucked into the green circle and I couldn't stop myself.

Once again, I found myself floating in a dark abyss with no light anywhere. I was confused, and worst of all, scared. I wanted to get out of here. Out of nowhere I heard a voice.

I beg of you...

This wasn't the same voice that I heard in my dream, the previous voice sounded like a male, this one sounded like a girl that was near my age.

My servant that exists somewhere in this vast universe...Heed my call, I wish from the very bottom of my heart...answer to my guidance and appear!

Then a bright white light began to engulf the darkness and me along with it, blinding me from seeing anything.

I groaned a bit as I shook my head while opening my eyes as I picked up my body to find myself on a field of...grass? I looked around and noticed that I was surrounded by a group of people that near my age, maybe younger wasn't certain but they all were wearing matching uniforms with white shirts, and black pants, while the girls wore skirts. Along with cloaks held over their shoulders with a gold piece which had a pentagram inside of it, they almost looked like they were rejected members of the Harry Potter movies if it was an anime.

I also noticed an older man who looked like he was in his early 40's. He was bald, but he had hair that was around his head, wearing glasses and robes of some sort that reminded of the uniforms that the officers in FullMetal Alchemist wore. He was holding a staff in one of his hands as he was looking on.

After seeing him, the next person who turned my attention to was a girl who was standing right in front of me. She was dressed like all of the other teens her age, but she seemed a bit short. But what really surprised me was her hair, it was the same color and length as the girl that was on the mural in my dream. The girl looked cute as well, but that frown of hers that was directed at me was scary.

"Who are you!?" she demanded an answer from me as I sat on the ground, I noticed that I was still wearing the outfit that I was going to the convention with, but the Keyblade that I made was nowhere to be found. I'm sure that I had it when I was engulfed by that bright light.

"Um..." I wasn't really sure what to say at the moment.

"Answer the question, commoner!" she demanded. "What are you doing here...?"

Commoner...what world have I stumbled upon? I pinched my cheek to check if I was dreaming, nope. I'm fully awake which means everything is all real that's going on right now. The girl who was demanding questions from me before started to make a face which had an emotion of realization and horror as she looked at me.

"N-No, don't tell me...!"

The other people began to realize as well but instead of making the same horror expression that was upon the girl's face, they begun to laugh. They all were pointing fingers at the pink haired girl in front of me whose cheeks were burning red in embarrassment and humiliation.

"As expected of Louise the Zero!"

"Out of all the things to summon as a Familiar, it was a commoner!"

"Sh-Shut up!" the pink haired girl shouted in anger. "This has to be some kind of mistake! Professor Colbert, please let me try again!" she pleaded turning towards her teacher.

The professor shook his head. "I can't let you do that. It is strictly forbidden and this is a sacred ceremony that determines a mage's life. If I allow you to redo it, then it would be an insult to the ceremony itself. Regardless, he has been decided as your Familiar Spirit, and you no choice, but to take him."

"Familiar Spirit?" I mumbled to myself wondering what the man named Colbert meant as I kicked up from the ground allowing me to get back on my feet and standing straight up. I looked around again and noticed a dark-skinned girl with long, red hair and brownish-gold eyes walk towards the front of the crowd. I started to blush and avert my eyes a bit because of her outfit. She beautiful, but she was also showing alot, and by alot, i meant cleavage, a good amount of cleavage. I was taught by my nee-chan to never stare or act like a pervert in front of women because it was a bad thing.

"This makes all you said about worth it! I would never have guessed that you'd summoned a commoner." the dark-skinned girl said.

"Sh-Shut up Kirche! It was just a little screw up!" Louise shot, blushing in embarrassment.

"That's Louise the Zero for ya! You never fail to meet our expectations. Another student remarked. The rest of the class begun to join in by laugh at Louise in embarrassment. I felt sorry for the girl, I understood how she felt because I had to deal with bullying as well in my school life..The pink haired girl turned to her teacher again.

"Professor Colbert! This has to be some kind of mistake! I've never heard of someone taking a commoner as a Familiar Spirit!" That caused her classmates to laugh even more.

"Well there's a first time for everything Miss Valliere. Whether it's a commoner or not, there will be no exceptions. He will serve as your Familiar.

Pause...What did he say...Serve as her Familiar...I'm certain that's what he said. What the heck is going on here? I wanna go home.

"Now continue with the ceremony." The professor reprimanded.

"...y-yes sir..."

"Come on, Louise! You can't possibly fail at this, right?" a student mocked.

"Or maybe she can, remember she is the Zero." The other students continued to taunt and jeer at the poor girl. Surprisingly she was able to ignore everything that was thrown at her as she walked towards me.

"You better be grateful." The girl, who I now know as Louise said. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you commoner. Normally, someone of your stature would never get this from a noble."

I better be grateful? Once in a lifetime? I had no idea what she talking about. The pink-haired girl raised her wand and pointed it towards my forehead. "My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elements, give this creature your eternal blessing and make it my Familiar Spirit." By then this pentagram symbol of some sort glowed beneath mine and the girl's feet. I was staring at it in confusion yet in awe, not to mention that my body is feeling tingly all of a sudden. But what happened next, almost gave me a heart attack, she grabbed ahold of my face and pulled me towards hers, planting a kiss upon my lips which shocked me.

"Mmph?" I shouted through the kiss confused. It's not like it was bad or anything, but it was pretty strange to say the least. She let me go with me scratching my head and leaving me confused on what just occurred.

"Uh...exactly what was that for?" I asked.

"It was for the ritual!" the girl snapped at me. "I can't believe I wasted my first kiss on someone like you!"

Well, she is quite the opposite of what she looks. I mean sure, she is being bullied by her fellow classmates, but her attitude needs a lot of improvement, I was hated rich and stuck up people, they always believed that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. But before I even got the chance to let anything else escape my mouth, I felt a sharp pain on my left hand, it was felt like it was burning or if someone was placing hot coal on it. I looked at my left hand and noticed strange symbols being written upon it as if someone was imprinting them with a sharp knife into my skin. As soon as the pain was over, I fell to one knee, gasping to catch my breath from the pain that I just endured.

"What...the hell was that?" I asked myself as I panted heavily.

"Ah, the runes signifying the Familiar Contract." Colbert noticed. Stepping closer, he took my wrist and started to exam the letter which was imprinted upon my hand. "Hmm, seems to be a rather precise contract. Most Familiars don't get markings like that. I don't think I've seen such a marking like this one. Are you okay?"

"Do...I look...okay to you?" I got out.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. All Familiars have to go through that. Just take some rest and I'm sure the after effects will wear off shortly." The professor assured me. The teacher then turned his attention back to his students, "This concludes the summoning ceremony. You are all dismissed back to your dormitories. Also, there will be no classes for you tomorrow, that way you'll get to know your Familiars."

Okay, well it seems that I'm in school of some kind, but I'm not exactly sure. I know that no school where I come from is like this. Anyways with that announcement, the students began to disperse, grouping off with their friends with the pinkette still huffing about her so called bad-luck.

"Hmph, come on Familiar! We're going back too." Louise huffed.

"Um...and where are we going exactly?" I questioned a little bit confused at the moment.

"The Academy, now come on!" Louise shouted as she started walking. Man, what a rotten day, I find myself in a strange world, now I'm some kind of servant to this bratty girl, it's not like this could get any worse.

After walking around the castle which Louise brought me to, we finally arrived at her room which was a single bedroom and had the most expensive things that only rich people could purchase of course.

"This is the worst day ever…" Louise growled, dropping onto a chair next to a small round table lighting a small lamp on her desk. I didn't notice that the day is already done seeing as night had already come. "I was supposed to summon a magnificent Familiar to show everyone that would talk bad about me! Instead I get a commoner!"

"Hey, don't think you're the only one that's not so glad about this situation." I mentioned. "I'm not happy about this either."

"How are you not happy about this, Familiar?" Louise asked confused. "You should be honored to be of service to a noble!"

This girl was going to drive me insane, that's why I've always hated people like her. "First, my name isn't Familiar, my name is Yuu Kurokawa. Also to answer your question on why I'm not happy, it's because I was taken from my home! You expect for me to serve you like some slave, but that's not gonna happen, I want to go home!"

"If it were up to me, you wouldn't be here in the first place! Still, you are here and you are my Familiar, so we're just going to have to make do!"

"Hell no! You are going to the ceremony thing or whatever it is and send me back home!"

"I can't! No matter where you came from, the contract is absolute! You can't get back home!"

Well, that's just fantastic, as if my life could get any worse right now...I'm going to be stuck in this world for the rest of my life. While I was moping about my situation, Louise took off her cloak, shirt, skirt, and...hold on, she is taking off her clothes!? "Hey! What the heck do you think you're doing!?" I asked her while shutting my eyes.

"I'm getting ready for bed. What does it look like?" Louise asked back who was now in her undergarments. I continued to shut my eyes, my sister taught me to never look at a woman undressed. My sister would kill me if she ever saw me being perverted and that's not something that I do.

"Well at least warn me and I'll leave you to your privacy."


"Because I'm a male, that's why!"

"A male?" Louise asked giving a quizzical look. "I'm just being looked at by my Familiar."

Man, is she dense or what? Anyways, I still had my eyes shut since I had some manners. I slightly opened my eyes to find her dressed in a nightgown. "Anyway, why don't you make yourself useful and have my clothes washed and dried for tomorrow."

"Huh? Why should I?"

"Because I'm your master and you shall do as I command!" The pinkette snapped at me.

"No, I'm not gonna do anything you ask until you find some way of bringing me back home!"

"How dare you defy me!: The pinkette growled.

"I have the right to defy you! You're just a snot nosed brat who thinks that she deserves everything in the world, I hate people like that!"

At that point, she was at boiling point angry. She yanked out her what appears to be a small wand and pointed it at me. "What? Are you gonna throw that at me or something? Like a little stick could hurt me."

"Know your place Familiar!"


Well thanks to my big mouth...I was knocked into the darkness as I lost consciousness from the pain that I endured at the moment.

I awoke with my head throbbing in pain from the explosion that hit me. I thought that maybe that little incident would make me wake up in my bed as if nothing happened. But I guess that didn't happen, I found myself in the same room as before but still with an annoying headache. I looked around the room and noticed Louise laying down in her bed asleep, she actually seemed kinda cute for a snot nosed brat.

The room was dark which meant that it was currently night-time. I noticed that my head was resting on a pillow and that I was laying on a pile of straw. This must be my bed, man talk about inconsiderate. She expects me to sleep on this, for the rest of my life!? This straw feels unbearable to lay upon, I have to get out of here.

I quietly sneaked towards the door and opened it without making too much noise as I slipped into the hallway. I didn't exactly know the whole design of the castle, but at least I knew how to return to the courtyard since I've already been there before. I just wanted some fresh air at least, maybe that would allow me to think about the situation that I'm in.

Soon, I found myself outside in the middle of the courtyard with the night sky and the star filling it with lights shining ever so brightly. The breeze that blew gently felt wonderful upon on my face, it felt nice even though the situation that I was in seemed to be hopeless.

How was I going to get back home? MY sister must be worried sick about me, she must think that I've been kidnapped, which technically has happened at the moment. Man and that Louise girl using that weird explosion on me as if she could do anything to me because I'm her so called Familiar. Sure, I don't hit girls, but that Louise got me so angry.

"If I could wield a Keyblade, I would show her." I said to myself as I held my right hand in front of me making the motion of summoning a Keyblade to my hand, as if it would actually work. But then a bright shining light engulfed my hand almost blinded my vision, the light soon faded and to my surprise, the Sleeping Lion Keyblade was held in my right hand.

"What the-!"

It couldn't be, but it felt real as if I was holding an actual Keyblade in my right hand at the moment.

"Yuu, you are the one who holds the Key...The one who will open the door...and save this world from the darkness..."

The voice from my dream, the Key...so it wasn't a dream after all. It was a Dive Into The Heart, and this weapon in my hand, it's a real Keyblade. I can't believe it. I'm a true chosen wielder of the Keyblade.

"This is freaking awesome!" I shouted in excitement but then quickly shut my mouth remembering that it was currently night time and I didn't want to wake anyone up at the moment.

If I could summon a real Keyblade, it made me wonder about my armor piece that I wore on my right arm as well. Well here goes nothing! I slammed my fist upon the activator of the armor piece and I was engulfed by digital symbols and letters as a bright light started to form around my body.

Soon I found myself wearing an armor that was similar to Terra's, but had a different color scheme. the armor was silver and blue with a little bit of a green tint to the design. I couldn't believe it, I actually summoned a real Keyblade and I'm wearing actual Keyblade armor, maybe...I could open a World Gate, that would help me get home.

I positioned myself in the same pose that Terra did when summoned a World Gate in order to travel from World to World. After finishing the pose, I found myself unsuccessful at creating a World Gate.

"Maybe I'm not ready to create one yet?" I told myself as I deactivated my Keyblade Armor looking at my Sleeping Lion Keyblade, admiring its design. I was started to wonder I was able to perform magic as well.

"Firaga!" I shouted hoping that a large fireball would shoot out of the tip of my Keyblade, but nothing happened. Maybe I'm not ready for the advanced magic yet.

"Let's go with something at a beginner level. Blizzard!" I shouted aiming my Keyblade at a tree in the courtyard, all of a sudden, a white ball of ice shot from my Keyblade and headed straight for the tree, once the magic hit the tree, it enveloped the entire tree encasing it in ice. I couldn't believe it, I could actually perform magic. Magic! I'm a wielder of the Keyblade. Man this is too much. I yawned a bit and rubbed my eyes, I must be getting sleepy from all this excitement. Maybe I could take a little snooze out here, wouldn't be a problem since the bed that my so-called "master" laid out for me was uncomfortable to sleep in at the moment. I dismissed my Keyblade which caused it to shine brightly and vanish from my hand. I sat down on the grassfield of the courtyard and laid down resting my head upon on the soft green. I looked up at the stars, reminding myself that in the world of Kingdom Hearts, every star was another world and maybe, just maybe my world was out there.

"I'll find a way home, now that I have this power...*yawn*"

My eyes started to become heavy as I began to drift off to the world of dreams...

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