AN: Allrighty, this little piece is made to help me with my writer's block! It takes place in a mixture universe, so to speak. In this story, I've mixed the teen titans comic background with a bit of the Young Justice universe and the Teen titans series. Essentially, the teen titans joined the young Justice league at some point.

In my story, both Miss Martian and Conner (Superboy) are still in the young justice, training the new recruits (the teen titans) before leaving for the league. Megan and Garfield share a relationship akin to what we see on the series, but his story comes from the comic books. (sakutia, his parents dying, him being used and tortured, the Doom Patrol aso….) Aside from that, I'm just trying to break my writer's block! Hope you guys find the story appealing, it's gonna be short, about three or four chapters. Cheers! I do not own Teen Titans, nor it's story, nor the picture!

"I'm not stupid..."

The clattering of the dish when it fell to the floor alerted the team of his presence, but Beast Boy's hushed words registered more painfully than the breaking of all their china in a single heap. Megan's eyes widened, her lips trembling in despair as she watched her little brother look down on his feet and shed tears of cold bitterness.

Victor stood rooted to the spot, his ears and cybernetic brain still refused to acknowledge the words that had just come out of Raven's mouth. His aura was quickly shifting from confused to enraged, the same as Megan's as she neared the boy.

When the young heroine touched him, however, Raven felt all his hatred, all his self-doubt and guilt and despair turn into righteous anger. The simple touch of Megan's fingers grazing his own was more than enough to break his sadness. Before the girl he saw as a sister could console him, he threw a glare into Raven's direction.

Never before had Raven been so afraid or even intimidated of their green teammate.

His eyes were full of rage, green irises palpable with hurt. He looked insulted, deeply insulted. Those few milliseconds were long enough to make Raven feel like the worst human being in the entire world.

Before Miss Martian could pull him into a hug, Beast Boy flinched away from her touch and lost his composure. "I am NOT an ANIMAL!" The scream shook him, and for all their worth not one hero in the room could remember ever seeing him so angry, so, so… offended.

Before any more words could be said he turned his back on them all, giving Conner his cold shoulder and not letting Megan get close enough to hold him. He teleported from the base faster than any of them could react or stop him, and just as quickly as he had come, Garfield Logan left.

The silence in their common room was deafening, the stress could be cut through with a knife and the tension seemed electric. Conner's eyes were directed at the floor, his uncertainty towards the situation was obvious, just as obvious as his empathy towards the shape-shifter. Better than anyone, he knew what it was like, being reminded every waking moment of what you were, and what you were not. He was the first to break the silence.

"I'm gonna go talk to him." He quickly moved to the teleport machine and was on his way. Tim frowned quite deeply into his mask, ad gave Raven a lasting glare. Given his own actions towards the boy, he could and would not look down on Raven from a higher moral ground, but her words had been too much. Without a word, their leader took a couple of steps back and left, following Superboy's direction and wanting to do nothing but offer some form of comfort to their friend.

Megan's response was not unexpected. Still rooted to the spot, Raven barely saw the martian move until she stood facing the empath. She could have easily evaded the hand that came in contact with her face; she saw the other woman extend her right arm with more than enough time to dodge, but Raven found her body to be much too numb to obey her. The force behind the slap, however, left Raven trying to regain her footing as Miss Martian seethed at her. Her left cheek started to sting terribly.

"He's dyslexic, you witch," spat the girl angrily. "God, what is wrong with you?! He's the only one to ever try to get you to open up, and you treat him like this!" She soon too gave Raven her back and left, albeit she did not follow Conner or Tim, she simply disappeared under the ground and possibly went to find the boy Raven had just destroyed via telepathy.

Slowly rising from the ground, she felt the sting of Megan's slap on her cheek, but didn't even attempt healing it. Despair quickly gained at her, and she turned to her own big brother figure, the best friend of the boy who had just had his worst flaws thrown in his face.

He helped her up, but once she was steady enough to look him in the eye, Cyborg gave her a very angry and very disappointed stare. He cleared his throat, lowered his head and clenched his fists, not one of them good signals.

"If he's an animal," began the large hero, "then I'm a robot, and you're a demon."

Raven fought her tears valiantly, but to no avail. Even keeping her stoic façade, her eyes shed bitter droplets of salty water onto her cheeks when Cyborg turned and left as well, leaving her completely alone in the Common Room. `Funny, ´ thought the sorceress bitterly, Isn't this what you wanted, to be alone?´

Against her will, the disgusting words she had just let out came back to her, leaving a foul taste in Raven's mouth. The moment they had left her she had regretted them, but at this point it was useless to feel sorry. She had hurt him, insulted him beyond anything. It wasn't the words themselves, it was the fact that they came from her. She wasn't stupid, she knew how he felt.

`And still you did it. You did it, and didn't even try to go apologize ´But how could she, really, go apologize for saying such a horrid, twisted thing?

"I don't care how he feels! I don't give a shit! I'm sick and tired of him getting into my business, of him never leaving me alone! He's loud, obnoxious, and just a pain on my side!And he ALWAYS gets away with it! Look at what he did to my book! That brat is nothing but a dirty, STUPID ANIMAL!"

Finally, as if broken out of a spell, Raven found her footing and walked over the place where Garfie-Beast Boy had just stood moments ago. On the floor was a cake. It was small, crudely decorated and apparently home-made. On the kitchen stand rested a brand new copy of the book Beast Boy had accidentally ripped to shreds. Sometimes his instincts kicked in, he couldn't help it, specially if he was playing frisbee in his dog form. He was just seventeen. Was she not the one who had been reborn twice? Was she not the mature one, in control of her emotions?

The cake's frosting was blue, her favorite color. From the disfigured mass on the floor, she could still read the words that stood out in orange, and watch the mishapen green head smiling at her.

Sorry Raven.

He had not just bought her a new copy of the book, which was already extremely hard to get. He had cooked a cake for her to apologize, made and decorated it with his bare hands, and she had thrown it in his face. All because of a stupid book she didn't even like that much.


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