Kingdom Hearts Two Re-write

Twilight Town Mansion

Roxas, stood panting holding the keyblade. He was getting little sick and tired of people telling him, he didn't exist and that he was some type of mistake. Roxas eyes narrowed at the figure in front of him, just who did this guy think he was? Telling him that he was useless and one half of some kid known as Sora. "I hate you so much right now!"

The figure just stood their looking at the Nobody in front of him. "You should share some of that hatred with Sora. He is far too nice for his own good."

There was that name again, Sora. Roxas growled. This man had wiped his memory and then planted him in a world that he created. Now he was telling him that he had to fade into nothing and allow Sora to take over. Roxas charged forward stabbing and slashing with his keyblade, only for the blade to pass through the figure before him. The guy was nothing more then a hologram, an illusion. However Roxas was so angry that he didn't care what he was, he was going to pay for interfering in his life. Roxas watched the hologram vanish, then reappear in front of some sort of pod. Roxas charged forward, keyblade raised and slashed through the figure only to make contact with the strange pod. Instantly beams of light started to appear from the pod. Roxas watched as the Pod suddenly opened, he fell to his knees as there before him still asleep was Sora.

"Sora. You're Lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is over." Just has he had finished he noticed himself slowly fading away. He looked around him and saw nothing but blackness. He sighed. "Guess the old fool was telling the truth. Sora!"

"Sora! Sora!"

Sora slowly opened his eyes, as his vision started to become less blurry. He looked to see both Donald and Goofy standing before him, however they were both in shock. Sora wondered what was wrong, he carefully stepped out of the pod, only too fall face first towards his two friends who caught him. He slowly stood up. His eyes then widened. His clothes no longer fitted him, and his shirt was already splitting at the seams. "What's happened to me?" Sora suddenly covered his mouth, his voice was that much more deeper now. "Donald, Goofy have you two shrunk?"

Donald and Goofy looked at each other, before shaking their heads. "I don't think so Sora. I think you have grown. You look a lot bigger then you did before and your voice is much deeper."

Sora was suddenly distracted by a small cricket dressed in a top hat and suit yawning on his shoulder. "Wow what a nap."

Sora looked confused. "Nap, you mean we were asleep?"

Jeremy just nodded, he turned his head to look at Sora, only to nearly fall off his shoulder in fright. "I guess so, and by the looks of you I would say we were asleep for a very long time."

Sora just nodded his head. It was clear now that he was no longer a kid, if he would have to guess then he was sixteen maybe seventeen years old. Sora looked around the room and then back at the pod. Where were they? "Well no good hanging around here. Lets find out where we are."

Sora walked towards the door closely followed by Donald and Goofy. They soon worked their way around the various corridors, until the game to a room with a strange looking terminal and computer. Sora decided to ignore it for now. He was more concerned with where they were and and where Riku and Kairi was. As the navigated their way around the various room, Sora came to the conclusion that they were in a house somewhere. He opened a few chest on his way towards the exit and then stepped outside, into the twilight sunset. Sora shielded his eyes, from the sun. he guessed being indoors asleep for a few years meant his eyes were not yet use to the brightness. Soon his vision started to come back into focus. He looked around and noticed they were in some type of wood and few chest were spaced out around the area. Sora opened them all and then carried on walking into the forest closely followed by Donald and Goofy who were on high alert for any trouble. Although they hadn't come across any heartless yet, that didn't mean that they weren't out there somewhere. Sora soon came to a hole in a wall he stepped through and gazed around at the various buildings, he noticed a small tram was riding around the streets. Clearly they were in some town, but why? Last thing he remembered was a girls face then, darkness. Sora shook his head, now was not the time to dwell on the past, he needed to find out where they were.

"Sora, hey Sora, look at the sign. Its say station this way."

Sora looked up where his two friends were pointing. The station would be a good place to start. Sora run up the hill towards the station followed by his two friends. They could see the station in front of them, however Sora suddenly stopped at a group of strange creatures with a weird crest on their heads appeared and surrounded them. Whatever these things were, one thing was for sure, they were not heartless. Sora's keyblade appeared in his hand, he looked down to see the kingdom key, he shook his head, that wouldn't do, however that was the only key that appeared. Sora sighed before bracing himself for battle. The strange things were closing in on him and his friends fast. Sora used the keyblade to slash at the various enemies who were proofing very tricky to deal with thanks to having such nimble bodies. Finally though he had slain the last one. He was just about to have a breather when another a lot appeared and surrounded them.

"Grr enough already."

Sora fell back he was exhausted and it looked like he wasn't the only one as both Donald and Goofy were also knackered. Sora watched as the figures enclosed on him and his friends. Was this it? Was this how it ended.? Sora shielded himself as one of the figures charged towards him. However he was shocked to see a small hooded figure jump down in front of him and destroy the thing that was about to attack him. Sora eyes widened as he looked at the hooded figure, two round ears were hidden under the hood, and it was wielding a golden keyblade.

"Your Majesty?"

Mickey didn't turn around instead he placed his finger to him mouth. "You three have to leave town,now. The train knows the way." Mickey then darted off towards one of the alley leaving both Sora and his two friends to recover. Once they had rested for a while the made their way into the station. Sora immediately run up towards the map on the wall. "Twilight Town" It was then he noticed the purple train waiting on one of the platforms, he Donald and Goofy made their way towards it.

"Do you think, this is the train, he was talking about?" Sora turned to his two friends, hoping at least one of them would give him an answer.

"Yep this is the royal train. King Mickey always uses to travel." Sora sighed in relief. Cautiously he opened the door and stepped in along with Donald and Goofy. The door then closed behind them as the train started to pulled out of the station.

Sora sat down on one of the benches in the train. He was wondering what he was going to do about his clothes, now that they were too small for him. His feet were also beginning to hurt, and Sora put it down too that his shoes were too small for him as well. He lounged back on the bench trying to piece together how they had actually ended up in this situation. He remembered defeating Ansam, and then running through a field. He recalled seeing a strange town in the distance, and he and his friends had entered it. He then remembered a girl dressed in white with blonde hair and blue eyes. She seemed to have put some sort of spell on him, and he had ended drifting into blackness, only to wake up five or six years older. Sora was beginning to wonder just who was the girl, and why had she seemed so familiar to him. He pulled from his thoughts as the train stopped. Sora guessed that they had reached their destination. He opened the door and stepped out of the train. There in front of them was a huge tower, Sora wondered who could live here. He and his two friends decided to investigate. As they drew closer, they noticed someone was peeking through the door of the tower. Sora was curious.

"Hey what you doing?"

The figure turned round, he had the appearance of a rather fat looking dog. "None of your business, now run along...You two!" The figures eyes narrowed at Donald and Goofy.

Sora looked between the figure and his two friends. It was clear they all knew each other. "You know him?"

Donald and goofy looked at Sora before just nodding. "Sure do, is name is Pete, and he is big trouble. The king banished him, into a different dimension, I wonder how he escaped?"

Pete just smiled. "You want to know how do you, well it rather simple. Maleficent rescued me, that's how, so as a favour I decided to travel to a bunch of different world and round her up an army of heartless, to show my appreciation. In fact the person who lives in this tower should be a heartless by now." Pete

Sora was grinning, much good an army would do her. She toast. We destroyed her a while ago. So exactly lives in this tower anyway. Sora was trying to distract Pete while Donald and Goofy sneaked past him into the tower.

Pete narrowed his eyes. "Old Master Yin Sid, that's who, and right now I am going to make you pay for destroying my mistress." Pete then placed his fingers to his mouth before whistling. "Heartless round up!"

Sora looked around him as shadow heartless were soon appearing out of the ground. He summoned his keyblade and prepared for battle. He was going to have to deal with all these heartless single handed due to his friends now being inside the tower. Sora didn't mind though, it was only shadow heartless, a few swipes of the keyblade and they would all be gone. Sora flipped backwards as the group of shadows started melding into the ground, Sora hated that trick. He waited for them to appear before slashing with his keyblade. He parried a few slash attacks away. Before doing 360 spin with his keyblade, wiping out at least 50% of the heartless. With half of the heartless gone, Sora decided to make swift work of the other half. Soon all that was left were a few piece of munny.

Pete narrowed his eyes. He didn't want to deal with this kid, the guy had destroyed a full battalion of his troops. No he would wait for another time. "Hmm just you wait, you haven't seen the last of old Pete." Pete then vanished in a swirl of darkness, leaving Sora to pick of the various orbs and items dropped by the heartless. Once he had picked everything up, he raced into the tower and up the various staircases, It seems Donald and Goofy had been busy as orbs and munny still laid around the steps. Soon Sora had reached the last door, he fell through it exhausted. He then looked up to see Donald and Goofy bowing to a old looking wizard with a long grey beard, dressed in a blue robes and blue pointy hat.

"Ah you must be Sora. Welcome, my name is Master Yin Sid. I want to thank you for dealing with those heartless, they can be a real pain sometimes. Now your friends here were telling me you bumped into the king. Is that correct?

Sora just nodded his head. "Yes sir we did, however he told us to board a train then run off, somewhere."

Yin sid nodded his head in understanding. "Yes, the king has been quite busy of late. He left me instructions to fill you in on what has been happening while you were asleep. Now if you are ready we will begin." Yin Sid then waved his hand and a heartless appeared. "Now as you know heartless are used to capture peoples hearts. Although your past endeavour prevented a large injection of heartless into this world, there are still other left. You need to be on your guard always, as Heartless could be anywhere." Yin Sid then waved his hand again, and beside the heartless, appeared one of the strange enemies they had fought at the station. "Now this is nobody. These are created when heartless steals someone hearts. Sometimes the body of that person will take on a life of its own. This type of Nobody is called a Dusk, and is the most common type of Nobody."

Sora looked at Yin Sid confused. "Nobodies. When did they start attacking the worlds?"

Yin Sid sighed. "I am sorry Sora but I do not have the answer to that question. However I can tell you who are leading them, and who are responsible for their appearance. Behold." Yin Sid then waved his hand once more, this time a group of hooded figures appeared. "The once responsible are a group known as Organisation 13, which is made of a number of high ranking Nobodies. The king has been fighting them while you were asleep. He has learnt they are working towards an ultimate goal, however he doesn't know what that is. He wants you Donald and Goofy to investigate and while on your journey, clear out the rest of the heartless inhabited in the various worlds. Now If you go into the next room, the three good fairies has a gift for you Sora."

Sora nodded, and walked towards the door that Yin Sid was pointing at. He pushed it open and walked into the room followed by Donald and Goofy. Sora noticed three fairies huddled in one of the corners. One was red, one was blue and the other was green. All three turned towards Sora and smiled. The one in red then began to speak.

"Well look who's here dearies. Sora, Donald and Goofy, and by the looks of those clothes Sora, not a minute too soon. Now come over here dear. We have a special gift for you."

Sora walked over towards the three fairies, who each walked around Sora examining him. "Oh dear these will never do. Now stand still dear and allow has to dress you in something more fitting."

The three fairies then pointed their wands towards Sora, each firing off a stream of light, which impacted his clothes, however all it did was change their colour. Sora noticed the three began to argue. He really didn't have time for this. "Oh will you please decided already."

That outburst seemed to stop the three fairies arguing. "Okay then ladies all together now." Three beams of light then left their wands and hit Sora, who began to glow three different colours. Once the glow had died down Sora looked down at himself. Damn he looked good. He then looked at the three fairies who were also admiring their handy work. "Now those are not normal clothes My dear. They have special Powers. Now take the orb dear and see what happens." One of the fairies then used her wand to create a small yellow sphere that flew into Sora hand. Once he had touched it, he began to glow, blinding everyone in the room. Once the glow had died down, his eye widened. He was now dressed in a red and black set of clothes and he not only had one Keyblade in his hands but two.

"Two Keyblades?" he began to swing them around getting use to the feeling of having one blade in each hand. He turned to face the fairy once more.

"Now dear, this is the valour Form. It can be accessed with the help of Goofy. Your clothes do hold other powers, but you will have to discover them yourself. Now hurry back to Master Yin Sid has he also has a gift for you."

Sora Donald and Goofy left the room and noticed Yin Sid was stood by the window. Suddenly a multi colour space ship appeared outside. "The left this for you to travel to the different worlds. Now hurry along, as you have no time to waste."

The three boarded the gummi ship and waved from the cockpit to Yin Sid who waved back. Suddenly he turned to see the three good fairies running into his chamber in a panic. "Wait stop, come back."

However the gummi ship had already left. Yin Sid looked down at the three fairies. "My dears whatever is the matter?

The fairies bowed their heads in shame. "Oh master Yin Sid, we accidentally casted another spell on Sora as well as his clothes. It happened when our spells crossed over. Sora now as a love spell on him. The first girl he see will automatically fall in love with him. However the effects is not just limited to one girl but as many as Sora comes into contact with."

Yin Sid eye widened. "Oh dear, this is not good, and there is no way to reach them. I must inform the King immediately. His could have dire consequences if not resolved soon."