The Body was in the trunk of the car, face down, blood covering every surface. It's face was a mess of incisions and bruises and it was an it. Not a he or she, an it. Syndicate commandos tend to have all signs of their gender removed. Shaundi approached the body slowly, Kinzie and Oleg followed suite; taking care not to make much noise. I watched them from my perch, observing their every move; how they walk. How they breath, even the way they lift their feet from the ground. All of this was key to my plan. The casino was barren, once bright and noisy slot machines standing dormant.
I know that killing these women, and Oleg the brute will not only bring the saints wrath down on me but S.T.A.G. And Tony Stark. Tony, he would be a problem. I have faced Stark before, As it turns out my power is dampened by the suit he wears.I jump down and clip one of the machines as I hit the ground. It turns on and fills the whole room with Welcome to the jungle, an unforgivable mistake on my part. Shaundi span and drew her rifle, Firing as she did. The bullets bounce from my mask.

"Jesus Christ! What the fuck is that thing?"
Kinzie began to sprint for an exit, I reach up and throw her to the ground; Telekinesis is fun.
More bullets bounce needlessly from my mask, I've taken too long for this; they should be dead now. I sprint towards Shaundi and press my finger-tips to her fore-head, I vibrate them once and all of the bones in her body shatter into a million pieces. The shards fly everywhere slicing through her vital organs and flesh and skin, blood is spurting everywhere coating me; it is purple. I laugh silently. God-damn saints, always taking the purple thing a little to far. She is dead before she hits the ground. Oleg sprints towards me from across the casino. Screaming obscenities as he does.
I bat him to the side, realizing too late that it was a diversion. I spin on the spot and find that thirty armed men are standing behind me, dressed in purple, with S.T.A.G. Laser Shotguns aimed at my head.

"I do not know who you are, Demon" spoke the lead man "But in a few moments you will be dead so in reality it does not matter."

"I am no demon, Mr. Purple-dude-aiming-a-shotgun-at-me."

I proceed to walk over to him.

"Yet, I am rather evil. Aaaaand you are in my way so please leave whilst you can."

"Yeah, Not gonna happen mate. Comprende? Si? Si?"

I pull the 16-inch Serrated blade from its sheath on my back.

"I have seen you fight, You normally smirk a lot. No smirks now huh? And what about all of your little jibes and insults? What's the matter, Anyone would think you are scared"

I throw the blade and it splits the man's skull in two, spinning through him into the man behind. Two down, Twenty-eight to go. The saints are fun to fight, maybe if I go outside they will fly a jet at me. Or nukes, They are not afraid of levelling steelport.

"And I am not Spanish you American pig-dog!" Two men come at me from my right. I smash my fist into the closest ones face, following that up with a kick to the stomach so hard that his intestines spurt from the splits I have made in his skin. I grab the other and block an attack on my left. I pull the man's pistol. A 55mm silver baller, I chuckle under my breath as I snap his neck. I aim at someone, Not too sure who it was I pull the trigger. My gun backfires.

"Fucking Syndicate agents!" I curse. Of course they sabotaged this room. I pull the trigger again and again. Damn it, Seems they jammed the gun; not the room. As I think this a blue beam of energy strikes me in the chest and I fall to the ground.

"Oh!" Is all I have time to say.