Three Hours Earlier

Stark Arrived in front of the Lucky 86 Casino in style, He always did. He climbed from his 68' Mustang and strode up to the entrance. He looked sharp, Naturally. He is only the best at everything he has tried his hand at after all, Or so he thought. He knocked on the door and waited a full forty-seven seconds before it opened. A small man peered out at him.

"What?" he demanded "What do you want Stark?"

"Oh you! You see Jarvis, this is why I like the saints. You can almost taste the hospitality!"

"Sir, I am an A.I. I cannot taste."

"Well remind me to programme taste into your systems later! Ah yes. Mister... Erm Mister Big-nose, Can I call you that?"

"No, Piss off Stark, We hate you."

"Wonderful! Now I require access to your base of operations, S.H.I.E.L.D need Kinzie for questioning."

"Go away Stark, Now!"

"So I can come in? Brilliant!" The door began to close but Stark pushed inside before it locked.

"get out."

"Yes I would enjoy some tea, thank you!"

Stark began to proceed deeper inside.

Three men ran out of a nearby door.

"Stop Tony, you retard!"

"Keep going?"

"No, Fucking stop walking right now."

"Okay then! I will keep walking!"

Kinzie rounded a corner just in front of Stark, he grabbed her and pulled her into a nearby room and locked the door.

"I'm Going to kill you." Kinzie stated.

"Hateful things said in the heat of the moment, Do not worry kinzie. I forgive you."

"I fucking hate you, Tony."

"we're all friends here, I feel we have become friends in the past few moments."

" I am going to end you and your feeble A.I."

"We Love you Kinzie, Don't we Jarvis?"

"Yes we do."

"You are our favourite saint, You're the cuddly one!"

"Fuck you"

"Just do as I say and I will release you, M'kay?"

"Fine Stark, Whatever."

"There is a body in the trunk of a car, I have been sent to investigate it but I think it is dangerous to approach, Take two other saints and have a look, Shaundi and Oleg if you can. Alright?"

"Fuck you, fine."

Yes, Stark thought; It is working. Dante will be drawn out and I can kill him! Hahahahaha!