Hey everyone, it's Signa Writer X and today, I'm proud to present my first Q&A of my latest story "The Key-Wielder of Zero" So shall we begin?

Question Number 1. What inspired you to write this fan-fiction?

SWX: Well, that is a very good question, what truly inspired was some of the crossover fiction that I've been reading for Familiar of Zero and I noticed that the Kingdom Hearts section was a little bit low on that, so I decided why not add to the section with my own since I'm a fan of the lore of Kingdom Hearts. But the main inspiration what the "Familiar of ZerOOO" and the "Shinigami of Zero" crossover stories.

Question Number 2: How long will this story be?

SWX: I'm not certain yet, but I want this to be one of my longest stories before I decide to head onto another project in the later future.

Question Number 3: Will there be an original arc in this story that is related to the Kingdom Hearts universe?

SWX: I wanted to add that sense I mentioned the creation of World Gates, I wanted to at least make a plot that would involve traveling to different worlds, but that's for a later season...

Question Number 4: How well do you know the Familiar of Zero series?

SWX: I do not truly know that much since the manga isn't really available and also I never finished the anime, and the light novel has been discontinued as well. So I think I would need some help from authors who know more about FOZ than me.

Question Number 5: Would you ever get assistance from other authors?

SWX: I haven't yet, but I would love to get some assistance from fellow fan-fiction authors, I need some help on adding in events from FOZ.

Question Number 6: Will the Heartless and Nobodies, Unversed, even the Dream Eaters appear?

SWX: Yes to the Heartless, Maybe to the Unversed and Dream Eaters, but the Nobodies will play a large world in an arc that I planned for the story.

Question Number 7: Which female character is going to the main love interest of the story?

SWX: Not Louise! I also thought of her having a big brother/little sister relationship with Yuu. But I'm sure who to pair up with Yuu yet, too many choices...AHHHH too much stress :(

Well that's all the questions for now, tune in for more Q&A and stay tuned for the release of Chapter of "The Key-Wielder of Zero"!